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Comment 29 Sep 2013

It's a downvote bro, chill. Not everyone is going to support negativity, it happens (didn't downvote you by the way)

Comment 14 Sep 2013

Kenny G gives off a Colt McCoy feel to me (Longhorn Version...not the browns version). Always looks comfortable in the pocket, has just the right touch on his passes, and just goes out there and makes plays. We are extremely lucky to have him.

Comment 06 Apr 2013

It depends what team he gets picked up by. Deshaun plays like a young/less polished Carmelo to me. If he gets picked up by contender like the spurs or thunder, he could do some major damage off the bench. But if he has to step in and be a major contributor for a team like Bobcats, he could struggle a little bit. he would be a perfect fit on the my nets.

Comment 05 Jun 2012

No question. The Clownies are start to scare me a little bit with T-rich and Weeden. I wish you guys would of drafted Justin "the drunk" Blackmon lol.

Comment 29 May 2012

Oh what I would give to see TP run coach Meyer's offense for just one year...Beast Mode.

Comment 26 May 2012

that's one of the downsides about being hit with scholarship reductions.You lose the ability to take chances on guys like johnny and Big Hank. You have to be extremely picky when it comes to recruiting, so taking risk is simply not an option.You have to recruit the absolute best and pray the next John Simon/Aj Hawk doesn't end up at PSU, scUM or Wisconsin.

Comment 26 May 2012

Man... It's players like John Simon that makes these scholarship restrictions hurt the most. You never know which three star player will end up being a beast like him. 

Comment 25 May 2012

I wonder that also. But IMO (just mine). I think he handled tatgate the best an AD could of handled that shitstorm. Yea we got a bowl ban (so what), but it could of been so much worse if he stuck with coach tress. Now we got coach Urbz and looking at a 2nd straight top 10 recuiting class along with a talented young group of current Buckeyes. Just keep Gene from speaking to the media and all will be fine.

Comment 25 May 2012

I see this as an honest mistake made by GS. I dont think he expected his words were going to blow up the way they did. If we are going to start firing people for freudian slips, we would have to fire our boy Gee also.