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Comment 03 May 2012

I voted Herman, mostly b/c of what Jim Bollman did to wreck our offensive production in recent years, before Herman came aboard.

Can't wait to watch us actually move the ball, score TDs (not FGs) and NOT be the most predictable offense ever, in the history of college football, ever.

Comment 03 May 2012

Exactly Silverbullet, same here. Thanks for your comment!

If Alex, Jason, or anyone else that has content regulation here wants this post removed, they can certainly do so. Also, I've contacted them before about contributing here so they have my email, and they can email me if they prefer I don't post (or I'm sure they can "ban" people if they so desire), and then I would respect their wishes. 

Comment 02 Dec 2011

Unless he's not going to play WR, I don't believe Cyrus Jones is a "must-get" as we have Corey Brown, Devin Smith, Verlon Reed, Evan Spencer, & TY Williams already here and Mike Thomas, Roger Lewis, Frank Epitropoulos, and Ricquan Southward, but ya, he'd certainly be a welcomed addidtion! I just wish he was a little taller...

Comment 30 Nov 2011

I didn't post it here but Bart left a comment and at the end said Denard is still hungry and that there is no way OSU will beat scUm next year...

I RT'd it and one of the Buckeyes that follow me replied, "So is your coach... #BradyHokeIsFat"  

I thought that was great!