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Comment 14 Nov 2011

The best case scenario for the season (off the field, can't think of a good one on the field) would be for Gee to fire Smith and re-hire Andy Geiger for 6 weeks to find a coach and sweep out the skeletons that keep popping up under Gene Smith.  Smith must have some talents - he was respected prior to being at OSU and he is active in NCAA activities.  But he has not impressed in a single interview, press conference or action since replacing Geiger.  He is not a hint of a shadow of Geiger.  President Gee, whose job is enormous compared anything the rest of us consider a job, seems to be slowly catching on that Smith is a problem, if not THE problem. 

More likely, though, Smith will stay and he will keep Fickell.  It is the easiest and least inspired thing to do - and that seems to define his character.  Most agree that Fickell is a good guy.  If he wants to coach at this level, he should get a job at William and Mary-size school and then coach a MAC-type team.