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Comment 25 Mar 2015

First: Weird Al Yankovic wayyyy back in the day at Promenade Park in Toledo.

Best: Mumford and Sons a few years ago in Troy, OH.

Comment 16 Mar 2015

I have one on my shoulder blade. After I graduated from OSU, about nine of my closest friends and I all got "How Firm Thy Friendship" tattoos. I always wanted one tattoo, but it had to really MEAN something to me. After spending four-plus years at the best university in the world and making a lifetime worth of memories with a bunch of guys, I thought it only made sense.

Comment 06 Mar 2015

Love the AFL mention here! I have a buddy that went to OSU with me from Australia and he used to play Aussie rules over there. Every year while we were in school, he'd make us all stay up late to watch the Grand Final.

We tried convincing him to tryout for the Bucks as a punter, but he waited until our senior year and only got one punt (which he bombed) in the spring game. We were the group of 20 kids wearing AFL jerseys that year.

Comment 05 Mar 2015

1. Ohio State football
1a. Detroit Red Wings
2. Cleveland Browns
3. Ohio State basketball
4. Cleveland Cavs
5. Cleveland Indians

Former hockey player, grew up in Toledo and Red Wings were closest. Hoping for another Cup this year. And I'll admit, Cavs would normally be last, but I'm a serious fair weather NBA fan when it comes to them.

Comment 02 Feb 2015

Jurassic World trailer. By a long shot. But I'm a Jurassic Park nerd, so I'm a bit biased.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I can't help it. I love every song on her new album. But I'm not shy about admitting it and requesting Blank Space as much as possible.
Comment 12 Jan 2015

I was 14. My dad had a couple friends over and I hadn't yet fully grasped what Ohio State meant to him (or me). I watched the entire game with them and fell in love. One of the happiest nights of my nights, and certainly my dad's. I've been all Buckeye ever since.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Cool little nugget. Big Meech after Zeke's run proclaiming "It's over" on the sideline.

Comment 01 Jan 2015

I've worn the same t-shirt, pants, socks and quarter zip for every game since VT. Although I'd rather be wearing sweatpants while watching at home, I will suck it up and keep the same outfit.

Comment 30 Dec 2014

DJ's confidence in Thursday's game gives me more confidence in Thursday's game.

Comment 24 Dec 2014

I hate that stupid fade call. If you're gonna go for two, call a play that is a little bit effective.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

I assume it's just so that Nike can sell both the scarlet and white versions. Or maybe higher seeded teams get to pick what color they wear?

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Nevermind. Scarlet stripes on the pants as well. I'm all in.