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Comment 05 Mar 2012
Well put Johnny. That's what I love about March Madness, you can expect the unexpected and still be surprised when it happens.
Comment 04 Mar 2012
Ravenel came up huge on the D end. He's playing lights out this second half.
Comment 22 Feb 2012

I agree with you about Ross, he had some great slashing drives, although it was against most of the Illini bench.  I would like to see him get some PT against some first teamers in these upcoming games. His defense might be a little suspect, but it can't be worse than Thomas' D.

Comment 14 Feb 2012
I loved Karen Holbrook's views of gameday and everything else fun. Either riot or drunken orgies haha http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/news/story?id=2997669
Comment 03 Feb 2012
"will play wherever I can to get on the field." Absolutely love that attitude. Looking forward to watching him play in the Scarlet & Gray.
Comment 30 Jan 2012
I'm pretty sure that O-H during the review was a canned video of a player on the scoreboard. I wasn't at this game, but they do have videos of all the players to use as pump up material. The videos are very awkward, but they still play them a lot. Not trying to defend it because it was pretty bad, just throwing it out there.
Comment 25 Oct 2011
I agree wholeheartedly with this. These students are exploiting the rest of the student body. I think that it shows a complete lack of respect for other students who are most likely in the same situation as the student scalper. I understand you need your money but there are other ways to get it. There are plenty of jobs on or around campus that will schedule you around classes, I know because I am going this route now.
Comment 25 Oct 2011
The problem with the ticketing system is the way you have to get them. Ticketmaster says you are in "line" and will be served when it's your turn, but people get dropped at random from the line to start buying tickets. I've gone through this everytime I try to get tickets. One of my friends will get his and then use my credentials to login and will get in right away while I'm still waiting in "line." It happened trying to get basketball tickets too. I know a kid who was able to get 3 sets of tickets for other people (not including his own) while others were still waiting in this so called line. Also, what made it bad this year were students who bought tickets to turn around and sell them for ridiculous amounts. I've seen students trying to sell these packages at 500 a piece. That's just ludacris and those are the worst kind of people IMO.
Comment 13 Sep 2011

Yeah I agree. Even though the gold comes from left field, it still looks sharp.

How many times are they gonna get flagged for making the spartan on the gloves?

Comment 02 Sep 2011
Holy Buckeye is one of the best calls I have ever seen. It still gives me chills watching it.
Comment 26 Aug 2011
Not surprised about Ravenel. Dude can straight jump out of the gym. I have been looking forward to seeing him play since watching him in the pregame mess around time last season.
Comment 18 Aug 2011
Well done on the podcast. I'm gonna throw my two cents in on a couple of the games, though. Miami - I think they were overhyped before the scandal, like last year when they came to the 'Shoe, and now I think we have a lot easier time there. Michigan St. - I think this will be the first loss of the season. Playing at home in front of the students will help and I hope I'm wrong. Nebraska - This could go either way. A lot of it will depend on the health of Taylor Martinez and his relationship with Pelini. Playing in Lincoln doesn't help matters at all either. Wisconsin - I have a good feeling about this game. I think the stadium will be by far the loudest all season which will get it Russel's head. I think my good feeling comes from basketball season and the way the home crowd showed up. Penn St. - I think there is going to be some trouble in Happy Valley this year. With both Bolden and McGloin saying they don't want to split time, that option will cause some friction. If one of them is named the starter, I think the other will cause some closed door problems for Joe Pa. Michigan - This game makes me nervous, but only because it is Michigan. I think that we still have the athletes to pull it off though. I think it's entirely possible to go 11-1 this year, however, 10-2 is much more likely. We still have a great deal of athletes that could carry us, if they grow up during the first couple of games. I will admit that that is a pretty big if though. I think 9-3 will be the worst we could see this year, but my expectations are probably higher than most.