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Comment 22 Sep 2013
Fell asleep watching this gem, all I have to say on the matter. The fact that Notre Dame was in national championship game is A joke, and Sparty is gunna Spart.
Comment 15 Sep 2013
Always wondered what kind of women would marry Bert, have my answer now.
Comment 31 Aug 2013
He's smart as A box of crap but the boy has stones the size of Mount Rushmore. Personal favorite Was rubbing his thumbs together in money gesture.
Comment 23 Aug 2013
Kind of A regional comment but the badgers new helmet looks like the Wadworth Grizzlies High School helmet.
Comment 09 Jul 2013
It's true about divorcing from football, remember I did A total sports blackout for 10 Days after that.
Comment 27 Jan 2013
Second best I have seen, like little animals better. If I wasnt such a computer idiot I would include a pic.
Comment 30 Oct 2012
You did awesome, my kids all could answer whats michigan? They would answer yuck, before they could really speak.
Comment 24 Oct 2012
Historically I would say penn st but recently wisc with the games and cry baby bielema whining about recruiting.
Comment 20 Oct 2012
The coaches get all the blame when a bubble play takes you down the field and you continually let it. They are way out of position.
Comment 20 Oct 2012
The same damn play 4 times in a dow. Fickell sucks