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Comment 06 Oct 2013
We are probably going to work on scUM at least a little from here on out.
Comment 06 Oct 2013
Mark my words...Braxton is back. UFM shrunk his head by "warming up The Old Right-hander". He will be electric moving forward.
Comment 06 Oct 2013
Agreed...it was just a tie, and it was done on purpose with BMuss. Herbie had a different tie on earlier in the day. Bmuss actually had an OSU tie on...not just red...it was an Ohio State tie.
Comment 06 Oct 2013
UFM had NO intention to put KG in...that was a head shrinking tactic for Miller...it worked, thank God, and #5 was a different player from that point. Ran harder, played without fear, reminded me of the first half of last year.
Comment 28 Sep 2013
He's an All-American...if he doesn't play terrible we may not need that pic from him. I love the Bucks but I watched the game and he was repeatedly embarrassed. I know what kind of play he is capable of...I am just wondering when we will see that again.
Comment 28 Sep 2013
Call it like it is...Roby was a complete wreck. He wasn't much better at Cal...what is his deal?
Comment 15 Sep 2013
Roby is a pimp...but did NOT play like one last night. He had a couple of nice diving tackles but struggled in coverage. It happens sometimes...not the end of the world. He was beat more times than the stats will show due to a couple of bad throws. He dropped a pic. He had quite a few tackles...cause his guy caught the ball. Great news for Buckeye fans...I doubt he has another game like this again. NOTE: I love Roby...and remember that my grade would be a lot higher for another corner...Roby is NOT just another corner.
Comment 08 Sep 2013

We will not go unbeaten with KG.  He is our back-up QB...and a damn serviceable one at that.  Braxton is the freak that makes us go.  The fact of the matter is that he does come out of games way too often for my taste.  This is a not a dog on him, just a fact that will need to change if he wants to win the NC and the Heisman.  My fingers are crossed that this most recent injury is NOT going to cost him a start.