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Comment 30 Nov 2014
Harry? Nice. Never heard that before. Boring. Have a good night officer.
Comment 24 Nov 2014
I have no idea what the prize is (was, remember we hung up and thus the 2nd place called won). She likes that part of the show and is pumped she was on the radio.
Comment 20 Nov 2014
Said the same thing while I watched the game and have been arguing this with people since. Effort mistakes are ok...lack of effort mistakes are unforgivable.
Comment 16 Nov 2014
If I go to 11W jail I am definitely getting a teardrop tattoo.
Comment 16 Nov 2014
Vonn Bell is a bad ass...he is the only sure tackler on the team. He would be even better if he would have played more last year...which he should have.
Comment 15 Nov 2014
Having many sources is good. I obviously enjoy 11W as well. I just think "hating" a channel that is perceived to not like OSU is close minded and a waste of "hate".
Comment 15 Nov 2014
I am so bored with the "hate ESPN" posts. I love Ohio State and have ZERO problems with ESPN. You all realize that sports are games, right? You do realize that ESPN is "reporting" on GAMES, right. ESPN is a good channel (s)...my guess is that 99% of the people posting crap about ESPN watch it all the time...it has become "cool" to say you hate ESPN. I stopped worrying about being "cool" a long time ago...and it made me cooler.
Comment 10 Nov 2014
Evan Spencer is am impact player who doesn't get a lot of touches...Herbie knows his $hit...quit hating on a Buckeye captain.
Comment 10 Nov 2014
He played. Had a really nice block on a run around right tackle.
Comment 09 Nov 2014
Thomas caught the ball they overturned as well. Replay was not very good to us last night...the score was closer than the game in my opinion.
Comment 09 Nov 2014
Herbie is a Buckeye. Period. He calls it as he sees it. He knew MSU was in trouble...lobbied big for us post win.