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Comment 28 Sep 2015
Cafe Bella, bring your own drinks...of any kind. No menu, Italian, everything is fresh (you sit outside in their garden for Woody's sake), cheap (even more so when you consider you bring your own wine/beer), and you will not leave hungry.
Comment 27 Sep 2015
The WR's played fine today (still need to keep improving on the perimeter blocking). The only problem today (if your want to call it that) was CJ throwing late in the wide open deep balls. This is fixable. The O-line improved as well, CJ had all day to throw late. Now that he knows he is the QB he can relax and throw the ball. I think we have a way to go, as we should because this was only game 4, but I truly believe the corner has been turned.
Comment 19 Sep 2015
I think Urban and the offensive coaches are tinkering too much. It's not just the QB's either. We seem to have very little continuity at all of the skill positions. I realize we have talent all over the place but the reality is that we need to settle on a #1 guy at each position and ride them. The 2nd string guy will get in when the #1 needs a breather. I don't think it was bad to tinker, but I think it's time to stop. Luckily our D has provided the ability to tinker with the O.
Comment 09 Sep 2015
I said none of the "lazy and irresponsible" statements. I just said that to pretend JT faced all scrubs is inaccurate.
Comment 09 Sep 2015

"Scrubs"??  JT faced and beat the #2 (PSU), #7 (MSU), and #10 (TTUN) defenses last year.  VT ended the season #15.  He was making his second start and the entire team was trying to figure out what to do without Braxton.  I like both QB's but pretending JT faced all chumps is incorrect.  We get it, you like CJ.  No reason to pretend what JT did was not impressive.

Comment 09 Sep 2015

Thank you for bringing this up.  I kept re-reading and re-reading to see what I was missing...how did they miss the most electric play of the evening?  The play I want to see with Braxton at QB is the Jet Sweep shovel pass.  With Brax at QB they will assume that man in motion is a decoy.  This will be where Braxton gets his first TD pass of the season.

Comment 04 Sep 2015
Doo, doo, doo, doo, da, da, da, doo
Comment 22 Aug 2015
Nah, f#ck that, you don't wanna go that way. See that sign up there that says "rib tips"...
Comment 20 Aug 2015
Hating on Herby (and ESPN) is what all the "cool kids" do. I am NOT a "cool kid".
Comment 11 Aug 2015

This CJ "arm strength" argument is starting to wear on me.  I get it, he can throw it far...but so can Uncle Rico.  I heard someone discussing this today and I couldn't agree more with what was being said.  Wide receivers stretch the field, not big arms.  The reality is that a 70 yard pass (in the air) means that you are losing in the final seconds of a game...there is no other reason for that kind of arm strength; not enough time for the receiver to get that far before your QB is killed either.  JT's arm is fine and he throws all the routes well.  He also runs the zone read better than both of them (God love him but Braxton decided pre-snap most of the time) and it is not CJ's best skill either.  The reality is that JT beat out CJ once and thus it is entirely possible he will do it again.  I don't think it will matter much either way as long as we don't fall prey to the injury bug but CJ having a big arm does not "stretch the field" unless there is a receiver open to catch it on a consistent basis...who fills Devon Smith's shoes?  ...that's the question.

Comment 11 Aug 2015
ESPN is good at what they do. I watch it. I like it. I realize that eliminates me from the "in crowd" but who really cares. I'd rather read more OSU QB battle posts than read about people hating on ESPN. Where is all the outrage for the Lifetime channel?