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Comment 15 hours ago

As hard as it is.. I'm choosing to remain neutral between both sides here..  As I do not know her or Torrance for this matter, I'm not going to assume that she is "just a wannabe girlfriend" out for revenge against him just from a rumor.

Fact is- I do not know what happened.  I do find it curious that Urban Meyer is sticking up for Torrance and saying he does not support the "university's decision".  I hope that this can be resolved and that Torrance can join the team next season seeing as how the appeal was supposedly denied.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

Ah.  Brings me back to watching my high school football team lose a state championship when I was 9 years old due to a blown call.. (Officials stated the ball hit the ground, it clearly didn't per my parents).  I don't remember it, but I take my dad's word for it.  He's always been honest about officials and giving them the benefit of the doubt.  He'll criticize the fans on our side for yelling at the officials when it's an obvious call.  

Your welcome, Justin Zwick and Orrville :)

Just giving them a hard time, my alma mater has won 4 state straight championships and 6 in the last 10 years, so we don't have much room to complain.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

I couldn't imagine being in her situation to be honest and I come from a family where my parents and I didn't talk to my sister for close to 2 years due to family drama and disagreements.. Very sad situation all around.  I am sorry for the victim and her family

Comment 23 Aug 2016

Maybe he texted Grimes/Lindsey or sent them a private message on Twitter or something..

Do we really have to say this is going to be a problem because he didn't send a congrats tweet to them for everyone to see..

For example- I haven't sent my girlfriend a message on Facebook in over 10 months, but that doesn't mean that I don't care about her.

Let's not overanalyze this when they aren't moving in to Ohio State for another year.  Shoot, they could even become best friends by the time graduate college for all we know.

Comment 21 Aug 2016

I'm pretty sure Urban Meyer and coaches a couple years ago kept saying that Sam Hubbard "would play this week' a couple times and he ended up redshirting.

Not saying Bosa would redshirt, but I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility.

Comment 21 Aug 2016

Galen Rupp got a bronze medal in the marathon today for the United States in only his 2nd career marathon.. Pretty impressive performance across the board from the USA in the middle distance and distance events in this Olympics that was previously being dominated by the Ethiopians and Kenyans.  

Comment 17 Aug 2016

Yes, high schools can be "clicky".. Lord knows, I was far from being popular.  I was made fun of and ridiculed by people younger than me for years at and past high school.  Some people were so mean to me, it still bothers me when I see them in public. I've had good football players, one of which is in the NFL refuse to acknowledge my existence when I tried to be friendly with them.  I only have 2 good friends from high school nowadays.

But, I still have attachment to my high school.. I'm proud of what my highschool has accomplished and I like to support the school.  I live about 20 minutes away from it and my parents still live there as well, so I still have that connection.  My alma mater has won 4 straight state football championships, 6 straight state final appearances, reached the playoffs 19 times in a row now..

Family, great football excellence, and being from a nice community is one of the reasons I'm attached to my school.  I may only be friends with 2 people from high school now a days, but that doesn't mean I can't support my alma mater or follow high school football.

Comment 17 Aug 2016

I actually really like this idea that was presented.  Gives players motivation as a youngster to want to become a LT and is a very achievable goal within a couple years.

I imagine that it would be nice as a new incoming freshman to know who to follow/talk to/speak from the get go to improve.  A team captain would probably be too overwhelming/not in touch with a position group. An LT is someone that you would spend most of your time with during as a season as is which develops cohesion/unity.  

Comment 15 Aug 2016

I'm from the MAC.. Specifically, Coldwater.  I like to attribute it to several factors-

1. Good genetics.  It's insane the amount of talent that the MAC actually produces across many sports considering the low population. 2. Good community- Kids are raised pretty well.  A lot have a good work ethic and there's very little questioning of coaches or open disputes/fights

3. Football is king over in the MAC on Friday nights.  Families pack up their cars and head to games on Friday nights.  I remember getting to games at 5 pm for a 7:30 pm game so we could get a decent seat.  Many kids dreamed of playing football.

4. Numbers.  Coldwater used to have about 80 kids on a football team in a given year without too much of a problem.  No soccer program helped boost numbers.

Comment 15 Aug 2016

I keep asking myself the question.. What makes any school think having female hostesses and encouraging them to interact with football recruits a good idea? I'm betting several people had a bad feeling about this like me just from reading the forum title.

And, I hate to say it.. I'm betting it comes down to getting said football recruit to come to Kansas at the expense of these female rowers.


Comment 11 Aug 2016

Real fight or not, I personally don't think it's a good look for the team.. I don't like it even if it is just "horseplay".

Comment 09 Aug 2016

I graduated from the same graduating high school class of a couple Ohio State football players.. For what it's worth on a second hand account, they were not big fans of Terrelle Pryor either (however, they were not "big name" or starting players).  The main complaint was Pryor was late for meetings quite a bit and would get a free pass from the coaches

Comment 06 Aug 2016

I'm going to miss Braxton Miller..He was a treat to watch for sure.  I hope I don't ever forget his bomb to Devin Smith to beat Wisconsin his freshman year.  That play and his interview afterword had me sold on him.  

Comment 04 Aug 2016

I think I am going to have to go with the Defensive Backs unit..

We are replacing three starters in this regard with a new coach.  Add in these other issues

Injuries- Marshon Lattimore has been injured much of his career at Ohio State. Erick Smith missed most of last year and spring practices with a knee injury (ACL right?).  Add in the risk of injuries in case a member of secondary plays on the special teams unit.

The state of college football turning into more a spread/pass happy offense as well and teams testing this secondary early on with us facing a very good Oklahoma early in the season.  Also, we have to bring out the nickel back at times as well.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

The show had me interested but it did have some depressing thoughts.


The head coach is a straight up tool.  He needs to look himself in the mirror. How does he still have a job there?  Calling his players thugs, gangster's, saying that lost season was on them.. Wasn't he suspended 2 games for getting into a fight with a ref? Didn't he also start arguing with the officials that last game of the season as well and was threatened to be arrested? Didn't he also attempt to run up the score even more in the 1st half by calling time-outs to "be their payback "- Probably should have just went to halftime in my opinion.  Also, I didn't like the look of the head coach questioning his player and team personnel who thought it might be a concussion issue

Players- I seen too many players just want to go home, quit, and stop caring after a minor injury.  I seen some despicable events in that fight to end the series from both teams.  It was hideous.  I think it was fair that the team wasn't allowed to compete in the championship game to be honest.

Refs- Need to have better control of the game and of their own behavior.

Positives- I really liked the QB Wyatt.  He didn't have the potential of John Franklin, but he had my rooting interests.  I didn't see anything really negative not to like about him to be honest.  I respect his decision to go to a big college, play intramurals, get a job.  He seemed to have more of a realistic plan than the other players.  That Ollie kid sure had some special moments on the field as a D-tackle.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

1. "Holy Buckeye"- I remember being 12 years old and watching that game on the edge of my seat with my dad both thinking we were going to run it..

2. 85 yards down the heart of the south.

Others- Ted Ginn's opening TD return in the championship game followed by injury on the celebration, Maurice Clarett's strip, The late pass interference call against Miami to give us another chance in the NCG vs Miami, Evan Spencer to Michael Thomas. Braxton to Devin against Wisconsin, 

Comment 03 Aug 2016

Ted Ginn Jr... I would love to watch him play one more year of football at Ohio State in his prime.  Nobody had his speed.  

Side note- It's an absolute treat to watch his highlights on Youtube.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

I haven't stayed too verse in his recruiting situation or any recruiting for 2018 players, but this whole situation has me turned off.  He has decommited from Kentucky already.  Then releases a top 3, then top 5 schools the next day..  Possible commit here before even visiting campus, and then decides to commit to South Florida who wasn't even on his Top 5 list..  If I'm Ohio State, I think I would stay away from this situation.

I hope that he receives some kind of guidance or advice on how to handle recruitment from here on out. whether that have to be from a guidance counselor/principle.. Visit the appropriate schools that have mutual interest, ask about their future plans, and take some time to think about the appropriate/right decision.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

I know Dontre Wilson still has one more year left, has battled injuries, and has still been productive.. But, I still have to go with him as my pick to this point.  I was full on board his hype train when he came here.  I thought he was going to be something special with Urban's offense.