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Comment 18 Oct 2014

I agree with ya here Buckwhile83.  With our loss vs a bad Virginia Tech team, although early in the year, I would feel much more comfortable if these Big 12 teams get 2 losses.

Comment 18 Oct 2014

I'm seeing some more backups in there now.  Gareon Conley lost his contain on a big run, Tyquan Lewis or Donovan Munge got in there for a snap or two, Chris Worley in there as well. 

Comment 04 Oct 2014

For a fashion statement?

But, I doubt Bosa is wearing it just because it looks cool. 

Comment 19 Sep 2014

I'm starting to think Spence enters the NFL draft next year.  Anyways, really disappointed and saddened to hear of his addiction to drugs considering all the talent he has.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

1. I was really impressed by the defensive line play of Adolphus Washington, Michael Bennett, and Joey Bosa. 

2. Curtis Samuel and Jalin Marshall, didn't expect them to get as many touches and yards that they did today.  Going to like the trio of Marshall, Samuel, and Wilson.

3. The defense gave me scares today, but the option is hard to stop.  I was concerned with the inability to focus or play the pitch man at all, and some missed tackles, but I'll wait and see for a more normal defense nowadays before passing judgement.  The offensive line concerns me the most though.  That first half was abysmal.  Against a Navy D-Line we should have been able to control the LOS more.  Consider me concerned when we have to start playing teams in our conference.  Replacing 4 senior starters will be a tough task.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I see where Dinardo is coming from.  Yes, we are losing 4 offensive lineman, Braxton Miller, Carlos Hyde, Philly Brown.  But to suggest Ohio State suddenly won't be able to move the football at all is a little too much.  We might not be the same offensive team as last year, but there are too many weapons on this team with Tom Herman and Urban Meyer at coach for this to be a horrific offense as he seems to indicate.  I feel very confident in our RB corps with Ezekiel Elliot at the head, and I have faith our offensive line will come together over the course of the year if they can stay injury free.  Let's not forget we have Dontre Wilson, Jalin Marshall, and Curtis Samuel as weapons.  Our gameplan will be different with J.T. Barrett at the helm, but he just needs to play within himself.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I know it's not a huge deal, but Jamarco Jones who some were really pegging in the 2 deep at times still has a black stripe if I haven't missed anything.  Can be hard to come in and play right off the bat as a freshman on the o-line.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

That was a shocker for me.  I can't imagine his future is looking too bright after not hearing anything from him during spring and fall camps, and he's not even listed in the 2-3 deep at linebacker, while a walk-on linebacker was placed there.  That's why you recruit. A lot of people had high expectations for our 2013 linebacker crew, and now Mitchell has transferred and Johnson's nowhere to be found.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I thought Vonn would be the starter, but I wouldn't say I am shocked.  We don't really know who will get the majority of playing time either.  Cam Burrows like mentioned isn't some scrub either.  Very highly regarded recruit.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

I doubt that Matty would have went to Ohio State even with an offer.  It wouldn't surprise me if the Mauks disliked Ohio State.  A little off topic, but is Justin Sawmiller playing college football anywhere?

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Call me negative, but I'm trying to be realistic. 

We're losing Braxton Miller, who people were pinning as a Heisman candidate just last week.  We are replacing him with J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones.  I really liked Barrett out of high school, but he hasn't shown anything to me yet to prove just how good he really is here at the college level.  It's just the Spring Game, but I seen a complete disaster of a passing offense.  We are also getting 3 new starters on the offensive line.  I do trust Warriner, but I don't know if we have the depth on the O-line if we were lose to a key member due to an injury.

Next, we had this "little" problem last year on the defensive side of the ball.  Yes, we hired Ash.  But, we have no tangible proof that we are suddenly becoming a "great" defense that some are proclaiming.  I'd be satisfied with slightly above average after last year.

I think we could make the playoffs, but the question said "will we make the playoffs?"  Seeing all of the question marks coming into this year, and realizing that we will probably have to go 12-0 to reach the playoffs, which can be somewhat difficult to do in college football, I voted no.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

I voted McMillan in terms of greater impact mainly due to less competition.  Johnie Dixon has to battle A LOT of offensive playmakers for touches in this offense.  Dontre, Curtis Samuel, Ezekiel Elliot, Braxton Miller running, Devin Smith, Michael Thomas, Corey Smith, maybe Rod Smith.  I think he could see a decent amount of playing time, but just might not have the offensive production for a greater impact.  I also took into consideration Braxton Miller's passing consistency/ability and injury likelihood due to his style of play.

Raekwon Mcmillan faces Curtis Grant as his only competition.  One injury and he's getting significant playing time at a significant stat producing position.

Comment 09 Aug 2014

False.. We obviously seen that Taylor Decker is a bum and wouldn't amount to anything after he was completely exposed against Buffalo and Khalil Mack.

Comment 09 Aug 2014

#47 A.J. Hawk, #7 Ted Ginn Jr., #28.  Not sure if I still have/fit into my plain #4 meant for Holmes.  Mostly wear the Hawk jersey.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

No kidding.  I think we ought to take this with a huge grain of salt and wait til we face some good opponents.  These guys are probably talking up every single team in the Big 10.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I get that 5 star commits bring about more excitement than 3 star camp offers, but recruiting rankings are very far from the "end all be all".  I'm pretty sure Urban Meyer and this staff are a whole lot more informed than some recruiting analysts and ourselves.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

Much like 305Buck mentioned, Torrance Gibson seems to like the attention.  It's driving me a bit nuts, but let's be serious.. This would be a big get for Ohio State, and I with pretty much everybody else want him anyways.  The big hurdle was getting him to visit campus at least once, now we just have to get him up here for a official visit, preferably for one of our big time games.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

He's being charged with possession of cocaine, rioting, and failure to disperse.. He apparently was warned to leave the area by cops, but decided to get into another altercation in the process.  I've known some people who I didn't think would be wrapped up into drugs that have been, so I take that with a grain of salt.  The drugs could possibly not be his, and he may not have been using, but I would not take these charges lightly, considering the police have stated they did a search of the car after the 1st arrest.. I think this is a BIG DEAL for everyone involved.  This is also not the type of publicity I would want surrounding my team either.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Drugs may not be his, but it is still very bad news for him legally if somebody doesn't admit to "that's my cocaine", because it is still in his possession, not sure if charges will stick though.  I had a decent friend in high school, didn't really hang out with him on weekends, but he was driving a friend who had weed on him, that he didn't know about.  Drug search of the car brought forth the weed, ended up having to take the fall because the guy in the back seat didn't admit to it as he already had other charges charges pending on him I believe.  I can't remember if the driver willingly took the fall for him or not, Lord knows I wouldn't.

Another very sad story- A girl that had graduated from my college with a nursing degree went on a blind date with somebody who had a good reputation amongst people.  As she was riding in his car, they were pulled over.  She didn't think anything of it, til the drug search brought forth from what I was told "a ton of drugs, big time dealer/seller".  Eventually charges were not filed, however as a nurse she had her job suspended/lost for a year, had to obtain a lawyer to fight the nursing court charges, legal fees of over a year plus, had to move back in with parents, until she was finally cleared close to a year later.

I know it's hard to do at times,  but I hope Tracy can take that as a lesson learned and make sure the people he runs around with are clean.  If it also means he has to avoid bars, I would recommend that as well.

Comment 05 Jul 2014

Hope Tracy is able to get the help he needs seeing as how it is heroin.  Unfortunately for Tracy, I believe the scholarship needs pulled, and given to a walk on senior that has earned it. Hate to see it for him, but I imagine this offense could take him off the team

Comment 02 Jul 2014

1. Ohio State- Grew up dreaming about donning the scarlet and grey, running down the tunnel, forming the Hive, and playing against Michigan.

2. USC- Visit So Cal, Hang out with the ladies, while taking in a big time college football game.

3. Oregon- Tour of the facilities, I bet they have some good looking ladies on campus as well.

4. Florida State University-  I grew up hating the Tomahawk chop, but it's starting to grow on me now.  The history, current appeal of the program, the ladies.

5. University of Tennessee- Take my dad who is a mild volunteer fan to a game down there.

Comment 26 May 2014

Whoops, should have looked more into my post when I said "his major".  I get that you can't graduate with "exploring majors", brain slip.  I'm not sure how that term exactly works at Ohio State, but I presume he's allowed to take any easy pre-req or gen-ed courses that sort of interest him?  Does Ohio State force someone to decide on a major at any point?  I graduated from a private college that seen very few people enter "pre-declared"