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Comment 27 Jul 2015

The kid ahead of him is commited to TCU, so it's not like he is some bum..

There is a current NFL (practice squad) quarterback that I went to school with who didn't start a single game until his senior year.  Had a good senior year, got a D1 offer to a MAC school, improved even further and got drafted.  The school I went to had won the state championship his sophomore year with the quarterback ahead of him returning for his senior season so he had to wait in line.  Usually those type of kids don't get an offer to the University of Florida though

Comment 10 Jun 2015

Started tuning in at around the 30th minute of the 1st half.  I'm not much of a soccer fan except for the big international tournaments where we play our "A" team and it becomes about national pride almost..  Pretty fun game to watch though. 

It's hard for me to get behind and really follow soccer when our best soccer players leave to go to Europe, and with all of the "loan" agreements with European clubs.  Was curious to see where Julian Green was and come to find out he is left off of the squad due to a bad year of not playing in Europe on loan, I guess?

Comment 27 May 2015

My alma-mater got the opportunity to play Youngstown Cardinal Mooney twice around your high school years it seems in the DIV State Championship.  I'm from Coldwater. Your guy's 2007 Mooney team was seriously stacked with D1 college talent  that looked so much more built and bigger than our guy's from up in the stands. 

For a small town public high school that at it's highest point graduated around 120 students in a class we have produced some pretty legit talent across many sports.  We sent three players to Ohio State, one being a national top 100-150 recruit (Ross Homan) that eventually went to the NFL before a couple major concussions ended his career.  Last year we seen another player (Keith Wenning) get drafted.  A couple of my friends have received scholarships to run Cross Country at major D1 universities.

Comment 23 May 2015

Heck of a job by Tom Herman to land commitments from those players, but the fight ain't even close to being over yet.. I imagine it won't be easy to keep two very highly rated recruits like this locked in to the class for another 8 months, especially at Houston.

Comment 18 May 2015

I haven't seen anybody recommend "Blue Mountain State" yet.  I've went through each episodes about 3 times already and still like watching it.

Comment 04 May 2015

I passed NCLEX in my first try about 2 weeks after graduation.  I personally was fed up/burned out with school/studying and didn't want to wait a month or two to take it.  My recommendations- Review course of some kind, Don't overstudy, study weak areas/points of emphasis on exam, do review questions that offer rationale for the right answer.  Have her not get down on herself and let negativity sink in (I did that before the test, and it just caused added pressure and stress).  NCLEX is nursing "utopia" not real world nursing.

Some other recommendations that I was never recommended, but think would be helpful- If she knows how she learns best, have her try to learn by doing that.  If she knows she has a weak area for a particular diagnosis or field of nursing study that is kind of major- Have her talk to a friend in nursing that works with those particular patients where she can ask about patient signs, symptoms, presentation, drugs of treatment, side effects to the drugs.  It might register easier that way.

Finally, I recommend that she has activities that can reduce the stress in her life.  Try to relieve all "test day" stress- Get on a good sleeping schedule for a week before NCLEX, don't mess with the sleep schedule, be rested, Know exactly where the test center is, best way to get there. Get there EARLY.  At the test, have her do anything that calms her nerves (I used to pray, self positive talk, counter negativity with positive thoughts). If she gets added anxiety at question #76 if she's still taking it- Remind her she is still in the ballgame, and it doesn't mean she failed.  If she has to take a break, take a break.  I personally had to take about 30-60 seconds to do re-focus and energize myself.  It took me about 114 questions overall.

Comment 02 May 2015

It's still early of course..  For example, Michael Bennett was tabbed as a 1st round pick last year, now he's a Day 3 pick.

But for fun- Joey Bosa, EZE, Taylor Decker, Michael Thomas, Darron Lee. 

Comment 21 Mar 2015

Note, I come from an area that had little fast food options within 1 hour of me for most of my life.

Favorites- HotHeads Burritos- Love that place, like it better than Chipotle's.  My favorite fast food joint now that they've moved within a 20 minute drive from my place.  Five Guy's, Steak N Shake, Firehouse and Kewpee's probably round out my top 5.

Least- I've only ate at White Castle once as a kid, and I'll never eat there again.  Taco Bell is decent at best for me. 

Sadly, McDonald's is really dulling on me.  Remember, how I used to get so excited to go out to eat at McDonald's growing up as a special occasion as a elementary school kid.  Ate at McDonald's about 3 times a week when I was a freshman/sophomore in high school during the summer (I got hooked on their McChicken's and ice cream sundae's after lifting).  Used to go there after high school football games and chow down.  Nostalgia isn't enough to get me to come back by myself though..

Comment 18 Mar 2015

My early summer years consisted of a lot of baseball.  From little minor league games, batting cages, throwing with my dad, and playing rundown.  About once a week, my dad would get a kickball game going at my house with my neighbor friends.  I also lived at the local pool where I spent 5 hours a day there hanging with friends.  On Friday nights I was able to head to the local movie store, Mcdonald's (the only food option in my town), or the local ice cream place.  The greatest highlights were the Cincinnati Red's or minor league games I went to, even though they absolutely sucked at the time.  Loved seeing Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr as a kid.  Would go to King's Island once a year.  I always loved going to see my cousin's who were about the same age and lived an hour away on a huge open country field.

In late high school- my summer's consisted of working out for the upcoming cross country season, and for the heck of it.  I would run in the morning with my teammates.  On Tuesday nights- I would head to the track to do 8 800's in the 80 or 90 degree heat with the local adults I knew from running, and eventually one of my teammates started joining.  I hated every second of that Tuesday, but having a friend/teammate there held me accountable.  He was the star of the team, getting looked at for college, didn't need any speed help, had a girlfriend.  I was a JV long distance guy with no speed or aggressive nature, that lacked any life outside of running at the time.  With the help of that friend, I became a varsity runner that actually started to get competitive and had a legitimate shot at a dream. Highlights of those summers were heading to the 'courts and playing basketball for 2-3 hours at a time, turning on the lights and being out there til 10 pm at night.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

I hear ya!

Growing up in a small town located in the MAC- We would be playing football from August to March.  No matter if it was 20 degrees and snowing in December, I would be finding/starting a game.  I'd be outside til it was pitch dark.  That probably explains my straight C's and D's I got all the way from elementary to junior high.

I will never forget the memories of wearing a mock up version of my high school team's jersey on Friday's at school with my name on the back and the number 99 as my dad thought numbers in the 90's were the absolute best.  All I could think about was the football game, and possibly wearing that jersey someday.  Get out of school, play football for 2 hours or so with the neighbor friends until it was time for supper and heading to the football game.  At the games, unlike many other young kids who were running around, I sat with my dad where he taught me the in's and out's of football at a young age.

Comment 10 Mar 2015

I'm going moderate.  I haven't seen much of him to form an opinion.  I'm aware he was a 4/5 star recruit out of high school that has battled injuries.  Larry Johnson's a good D-line coach. 

The kicker here- I don't think Ohio State NEEDS him to play at an All American level.  It'd be nice if he did, but I think Ohio State can survive if he can play solid all year, turn out a season like Curtis Grant, or just below that notch.  Here's to hoping he can have an injury free year and the backups can really improve.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

Voted pass.  Could this be the best recruiting class Ohio State has gotten in my 10 years of following recruiting-Possibly.  But, we do not know how they will fare once they get to college.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Ohio State is also interested in Prince Sammons from CHCA.  From, what I understand it's his first season playing football so he's raw, but he's got all the measurables to be great.  He's got some very good speed as well.

Take it for what it's worth as I've only seen him play once, but I didn't come away too impressed.  He was getting worked over pretty good on both sides of the ball.  Although, it looked like the opposing undersized D-end just WANTED it more with all the extra efforts after being initially contained.  But, eventually Prince sat his helmet down and stood 15 yards away from the rest of his team.  Meanwhile, several of his teammates were playing both ways at the time.  A coach had to go over and tell him to put his helmet back on.  This was during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the State Semi Finals game in which they were only down by 2-3 scores, and he never came back into the game.  No appearance of any injuries, no trainer's looked at him. 

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Weather's a huge factor.  I remember going one year where I believe it was snowing.  Let's just say the attendance was very minimal.  I haven't went to a spring game since 2008, but I hope to attend this year, assuming I have the day off and it's not horribly bad weather.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

I remember reading Bucknuts forum boards after that one.. Let's just say Urban Meyer was not very well liked..

Comment 05 Feb 2015

I'll pass.  I wouldn't hire him to a national championship caliber team to be an assistant coach because he had one good year at Ohio State as a RB.  He has also had his run-in's with the law in the past, doesn't have a college degree, so it's pretty obvious he won't be a candidate.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

I think people are just being realistic here and connecting the dot.  Let's be honest there are a number of coincidences here, and I happen to think that this blindsided Weber, which I could be wrong.  I'm on here because I like Ohio State football, the medium that it's provided in, and being able to see opinions other than myself at times, (unless it's of the variety of the delusional scarlet/gray glasses kind of viewpoint).

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Eh, I still think Weber is important to this class, whether he "starts" or not.  Fact is- We never know who develops in college, injuries that happen, transfers, etc..

I can go through numerous examples of player's that never develop, injuries that happen, transfers, but I'd be typing for days, so..

Cardale Jones was a 3 star commit in Braxton Miller's class that was a last minute offer, it's not like too many people seen him as a future starter.

Main point.. You just never know.  He's a 4 star RB recruit with power and speed, despite his short stature that looks to fit our system.  He's also from the Cass Tech pipeline in Michigan.

Comment 02 Feb 2015

To people that follow recruiting closer than I do- Does he seem like the quiet/reserved type of recruit?  Being painfully shy/reserved when I was in high school, I could very well see myself and others doing the same in a similar circumstance.  The most interesting thing is that he didn't even seem to want to connect to the other recruits/current players.  Usually the reserved people, gravitate to those people they would know well.  As, you also mentioned, it could also be the recruiting process taking it's toll.

You may very well be right, I would just hate to see another Malik McDowell situation all over again.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

Football.  I've lost interest in all levels of basketball since I've found a love for hockey in the last couple years.  I'm also a product of my environment, which lives and breathes football.  Basketball practices for my high school don't start til mid December.  If our team were to advance far in state tournament the general consensus in town would be "that's cool, good for them".  When the football team makes it to the playoffs, nobody is left in town.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

I've never understood why someone would actually want to follow a 16-18 year old recruit, let alone tweet them.  If they tweet something of even mediocre importance, I'm sure one of the Ohio State beat writers/11 Warriors will mention it anyways.