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I've lived in Ohio my whole life and in the Columbus area since I was seven. I've been a Buckeye since my birth in 1980. I attended my first game in the shoe when I was seven. Since I was seven and the 1988 football season, I've only missed nine Ohio State home games. I attended every game of the 2002 national championship season except at Northwestern.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Going to the national championship game vs. Miami on January 3, 2003 and watching the Buckeyes win it all! Going to Holy Buckeye, rushing the field for the M*ch*g*n game in 2006 for #1 vs. #2 and for Tressel's last M*ch*g*n game in 2012 (and rushing it in 1998 and 2002), and doing O-H-I-O around the Big Outhouse in 2009. Also, going to the 2012 Buckeyes game vs. Purdue and not leaving early (never do!), seeing the Buckeyes crush Notre Dame in the Shoe in 1995, and seeing Eddie rush for 314 vs Illinois in the Shoe in 1995. Finally, attending the Ohio State vs. M*ch*g*n basketball game where Tressel gave his famous speech about beating them after he was hired.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Carlos Hyde/Kenny Guiton
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 19 Feb 2014

Please try and make me feel bad about two middle fingers after a fight that started with a 9 vs. 1 scUM circle (and a bunch of scUM fans then yelling at our guys like they did something to start it) around Wilson. They wouldn't even let him stand up. The fact that more of their players didn't get tossed was complete and utter crap.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

I'm not really sure why you brought race into this. I think this one is mainly used for any athlete that seems to do a whole lot of things right (on and off the court/field/etc.) and stays out of trouble regardless of what color they are.

Comment 14 Feb 2014

Actually, he probably noted our "unclassy" response to it by our band just as he noted our "unclassy" response at including the Ohio loss after repeatedly being called Ohio. They may want to start paying attention to who trolls who first and stop acting so high and mighty.

Comment 14 Feb 2014

Exactly...the reason we put it in there is to show them that there is an actual team named Ohio (that beat their ass) and it is not us so stop effing calling us that. In other words, he is such a moron that he is complaining about our troll response to their troll move.

Comment 10 Feb 2014

I'm sure some of us would like to think this (myself included), but is it fair to guess this?

Comment 09 Feb 2014

I can't understand why he only has one big time offer so far. You can tell from the tape and his long arms that he is nearly impossible to defend. The teams may as well have just thrown their hands up in the air. We need to jump on this kid quick.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

Fair enough. This post gives me a much better grasp on your opinion. I am going to get out now though, because this fire has now gotten too hot for my liking.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

1. I never said they made the decision but thank you for putting words in my mouth. Just because someone doesn't make a decision, doesn't mean they aren't standing by it.

2. They are saying they don't know while supporting something that can be seen as nothing other than an admission of guilt. If you have doubt about his guilt/innocence and have a four year investigation that DOESN'T PROVE HIS GUILT then WHY SEPARATE FROM HIM?

3. I haven't trolled anyone. 

Comment 30 Jan 2014

At this point, I've said what I feel I needed to and am ready to let sleeping dogs lie. If you are still holding out hopes for Gibbon's innocence and getting his back, while at the same time supporting your school for separating themselves from him and how they went about it then that is your choice.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

Withholding judgment on guilt or innocence is generally more plausible when your school didn't just separate themselves from a player after a four year investigation that supposedly turned up nothing.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

I'm sorry but you and M man can't ride the fence and have it both ways. That is exactly what is wrong with what your school is doing. If you believe the guy is innocent and you believe you have an investigation that turned up nothing, then don't separate yourselves from him. If you think he is guilty, do separate yourselves from him. Instead, they are trying to make themselves look good by cutting ties with him while at the same time acting like he didn't do anything.....the same way you guys are trying to get your school's back and your player's back at the same time.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

I stopped reading after your first sentence that talked about how he might be guilty. So, my idea of a cover up is far fetched, but the idea of saying a guy could possibly still be innocent when his school just permanently separated themselves from him isn't? The reason the cover up theory is just a tad bit more plausible is because of the little FOUR YEAR thing. They can cite a school policy all they want, but if their reason for taking so long was supposedly a policy and an investigation that turned up nothing, then whey are they separating themselves from him at all regardless of the time it took?? Focusing on how policy didn't allow it sooner is just a last ditch attempt to deflect something that can be seen as nothing other than an admission of guilt.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

The four years isn't even the point. All that does is make them look even more shady. The fact that they separated themselves from him at all is the point. And, the fact that after they did this, you are still leaving innocence open as a possibility. 

Comment 30 Jan 2014

Actually, you are still being dumb. Which sounds more likely to you for why you suddenly want to separate yourself from a guy four years after the fact.....because he is innocent or because he is guilty? You're telling me and everyone else they are dumb, but you are also telling me that there is a chance Michigan would suddenly separate themselves from an innocent man (whether you 100% declare it or not doesn't mean you haven't been sticking up for him and saying that it could still be true) four years after the fact....that's cute. Guess what the four years bought them? A kicker and an "investigation". This is their backwards way of saying they are sorry.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

No offense, but how are you going to call someone dumb when you've been repeatedly standing in this guy's corner? If he didn't do anything, then they why did they take these steps and do it in this fashion? But, you seem to believe that just because the police found nothing, that automatically means nothing wrong happened and there was no cover-up. Michigan doing this is an admission of his guilt and their own!

Comment 24 Jan 2014

The funny thing is, the Penn State game will probably be the toughest on our schedule next to MSU and he has us winning that one. I'm pretty sure they will remember 63-14, and I'm pretty sure we won't win by 49.

Comment 20 Jan 2014

While we are giving shout outs to wrestlers who are/should be on medicare who are still doing stuff/wrestling, I think the Hulkster and Nature Boy need some love here too. Now, if we could just bring Andre the Giant back from the dead.