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I've lived in Ohio my whole life and in the Columbus area since I was seven. I've been a Buckeye since my birth in 1980. I attended my first game in the shoe when I was seven. Since I was seven and the 1988 football season, I've only missed nine Ohio State home games. I attended every game of the 2002 national championship season except at Northwestern.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Going to the national championship game vs. Miami on January 3, 2003 and watching the Buckeyes win it all! Going to Holy Buckeye, rushing the field for TSUN game in 2006 for #1 vs. #2 and for Tressel's last game vs. TSUN in 2012 (and rushing it in 1998 and 2002), and doing O-H-I-O around the Big Outhouse in 2009. Also, going to the 2012 Buckeyes game vs. Purdue and not leaving early (never do!), seeing the Buckeyes crush Notre Dame in the Shoe in 1995, and seeing Eddie rush for 314 vs Illinois in the Shoe in 1995. Finally, attending the Ohio State vs. TSUN game where Tressel gave his famous speech about beating them after he was hired.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Carlos Hyde/Kenny Guiton/Joey Bosa/J.T. Barrett
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 1 minute ago

Someone is selling TSUN apparel too if you prefer that.

Comment 7 minutes ago

So sick of watching these SEC teams squeak games out. Seriously? Has there been a worse onside kick than that in the history of football?

Comment 10 minutes ago

S-E-C! S-E-C! No other conference comes anywhere near us! Our premier team and supposed best team in the country is up 7 on Kentucky with 2:30 left!

Comment 22 minutes ago

Ryan Timmons. Sorry, I just wanted to say his name on Eleven Warriors again.

Comment 26 minutes ago

This made me smile

Comment 29 minutes ago

I think they heard us call them overrated. But, the point of how can they suddenly be the best team in the SEC still applies. I'm sure they will fall back to irrelevance before long just like Missouri and A & M.

Comment 42 minutes ago

Holy crap...anybody see what TCU is doing? This isn't exactly helping get teams out of our way when TCU and Kansas State are blowing the holy hell out of Texas Tech and Texas.

Comment 47 minutes ago

And speaking of Mississippi St. and the overrated claim...........

Comment 53 minutes ago

Also, recall that Wisconsin is the fourth or fifth best team in the BIG. 

(see below)

Comment 55 minutes ago

LSU and Wisconsin is actually a very good comparison. Wisconsin is usually a team in the top four overall in the BIG every year. And, LSU usually finishes in the top four of the SEC. But, when Wisconsin is playing bad and a team that has done nothing ever (Minnesota) is up near the top, the BIG is horrible. If LSU plays bad, and Mississippi schools are suddenly up near the top, the SEC just chooses the new top dog. They are supposed to be better than us....not the same or worse. MSU and Ohio State have not lost a conference game and they are traditional powers while Alabama, Auburn, and LSU (all traditionally strong teams) have all dropped games to no-name Mississippi schools and nobody cares because they spin it or somehow only recognize it when it happens in other conferences.

Comment 1 hour ago

He took it a tad too far, but I see the point he is trying to make.

Comment 1 hour ago

The point is that LSU should beat Wisconsin because Wisconsin is the BIG's fourth or fifth best team. Meanwhile, LSU as a traditional power team should be ranked higher than they are and not have flashes in the pan dominating its conference. But, since it is the SEC, they don't get penalized while anyone else would.

Comment 1 hour ago

Don't forget the golden SEC rule my young warrior. Any new team can take over the SEC every single year and knock off power teams, even if they aren't the most talented and they have never done a thing in their history. It simply shows how amazing the SEC is and their depth (Warning: do not apply to other conferences).

Comment 2 hours ago

I should have remembered not to slam TSUN.

Comment 5 hours ago

Maybe, but Minnesota continuing to win almost has to give us another ranked game and we currently have less of those than anybody. The only other power five team not currently in the top 25 and with one loss or less is Duke.

Comment 5 hours ago

HUGE stop with all this back and forth offense that suddenly started happening. Let's go now Minnesota! You got this!

Comment 5 hours ago

The Maryland score shocks me even more than Illinois still leading.

Comment 5 hours ago

Who suddenly turned Minnesota vs. Illinois into a Pac 12 game?

Comment 5 hours ago

But, look who we play vs. everyone single other team we are fighting AND who we lost to vs. every other single team we are fighting. I hope you are right but I don't have much faith.

Comment 5 hours ago

If Minnesota does not win, that all but ensures us of being the lowest ranked one loss team still standing (including Big 12 teams because of their SOS) and fighting for the final playoff spot at the end (if VT didn't already do that). If they lose, our best hope is that they only take one SEC team and everyone else going for the last spot finishes with at least two losses.

Comment 5 hours ago

Touchdown Minny!!

Comment 6 hours ago

How can a major program like Texas have an offense THAT horrible? 3rd time shut out in the first half this season! Wait...I just remembered a certain school to the north.

Comment 6 hours ago

Wait....I also remembered they aren't a major program.

Comment 6 hours ago

Nice first half Minnesota. That's really going to help you be ranked when you play us.