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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Seeing the successes that my former football players have in life after football.
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Comment 5 hours ago

Going deeper, I have a serious problem with entities that are public and accept federal funding, then turn around and somehow have the ability to deny students their due-process rights under the 14th amendment. (I realize that I am not a law scholar, so if someone can correct me, please do so! Also, I'm not singling out OSU, but ALL publics that accept federal funding.)

Comment 9 hours ago

I'm DEFINITELY eating two of those billy-bad-ass, greasy freakishly delicious double meat gyros from the guy with the cart on Lane in front of Panera, as soon as I get down there.

Comment 9 hours ago

Lima beans and Brussels Sprouts can both get dumped, even while infused with corn liquor. I wouldn't urinate on them if they were on fire.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Yerp. Urban is the same guy who threw Carlos Hyde in the hole for 3 games for being in what turned out to be quite literally nothing more than a public verbal altercation with a woman. Even after the video surfaced that clearly showed him NOT punching her, Urban still made Hyde finish his suspension.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

This is the greatest moment in the history of wrasslin'. I guarantee you Vince McMahon laughed his ass off.