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Comment 2 hours ago

Meh. Every once in a long while, everything goes wrong and you just have a shitty day. Urban's teams have the habit of going on a tear after a loss like this, though. The way he takes the blame and grades his own performance as below the line is a masterstroke. It's going to work. Watch the hell out, opponents.

Comment 18 Oct 2016

That would probably mean Purdue, given that IU is already East and Purdue is the furthest East geographically. Keeps Illinois and NW out West together, too.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I skipped my cousin's wedding because she had it during The Game in 1994. Thank God I did, because that was one of the very few w's for a long time.

Comment 16 Oct 2016
In addition, there are only 3 power-5 conference teams with only one loss: Florida, Utah and Louisville. Thats 14 teams "alive." the carnage is so bad this year and if it continues, some of the two-loss power 5 teams may zombie up and come back to life. 2007 comes to mind potentially.
Comment 14 Oct 2016

Except if you sat in the last row of B deck waaay back in the corner by the scoreboard end zone and had no airflow in those choking temps. That was not awesome live.

Comment 11 Oct 2016

Yeeerp. I just opened a 403b through my school district's deal with VOYA. $100 per month into index funds of a mostly conservative bent, with just a smidge of a % of that $100 in some slightly-mildly-risky index funds for that "maybe" payoff. Slow and steady wins the race if you're me and retiring in 20 years. I should have done this 10 years ago. :(

Comment 10 Oct 2016

I don't get it, either. Joe Burrow has earned the next man up at QB. This kid isn't going to relinquish it. He's too goddamned good and now has some live snaps in three games. In those snaps, he has performed almost flawlessly. He'll get many more snaps this season, well before the other guys even get a single one between them all. 

Comment 06 Oct 2016

Meh. Throw Rutgers in that mix and you've got yourself a tasty Poo Salad to go!