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Comment 02 Dec 2012

According to sam webb@ the fox site for TTUN both dawson & conley have scheduled an official vist for Dec 14th. hope urban closes the deal with both before that vist.

Comment 17 Aug 2012
I prefer Bennett's worse case scenario leaving Brian Cook Sam Webb and The rest of Weasel Nation tossing and Turning at night screaming from their nightmares.
Comment 21 Mar 2012

Matt at Least Tressel Got to the Big Stage and He did win 2002 National Title against the so called greatest team in college football history. what did 13 years of Cooper get us?

No one has to sell me on Urban He won me over in the 2007 Game against our defense

with score 14-7 and he opened up THE WOODY HAYES Playbook PAGE 1 Play 1  and he stuffed the foot right down Luke's and Heacock's thorat and the route was on.

Comment 20 Mar 2012

Nice article Matt as a life long Buckeye fan I respect all former players opinions.

However other than Tressel's mistake in march of 2010 and covering it up. I really don't get the animosity the Cooper era Players have with Tressel. You state you like the winners additude shown by the current staff and compared it to the cooper era. that being the case

none is bigger than the record against THAT SCHOOL UP NORTH and with all do respect Tressel was 9-1 against them while the cooper teams were 2-10-1. entitled or not Idon't recall a Tressel Team giving 314 yards to a weaselville running back or tressel team allowing a kickoff return for a touchdown and having the punt retuner strike the Heisman Pose. Far more embarrassing than an Aw shucks additude of barely beating navy. I am in full agreement Urban will right the ship from last season. I just think you could have made the the same point without taking the jab at Tressel.