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Comment 24 Sep 2013

I also believe the key to the game is Smith and Brown (along with QB ability to get them the ball) in the vertical passing game. If they can burn them on a couple of go routes and make them respect the vertical passing game. I think OSU wins comfortably. I would also like to see a few of them swing passes to DW or JH to pull more of those defenders out of the box. This could serve the purpose of WR screens, since our outside WRs seem to be much better blockers than YAC gainers.

I'm not as worried about the defense, the lack of a consistent passing threat + a good secondary will allow us to gamble more in the run game. I also think home field advantage and night game atmosphere will be huge in getting the defense fired up. 

Comment 05 Sep 2013

Thanks for the breakdown.


Going forward, Roby can be far more aggressive in attacking the flat. I assume this should be Grant replacing Reeves on the wide side.


At the beginning of the 4th qtr, I could swear I saw OSU using a 5 down DL set at mid-field. Any ideas or comments on this?