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Comment 25 Jan 2015
I remember watching Stringer play in the State tournament. The guy had talent, but you could tell by his on court actions that he had a shitty attitude. Simpson basically shot away a possible state title because he didn't want Lyles stealing the show. What a mess.
Comment 18 Jan 2015
Unless they do something stupid, like drop 8 of their last 10, they will get in. And then promptly get bounced in the first round. Enjoy watching Russell, because he is gone after this season.
Comment 17 Jan 2015
I used to coach 8-10 girls softball, coach pitch. Once we played a team in their first year in the league. League rules stated all girls must play minimum of 2 innings. After 2 innings I pulled the starters and put in all my 8 and 9 year olds. To my surprise these girls continued to hammer the ball. Score ended up 67-11. Aftwe the game the opposing coach complained about running up the score. I told him two things: am I supposed to tell those 8 year olds to not hit? And are you going to complain about getting hammered by 8 and 9 year olds? Sometimes it just can't be helped.
Comment 11 Jan 2015
Derelict. My favorite on Odelay, but they're all good.
Comment 10 Jan 2015
3-21 from 3 point range. I know it's tough to win at Assembly Hall, but the Buckeyes didn't help themselves at all. I thought Thad was going to blow a gasket a few times. Bucks big men are totally worrhless. It speaks volumes when Thad went the majority of the game without Williams, Lee, or McDonald. Just sad.
Comment 10 Jan 2015
All good points. Buckeyes should drop out of the top 25. Waaay too many teams that are more deserving than the Bucks.
Comment 05 Jan 2015
I was in attendance for the 2010 Rose Bowl. I got the impression before the game that their fans thought the Ducks were going to roll over the Buckeyes. I thought to myself, no one rolls over the Buckeyes. They were real quiet after the game was over. But overall, I didn't think they were obnoxious or a-holes. Just over confidant about their teams chances.
Comment 02 Jan 2015
I thought we gave them 14. They gave the Bucks 7. Bucks settled for fg's early. Could have been way worse for Bama. Was closer than it should have been
Comment 30 Dec 2014
This clown needs to stop huffing spray paint, go out and find a job, and move out of mommy's basement. Oh, and learn something about football.
Comment 30 Dec 2014
How many second chance points do the Buckeyes get? Not many. Iowa had a ton of them. It's all about effort. Very little of that today from the Bucks.
Comment 30 Dec 2014
Boy, I don't know. Knocked out first or second round. On a positive note, Illinois putting a hurt on Weasels right now.
Comment 30 Dec 2014
Kevin- you're right about Kam Williams and Tate. These guys should probably be starting, but we will never see that because Thad won't bench those seniors. Thad FINALLY went man to man, but as far as I'm concerned, he did it way too late in the game.
Comment 30 Dec 2014
OSU got beat down the floor early in the game leading to alot of easy Iowa scores. Zone was awful. Bucks got out rebounded and out hustled. Sad. Iowa deserved to win this game. Bad way to start if you're the Buckeyes. You can't lose home games in this league if you expect to compete for the title. Soft pre-season schedule did not help this team.
Comment 28 Dec 2014
I don't want _ichigan to be good. I want them to suck forever, because I'm having way too much fun watching their incompetance. If they lost every game from here to eternity, I would be in heaven. I hate them with a passion. And that's all I have to say about that.
Comment 22 Dec 2014
I don't know, I guess I'm a pessimist, but I'm hoping the Bucks keep it close. Yeah I want them to win and win big, I just would like to be surprised I guess. Down vote away!