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Comment 11 Aug 2014
Have been to 3 OSU-Purdue games (including Holy Buckeye game) Their fans are cool. Last year there were more Buckeye fans than Purdue fans. And most of those left at halftime. Can't blame them. It was like watching a high school team out there. Man were they terrible.
Comment 20 Jul 2014
50 came too quickly for me and I wasn't prepared for it. When I pull a muscle or something it takes forever to heal up, not like when I was younger. And I can remember things I did as a little kid, but have trouble remembering things I did yesterday. I know 60 is approaching fast, and I dread the day it happens. Sucks basically. What I wouldn't give to be 18 again and know what I know now.
Comment 15 Jul 2014
I've read a little about Harding. This guy didn't want to be President, he wanted to be a player! His poker games were legend. And then you add in the Teapot Dome scandal, and well, what else can I say? He was Bill Clinton before there was a Bill Clinton.
Comment 21 Jun 2014
I truly believe Thad will never get the elite players until he wins a title. Oh he will still get good players to commit, but not the elite, not the 5 star. Sorry, that's just how I feel. Nothing against Thad, but it is what it is. When your 5 star players start leaving en masse, its not a good sign.
Comment 20 Jun 2014
I've been to Purdue 3 times. Every time it was waaay too laid back. It had a small college feel. Last fall their fans left at halftime, I couldn't blame them. Tough place to get in and out of too. The Shoe is 100 times better on its worst day.
Comment 11 Jun 2014
A state fair story. Back when I was in high school(we're talking 30+ years ago) I took my girlfriend to the state fair. I tried like crazy to win her this huge stuffed animal throwing little rings at pop bottles. Had no luck. Finally my girlfriend said let me try. You guessed it, first one she tossed, dead ringer. And of course the barker had to let everyone there know she was a winner. I never felt smaller in my life. She had this smug little smile on her face. Funny the things you remember.
Comment 11 Jun 2014
I miss being able to drive down to Columbus and buy a ticket at a price you could afford without feeling I got gouged.I miss the days when the players were motivated by winning, not what the payday will be at the end of the year.
Comment 06 Jun 2014
Generally, I'm nice to Scum fans, makes me feel I'm the bigger person because of that. And I've actually seen a few Scum fans turn from the dark side and become OSU fans. The worm is turning. Used to be cool to be a Wolves fan. Not anymore.
Comment 06 Jun 2014
My daughter and son in law are going to see the Reds Thursday. Its her first Reds game. I didn't have the heart to tell her they suck ass. And this coming from a +40 years Reds fan.
Comment 13 Apr 2014
Thad starting to renew my confidence in his ability to close on recruits/transfers. This is great news!
Comment 27 Mar 2014
Football - Notre Dame, Alabama Basketball-- we should play these schools every year(I know it will never happen, but I can always dream):Kentucky, Cincy, Dayton, Xavier, Ohio U, West Virginia.
Comment 25 Mar 2014
Its noble of you all to defend Mata on here, but he is responsible for the current state of the teams roster. When he was first hired we were told he could sell water to a drowning man. Well, what he is selling these kids today, they aren't buying. Payne , Burke, White, Jackson, LaVert, they ain't buying. So were supposed to believe he isn't at fault here? Nice try, but now I'm the one not buying.
Comment 25 Mar 2014
I'm sorry people, but you have to place some blame on Thad here. You just don't let a top notch recruit in your back yard get away like this. Its a reoccurring theme here. He keeps this up and pretty soon he is Eldon Miller. He just can't keep letting top notch talent leave the state like this. Not if he wants to survive.
Comment 24 Mar 2014
Um...what about Loving? Me thinks he starts next year unless he totally falls off the face of the Earth.
Comment 23 Mar 2014
Before everyone jumps on me, there is something I have to ask. Is there some reason Thad can't land a big man. I'm talking recently. I know he got Down, Kofus, Sullinger, etc. But it seems lately big men are avoiding Mata like the plague. Is there a perception out there that big men won't be utilized effectively at OSU? I'm just asking.
Comment 23 Mar 2014
Once Sullinger committed to OSU, Payne was going elsewhere. No way he was going to sit behind Sullinger. Sometimes even when you want a guy, he doesn't want you. And he ends up somewhere else. It happens.
Comment 16 Mar 2014
I think he is gone. It just looks to me he isn't enjoying himself. Call it a gut feeling.
Comment 16 Mar 2014
Agree with most of what you say. Would have liked to see Loving play more. I know he had confidence issues, but the only way to get him out of that is to play him. Williams drove me crazy all year. Anyone that says he doesn't have talent doesn't know basketball. The guy was just too laid back. He needs to be more aggressive and want it more. Will he ever get there? I don't have an answer.
Comment 10 Mar 2014
Normally I wouldn't take the Spartans because it seems every year they fall against some team they shouldn't. That and I think Izzo doesn't really make this tourney a top priority. But the loss to OSU changed his thinking I'm guessing. So I'm picking MSU. Thur-Indy-Osu-minny-Iowa Fri-Scum-Osu-Wisky-Msu Sat-Scum-Msu Sun-MSU
Comment 04 Mar 2014
I don't know. I see a team that can't get out of its own way. At times they can do nothing right. If someone were to tell me the Bucks will drop the next 3 games, I don't think I could argue against them. I'm just not seeing improvement, and they are running out of time.