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Comment 14 Dec 2014
Whenever I read pre-season magazines, they almost always rank teams based on last season's results and what the team returns, talent wise. I suspected SCUM was overrated, and I somewhat feel that way about Sparty, tho Izzo is such a good coach, he will have them right there at the end of the season. Belein seems to me a coach that can win with great talent, not so much at other times.
Comment 09 Dec 2014
I read a book about Chic Harley. I believe he played for Columbus East hs. After graduation, supposedly he was about to board a train to attend U of M, but was talked out of it by an OSU booster. He played in only two losing games in high school and college, ironically the final game in high school, and his final game at OSU. He helped raise money to get the Shoe built. He IS OSU football.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
Happy Birthday MCS! Enjoy life until you have to start paying bills. That's when it really starts to suck.
Comment 06 Dec 2014
Loud- I forgot about the ref, hilarious movie. Dennis Leary says to grandma, " Lady, your husbands not dead, he's hiding". Great movie!
Comment 03 Dec 2014
I watched Toledo Central Catholic thump Lima Senior week 9. They are the real deal. Basically they line up and say we are running the ball, try to stop us. Only threw 4 passes (0-4) all night against the Spartans.
Comment 01 Dec 2014
His dad (Damon)played for St Mary's Memorial, near Celina. I remember when he played, basically all they had. His dad was a high school coach also.
Comment 30 Nov 2014
He and his coaching staff turned a backup qb into a Heisman contender and a Big 10 record breaker. How many coaches can you say that about? Great coaching job for a team most thought was a year away from contending. Thanks Coach.
Comment 24 Nov 2014
Mh- yes I remember the days of Eldon Miller and the back end of the Randy Ayers tenure. My point is: stop scheduling these games. Let's upgrade. Lets play the elite programs more often to better prepare the team for the tough teams they will face in the NCAA's.
Comment 24 Nov 2014
How many national titles does Louisville have? UConn? Duke? More than OSU. Buckeyes haven't won one in my lifetime, and I'm getting up in years. And i pay more attention to college basketball than I do college football. Don't get me wrong, I love Matta and all he has done to raise the level of the program, but the reality is, the Bucks are not on a par with the elite programs.
Comment 24 Nov 2014
So just because everybody does it, it's ok? Come on. The Bucks have 2 non conference games that will test them (Marquette doesn't count). This is why, in my perception, the Buckeyes will never be an elite program. Schedule the best every year, no more cupcakes. Play Kentucky, West Virginia, Louisville, every year. Toughen up for the road ahead. I just don't see how this cupcake games help.
Comment 22 Nov 2014
How many Heisman qbs ended up being busts in the NFL? Award is vastly overrated. Just sayin'.
Comment 19 Nov 2014
He had 4-5 inches on every Marquette player, of course he looked good, who wouldn't?
Comment 15 Nov 2014
Man, seriously? Sorry to hear that. Weird that I just watched the Luke Witte beat down earlier this week. Seems to be a reoccurring theme up there. What a bunch of losers.
Comment 15 Nov 2014
Basically kept the goofers in the game because of all the turnovers. Not stopping the run is a concern. Please play McMillan more.
Comment 15 Nov 2014
Great post awlin. My dad passed 33 years ago, and he was a HUGE Buckeye fan. Absolutely loved Woody. One of my regrets is that I never got the chance to sit down with him, watch the Buckeyes, and have a cold brewski with him. I miss him everyday.
Comment 15 Nov 2014
My point was that many think the war was all about ending slavery. That played a part of it, but it was more about preserving the Union.