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Comment 27 Jul 2015
1981 as a student, vs. Florida State. No one had ever heard of Bobby Bowden before the game, but they knew him after. The Noles put a licking on Earle and company that day, and we all went back to our apartment and drank our sorrows away. But I will say that wins have far outnumbered losses in games I have attended
Comment 19 Jul 2015
Ok. Anyone remember Dark Tower? We played that game until the batteries died. Awesome game. I still have it, and it still works. I'm pretty sure they don't make it anymore. Monopoly Risk Life Battleship Sorry I also had a game where you ran for President and the person with the most electoral votes won (I know, geeky). Can't remember off hand the name of the game though.
Comment 08 Jul 2015
I knew a girl that went to Miami Ohio when Ben was there. She said he was the biggest ass hole on campus. That told me all I needed to know right there. All his shit that followed never surprised me.
Comment 26 May 2015

I tried Skyline once. It was so bad I couldn't finish it. I told myself, never again. I still cringe whenever I think about it.

Comment 18 May 2015
Tom- good call on Dalts. Used to go there every year after the State track meet.
Comment 18 May 2015
If you're from the Lima area, there was Pizza Ranch. Best pizza in the world, hands down. But they built this huge restaurant, basically got too big too fast, and closed a few years later. I also miss Dutch Kitchen, outside of Plain City. I know, Der Dutchman is owned by the same company, but I tried both, and I always liked Dutch Kitchen better. Their fried chicken was legendary.
Comment 14 May 2015

I have the roll up kind on my Ford F 150. I love it. Just Armor All it once a year to keep it from fading.

Comment 11 May 2015
Not to get off the subject here, but I have a question. A few years back, the Big Ten Network did a series called Big Ten Icons, and if I recall correctly, Chic Harley wasn't mentioned. Am I wrong about this? And if I'm not, how could they overlook him? Just curious to everyone's thoughts.
Comment 05 May 2015
2 shows left before the series finale. I think Don dies in a car crash, sober, by a driver that, ironically, is not sober. I could see Roger getting back with his first wife, they seemed to get along better after the divorce, and realized that they belong together. I think Peggy starts her own agency. Whatever happens, it's been a great series, and, like Justified, I will miss it when it's gone.
Comment 05 May 2015
I was a child of the 60's, raised on the Beatles and so many others. Summertimes were awesome, the music so memorable. As a teen in the 70's, it was Zeppelin, and then watching (and listening) as disco took over. I never got into the disco scene ( thank goodness) like so many of my friends. The 80's brought the hair bands, and I pretty much gave up hope that my kind of rock music would ever come back. Then I heard Nirvana for the first time, and thought, YES FINALLY. I really got into Soundgarden and Chains, and I was in heaven. Now it seems rock has regressed again. Try as I might, I just can't seem to get into the stuff that's out there. I am a major Tool fan, just wish they were put more music out there. And don't even get me started on radio. 25 country stations, a few classic rock stations, and crap. I always said that some day I would like to start my own rock radio station, non profit, and not beholding to corporate dollars. (Sigh), maybe some day. So, I do think we have regressed with the loss of Cobain and Staley. I hold out hope that a new generation of rock bands will bring me back to the fold. Hopefully soon.
Comment 01 May 2015
Do you really think OSU is going to pass up another way to make tons of money? What, they are afraid some students will get drunk and out of hand? Doubtful.
Comment 29 Apr 2015
IBB- I'm a pretty big eater when I want to be, but I tried and failed to eat the Thurmanater. My nephews laughed at me when I couldn't finish and started making excuses. I struggled. It was good though, just too much. The Black and Bleu burger is excellent also.
Comment 21 Apr 2015
Born and raised in west central Ohio (rural). I always preferred small town life, although for a few years I lived in a suburb of Columbus. I never sensed a hatred of any one city from the people I know. Each city has its pros and cons. I enjoyed my time living near Columbus, lots of things to do, and great places to eat. That being said, I doubt I ever live near a big city again, but I guess you can never say never.
Comment 15 Apr 2015
I can't say I was disappointed with the finale, maybe I was expecting something more. Still, one of my favorite series of all time.
Comment 12 Apr 2015
Congrats! Now where is my cigar?
Comment 11 Apr 2015
Quitting college. Was going through some rough times (my father passed away) and didn't see the point of it all. Went out and found a job, got married, had kids, and before I knew it, seems life passed me by. Wish I would have stayed in school. I know my life would be different. Dumb.
Comment 07 Apr 2015
Still, Wisconsin had a 9 point lead, and Duke was in foul trouble. Wisconsin should have been pounding the ball inside and didn't do it. That's on Bo Ryan. I texted my nephew at half and told him Duke would get all the calls in the second half, and they pretty much did. But you can't use that as an excuse. You have to be better than the refs.