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Comment 21 Apr 2015
Born and raised in west central Ohio (rural). I always preferred small town life, although for a few years I lived in a suburb of Columbus. I never sensed a hatred of any one city from the people I know. Each city has its pros and cons. I enjoyed my time living near Columbus, lots of things to do, and great places to eat. That being said, I doubt I ever live near a big city again, but I guess you can never say never.
Comment 15 Apr 2015
I can't say I was disappointed with the finale, maybe I was expecting something more. Still, one of my favorite series of all time.
Comment 12 Apr 2015
Congrats! Now where is my cigar?
Comment 11 Apr 2015
Quitting college. Was going through some rough times (my father passed away) and didn't see the point of it all. Went out and found a job, got married, had kids, and before I knew it, seems life passed me by. Wish I would have stayed in school. I know my life would be different. Dumb.
Comment 07 Apr 2015
Still, Wisconsin had a 9 point lead, and Duke was in foul trouble. Wisconsin should have been pounding the ball inside and didn't do it. That's on Bo Ryan. I texted my nephew at half and told him Duke would get all the calls in the second half, and they pretty much did. But you can't use that as an excuse. You have to be better than the refs.
Comment 07 Apr 2015
No. I watched an interview with the guy that lead the investigation. Basically he said since Rose was banned, there have been no betting cases by players. That is why they will never let Rose in.
Comment 07 Apr 2015
Never let the refs decide a game if you're a coach. Wisconsin needed to be up 5 down the stretch, and they werent. When Duke went up 2 I knew Wisconsin was done. Duke doesn't miss free throws and they take care of the ball. A killer combination. Nice season by the Badgers though, just wish they could have finished the deal.
Comment 06 Apr 2015
Bullpen let's Johnny down AGAIN. But a nice rally in the bottom of the inning. Go Reds!
Comment 06 Apr 2015
He be gone. He's crazy if he doesnt. Would love to see him stay one more year, but I don't think it happens. Money talks.
Comment 06 Apr 2015
Gotta root for the Big 10. It's way past time for a national title (although I'll admit, I rooted against SCUM a couple of years ago).
Comment 06 Apr 2015
Cannot stand rat face or Puke. I will be rooting for a Big 10 team to win. Yeah I know, Planet of the Apes is a bit of a douch, but I can stomach him more than rat face. Plus, I like how the Badgers play.
Comment 06 Apr 2015
Oh, and Puke is 0-3 against 1 seeds in the title game. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Comment 03 Apr 2015
Talbert-I used to watch Longmire, and really liked it. Then I heard it was cancelled, although there was a write in campaign to bring it back. Haven't heard whether that will happen though.
Comment 02 Apr 2015
All good theories, but me thinks Raylon survives.. . How would it look for the good guy to die?
Comment 02 Apr 2015
I watched S.O.A. , and imho, Justified is way better. Better written and believable.
Comment 02 Apr 2015
As a younger man I rode one of my friends bike. To me, you just don't realize how fast you are going, my sense of speed was thrown off. Maybe it was just me, but going that fast and not knowing it ( I know, they have speedometers) just seemed to bother me. That, and a friend of mine called them angel makers, pretty much cured me of wanting a cycle.