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Comment 19 hours ago
Of course hindsight is 20-20. But when you miss on Ohio guys and they go to another Big 10 school, they play with a chip on their shoulders and light the Buckeyes up! (See Aaron White this year). Don't you kind of get tired of that? I do. This year's senior class was a complete bust. I'm not a Matta hater or basher, but he needs to change.
Comment 24 hours ago
Matta has chosen out of state players over some in state players (Scott comes to mind) and it has come back to bite him. Trice, White from Iowa, Lavert for Scum, and Nigel Hayes from Wisconsin. That's way too many players to miss on. Maybe his talent evaluation needs some re-thinking.
Comment 23 Mar 2015
Rifleman (I have complete series on dvd) Hogans Hero's Gilligan's Island
Comment 22 Mar 2015
70 Chevy Camaro. Green with white racing stripes. Loved that car, but traded it in for an Olds Cutlass because the Camaro started using oil. Still, pretty cool first car.
Comment 22 Mar 2015
You can't be serious. Lee would not have been that much of a difference maker. Arizonas' bigs were physical, Buckeyes bigs weren't physical all year. Miller was not going to let Russell beat them. Yeah he had a terrible shooting night, but Arizona had a lot to do with that.
Comment 21 Mar 2015
This was the first time I've ever watched wrestling, and I was pumped! Great job Buckeyes!
Comment 20 Mar 2015
Best: Lee's Famous Recipe chicken. Gizzard are awesome. So are the deep fried pickles and red beans and rice (some of the Lee's don't carry red beans and rice) Worst: McDonald's. I get sick to my stomach whenever I eat that stuff.
Comment 18 Mar 2015
9/10. I think I missed how many national titles question.
Comment 14 Mar 2015
Bet B. But I hate betting on the Buckeyes in any sport, too much pressure and kills the enjoyment factor. If Kentuckys' guards were better, I would think about taking them, but whenever I watch them, I'm just not impressed. I could see a team like Iowa State knocking them off, IF the Cats have an off night shooting the rock.
Comment 14 Mar 2015
Never tried a food challenge, but in my younger days I could eat three Burger King Whoppers. But I was a lot skinnier back then.
Comment 14 Mar 2015
Sparty plays physical, always have. So this is news? Buckeyes always fall behind and have to play catchup. Not a recipe for success. This team (if you can call them that) is sickening to watch. One and done is a real possibility.
Comment 11 Mar 2015
I was adding champ in high school (really good with numbers). I make the BEST homemade beef and noodles. And I'm pretty good at trivia games. Mostly because I have alot of useless knowledge in my noggin.
Comment 10 Mar 2015
Rock-Tool with Led.Zeppelin a close second Country-Johnny Cash then Merle Haggard Rap/Hip hop-I don't waste my time listening to Rap.
Comment 09 Mar 2015
I'm not jumping off the deep end here, but I said back when Kennard committed to Duke, you can't let a guy like that, in your backyard go somewhere else. Oden and Conley was a great get for Matta, but I think that had alot to do with IU being a train wreck at the time. Same with DeShaun Thomas. Evan Turner wasn't even the best player on his high school team. What I'm saying, and what I truly believe, is Thad isn't getting the elite players. And I think that top notch players will start to avoid a coach that hasn't proven he can win the big games. I'm not saying Matta is there yet, but he is close.
Comment 08 Mar 2015
First off, Tate spent the majority of the time guarding Kaminsky, and it worked in the first half. But Ryan made an adjustment and isolated Kaminsky on Tate, and, well we all saw what happened. No one here is calling for Matta's head, I get tired of hearing that. To say coaching had anything to do with today's loss is just silly. Buckeyes couldn't throw it in the ocean, and Wisconsin got way too many easy hoops .That spells disaster against a team like that.
Comment 08 Mar 2015
Loving got absolutely abused on defense. Seems like he just doesn't care. Team shot 28% in the first half,AT HOME! Wisconsin did whatever they wanted on offense, not much resistance from the Bucks. This team could be a one and out very easily. Just not mentally or physically tough. That's all I have to say about this team....
Comment 08 Mar 2015
Ohio State getting abused, out hustled, and humiliated. Sad way for the seniors to go out.
Comment 06 Mar 2015
A while back I bought an android tv box, skystream x4. I get BTN, Espn, Espn2, and any movie or tv show I want to watch. I'm happy with it so far. We'll see if I'm still happy when football season starts.
Comment 28 Feb 2015
I owned a Droid razr. Ok phone until the battery died. Finding a replacement battery was difficult, so I bought a Samsung galaxy 5. Love it. Will never own anything but a Samsung again.