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Comment 24 Nov 2015
I think this might be Thads first losing season. The schedule doesn't get any easier. Ky, Virginia, Memphis, UConn, then the Big 10. Oh boy.
Comment 24 Nov 2015
Dominoes, Pizza Slut, Little Caesars, they are all shit. I can stomach Papa Johns. To me, just about all pizza is a let down anymore. Maybe I'm just getting old.
Comment 23 Nov 2015
I don't think all of these problems with the offense can be fixed in one week. Michigan will be super fired up, Buckeyes? Meh. Shitagain wins, maybe in a blowout.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Me 2 Chuck. I couldn't believe they let time run off the clock, knowing MSU had to punt. That's when I knew someone on that staff had their head up their a**.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Ok. Last year's team over achieved, this year's team under achieved. Last year's offense was pass first, wide open, which opened up the run game. This year, I think Urban decided to rely on the defense and the read option. Any top ten coach, after watching film, would have done what Dantonio did, sell out to stop the run, and dare OSU to beat them through the air. And it worked to perfection. That the Buckeye coaching staff couldnt/wouldn't adjust, is something they have to answer to. Just my 2 cents.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Uh, not having Smith and Spencer are the big difference this year. Current receivers cannot get separation. That has been a problem all year.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
I totally agree. We told ourselves all year that we would peak at the right time. Our problems on offense would be ironed out. We told ourselves this, believing in Urban and the coaching staff. But we were deluding ourselves. We didn't want to see it. Everyone gets up to play us we said, we get everyone's best shot. But in the end, we were wrong.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Bell. You will never have a noisy stadium, in part because of high ticket prices. Your normal everyday fan just won't pay those ticket prices, thus you get rich older people who won't get rowdy. You run into the same problem at the Schott. The true fans can no longer afford it, so they stay home and watch it on tv. I used to go to one game a year. Not anymore. I just refuse to pay those prices. But that's just me.
Comment 21 Nov 2015
In my humble opinion you don't bench someone for telling the truth. He earned the right to speak his mind.
Comment 21 Nov 2015
Umm. Can we give MSU some credit here? They played a whale of a game. Hats off to them.
Comment 21 Nov 2015
Bad week all around for OSU. Womens bball get stomped, men's bball lose to a jr. College, and now this. Geez.
Comment 21 Nov 2015
We're we watching the same game? MSU dominated up front on both sides of the ball. Dantonio said it after the game.
Comment 21 Nov 2015
The Buckeyes basically got their ass handed to them. Lucky to even be in the game. MSU gave OSU 14 points. Sad.
Comment 20 Nov 2015
A good friend of mine, who knows his b-ball, went to the Walsh scrimmage, said it's going to be a long year for the Bucks. Get used to the losses, there are going to be lots of them.
Comment 17 Nov 2015
I remember the 1998 game. My sister called me early in the week to tell me she was going to the game, and it would be her first time attending a Buckeye game. After the game I called her and told her to never attend another OSU game. True story.