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Comment 07 Sep 2014

 Yeah and if we backed our way into that title game we would have been embarrassed just like we were against Florida.I beg of you to be real and admit we have played a HUGE CUPCAKE schedule since Urban took over and the 3 Big games he has had we were out coached and embarrassed on national T.V.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

He had none and that will be what Urban brings us aswell.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Ok this will probably be the last time I ever get to post after this comment but anyone who thinks were gonna win a Big 10 or National Championship with this coaching staff(including Meyer) is fooling themselves. Urban Meyer reminds me so much of John Cooper as to he is a great recruiter but cant win the BIG games when they count. I don't even want to hear anything about offensive line or rookie QB because there are to many teams that go through the same thing and still find ways to be relevant and dominate. I would be willing to bet Tressel or even another relevant coach could win a Championship with this team. We have to much speed,talent and athleticism on this team on both sides of the ball not to be VERY GOOD.The players we have will end up wasting there talents while at Ohio State unless there is a huge change in coaching personnel including Head Coach.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

                   Sorry to say that speed isnt the greatest weapon in the nfl on defense.I know plenty of great linebackers from the past and present that are not fast but continusley put themselves in the right spot by taking the right angle to the play.Stanfords defense is the perfect example of not fast but taking the right angles and playing there position within the scheme.I hope Shazier has a great career in the nfl and wish him the best,but i would still take most those other backers in front of himexcept byu guy.This is just my opinion no offense to Shazier.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

                  How bout 3-4 defense and playing at weak side outside linebacker or edge rusher.I could see him playing that spot.Oh yeah im a huge buccaneer fan so yes David has been a big surprise so yes i guess Shazier could follow suit.I would love to see him come Tampa and play OSLB.I personally only see a few players ready for NFL-all senior linemen,hyde,shazier(right spot and team) and Guiton.I think Roby needs to stay personally,but maybe in the right defense he can shine even more.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

                 Oh i am gonna get alot of hate for this,but i would take everyone of those Linebackers on there ahead of Shazier except dude from BYU.Now let me explain.You gotta look at all those teams and there defensive lines are way better than ours at this point which takes alot of plays away from those backers.I still think Shazier is good but weak at point of attack and overuns way to many plays.Those other guys when they hit you most of the time your getting stood up or going backwards,but with Shazier he usually hangs on gets tackle.I still dont put him in the same category as Big Kat,Hawk,Laurenitus,or a few of the others we have had.I also dont know just how well he will be in NFL with bigger players hitting him will have to wait and see.Oh well just my opinion and i guess let the hate flow towards me now,lol.


Comment 19 Nov 2013

              Actually if you look at the way we are recruiting which is compared to SEC schools i think Urban is looking to deploy a traditional 4-3-4 defense.Gotta think if your gonna be compared to the SEC and FSU defenses then your gonna need 3 linebackers who can play all downs against any offensive team.We only play with 4 or 5 dbs because we dont have the linebackers to play 3 of them.

Comment 12 Nov 2013

                 Fantastic article again.I was wandering though how you personally see the class of 2014 panning out on the o-line.I have heard nothing but great reviews about them,but was wandering if any makes the grade to start next year as a true freshman.Also wandering who you project as our starters on o-line next year.

Comment 12 Nov 2013

                 So if i was a BUCKEYE player right now these would be my only goals in no particular order.

        1-Get a great education at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY

        2-Play football for THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES

        3-Beat Michigan

        4-Win a BIG TEN TITLE


        6-SHUT all the HATERS UP

        7-SHUT MARK MAY UP and get him FIRED(lol)





Comment 12 Nov 2013

              Hmmm wish Lonnie nothing but the best.I am wandering though if this is a decision made by both parties(lonnie and team).I know were in on alot of top talent still in recruiting and just wandering if this was a common decision by both parties in giving him a chance to go on and find the right fit and for us to open another spot for a bigger fish.Like i said i hope for the best for him in the future and this was just me wandering.

Comment 10 Nov 2013

                 Think about this.Every time we hit the field now our players are even more pressed than either of FSU or Alabama for they now know a win is good,but we gotta blow the teams out each week.Now when things are not going great for us im concerned that players start thinking about that and even press harder which canlead to mistakes.I think its a shame that its a beauty contest now and not how impressive a 21 win steak is against whoever.I have come to conclusion that i dont care if we make it to the NC game as long as our streak continues and goes into next year aswell(cant complain about winning).

Comment 10 Nov 2013

                   Thanks for the info and thanks to everyone for welcoming me aboard.Living in Florida especially in POLK COUNTY i get to see alot of recruits who are mostly going to SEC schools or FSU.I came from Sidney Ohio so always saw alot of great teams and players in area,but never thought i would see as much talent as i do in this county(OMG).I did get to see the kid going to Michigan next year at WR from EastLake i believe.I really didnt think he was everything they hyped him up to be.I will say he is a built like stud already,but not as exposive as others i have seen.

Comment 10 Nov 2013

                  So this is my 1st post and kinda excited,lol.Really i wanna say i love reading everything you post on here.I was wandering if you had an idea of who you think finishes this recruiting class out.I know its kinda all a guessing game,but was just curious on who you think will finish the class out.I hope and pray we land Raekwon after that im pretty fine with anyone else we land.