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Comment 4 hours ago

Great win tonight, and on the national stage even sweeter. Will pay huge dividends for team confidence, I look forward to the stretch run.

Comment 5 hours ago

Not sure, but 100% certain we'll still be the 1st and reigning Undisputed National Champion. 

Comment 6 hours ago

Got UV for days for all these Chappelle lines and gifs.

Comment 10 hours ago

If it were at all possible for the National Championship winning team to grade out lower than an A, it would be given out by ESPN and the recipient would no doubt be a B1G team.

Comment 10 hours ago

Prince serving up pancakes, I could get use to that. Also seeing the other B1G coaches having the same look on their faces as Charlie Murphy.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Any and all Dexter references get an UV from me.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Was in Cincinnati this weekend, I always wear Buckeye gear when I travel. I didn't expect to hear too much but I was quite surprised. One particular individual at a restaurant wanted to talk at length about the season. A couple "go Bucks" peppered in at verious times kind of made my day. Cincinnati may be coming around after all.