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Gray-haired, ardent fan of all things Buckeye. Grew up in C'bus, have a BS from Miami University, an MBA from the Ohio State University, and an MA EdAd from San Jose State.


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Comment 18 Jul 2014

Great for that kid.  If he feels more loved/wanted Up North, then by all means go there.  That is what making a college decision is all about.  Maybe I'm an tOSU 'homer' (well, I am!), but sounds like Urb was giving him the straight [mark may].  If he's that good, he'll play early and often, and M[mark may]igan is gonna be on tv all the time.  Kinda curious, tOSU beat M[mark may]igan by two points, so yeah, I would guess the starters would be in the whole game.  That game has never been a rout, if I recollect correctly.  Sorry he didn't feel like he belonged at tOSU, or didn't feel the love.  Not sure how that makes tOSU a 'bully' however.  The Few, the Proud, the Buckeyes!

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Hey guys, don't forget that Jack Nicklaus did the same thing, well almost.  He cleaned out his attic and garage of all his golf memorabilia, except he built the Jack Nicklaus museum by the Woody athletic complex for all to enjoy!  Don't know if Jack donated a key to Arlington or C'bus, but there's plenty of good stuff there.

Comment 07 May 2014

Echo all the sentiments above.  Glad Jamaal got the message, unfortunately too many don't.  Does anyone know whether he got his degree?  I, too, hope he is the second back drafted after Carlos.  Go Bucks!