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Comment 15 Sep 2013
Once you place the ball on the ground, you are down. It's just like if the ball carrier out his knee or elbow down. He's immediately down. There cannot possibly be a fumble. It would be a different story if he'd dropped the ball, but he didn't. He placed it on the ground. That said, really dumb play. Kneel, then hand the ball to the ref.
Comment 12 Sep 2013

I had similar thoughts when I read Lesmerises' analysis. I'd say this:

Guiton > Hackenberg (for now, at least)

Guiton > Scheelhaase (I actually chuckled when I saw Doug had Scheelhaase ahead.)

Guiton = Martinez (most overrated QB in CFB?)

I'll take Gardner over Guiton though. I know it may be a bit contradictory to put Guiton equal with Martinez but behind Gardner, but I think Gardner's running ability is close to Martinez, but Gardner is a much better passer, and they have similar decision-making skills (or lack thereof).

Comment 28 Aug 2013

So impressed by the job fair. That's really cool stuff, and I hope these guys take advantage.

But I wanna know, who's the guy who asked what a debit card is @ 1:30? Really? Funny, the guy from JP Morgan seemed a bit taken back by it. "Good question", he says...haha.

Comment 27 Aug 2013

Urban promised Fields a start back in the spring. Perhaps Wilson is really the man there, but Fields gets the first snap? A reason I say that is that Wilson isn't listed anywhere else other than as Fields' backup. Gotta believe he'll be on the field a lot.

Comment 20 Aug 2013

I made a joke about recruiting diehards being "creepy middle aged men" in the amazing Damien Prince's Socks thread, and someone didn't like it and went on a downvote spree on all my comments. Actually, looks like a couple dozen people didn't think it was very funny. Shame on me!

Comment 20 Aug 2013

Lol...that is so lame. It's like the OSU recruiting minds sat down for an hour and plotted, while the Wisky staff talked for a couple seconds at the urinal. "'The next great Wisconsin tight end'....this is gonna be freakin awesome!"

Actually, it's a bit nauseating to me that this happens, but I guess that's the culture we live in. And I'm glad OSU is good at it.