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Comment 23 Feb 2015
I bet Dallas would love to see Buckeye fans back in their city. From what I understand, we brought a lot of $$$ to Dallas. Jerry Jones is now an official TOSU fan.
Comment 12 Feb 2015
Got it, but there is no one and I mean no one in the industry who has the voice she has. The show she puts on and her flawless pipes. I guess this is why we live in America. We have the right to disagree
Comment 12 Feb 2015
There is NO difference in the treatment Amir is getting than what Marshall got after the Minnesota game. These are kids. Makes me sick to my stomach to even try to image how their parents are feeling after reading some of these comments. if any of us could do better we would be. Classless
Comment 12 Feb 2015
RIP CPT Yardley. Thank you for your service. God Bless your family.
Comment 10 Feb 2015
All great choices but I would have to say Washington. He clogged up the middle. Without his selflessness no LB would have looked as good as they did.
Comment 08 Feb 2015
I believe the reason for all of the Notre Dame assistant coaches to keep finding the "exit" is for one reason, job security. Kelley and his staff will be there 2-3 more Years tops. Meyer in staff: untill he retires. These coaches have families and need job security
Comment 03 Feb 2015
With his head on straight and his talent mixed with his genes....look out
Comment 01 Feb 2015
I absolutely love the alternate uniforms. A more sleek look buts still has the feel of the classic buckeye Scarlett and Grey. Those jerseys I would love to see on a more permanent basis.
Comment 30 Jan 2015
I would be soooooo sad if we decide to schedule a series or game against I don't believe I could watch that game.