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Comment 10 Mar 2017

Old timers like to talk about reading the newspaper. I see why. I wish the parade of the world's horrors were limited to a few dead tree slices typed by a gang of serious men with pensions who drank brandy and smoked cigarettes in their office while fantasizing about cheating on their wives with the secretary between periodic 20-minute bouts of "work."

Dude - why?

I opened Twitter.

---Also, why?

Comment 10 Dec 2015

DJ - the comments on spending money with the caricature of the boss in a $3,000 suit come pretty close to a political hot take, tbh. When there are discussions about whether individuals or the government should be responsible for paying for things like pre-school or college how people spend their money is an important factor. 

Not taking a position on anything, just pointing out we may want to be more careful in skull sessions. 

I'm over 30 now though, so I do know nothing. 

Comment 25 Oct 2015

JT Barrett, ladies and gents! Dude looked good! His performance, while not perfect, was everything the pro-JT camp thought it could be when we were clamoring for him to be the starter. That performance last night, and against Penn State, is validating to the JT camp folks and I'm sure it's validating to Urban as well.

Comment 09 Oct 2015

I would've said the same thing about Indiana's defense prior to last Saturday. 

Comment 09 Oct 2015

Anyone else watch the Houston Cougars put it to SMU last night? OFFENSE LOOKED FAMILIAR. The read option, a decisive running quarterback, tempo...

Comment 06 Oct 2015


Comment 25 Sep 2015

Dude - I think most Buckeye fans are pretty effing happy. Haha. 

Since 2001, historically, this has been a phenomenal run. Between the football and basketball success over that time, it's clear we're living in a golden age of Buckeye sports.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

"Everything starts with the offensive line...and Dale is better equipped to handle No. 3 (a play-action game that compliments the run game)."

I support Urban's decision to start Dale at QB (IUWT), but there's nothing I've seen that makes me think Cardale is clearly better equipped than JT at play-action. Just go back to 2014 and check out JT during the B1G schedule.

Throwing the deep ball is another story.