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Comment 5 hours ago

Urban's downplaying this whole thing. 

We blow out the rest of our opponents, beat MSU soundly,then handle the West contender, and we're in the playoffs. That's our only shot and Meyer knows it. That's the level he's trying to get this team to. He knows better than anyone what a team needs to look like, so if he's unsatisfied with last Saturday he obviously sees insane potential in this team.

Comment 12 hours ago

Can someone teach me to do this for a living so I can stop feeling so shitty about putting off my course work?

Comment 13 hours ago

J.T. is the best 5-wide QB we've had since Troy, but we also haven't had speed and consistency in the underneath routes like this since then. The scary thing is we keep this entire package next year, replacing Heuerman with a very athletic Marcus Baugh.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

If every conference champion has two losses and unbeaten Ole Miss gives Miss St. a close first loss, both of the Mississippi teams are in the playoff. Especially if Ole Miss handles the East champion (likely Georgia). This is a pretty improbable scenario, but it would mean the Mississippis had done enough to deserve it. There's nothing we can do to combat the shitty conference perception, the damage is done. The SEC is reaping the benefit of winning on the big stage year after year for the last decade. They may not actually be the best conference, but there's only one way to prove it if the B1G gets another chance.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

It's essentially double elimination at this point. Lose two and you're out.

Ohio State needs every two loss team to win every week and we're in. Assuming we win out. 

TAMU, USC, Stanford, LSU, Arkansas need to start doing work. If Alabama could lose one of their next two, that would be huge.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Because it isn't necessarily true.

Noah Spence is/was our premier pass rusher, his coverage skills didn't really change any games last year. He would be buzzing the flats every now and then this season, but our base 4-3 behaves like a nickel already because of how Lee lines up. And if we're going to rush 3 out of that look, I'd rather bring in Armani - who has quietly had an impressive season. On obvious passing downs, Spence would be making a difference getting to the QB, not snagging INTs and busting up slants.

To rely on the Leo constantly dropping back or sliding out to the flats makes the D a little slow on the edge. It's a nice trick to screw with the QB, but it's also a gimmick and can be seriously exposed on a flash/IZ package. 

Comment 01 Oct 2014

I respectfully disagree completely.

Wisconsin and MSU have been running 8 and 9 man fronts against Braxton his entire career. In fact, JT's style is much much more predicated to beating that type of attack. If we had had the confidence to go 5 wide as often against VT as we did Cincy, we win that game handily. They had just gameplanned the only part of the offense we had time to install. It was a shit luck draw, but we faced a bigtime D-coordinator with a green offense, he exposed the lack of experience - not lack of talent. 

Teaching an offense is foundational and starts from the bottom. You can't teach adjustment concepts before you teach your fundamental plays. We were perfecting our power zone concepts for the first couple of weeks, but now that we see what JT is about we can implement packages specializing his skill set. I honestly think if we play VT at the end of the year we beat them by 3 TDs. You can't call plays you haven't practiced, and you can't practice plays that aren't a part of your base scheme until you've had enough reps to perfect your base scheme. We only had the experience to run the base O against VT, and they were ready for it.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Am I the only one around here..

..that thinks our secondary is actually improved?

First off, a few questions:

1. Did anybody think we were going to shut these guys out? Be honest, did you not somewhat expect Cincy to post at least a similar amount of points on us as VT?

3. Does anybody NOT think that we held them significantly short of their season averages?

E. Did everybody forget that Tubber is a GREAT coach that threw the kitchen sink at a back 4 with around 20 combined starts.

Catorce. Does anybody else think that this was a matchup nightmare for offensive vs. defensive strategy in favor of Cincy?

G. Were there breakdowns comparable to last year? No. Plain and simple their athletes beat ours a couple of times, NOT COACHES BEATING COACHES.

6. Do you really want to fire Ash/Fickell and create a new group of Doran Grants? Poor guy has received so many different coaching concepts that it's no wonder his cues are all f*cked. 

Part of Urban's job is to understand the difference between growing pain and inefficiency. If the secondary can put it together for the rest of the season, we can call this game a growing pain for one unit. Even if the secondary doesn't get substantially better throughout the season, you can't risk (another) defensive overhaul. You'll lose continuity, culture, and identity.

Tubby knows the game, and he has a coachable QB. The Jailbreak screen was going to be a TD. Tubby knew it, Kiel knew it, they were just waiting for the right time to call the play.

The matchup 100% favored them stylistically. Their offensive game is predicated on big, physical receivers outside creating mismatches in the intermediate passing game. Our game is based on disrupting route timing and creating chaos in the backfield. They forced Grant and Apple to be playmakers, one isn't and one isn't yet.

We're right in the middle of still learning our basic defensive techs and alignments, we couldn't implement packages specifically for Cincy the way Tressel used to do for opponents. Tubby knew that we don't have the experience to do anything but run our base packages and THAT takes the chess game out of Ash's hands. It was impossible for us to mix up our look because we haven't had enough time establish confidence in our base look. We admittedly tried to defend everything at once, and a couple of times we defended nothing. I have a feeling that once we have confidence in our back 7 - assignment wise, we can start to dictate the pace when we don't have the ball in our hands and impact the game defensively. Until then we are just trying to win games, and that is all.

I'll bet my life savings we held them significantly short of their eventual season averages. They ran just over 50 plays and scored 28 points, 21 of those points coming from Vonn Bell and Eli Apple getting beat for the first time in their college careers. I'll say that Doran Grant has been somewhat disappointing, but the back 7 looked pretty damn good for 94% of the night. So there's a saving grace.

We aren't going to go from 112th in the nation to "No Fly Zone" overnight with a scheme change and new starters. Am I the only one who thinks our pass D has actually been pretty impressive so far considering the variables working against them? 3 new starters in the back 4, 1 senior. We're playing a scheme that asks our brand new corners to be playmakers, it's going to take some time.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

Seriously guys, can we keep this Ohio State football forum to relevant topics such as underwater basket weaving?

Comment 26 Sep 2014

They're gonna throw the ball 40+ times, and they throw it quickly. I don't expect them to playcall many double-move routes because our D-line isn't exactly flying under the radar. We'll see some sacks, but we aren't shutting them out. Setting yourself up for disappointment there.