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Comment 11 hours ago

This offense produced Tim Tebow - possibly the least talented player to ever win a heisman - because design does all of the work if the QB is smart enough to make 100% correct reads.

The stupid thing is that Braxton is so gifted as a ball carrier he can gain positive yards even after making the wrong read. I would honestly say that his reads were at less than 75% last year.

Imagine if he gets that up to just 90.

Comment 29 Jul 2014
Yeah, so I had a couple of cocktails and spilled some beans.. But the point of the post was that for the first time in my life I could say for sure this shit was happening. Primary sources.
Comment 28 Jul 2014
Well because I've never personally talked to players that were recruited by the B1G. Sure, I can't say for certain that it doesn't happen when Ohio St is pursuing a kid. But I can say for sure that it happened to this guy in this circumstance. I try to avoid speculation when forming my opinions..
Comment 28 Jul 2014
Granted he needed off season shoulder surgery. Not gonna pin that loss on him in any sense. Could he have pulled a Vince Young? Sure. But Philly Brown could have caught that punt and our secondary coaches could have abandoned whatever scheme they called that. Hyde could have also gotten 15 more carries.. Overall losing performance by the coaching staff and the players.
Comment 25 Jul 2014

If Braxton can just learn to sell the jab step incorporated with the exchange he could help his read % increase a crap ton.

That's honestly what people saw when they watched Kenny G that made them think he ran the option better, which he probably did. Braxton would lose focus on those exchanges and become predictable. The sharper he sticks that weakside foot in and the quicker he jumps behind the RB, the easier it is to get that DE sucked into "no man's land." If he consistently drops his hip on that cut to sell the option of him being the ball carrier this offense becomes impossible to defend over a sequence of 3-4 plays. 

KG was nowhere near the runner Braxton is, but his ability to hide the play for soo long made the base/restraint impossible to distinguish. The only time this play failed is when Braxton would change his body language to indicate early that either he or the RB were definitely getting the ball.

This is where I'd like to see Braxton show a little more competitive fire. If he knows in his mind that he's about to make that DE his bitch and attacks the fake consistently, everything else falls into place. You need sauce on the exchange, gotta be a little cocky about faking that cue man out.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I get why the multiplication is done, but when you consider the fact that there is an equal chance of flipping heads or tails the multiplication is necessary. 

I'm considering more variables than that. There is not an equal chance of us winning and losing. And the fact that winning one game may predispose you to be more successful in the next game means that winning two games may actually be just as likely as winning one - IN THE REAL WORLD. If you have a 98% chance of winning in multiple games in a season you can treat those as whole values. So like I said, the question is how likely is it that we go undefeated? Answer: exactly our chances of beating MSU.   

I get odds, I get stats. But this isn't a completely unpredictable event occurring in a vacuum such as the coin flip example. From a top down perspective - looking at the possible outcomes of the season - if we were to play this season 100 times, we would go undefeated more than 7 times. I'm sorry but no amount of "math in a vacuum" is going to convince me of the opposite.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Not understanding the implications of your words is also a damn shame. 

It's like saying: "That fire truck is not a single other color than red."

Then someone replying "So the fire truck is red?"

And then you saying, "Is that what I said? No, that's not what I said."

Kindly shut up.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Yeah, you make some solid points. And I'm not on the other side of the fence screaming *ichigan's D sucks either. 

I'm just basing my opinion off of the possibility that we have the best D line in the nation. Three potential All-Americans on the same line, and that's not hyperbole. I know it would never actually happen because they're going to get in each others way sharing production. However, the B1G is a power-run conference. Teams have been spreading it around a little more recently, but there aren't any Peyton Mannings in this league. Without a GREAT quarterback, teams are going to struggle against this D because of how one dimensional our line will make the opposing offense. 

Comment 21 Jul 2014

- Don't create semantics battles on a website forum (the jealous thing - there's no difference in meaning)
- Peppers is 3rd overall on scout (just the first site I checked)
- You put stock into one individual's ranking, but who cares that the class he's a part of is ranked 27th, right?? (per scout again though)
- I'll take a returning member of the freshman All-American team over any incoming freshman
- FWIW Terrelle Pryor was ranked higher than Peppers by Scout
- Your whole post was a little annoying and you were indeed saying that he "would be all that" 

You can argue until you're red in the face. Here at Ohio State, we're better than you. And we know it.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

I know it's the offseason, but can we not reward these assclowns with the attention they crave?

Based on his grammar he's either a 12 year old or a poorly educated 40 year old - either way, he's still a virgin. I feel weird sometimes that I'm so passionate about Ohio State. How the hell does this guy justify THAT MUCH angst for Ohio State? Or anything for that matter?

I bet this guy has it all figured out, he seems like a generally happy guy.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Nobody is really jealous.

We had the absolute poster-child for impact Freshman in our own Joey Bosa.

Vonn Bell, Curtis Grant, and Raekwon McMillan were also all very similar recruits to Peppers with regards to expected immediate defensive impact. Not to mention we lost Mike Mitchell. And then there's this little thing we have called development, that allows the likes of Michael Bennett to be preseason All-American.

*icigan hanging their defensive hopes on an incoming freshman screams about where they are as a team. We have 3 or 4 of those Peppers-type defensive recruits already on our roster. Sooo, 

Nobody is jealous.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

I don't look at points in "The Game." You win or lose.

That being said, It was pretty obvious that Hoke wanted to hang his hat on the win against us last year. The fact is that if TTUN had been just decent they would have beaten us somewhat soundly. We played with a tight butthole the whole time as a product of winning 24 straight. Pair that with one of the greatest offensive scripts I've ever seen in a game and you get what we had last year. Borges might have been watching as much film on us each week as he was their next opponent. They exploited our weaknesses as if they were our own coaches: constant misdirection, attacking the safeties, take the DL out of the game, screen pass screen pass screen pass. 

I think if we replayed that game 10 times, that would have been the worst outcome for us.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

I've never understood why they calculate the chances of going undefeated like this. If each game is an independent event (meaning the previous or following events don't effect the current probability), wouldn't that mean that the true likelihood of us going undefeated would be exactly the value of our lowest chance of winning? 

I understand the multiplication, I'm in an inferential statistics class right now. But essentially what you're saying is that if we played this season 100 times we would go undefeated 7 times or even 29 times, that's false. I don't want to sound like the super-homer, but I don't think the B1G will get any better this year as a whole. Also, I believe we have improved on two teams that have gone undefeated in the regular season for the last two years.

I put our chances of going undefeated this season at 40-50%. 50% chance of beating MSU, and then a 10% deduction for the difficulty of stringing together wins.

If you're favored to win at >80% in consecutive games, there simply won't be a previous event effect on the current game. Obviously, it only takes one bad day to shoot down my argument, but we've only had two of those in the past two years.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

This will actually create more disparity among the power programs and the rest. 

Imagine the 2003 season if only 5 players from the '02 team were allowed to be evaluated. HOLY SHIT.

Keep your mouths shut. It may be unfair, but this rule is about to make the B1G very hard to lose for us or MSU.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Are you kidding me?? I would LOVE to see Les Miles in TSUN!

1. I already hate him

2. He would actually bring some success to the program

3. He reads and speaks on a 3rd grade level

4. Not one single semblance of a filter

5. Playcalls like a jackass

6. Urban knows how to beat him

7. He would take even more athletes from SEC country

8. He's an icon and people always have an opinion of him

9. When he's frustrated it's more entertaining than anything on TV

10. I already hate him.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I would like to have seen a trimmed down Ben Hartsock in this offense. That guy was a beast and he's still an NFLer. Maybe more of a blocker than UfM prefers, but he had the body of an OT that could also catch and seal the edge on pull blocks.