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Comment 27 May 2015

Maybe one day Division 1 football will only include the 50 or so teams who could actually win a division 1 title.

But seriously, how many teams in division one could go undefeated and still not make the playoffs? That's stupid.

Comment 25 May 2015

We need a replacement for Bennett for just that reason, he required two blockers and the 2nd could never break away from him for the combo arc block. There were so many tackles in that Oregon game that AW and Bennett should have been given half a tackle. Our LBs were free all night.

And then Darron Lee is basically hulk, there's that.

Comment 25 May 2015

THIS x1000

I was on the phone with my dad the other day and after 5 minutes of catching up we began talking about the Buckeyes (as we always do). And the one thing we couldn't get over is the quality of player UFM is recruiting right now. It's evidenced by the lack of BS off the field and the good nature you see in the charity events and professional shadowing sessions. Guys like Zeke and Samuel, Bosa and Raekwon. You never have to worry about them doing the incredibly dumb things kids do so often.

"The future at The Ohio State is very bright"

Comment 25 May 2015

He's partially responsible for winning us the first playoff, he's a product of Urban and tOSU, and is probably at a school we'll never really have to compete with anyway.

All of that aside, I would still pull for Tom Herman because he seems to be a great person period. Must be a likeable guy with all of these blue-chippers he's grabbing.

The only thing that he could ever do to lose Buckeye status is replace Harbaugh after UFM beats *ichigan 8 times in a row.

Comment 25 May 2015

He better be a damn good corner with moves like that. Can we practice the Sanders philosophy? Interception - find Deion Sanders, pitch it to him.

Interception - find EGW

Comment 24 May 2015

Some of those throws were pretty impressive!

He's almost certainly a red-shirt if he chooses H-back.

We probably won't even see him for another two years, but it's nice have guys like him waiting their turn.

Comment 24 May 2015

Not really.

It was posted in the roster every week during the season. There's no reason to think that the positions should change so drastically from year to year. We simply hear that Jalin has been working outside to get better at breaking off jams, Curtis Samuel working with the H group to get better at catching LOS passes, Noah Brown working outside to give him better angles on crack backs. These are things they can afford to do because they understand the nuances of their own position and can use the time to refine their entire game. However, it would greatly surprise me if Samuel lines up in the slot more so than Tailback. Same with Jalin outside vs. in the slot. 

Will they do these things? Sure, but Jalin Marshall isn't a Devin Smith build, and Samuel isn't a Dontre build. The coaches would just like them to understand how to line up all over the field so that any adjustment can be made at any time. These guys have set positions is all I'm saying. I know that sounds a little contradicting, but at the end of the season in the *ichigan game, Jalin will be running more jet sweeps than 9routes.

Comment 24 May 2015

Jalin Marshall will simply not be the deep threat, that would be a waste of his skillset.

Corey will be in charge of running off safeties. He won't be as successful as actually getting behind them, but as long as he opens up the middle-intermediate part of the field Dontre and Jalin can excel at crossing routes.

Noah Brown will absolutely replace Spencer as the "blocking Z" and Vannett will be the hybrid Y.

I don't see Curtis Samuel making a complete transition to H, that would be a waste of his vision between the tackles. Even last spring Urban said that Samuel wouldn't be moved because he plays tailback more naturally. Instead I think they're working Samuel at the slot so they can use him like a pass catching tailback - ala Carlos Hyde at the end of his career.

So, Thomas at X, Smith/Brown at Z, Vannett/Brown at Y, Jalin/Dontre at H, Zeke/Samuel at T

Zeke, Thomas, Jalin, and Vannett will see the most snaps in that order. Y and Z are interchangeable and set the priority as blocking or field stretch, H and Y can also be interchangeable when creating a pro(ish) singleback look for zone blocking schemes.

The Urban philosophy: recruit the best athletes, make the scheme simple, teach every player to be multi-positional.

Comment 23 May 2015


I'd say we need Alex Stump to be a Gonzo type

Kareem Walker reminds me of Jonathan Wells, except faster

I want Jeff Greene to turn into a taller Michael Jenkins so badly.

Let's see if Johnnie Dixon can turn into the mini-Ginn he was supposed to be.

Erick Smith reminds me of a slightly more physical Chris Gamble, Lattimore is the finesse version.

Comment 23 May 2015

The stat I would like to see that could provide some insight is average age of skill players who got touches. In 2014 Urban completely leaned on underclassmen as ball-carriers, we didn't have a single upperclassman HBack or Tailback receive meaningful touches. Evan and Devin were the only skill players on the team that were traditional seniors, and they weren't ever put in situations where they would likely fumble.

Jim Tressel probably had older players on the field across the board, plus he used a ball control offense.

Comment 05 May 2015

My favorite play from Darron Lee by far was the tackle on the flash screen against Bama. Can't recall the name of number 2 for them, but Lee literally went parkur on the receiver blocking for him, jumped over him, and did a pushup against the ground to pop up and tackle the ball carrier. It was unlike anything I had ever seen on a football field, almost animalistic. This guy's instinct is unmatched, and he has moves that you can't teach. It's as if the ball carrier is an impala and Darron is a starving cheetah, whatever has to happen for him to take a guy down, he simply does it. How many times did he get blasted by a pulling lineman in that highlight only to pinball around and make a TFL? Ridiculous.

Comment 22 Feb 2015
Wilson broke (or came close?) to the consecutive passes without a pick NCAA record at NC State. He's not the runner that Braxton is, but he's just as athletic -he started at shortstop his entire life. And Russell Wilson has a greater understanding of the game than braxton ever will. No matter who it is, the quarterback of The Ohio State University will win the heisman next year. If Zeke doesn't...
Comment 21 Dec 2014

You don't think they have a plan for playcalling in the beginning of the year? 

I absolutely 100% believe that Tom and Urban had long term offensive design plans this season that centered around beating MSU. They knew what they were working towards and implemented new wrinkles each week that weren't necessarily used in that week's game. 

Also, and he would never admit it, but Tom Herman likes to let you forget about players. He rides the hot hand so that he doesn't have to get too tricky with playcalling. That way when we're facing MSU (and now Bama) Tom can throw out 5 or 6 route combos that nobody has seen, paired with rollouts and blocking schemes nobody has seen, designed for players nobody has film on. 

If he deviated from the base packages every game, every opponent would know every wrinkle to our scheme. It's the paradox of being an elite program, you have to be good enough to execute base plays against weaker opponents so that restraints work against comparable competition.

Comment 21 Dec 2014

Do those have red numbers on the shoulders?

I would be all in for that little change.

Also the sharp angle of the sleeve stripe is slightly different than the original release. I really hope THIS is what we see, it's 2 legit 2 quit.

Comment 21 Dec 2014

There were packaged plays meant for Jalin in the 2nd half, we didn't need them so we didn't use them.

If you rewatch the game, there are 4 or 5 plays run in the first half where Jalin is the fake option man. In the second half those plays would have gone to him.