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Comment 08 Sep 2015
$500. Meet me tomorrow night at Ohio Stadium near the north gate at 8pm sharp. My name is scooter.
Comment 06 Sep 2015

I think it's delicious!! 

When my friend first offered it to me I had to check to make sure it actually had alcohol in it. Tastes like some good ass root beer.

Comment 06 Sep 2015

I'd go :

1. Ohio State - because, well, you know.

2. Alabama - They got the job done with some noticeably-talented new starters.

3. TCU - Boykin at his worst still beats 90% of the country.

4. Notre Dame - Zaire was the truth and the D was hitting, let's keep an eye on consistency

5. UCLA - the only thing keeping them out of the top 5 was the question mark at QB, that's no longer an issue

6. USC - they simply have as much talent as anybody

7. Mich St. - Connor Cook may have hit his ceiling and the pass D is a little suspect. Still a great team

8. Auburn - Jeremy Johnson struggled, but he's still a freak of an athlete

9. Baylor - won't put them in the top 5 until they beat someone with a pulse on D

10. Florida St - Golston is still silky smooth

Then I would say that Clemson, LSU, Oregon and UGA are all right there in that fringe top 10 area

Comment 06 Sep 2015

My sentiments exactly.

F*ck Penn State, really f*ck TTUN. I will watch with delight and laugh at their suckery.

Comment 06 Sep 2015

I would love the stormtrooper if the stripes were redone. The old 90's pant stripe doesn't match the new chrome sleeves or helmet. Put the exact same stripe that's on the sleeves and helmet on the pants and these would be perfect.

Comment 05 Sep 2015

Sorry about the ambiguity of the thread title mods.

May the overlords reign forever!!

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, Penn State still sucks.

Comment 05 Sep 2015

I learned that Harbaugh went back in time to retrieve his old '84 offense. He brought the personnel and system back to the future, but soon realized he wouldn't be able to use HIMSELF as a QB. So to avoid a glitch in the time-space continuum he found a fan named Jake Rudock to put at QB.