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Comment 11 hours ago

You're definitely correct in saying that the B1G champ doesn't make the CFP with 2 losses - that I won't argue. But isn't that a forgone conclusion in this argument? No two loss team will ever make the CFP without some seriously weird shit happening.

IF a B1G team HAS to make the playoff (in our hypothetical scenario), Ohio State would have the highest ceiling of the B1G's teams. No other team recruits nationally like we do or has the staff that we do. TTUN will be there next year or maybe the year after, but not this year - the same players that lost to us 42-13 at home aren't going to just magically bridge that talent gap over one summer. And the thing is, we may be more talented through and through this year than last.

Comment 19 hours ago

Eh, it works both ways.

Drew Brees has the best touch in the NFL because he had to learn how to drop his passes in a bucket rather than just throw frozen ropes all over the field.

Throwing through horizontal windows can be taught by repetition with a certain play, throwing through vertical windows and getting the football to turn over and drop is a much tougher skill to develop.

Comment 19 hours ago

What he is saying is "If not us, then who?"

The team being in a good position psychologically is a given as a factor, the argument being made is that IF Ohio State builds confidence and gains that momentum - can anybody in the B1G stop us? While you're right that it is 100% on our own team to create that momentum, the argument is that our A+ game will simply not be beaten by anybody else's A+ game in the B1G, and I agree with that. Sorry TTUN, you have experienced players, but that doesn't make up for your lack of talent.

It's not like we play in the SEC, where we can come out and play our A- game and still get beaten. No, if we play our A- game throughout the season, we will absolutely win the B1G. We may not beat Oklahoma with our B+/A- game, but we may not need to beat them to still make the CFP.

Shit, last year I don't think the team as a whole graded out above 90 in any given game, even the last two. If that team plays its A+ game, we beat every opponent by 7 touchdowns. That team knew it, the fans knew it - and that's why the season as a whole was so disappointing. The same exact team a year earlier made the B1G West division champs, the SEC champs, and the Heisman winner's team look like they were in high school.

Comment 28 Aug 2016

Fair points all around, upvotes for the good convo.

Urban definitely understands the ever-changing landscape of offensive philosophy in college football, and it's what makes the brand of the sport so great (more enjoyable than the NFL IMO). And he could be cooking up new ways to use a guy like Dobbins as we speak.

And while you wouldn't be wrong at all in calling Dobbins an every down back, I would expect him to be motioning into the backfield more often than starting in it and staying in it - if that makes sense at all. Which is why I would classify him as more of a run-favored H-Back rather than a pass-catching RB, which are for all intents and purposes the same exact damn thing lol.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

If you show me a quote by Dobbins saying that the staff is recruiting him purely as a RB, I will gladly drop my argument and agree. He could definitely be used that way, but I don't see it at his size. Akers is the better A and B gap runner because of his build.

All I know is what I saw at the opening where he absolutely destroyed the competition on underneath drag routes and corner routes that Zeke never ran. He has a skillset running routes, Zeke never ran routes and was never used in the screen game. Dobbins will absolutely be used in the screen game and sweep game.

Now could I see him taking a zone stretch? Definitely, but that is where the comparisons between him and Zeke begin and end. Thinking of 85 yards through the heart of the south, yeah, that's an ideal play for Dobbins. But he has a skillset beyond the LOS that Zeke didn't quite have, and Dobbins can't run between the guards like Zeke quite could - both great players, Dobbins just seems a little more APB than traditional downhill-back.

Here's just to hoping he ends up with the good guys - regardless of how he is used.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

Dobbins is absolutely an H, he is the perfect H.

If you look at Urban's offenses at UF - where he lacked traditional workhorse RBs - his offenses revolved around utilizing the H in various ways. You knew that Percy Harvin was going to get the ball, you just had no clue how. So, position isn't determined by volume of touches, we've just had a couple of the best downhill OLs and workhorse RBs in Ohio State history since Urban has been here. There hasn't been the need to be cute in getting our best players the ball.

Dobbins will be an H and he will receive the ball in multiple ways and he will still touch the ball more than anybody that isn't a QB. There's the skill of accelerating through the designated gap and then there's chaos mode - where you're surrounded by a circle of defenders but you can still make them all miss. Dobbins skillset revolves around more of the latter. We are also trending towards more of a pass pro OL, so the downhill runs where Zeke wasn't touched for 5 yards running through the A gap won't happen as often. Dobbins will receive the ball in a lot of similar ways as Zeke, but he won't be able to block in the pocket in the same capacity either, so he won't be in the pocket as often. He will operate in space and receive the ball further away from the midline of the offense behind the LOS.

The reason Samuel won't be here next year is the same reason that Marshall isn't here this year - his scholarship will be better utilized as a bargaining chip for the next 5-star athlete.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

The H is less of a position and more of a designation of which WR is liable to receive the ball behind the LOS. Curtis Samuel (favoring IZ) and Dontre (favoring the sweep) are your typical H-Backs, they can motion into the backfield after breaking the huddle as WRs and take handoffs as a true RB would - typically on off-tackle runs.

Though Urban has shown a willingness to use the flex TEs as an "H" as well. Guys like Noah Brown and Torrance Gibson will absolutely receive the pop-pass when the defense goes to nickel to take advantage of the undersized walkout linebacker. The faster guys will be utilized more in PA on mountain-top motions to cause the second level of the defense to cheat step to create leverage. Think about the safety near the box trying to stay outside of Dontre when he motions behind the QB so that if Dontre receives the swing the safety can turn him back in. This is why Braxton was unstoppable in '13 running the RO.

Parris Campbell will play the "H" this year as well in a similar way that Philly Brown did - wide split slot trying to suck a CB in man coverage into following him across the field.

As far as the future goes, Dobbins is THE prototypical H. He is the closest thing to Percy Harvin that Urban has recruited since coming to Ohio State. The distinction is his ability to catch the swing and turn upfield as well as run the IZ and buck sweep. McCall is the mountaintop motion threat - his speed will cause the safety filling the box to respect the horizontal threat - allowing us to run the RO against an 8 man box.

Each "H" has their tendencies and strengths of which the defense are aware. Urban will sell one look and attack the vacated spot. When the mountaintop motion is towards the strong side of the formation the LBs of the defense must shift their gap assignment "over" one spot - this is where you saw Zeke have so much success running weak side, where the SLB had to fight through one more blocker to make it back to his original gap assignment.

So typically Urban wants the horizontal speed-stretch H (Dontre/McCall), the off-tackle handoff H (Samuel), the power pop-pass H (Brown/Gibson), and the WR-disguise H (Philly/Campbell). Each of the incoming recruits will fill one of those respective roles.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

I logged on just to post this exact gif until I had scrolled down far enough to see that you already had.

This is ridiculous. If somebody had told me last week that Lindsey and Grimes were going to commit at the same time but the only catch was that Smith was going to tweet something "stupid," I would have responded "Let him tweet 8374923 stupid things, it's obviously working."

I love Ohio State football and the good portion of the fanbase, but it's shit like this that made me abandon Hineygate. A bunch of grown men/women finding reasons to be upset (jealous) with people performing admirably at their job (which they wish they had). Coach Smith just experienced one of the most successful days of his young career and people are posting MULTIPLE TIMES defending their opinion of him that is "he isn't very good at his job." WHAT (IF ANYTHING) WILL EVER MAKE YOU HAPPY??

I for one hope that neither of these young athletes see their own fanbase talking this way about their future position coach. Smith is doing his job, his way. If you think you can do better, go do it. If you want to talk to him regarding your discontent, write him a letter. I simply cannot believe how far people are going to prove that he isn't a good coach or deserving of his position. You call yourself Buckeye fans? We could have a head coach who is being featured in shitty rap videos or a social media team that pumps out inaccurate propaganda. You would think with threads like this that we hadn't just gone 50-4 since Urban's arrival.

There is so much more I could say, but I fear that my rant will fall on deaf ears. I'm sorry for those who were downvoted into oblivion for defending one of our own. The popularity of this site is starting to attract some rather dense people who think they are better suited to handle the pressure of coaching at a tier one collegiate football program than the ones who are already doing a damn fine job at it.

I usually don't post in response to these types of arguments - it makes one come off as hypocritical.

Though I have to admit, it makes me feel much better in this exact case to at least see these thoughts put into words on a screen. If I have wasted your time I am sorry, but there are some amazing contributors to this site that deserve better than to have to sift through some of the bullshit that is being posted.

tl;dr - some of you need to practice what you preach and grow the hell up. Call me self-righteous, I don't care. I love this site and some of you are trying your hardest to "watch it burn"


Comment 22 Aug 2016

Born in '92 and I understand the feeling.

Fortunately I am just old enough to vividly remember the '02 season, and that's really the only experience I needed to become a life-time die-hard. I know that college football works in cycles, and I'm sure that life will not always be this good.

That being said, we are on the verge of being THE PROGRAM that every team chases and every coach emulates. The USC under Carroll, the Nebraska under Osborne, and the Bama under Bear.  When the freshman hit campus in '17 we will absolutely be the most talented team in the country, top to bottom. Enjoy it.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Yeah, NY your logic makes little to no sense to me.

If we were to be pardoned for a loss you would think it would be on the road to a legit contender. And I don't see a single reason why we can't run the B1G undefeated - our biggest threat is a team we beat on the road last year by 4 touchdowns, and we get them at home.

If we look like the best team in the country in November and we win the conference with less than 2 losses overall - I don't see us being left out. Simply because of ratings and Urban Meyer.