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Comment 22 Feb 2015
Wilson broke (or came close?) to the consecutive passes without a pick NCAA record at NC State. He's not the runner that Braxton is, but he's just as athletic -he started at shortstop his entire life. And Russell Wilson has a greater understanding of the game than braxton ever will. No matter who it is, the quarterback of The Ohio State University will win the heisman next year. If Zeke doesn't...
Comment 21 Dec 2014

You don't think they have a plan for playcalling in the beginning of the year? 

I absolutely 100% believe that Tom and Urban had long term offensive design plans this season that centered around beating MSU. They knew what they were working towards and implemented new wrinkles each week that weren't necessarily used in that week's game. 

Also, and he would never admit it, but Tom Herman likes to let you forget about players. He rides the hot hand so that he doesn't have to get too tricky with playcalling. That way when we're facing MSU (and now Bama) Tom can throw out 5 or 6 route combos that nobody has seen, paired with rollouts and blocking schemes nobody has seen, designed for players nobody has film on. 

If he deviated from the base packages every game, every opponent would know every wrinkle to our scheme. It's the paradox of being an elite program, you have to be good enough to execute base plays against weaker opponents so that restraints work against comparable competition.

Comment 21 Dec 2014

Do those have red numbers on the shoulders?

I would be all in for that little change.

Also the sharp angle of the sleeve stripe is slightly different than the original release. I really hope THIS is what we see, it's 2 legit 2 quit.

Comment 21 Dec 2014

There were packaged plays meant for Jalin in the 2nd half, we didn't need them so we didn't use them.

If you rewatch the game, there are 4 or 5 plays run in the first half where Jalin is the fake option man. In the second half those plays would have gone to him.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Nailed it.

I say let em try. Keep the numbers in the box and let them throw it to Cooper behind the LOS all day, because I think Bama is going to be surprised by our team D speed.

Cooper isn't any harder to bring down in the open field than Gordon, Cobb, or Coleman. All future NFLers, but so is our defense.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Having faced those great backs in conference is going to be huge for this team's confidence.

Alabama is predictable on offense. They run the ball on first down, they throw second down screens, and work almost exclusively from shotgun on intermediate third downs with a single back. No matter what Lane makes the offense look like, it's still a game-managing/ball control scheme because of Saban. The key here is to limit their yards per play on first down. If Yeldon and Henry are getting 5 yards a carry on 1st down it's going to be a very, very long night. 

Alabama and Wisconsin run insanely similar schemes on both sides of the ball. Just throw in a mobile QB and AA-possession receiver. Toss is to Jet Sweep what shotgun flash-screen package is to PA Rollout. The priorities are the same for both: set up inside zone, set up outside/split zone, then PA pass. I expect to see very little 1st down passing from Bama early on because they're going to try to stay on the field. This offense is probably going to remind people of how Jim Tressel managed Troy - a steady balance of clock management with occasional attacks downfield.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I said it was an illegal play when I saw it live, and I still say it's illegal.

The arc blocking HB is making contact with an OLB 5 yards downfield and the center drives his NG the same distance. The RO-flash screen package play is awesome, but the lineman have to stay neutral. 

This is like one of those unwritten rules of football, if an OC calls this play they are kind of a douche. Same with the rub and pick route combos. They work, and people use them, but c'mon! It's cheap.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Hook and ladder with Heurman running the comeback and Jalin taking the pitch. Marshall has enough athleticism to catch the toss and the speed to make it to the edge. Jeff's a big TE that can use his body to box out the safety or LB.

The Troy Smith fake option pass - less of a trick, more of a wrinkle. Herman showed signs of wanting to regress back to the triple option at times and the rocker step to sell the PA, which will start to lose it's effectiveness. The rollout pass is a nice restraint to this, but it could be combined with an option back to make the LBs and Safeties really come up. Bama has struggled with the deep ball.

 Jet Sweep pass. Line Jalin in the slot opposite of Devin. Motion Jalin across the line and give him the touch pass while Devin runs a straight 9. Everybody else stays in to block and if the safety stays at home Jalin gets what he can. Basically a Jailbreak running back pass. Could do the same thing with a screen pass - stack three to one side, Devin on the opposite side of the stack. Throw the screen to Jalin in the back of the stack, he drops back and hits the flanker post to Devin for the TD.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Simms is much more explosive than JT, not quite as straight-line fast as Brax. He's going to remind a lot of people here of #5 I think. Watching Bama all year I noticed a lot of similarities - both are side arm bullet passers, there has to be a passing lane at the LOS for him to have any chance of staying in the pocket and completing intermediate throws. Remember how frustrating it was for us when on 3rd and manageable Braxton threw a laser beam into a D-lineman's wrist? I expect a lot of contain with guys staying in the lanes and getting their hands up. Simms will make our LBs miss one on one, and he's going struggle getting it over Joey's head when #97 moves inside. So we have to keep him in the pocket.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

No, you had it right the first time... everything.

We are LB, DL, OL, DB, QB, RB, WR, and Punter University.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

No, it's what he's saying that's wrong. Not how he's saying it.

If you don't want to see the QB run, pull for another team. It's really that simple. 

Our offense is predicated on creating false tendencies and cues for the defense. Every. Single. PA Pass out of the empty backfield worked in the championship game BECAUSE THE QB WAS SUCH A THREAT TO RUN UP THE MIDDLE. This is college football, not the pros. As long as the Vince Youngs, Cam Newtons, and RGIIIs are winning games this scheme will exist and thrive.

Seriously, you hijacked this thread and you've been nothing but wrong. You sound more butt-hurt that our prolific offense injured a couple of players than happy that it got us to the playoffs. I'll reiterate, if you'd like to watch a pro-style offense pull for Penn State. 

Not trying to be insensitive to JT or Brax, but they are competitors that want the ball in their hands just as much as their coaches want it in their hands.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Not one of you has hit the mark yet.

Cardale didn't run against Wisconsin because they had schemed to eliminate it defensively. Wisconsin ran the same single-deep safety, Cover 1/3 scheme they always used against Braxton. And for the first time since Urban has been here we had the weapons around the QB to destroy it. You're looking at this all wrong if you say "SEE, WE DON'T HAVE TO RUN THE QB TO SUCCESSFUL!" It's because we ran the QB so well earlier in the season (combined with having a seemingly run-first 3rd string QB in) that we were able to take the top off of Wisky and run up the middle. When the Safeties saw Cardale execute one deep PA pass out of the empty trey, it screwed their heads for the game.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

He was added to special teams coverage with Heurman, had to change numbers to be on the field.  

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Only qualm is that you can't easily tell which year is represented by each blip. If there was a way to incorporate a chronology to this it would be amazing to see how each team is trending. The graphs give an awesome idea of program identity though, and it's easy to spot memorable offenses - 2013 and 14 OSU, Melvin Gordon and Abdullah, MSU this year. The B1G's explosiveness has changed immensely over the last 5-7 years, is there a way to add a time element to the graph to show that?