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Comment 17 Jan 2017

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our staff

Kevin Wilson hasn't had our staff, or our personnel. The top dual-threat QBs out of high school simply aren't going to go to an Indiana. I'm very excited to see what he can do with one of the 3 or 4 QBs around the country that can throw accurately and run effectively, and I honestly believe JT is in that small group.

I pick up what you're putting down, 68.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Not sure that I agree entirely.

I remember when we played Oregon in the Rose Bowl in 2010, and Greg Masoli was their QB. THAT is the type of performance I would match with your comment on JT. I was literally not one bit scared when he dropped back to pass, instead relieved each time he did.

I realize that I am on the other side of the field as a fan of JT, but I still feel very confident when he drops back that HE is going to do the right thing. And I emphasize HE because I wasn't confident that the rest of the young offense was going to do the right thing. Furthermore, I had zero confidence that the routes we were running were effective, or that the blocking schemes were well installed.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

The wasted opportunity wasn't "not letting Braxton throw." it was giving the ball to Braxton whenever he went into motion. It was giving it to Zeke whenever he was the lone back. It was throwing the hitch to Mike Thomas whenever he was the lone split to the field side.

Over the last two years our offense was so predictable that it was embarrassing. You could watch one game on film and pick up every offensive tendency that could exist. To use a baseball metaphor, we've basically been telling the batter which pitch was coming - only our stuff was good enough to still win (most of the time).

Dontre Wilson was Tom Herman's MVP during the 2013 season, because he drew so much attention to the edge rush game that Carlos and Brax were able to shred the interior. Whenever Braxton went into motion in 2015, you knew he was getting the ball - period. This year whenever Curtis went into the swing motion - he was getting the ball.

Tendencies were too easy to pick up, plain and simple.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Not sure about the DV, +1

To your point though, I think his offenses just rely more on the QB's ability to distribute - and it's tough to find a guy who is accurate inside of 10 yards and can run effectively. JT is masterful at operating the RO though, so while we may see less design runs from him, I highly doubt we see the option for him to keep entirely go away. 

Faster releases. Faster releases. Faster releases. This is what JT needs. Tom Herman installed an offense built around timing, instead of pro-style diagnosis of a coverage. Get JT back to counting 1-2-gone,1-2-gone. IMO he had no faith in the system that Warriner/Beck had installed because he knew deep down that they didn't play to his strengths of distributing on passes behind the LOS.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I think Barrett is going to shut some people up and have a big year.


It's amazing how the same QB can be heralded for his accuracy as a Freshman and ridiculed for the same thing as a Junior. Even Mark May was talking about how "excellent a passer this young man is." Only one thing changed in that span of time, and it wasn't the arm that JT was using.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

The offense over the last two years tried to create confusion with pre-snap reads and motions, but once the ball was snapped the concepts made little to no sense. There was no spread-to-run aspect to Warri-Beck's plan, mainly because our splits were too tight. We've had a team full of horizontal threats over the last two years (Braxton, Marshall, Dontre, Samuel, Campbell), but with splits being so narrow it's impossible to gain leverage in the edge rushing game. Spread the field, let the defense spread with it. Attack the corners and get the LBs flowing to the sideline, and just when they're winded - smack them in the face with Zeke and Weber.

The personnel has been there for the last two years from a player standpoint, there's just been a very obvious lack of identity and direction from a coaching standpoint. Just when Weber is getting hot we try to force feed Samuel the ball on a speed option to the short side of the field. Just when Samuel is having some success in the intermediate passing game we try a QB keeper on 2nd and 3, get stuffed leaving 3rd and 5, then overthrow Baugh on a hitch. It's like the staff was in the press box playing plinko to determine the next call.

The old staff viewed each play as independent events - in a vacuum. What I loved about Tom Herman is that he gave you false clues with each formation and motion. He would pound the base look into the ground and make you wait for the restraint, and just when you thought it wasn't coming we score a TD on a 3 play drive.

The playcalling for the last 2 years stressed multiplicity for the sake of multiplicity. Each call was predictably random, or randomly predictable - if you will. I want to see a balanced attack with a purpose. Watching the Green Bay vs. Dallas game last night, you saw two offenses that understood exactly what they were. Neither team tried to force the ball into a player's hands just because he hadn't touched it in a while, they put their best players in his respective comfort zone and asked them simply to "ball out."

TL;DR Figure out what your players do best, build the system around that. You're only going to trick a defense 3-4 times a game, stop trying to do it every play.

Comment 06 Jan 2017
While I love JT and totally agree with what you're saying, he hasn't noticeably improved either. Is that hard to do after you set the world on fire as a freshman under the tutelage of Tom Herman? Of course it is. Does he stand a better chance of improving under a new QB Coach? I believe so. IMO Urban brought Beck in to be a catalyst in recruiting, knowing full well that if JT didn't show remarkable improvement it would be ok - he was already pretty damn good. Moving forward I do think JT's accuracy will get back closer to the 70% mark. Having a traditional running attack will help with that as well if Samuel stays and Weber improves. In no way am I saying that Urban was planning on ever losing to a man named Dabo again, but I do think having a proven commodity at QB in his pocket shifted the focus to recruiting over development. I am very excited for Kevin Wilson to join the staff, so the focus is shifted back to squeezing every last drop of production out of the talent we have.
Comment 31 Dec 2016

Girlfriend: why are those girls dressed that way?

Me: they're the majorettes

Girlfriend: what do they do?

Me: they twirl batons

Girlfriend: that's stupid

Me: this is the highest honor for a woman in Alabama, we will never live there.