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Comment 14 Jul 2016

Zeke had the better scheme and line.

Give me a healthy Beanie behind the '14 line and one Tom Herman please.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

This guy gets it.

Pokémon was released in the US on Gameboy in 95. Something different about our tiny generation, the 87-93. We can remember life before the internet, but also grew with the technology. I was telling my roommate that kids born after about '95 never knew that "going onto the internet" was something you had to take time out of your day to do - not just hit three buttons on a touchscreen.

It was like "Alright, I'm going downstairs to get on the computer, EVERYBODY STAY OFF THE PHONE!!"

Comment 14 Jul 2016

It's not the capability of the technology that I'm not concerned about, also thanks for your service. Dad was a navy nuke in the 70s!

What I'm saying though, is that you were right that it is the ​trends ​that are being monitored. It takes more than one person to create a trend. A single person is not even a blip on the radar for any kind of information screening. These information agencies are only trying to spot patterns in activity to use for things like advertisement, pricing, and hours of operation for services. The city of Raleigh may be compared as a whole to the activity of Columbus, but to dedicate time and money to look through every users data input would be ridiculously impractical.

I still wouldn't name myself something specific and offensive in the game. But I'm not sure there's much you can do through the game itself to get somebody's attention solely focused on you.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

I get what you're saying, where I think the misunderstanding lies is that nobody cares about you.

Nothing personal meant by that statement, but information is used to analyze massive social trends. PokémonGo has been downloaded more than Twitter now, do you realize how many people would have to be hired to individually sift through each person's information?

Nobody cares that I walked Franklin Street for 5 miles and then stopped to get some Starbucks. Is that information readily available to be recalled? Sure. But so long as I don't give anybody probable cause to look up that information - nobody ever will.

IMO part of the problem is that people think that others care about what they're doing - they don't. There is no REAL privacy anymore, but as long as you don't give anybody a reason to look for you, that privacy will never be infringed upon.

If you're not downloading something because you're worried about the information you're giving somebody - you may think you matter a little more than you do. I know that sounds harsh, but if you're never on trial then there's no reason for anybody to gather evidence on you.

Now if I was Bono, I might think twice about what I download.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

The playcall may have "sucked" (least descriptive analysis of all time?) last year, but you have no idea why.

When 2 different QBs spend the entire preseason building a rapport with a unit that is decimated by the 2nd game of the season - there's no time to go back to the drawing board. We turned into an option team because that was the least risky way to move the football.

Could we have risked more in the passing game? Sure.

But we also went 12-1 without a passing game... so yeah.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Definitely feels like the OL is going to be more comfortable in pass pro than slobs of years past.

And you're spot on about depth leading to lack of concern for this position group. It is what it is - the law of averages would lead you to believe that there's an NFL receiver somewhere in Zone6. If you're in that position room, look to your left, look to your right, look in a mirror - chances are you just laid eyes on a future draft pick.

Baugh is definitely a safe pick as a leader in production, and I'm a believer in Corey Smith - that catch and run against Oregon is still etched upon my mind (for the good and bad). Then we've discussed how Dontre and Curtis will be more involved in the edge ground-game, which should leave a lot of opportunities to be had for a bunch of guys in waiting.

It's all about development. Our "least-talented" receiver has the skill to start anywhere in the B1G - can a few of these guys earn Meyer's trust? That's the biggest question regarding the pass game IMO

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Yo Seattle,

You think having too many good receivers might hurt the rapport between JT and his corp? We've seen that JT seems to depend on chemistry with his guys due to not having the fastest release or strongest arm - is having too many good options and not one great option going to hurt his production?

At times, I honestly think Mike Thomas knew what JT was going to have for dinner before JT did. Can JT establish that type of telepathy with another guy - or better yet - multiple guys?

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Terry, Parris and James Clark, it was kind of like, 'all right, it's your turn to kind of run the show..'

This sentence is basically the limiting reagent to how great this offense can be.

If the OL play is elite, we will be good. If the RB play is elite, we will be good. If the WR play is elite, this team can win a National Championship.

These three haven't really been asked to do a damn thing - which is less a testament to their own talent and more a compliment to their predecessors. However, it's extremely telling that they have all contributed on special teams. Those players that do this for one year in Urban's system are almost sure-fire superstars in the making.

They weren't consensus 5-star athletes, but the hype doesn't matter - we've seen what happens when good kids buy into Urban's system.

My mildly-bold set of predictions: T-Mac averages almost 20 yards per catch with 5 TDs on the season, Paris Campbell breaks 500 yards all-purpose, and Clark burns MSU on a go-route at least once.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

I'm right there with you dude. It took me a long time to realize that some people really do struggle with social interaction. I'm from a small town in the south, where social interaction is forced on you - so to even imagine that others could struggle with that was something I had to just sympathize with less than understand. But then I went to a liberal arts college (UNC) and was surrounded by freaks and geeks. Where people have to bond over a common ground because they simply aren't comfortable with saying anything personal whatsoever to anybody - let alone a stranger.

But let's be honest, I just want a Gyarados. I don't care about any other aspect of the game, Niantic can know everything about me. JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN GYARADOS.

Comment 12 Jul 2016


If a person is dumb enough to not look both ways before crossing a street or walk into a dark alley alone - it might be best that their genetic disposition isn't passed along...

Comment 12 Jul 2016

You should check out Southpoint. IT IS A POKEMON SANCTUARY.

I live in Chapel Hill and honestly it has to be one of the best locations for this game. Art murals, parks, and 90s kids as far as the eye can see.

And yeah, sorry guys, but if you think you can hide ANY info whatsoever from ANYBODY that's looking for you - go buy a cabin in West Virginia. This is 2016 - if the cops/government/google is looking for you, you're already in trouble. A couple of guys I know who sell a certain green herb are just ridiculously paranoid about texting/snapchat/info in general - which is understandable and smart. However, if the cops know who you are, you're already caught.

Just this weekend me and my roommates took a walk in the park looking for a Haunter - would have never happened without this game. Not saying that's right or wrong, but if the consumer is happy and the producer is happy - does it matter if there's some kind of information conspiracy?

Comment 12 Jul 2016

The only solution to your problem then is to hop into a time machine and somehow change western ideology.

As population increases, social anxiety increases - that's just the way it is. I'm not sure that Nintendo or Niantic ever claimed that this would solve obesity or abnormal psyche in the American population, but believe it or not I've already had multiple encounters with polite strangers because of this game. And is the content of conversation so important that to not talk about the "right" thing is worse than to not talk at all?

I disagree entirely with what you're saying, because you sound like somebody who has never had problems striking up conversation with a stranger - which is obviously preferred. But for those people that have esteem issues - this is a big deal. I'm not saying I am one of those people (quite the contrary), but this game is giving young people in a busy world a common ground of entertainment. It deepens the social sphere and unifies the population - transcending gender, age, or ethnicity. Is that not a beautiful thing in today's society? With police brutality and racism running rampant?

Quite frankly, I find it belittling that you offer such a simple solution to such a common but difficult issue. Not trying to start a flame war, nor am I saying that PokemonGo's objective was to solve any of these issues. However, this game is a unifying force in a nation and time of freaking ridiculous turmoil and bigotry. For you to say "just go ask somebody to walk with you" underlies your lack of understanding of social anxiety, and it would piss off those with social anxiety.

You're saying that the world needs more social interaction - this game provides that. It also provides a common ground between two people that may have previously had nothing in common save the fact that they are composed of carbon.

You're saying that it's sad that people need a game to relate on a personal level - so what is an acceptable subject to relate on? Politics?

We're also on a forum that centers around people talking about other people playing a game. So I'm just confused on this perspective.

Again, not flaming. It just drives me crazy when people are like "just go do this." It's like telling a depressed person to "just stop being sad."

Comment 11 Jul 2016

Yeah, literally the only routes that Grimes has the option to run are a straight seam or a fade on the edge. Big reasons why we're seeing guys like Akers, Dobbins and Lindsey tear it up - they are nightmares to cover on underneath routes.

Give me Martell in the shotgun, Dobbins in the backfield, Lindsey in the slot and Grimes on the edge - you think TTUN wants to see IZ read PA rollout with that personnel? Nah.