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Comment 2 hours ago

No room in the Columbus Inn.

That's because of the kids who are already on the team, not the class that we are currently recruiting. By your logic, recruiting in 2017 should be a wash altogether because we have 45 freshman - but here we are, still convincing blue-chip athletes to join the class.

DPJ is the only player you listed that would be our top priority for his respective position. And there's no reason to believe that he wouldn't come to Ohio State due to depth - unless you're a *ichigan fan holding on to that last strand of hope.

Comment 7 hours ago

Totally agree with you, what I'm saying is that I think Urban drags his young TEs through the mud a little bit before they "deserve" touches as a jumbo athlete on offense - similar to how he demands excellent special teams play out of his eventual starters. If you want to be the first TE targeted in the passing game, you have to do your job blocking first.

IMO Baugh was more of a flex/possession TE when he came in and I thought he would be used as a WR early in his career, that he would lose weight to become what Noah Brown currently is. Purely speculation, but I think he struggled keeping weight off and he turned out to be more of a "true" blocking TE than either Vannett or Heuerman. I think the weight that Baugh plays the first game at will provide us a little insight as to how Warriner wants to use him. He's got NFL written all over him IMO.

Do you think any of the true freshman "TEs" will see playing time? I think they all could be pretty talented guys, but we have our two that will have a hand down and we also have 2 "jumbo" HBack/Slot possibilities in Noah Brown and Torrance. I am convinced that the those two will both receive carries at H this year, maybe not many, but something.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

Yeahh, I don't know.

He reminds me a lot of Philly Brown. Smith may not be the biggest threat on the field, but by no means is he a liability. Urban has said that Corey has the athleticism to be our best WR, which indicates that he's a great practice player.

The narrative on him could be very different if he doesn't go down last year and has a Devin Smith-type end to the season.

I'm excited for this WR unit because we have some veteran players taking their last swing at things - and a bunch of youngsters killing for a chance. There should be a lot of motivation for everybody to get better for different reasons. Youngsters wanna earn trust and the vets wanna make their mark.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

Just like Heuerman was to Vannett, and what Vannett was to Baugh, so will Baugh be to Alexander.

Urban seems to use an older, slightly more possession-oriented veteran TE and a second TE used mostly for blocking each year. And you've said Alexander has more possession skill than Baugh, but I think we'll see him have similar production to each of our previous TEs in their first year as the 2nd TE.

Urban is using the padawan jedi-training system for our TEs.

Comment 28 Jun 2016

I wouldn't be so quick to jump ship on Dontre. He's a special player and I don't think we've seen what he can really do. When he's 100% he has game-changing speed.

Comment 27 Jun 2016

Fielding a TE would be effective against MSU, what would be more effective is a flex-TE type in the slot or flanking. Thinking of the Stoneburners and Spencers of the world. Great mix of size and possession skills with a large catch radius - pretty much what you were saying.

THAT is the staple of the Urban offense - having size on the edge keeps defenders off the all-purpose backs making catches near the LOS and running the option. And then when defenders are fighting so hard to get by edge blockers, those blockers can easily slip behind the shell.

What happened last year is that when we lost Noah Brown, we lost our crack back and stalk block. We tried to compensate by putting multiple TEs on the field tagged to the line in the traditional way, but when we couldn't get the leverage in blocking to allow guys like Jalin and Braxton to get outside with the ball - we resorted to pounding the rock with Zeke. If you go back to film of '14, notice every run that was successful for Jalin and (to an extent) Dontre, either Evan Spencer or (freshman!) Noah Brown was laying the wood starting from an outside position on the field and coming back to the middle. Then the ball-carrier would be left with a corner to beat - easy money for a guy like Marshall. But when we lost the ability to seal the edge with a large untagged blocker, the defense began to load the box with LBs and Zeke's efficiency went down (albeit not by much #beastmode).

Basically we had one receiver that could beat the press in Mike Thomas, but MSU bracketed him with a Safety pretty much all night. It was quite literally a perfect storm (pun intended) that allowed an inferiorly talented team to schematically choke out our offense. It sucks to think about, but I honestly believe that with Noah Brown we beat that Sparty squad by 3 touchdowns. His versatility unlocks the offense.

Just my .02

(Obligatory mention of AJ Alexander for PHI)


Comment 27 Jun 2016

I think this technique is taught to be reactionary. The only reason you would grab/pull instead of swat before swim is if the DB is already making contact with you - in which case the PI call would always go against the defender.

There's press D, and then there's press D. The Illini defender is actually playing bump and run coverage, not necessarily trying to knock the WR off of his release and upset timing, just closing the gap to prevent a short completion.

That's not what Dantonio teaches. MSU physically controls the LOS on the outside in a different way. Their DBs wouldn't bump and give, they would bump and plow. Darqueze Dennard would straight flatten our smaller WRs on the edge, not just upsetting the timing - but not even allowing them downfield. Our receivers on the edge against MSU weren't just fighting to stay in their lanes, they were fighting to stay on their feet. And the farther we split our receivers, the closer their DBs would get to the line. This is why MSU's teams would either shut us down or look out-classed - if they don't have the imposing athletes at DB then they can't jam - if they can't jam their entire system becomes a liability.

Enter, Sir Noah Brown.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

IMO because tOSU brand is strong and the numbers crunch is bad. We're being forced to take the best available not considering the position as much as usual.

Total speculation, but there isn't another WR that would be worth the time and effort that Wyatt would be. It would be an uphill battle to start conversation this late with a premier WR and the interest is already there for Wyatt. DPJ and Lindsey will be recruited to the end, and I think if we miss on one or both of those Jaylen Harris will join the class. It could be that DPJ is waiting on the other two, who knows? Trevon Grimes has hopefully already closed his recruitment in favor of the good guys.

So we think we're locks for 2, limiting the take at 3 (IMO). I don't know if you wanna open up conversation too strongly with another WR because a) you could piss off one of the 4 we've already put so much work into, and b) we could actually end up having to take 4 WR or again piss somebody off with grey shirt talk.

And then if we only get two WR you don't want a spot to be open in a class where we're in on so much talent.

Could be totally wrong, just get the feeling that the staff is swinging for the fences in this class and attacking needs with the next.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

It shows that Urban is going to take care of those who sign to play for The Ohio State University. You might not end up winning the competition to play on the field, but Urban will make sure that as a Buckeye you are equipped with resources for life.

There's a level of accountability in the program that's pretty unheard of. The Head Coach is backing up his words.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Yeah, I think to be in this guys top 10 we would have had to start recruiting him pretty hard before Moretti's injury. IMO he's can't miss, and you take a guard over a WR of equal talent and impact every day. We might have ramped up our recruitment of Wyatt because we felt like we were losing Lindsey? Hence the weird series of subtweets from Zach Smith? Who knows.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

It is what it is.

This offense just doesn't take advantage of the tight ends the way conventional and pro-style setups do. I know what you mean though, how fun it is when a team uses a tight end effectively - it simply can't be stopped.

I think I've watched every Carolina Panthers' game for the last 3-4 seasons and the way they work Greg Olsen is pretty much football magic. They used him in every formation imaginable, in the rollout PA, Shotgun tagged to the line or flexed - didn't matter. And pretty much just as you said, they would throw the seam to the TE when the Walkout or Nickel started to cheat on the Read Option. It messed with opposing defenses so much that the RO became a guaranteed 5 yards, and if the TEs man made one false step - automatic first down. We saw some of that when Heuerman was healthy in 14 - wouldn't be surprised to see more of it now that Warriner (Christener of Slobs) is teaching the TEs. There's gonna be some good ones in that room for the next couple of years simply because I think Urban trusts Warriner as a teacher, and Urban will utilize that position more going on because of that.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

No doubt, some guys take time to develop that mentality of "Ok, hey I can really put my hands on this game and make a difference," like a Carlos Hyde. Special players are born with that, the Maurice Clarretts of the world. The latter type can't be on a field without making an impact, they follow the ball and the ball follows them.

I think we have a couple of new guys on offense that know how to position themselves before they get the ball, not just run after they have it. Austin Mack and Noah Brown are the two that I'm thinking about and Baugh is starting to show that. Curtis, Dontre, and Corey Smith - to an extent - can change the game with the ball already in their hands. But I really think that Mack and Brown will help this offense because they technically understand how to move without the ball in their hands. They understand spacing and route-running, and block well when asked. Last year we only had one guy like that in Mike Thomas. The other guys were most effective after they had already received the ball in some way. If Torrance Gibson can start to feel space before the ball in his hands - there's one more weapon.

TL;DR The edge ball-carriers: Dontre and Samuel. The 9-route guys: Smith, McLaurin, Clark, Campbell, Dixon (when healthy). The "True" receivers: Brown, Mack and Gibson (fingers crossed)

Could even go a step further and call Brown, Baugh and Alexander the jumbo athletes of the offense. Should bring the physical presence back to the edge, and without Zeke as a lead-blocker we're going to need more of that from more people.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

If he does go off this year, I'll be sitting there saying to myself "Some mystery person named Buckeye Phi told me on the internet that this was going to happen." My psyche will be ruined forever. Hahaha

I also think this would be an entirely different conversation/feeling if JT and Pat weren't coming back, but seriously, this is the most excited I've been to see an offense since... last year. Still, I'm really confident that JT is going to go back to just distributing the ball with easy throws around the LOS. I think we lost a lot of that "horizontal stretch" part of our offense because we had nobody to run behind on the edge. Without guys like Brown and Spencer the sweeps were less effective and the quick screens were snubbed out by the press. Then teams started to load the box, and Zeke's efficiency went down (albeit not by much).

If Alexander and Baugh can be legitimate pass catchers - that's great. But this offense is really gonna hum when we get that Evan Spencer-type back, somebody who understands leverage on the edge and isn't afraid to crack an OLB or Safety in run block. That IMO, is gonna be Brown.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Urban was worried about getting his star players their ration of touches more than just calling a football game. Just my opinion, but I think Urban placed a higher priority on getting players drafted than winning the National Championship last year. Call me crazy, but with the way he handled Cardale and JT, the transition of Braxton, and the overall playcall (running the tread off Zeke) - I can't help but feel like last season was more about the draft.

Speaking of Braxton though, talk about a project that paid off! Think about the recruiting pitch to the blue-chip "ATHs" coming out of high school - Urban made him a 3rd round receiver overnight. Now we may have lost some rapport between JT/Cardale and the other receivers for that reason, but just wait until this new wave of talent hits the field BECAUSE of where all of Urban's previous Buckeyes went in the draft - Cardale and Braxton included.

"Come be a QB at Ohio State, if you can't start at that position we'll get you into the NFL somehow. Or you could be the backup, we get those in the league too."

The only thing I disagree with is passing on Dontre. He will be a grown-ass man this year and we have a lot of size on the edge, unlike last year. I wouldn't be surprised one bit to see the rushing production actually increase this year because of how many more people will be touching the ball. Weber, Samuel, Dontre, JT, with Gibson sprinkled in? Not sure anybody in the B1G has that.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

I posted a thread similar to this about a month ago, Phi. I think we had some similar thoughts and a good conversation about what final production numbers may look like. You brought up, and kind of hilariously continue to bring up, the new impact of AJ Alexander. It got me thinking that the stars are aligned for the TEs to finally have a decent year. I really hope you're right on that one because it would blow the doors right off this offense. We would be able to do anything with size like Brown, Baugh and Gibson outside. Throw in Alexander as a reliable flex option and we would have some serious blocking on the edge - even in 5 wide formations.

That, to me, is the key to Urban's offense - it is the option offense. Georgia Tech was putting up insane numbers (on ACC defenses) when they had 2 or 3 imposing forces blocking outside, and it's why they initially recruited a guy like Calvin Johnson. Urban always said that blocking on the edge down the field was responsible for the big play. Evan Spencer never left the field, even though he was never targeted. And guys like that create the space that Dontre and Curtis will need to turn up field. 

This is gonna be a real fun season though. Good Post Phi.

Comment 20 Jun 2016


It's Curtis Samuel's time to be a feature of this offense. It almost sucks for guys like Samuel and Dontre because they were both talented enough to be THE GUY of the offense even early in their careers. But then Dontre couldn't stay healthy, Jalin Marshall was a stud, and this guy name Ezekiel Elliott ended up being one of the best Buckeyes of all time.

Curtis Samuel and Dontre are like the Ferraris in the garage sitting on cinder blocks. But we finally got em some wheels this year because we had to trade in the Lambo. We also bored out the cylinders by adding mass to the line. Not worried, this offense will still fly.