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Comment 01 Jul 2015

No, he just obviously had an air about him that he was superior to the whole process. Colin was trying like crazy to get Jim to respond with more than one sentence, but Jim absolutely refused. And then Harbaugh has the balls (stupidity) to ask Colin why he's asking "50 questions" during the interview!!

Ummm.. maybe because he wanted the segment to last over 45 seconds and you've provided 20 collective seconds of input. 

The whole performance came off as arrogant. Instead of putting his program on a pedastal and building image, Harbaugh tried to discredit Colin and sounded like a jackass in the process.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Come with me my child, I will teach you to football.

Is that what you call a loaded box? We have a tight end down in a probable running situation (1st and 10), and they're still in nickel. Landon Collins was literally 15 yards off the ball every play, especially on 1st and 2nd downs. Now the safeties were definitely quick to come in and clean up, but it didn't change the fact that they started outside the box all night. The heaviest set that Bama used was a 3-4 with both OLBs on the LOS. That puts 5 bodies on the LOS and 7 total bodies in the box, but mostly we saw 6. They could do that because they had the heaviest defensive ends possible, sacrificing pass rush so that they didn't require extra numbers to defend the run. Sorry, but it is totally against Bama's scheme to load the box.

I don't know what game you were "watching," but Zeke's success came from our stretch run game establishing horizontal liabilities, our vertical passing game keeping their safeties from walking into the box, and the rocker step by Dolodale keeping the LBs moving forward. I will give you that our Line did an excellent job blocking. Many of Bama's D-Linemen were too tough to stay in front of one-on-one, let alone to chip and combo. So we saw a lot of the split zone schemes, using angles and crackbacks to block instead of ramming our head into the wall. Other than that though you were like.. really wrong.

And I wouldn't be an ass hat about it, but you tried to correct first ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Comment 30 Jun 2015

BUT you can almost assume this as the outcome of the play when it's executed properly against Narduzzi's scheme (it's still his). Against the man zero (maybe it was C1), that corner is a long ways from help. It's a super flawed defense that takes advantage of the offensive defencies at the college level. Throw an elite receiver with size, speed, and hands OR a deadly accurate QB at MSU and they become mediocre quickly.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Even with the motion it would've been a crackback.

I'd like to believe that it was designed. Perfectly. By our coaches who are geniuses. And praise based God for Evan Spencer.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

I agree that JT would actually work to Zeke's advantage. JT runs the best option and veer, his reads net more yards per play for sure. 

Zeke didn't receive more carries with King Dolo starting, but his ypc went way up. Safeties had to back off the line and he was much more liable to break off a long TD. One of Zeke's greatest qualities is making the last guy miss, he's like the anti- Boom Herron (who would rather just lower his head and plow the safety).

There were so many up trending variables in those last 3 games, tough to say what went right. If not everything. 

Comment 27 Jun 2015

For some reason I thought Rashad only had one year of eligibility. He's a guy that could gain some weight to provide depth for the interior line. I have faith in our young cadre of ends, but we don't have many bodies for either DT spot. Jaylyn Holmes (sp?) always reminded me of Spence and apparently Hubbard is unblockable. I believe Lewis or Sprinkle moved inside to get the previous two on the field. I'm not sure about that, but I thought I saw Lewis and Sprinkle inside during the spring game.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

But what's the good in pointing something out if you know you're just gonna ruin a good laugh? Why not chalk it up as knowing something nobody else does?

Yay. You're right, and now everybody who read this article is less happy.

You basically walked into the South Carolina capitol building and told them to remove the confederate flag yourself. People living within delusion rarely want to be reminded that they're crazy. And it certainly irks me to think that half the state of Alabama wasn't furiously masturbating using their own tears as lubricant at the exact moment Eze was crossing the goal line. Damn you Teflon. Damn you.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Nah, that's Noah Brown's job now, and they'll throw him a bone for every successful crackback. 

We have 3 TE's (considering Baugh and Brown) that can block and flex out. This offense is complete and dangerous. It's almost too much: no holes along the O-line, 3 of the most dynamic ball carriers in the conference with Jalin, Dontre and Braxton, an every down back in Zeke, and Mike Thomas being one of the most balanced receivers in CFB, with the proven TE types. If this offense stayed together for 5 years it would not only be an NFL starting lineup, it would be a good one.

Alright I'm done now.

Comment 16 Jun 2015

So true.

But so much of FSU's respect came from the previous season.

If Wisky wins out they're in. Beating Bama and then the East champion would give very little of the country a problem with them being in the top 4. Wisconsin still probably has a stronger schedule than FSU this year.

Comment 16 Jun 2015

The only problem is that I don't see a conference championship runner up being selected by the committee, just because of the timliness of the loss. 

If there's ever going to be 2 teams representing a conference in the playoffs, it will almost have to be two teams from the same division. Where one team lost the head to head and didn't get the chance to play in the conference championship, but still went undefeated otherwise.

The B1G could definitely be the first conference to do it. It would just have to be Ohio State and MSU. If they both went undefeated and played a close game in the head to head, it could be possible. The winner of the head to head would have to win the conference championship convincingly though, to sell the idea that the two teams are far and away better than the rest of their conference.

tldr; MSU has a better chance of being the second team voted in than Wisky because of conference alignment and timeliness.

Comment 16 Jun 2015

As has been said about every Wisconsin back lost to the NFL in the last 7 years.

How soon they forget.. Wisconsin has been setting NCAA rushing records since before Gordon, and the O-line isn't gonna lose their slobbishness anytime soon. In the B1G Championship game last year Gordon did very little on his own, but then Wisky did very little as a whole as well. It's tough to say whether they will be as good this year, but when you've been playing the same style of offense for 75 years and have great O-line development it's tough to rule them out.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

Almost literally my exact thought process.

When the regular season was fresh on our minds, even after the NCG, I think it was safe to say that the offense was more efficient with JT at the helm.

Now that I've watched the Sugar Bowl and NCG some 20 times I can't help but think about how awesome CJ's arm strength is for the offense (now that we have a defense). Good God.

And then you see and hear everything about Braxton being a physical freak now. I mean, if you think about it he'll be competing against some guys 3-4 years younger than him. He could be a pro scat-back right now and he's playing against 19 year olds. 

This is actually becoming a source of pain in my life.