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Comment 14 Oct 2016

Yeah I remember this slightly, I think it was more due to the WRs not getting lined up correctly. JT was like yelling his ass off at either Clark or McLaurin, they were clueless. Either way, I think we've experienced the extent of this years growing pains. It's time to just go out and play now.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

That's a tough one, and I have no idea.

Could be any number of things, least of which IMO is that Stud isn't as effective at teaching. Warriner was more heavily involved in the recruitment of his lines that became so good, so maybe there was more of a psychological connection between him and his players that Stud just doesn't have with the group that he didn't really recruit. I don't know.

There's no doubt that Warriner is a special talent as a coach, but I'm not ready to write off Stud as the Sergeant of Slobs. Warriner, the expectations, and the talented players are all still there. Let's keep Billy Price from becoming the next Shugarts with untimely false-starts and see where this line takes us in the end.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

Nice work Dai! This is very interesting, and I think your commentary is pretty spot on.

I think you nailed both explanations. It's like the "Shaq effect" in the NBA, where Shaq never got the calls under the basket because he was just so strong. Iverson would get flicked on a layup and he goes flying, where it would take a bulldozer to make Shaq do the same. There have been PI calls on our secondary, the Lattimore call this last week comes to mind, where a stronger receiver might not have looked so affected by the minimal contact. I'm also wondering if going against a physical receiver like Noah Brown in practice doesn't help either when it comes to the PI calls.

And then there's always the target on the Buckeyes' back. Teams just play us laser focused. You don't want to be the O-Lineman that costs your underdog squad the game by committing a false start on a crucial 3rd and 2.

Penn State fans would see this and still complain - that their opponents should be penalized even more often..

Comment 10 Oct 2016

And neither of us have coached an elite D1 program.

Urban got where he's at doing what he's doing. If he didn't "hold back" and tried to beat IU by 70, every conference coach would have film of his best players tendencies while running their most effective plays. It's like playing spades, you don't use an ace of spades to beat a 7.

I'm just here to observe and enjoy.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

Well, yeah - but you can't call plays you didn't practice that week if they aren't a part your base offense.

You install a base offense that the starting group can run in their sleep at any point in the season, then each week you add wrinkles and new restraints. IU didn't warrant adding a new wrinkle, Wisconsin does. Those wrinkles are what the team was practicing last week, which probably contributed to the lack of execution of the base offense against IU. The players know when a coach is withholding plays for the following week and it sends a message that they don't have to play their best to beat the current opponent.

This isn't NCAA '13 where you can call one of 400 different plays at any point in the season and expect flawless execution. A gameplan takes time to develop. If we come out and look like shit against Wisky, I'll eat crow.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

That reply reeks of nihilism. lol

Navy gives everybody fits (shoutout to Brian Rolle and Darron Lee) - especially a team that relies on an explosive offense if said offense never leaves the sideline.

I would never imply that we re-hire Herman as an OC or replace Urban as the HC. But at the same time 2014 did happen and that unstoppable offense did exist, why pretend it didn't? Why not keep concepts of that offense that were so effective? Just because Herman isn't on our staff anymore doesn't mean we're not allowed to still use his ideas.

Call me spoiled, but I'd rather not forget about Tom Herman or pretend we're not allowed to replicate his philosophy. Do we have to pay him to use his ideas? I don't think intellectual property applies to offenses of college football..

Comment 10 Oct 2016

Do you think we called the same offensive gameplan against IU that we would have against TTUN/Clemson/Bama?

Urban talked up Indiana because he didn't want his team to come out flat, but let's be honest, that was as basic a gameplan as we are gonna see all year (ala Tulsa and BGSU). There's no reason to add a wrinkle and give Chryst that film, when we can try a couple of 4-verts and run JT to a victory.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

I still have my theories about that B1GCG in '14. That was the perfect storm IMO, where for an entire year we were a team that relied on the horizontal stretch (option, edge sweep, flash screen, etc.) to spread the defense thin. Then JT goes down.

Nobody in the world had any idea or any film that showed Cardale being SO proficient with the deep ball or Devin Smith being such a legit deep threat.

Enter Wisconsin.

They play their classic "we don't respect your ability to pass" defense against us with 9 guys in the box. Cardale proceeded to torch them over the top. The vicious cycle then began as Zeke took advantage of them backing the safeties out of the box to respect the deep ball.

This year we will finally get to see what that game would have looked like if JT doesn't go down, as we've gone back to plays that revolve around getting the ball to the skill players behind the LOS. Should be interesting to see.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

I feel the exact opposite way.

Even if our offense can't get it going through the air I think that our speed at the H position gives us an advantage in the run game. Wisconsin's defense is stout, but I'm not sure they can guard the edge and protect the middle at the same time. Just one man's opinion, but ttun doesn't have our offensive speed and they beat the Badgers in a fire on fire (or hammer vs. hammer) type game. We could probably win this game only running the option and relying on defense and special teams to provide field position.

Our defense vs. their offense may be a little more evenly matched - them being a power-run team and us having undersized DTs. That could be over-analyzing things, but in reality we have the edge in all phases, just gotta execute.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

Not Devin Smith, but Tom Herman.

How many flash screens, tunnel screens, throws behind the LOS to WRs in general have we seen? That's what opened up Smith downfield.

The offensive concepts that made us so successful in '14 were the quick throws to the outside that stretched the field horizontally. While I believe in what we're trying to accomplish right now, the edge throws are what JT did best. I fear we may be trying to evolve unnecessarily, but I'm confident that there's a plan.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

This, coupled with the fact that we weren't giving Wisconsin any route combinations on film, combined with the notion that we can beat IU by just running base IZ and RO.

There are plenty of positives to take away from this game.
1. Jerome Baker is real.
2. Malik Hooker is still real.
3. Nick Bosa is already an impact player.
4. Jerome Baker is fucking real.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

You're kinda really pessimistic.

JT had an off day, I think that's really the extent of the issue here. He missed on at least 2 long balls that would have given him almost 100 more yards - and confidence to complete more. The offense didn't have a great day and we won by 21 against a pretty good team. Will IU lose confidence after the loss and devalue our win by playing worse as the season progresses? Probably. But your eyes should tell you that the team that showed up to play against the Buckeyes today would have beaten a lot of good teams.

JT had an off day and we won by 21. There are very few teams that could accomplish this.

Comment 09 Oct 2016


Urban was putting a lot of base-play run film out there for Wisconsin, because that's what Wisconsin does best - stop the run. Now if we come out and run every first down with Weber against the Badgers, I'll start to bitch a little. We showed the back half of our schedule what we wanted to show them, just like we did against BGSU and Tulsa before opening up against OU.

We've seen so far that our offense is operating best when Samuel touches the ball on 1st down and is involved in the option game. Today Barrett was off in the passing game and might have been trying to do too much in the option game by himself due to that. There were times where he could have pitched for possibly a more explosive play - but he knew he could get the 1st himself.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

Halfway through the comment section and finally some positivity.

Watching at the bar, and we agreed on this, "If a 21-point win over IU is our worst performance of the year, I'm fine with that."

To be honest if the officials don't call the bullshit "chop-block" on Arnette during Hooker's return we're talking about a 45-17 pounding of a very decent Indiana squad.

Officiating was weird, I'm never one to bitch about calls, because human subjectivity is normally perfectly random. The no PI call on the deep ball to Samuel (admittedly underthrown), the PI called on Lattimore later, an obvious no-call hold on McMillan which was one of IU's longer conversions, and the aforementioned chop. Not just bad no-calls, but extremely impactful ones.

Oh well, let's beat the shit out of Wisconsin.