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Comment 24 Jul 2015

Not much of this is true, at all.

JT and Braxton are about as different at QB as two dual-threats can be. JT's strength was his ability to audible, recognize, and make correct reads to exploit the intended mismatch. Braxton just ran around with his hair on fire making people look stupid (making wrong reads albeit). You're right that JT opens the playbook up because of his talent running the option, but there were plenty of QB draws and designed runs for Cardale to set up the rocker-step play action. Not to mention, Meyer flushed Jones out of the pocket just like he did JT on obvious passing downs.

Landon Collins takes offense to your assertion that schools would rather face Cardale. It's probably true, but you're selling the national champion QB a little short. 

Comment 24 Jul 2015

What's more effective, asking him to block one man or running him off on a flare to the opposite side of the play? You've gotta believe half the defense is gonna freeze when they see Brax run a swing route. I don't think he'll necessarily have to be a well-refined blocker because he'll be used so often as a decoy. 

But you're definitely right overall, if he wants to be on the field 80% of the time he's gonna have to learn to stalk block.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

What's scary is that all of those names could be on the backs of NFL jerseys pending great collegiate finishes.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Not sure about the DV here. UV to compensate.

I agree completely, I think Braxton as the pitch-man with JT's ability to read a defense will be an unstoppable combination. Cardale can't quite run the option as well as JT, and Braxton will be most effective in option-type plays. Or plays where he catches the ball behind the LOS - which was JT's specialty.

I wouldn't want Cardale to take away from Braxton's ability if we have another QB that can enhance it.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Normally coaches wouldn't touch this idea because of the locker room instability issues, but I think we could be the type of team to pull it off. The culture is so strong that a rotation at QB would probably be supported insanely hard. Mike Thomas would be tweeting things like "3TD catches today thrown by 3 QBs, who else in the country can say that?"

Comment 23 Jul 2015

It obviously helps both of the remaining candidates. I was just implying that Braxton would instantly be the best ball carrier on the field in a position that exploits his talents best. The affinity to getting him the ball would lead me to believe that JT instantly becomes a more effective QB in our offense.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Just that JT is more of the distributor behind the LOS type QB. He runs the best read options and triple options, and those plays would immediately be more effective if Braxton is the pitch man. The jury is still out on Cardale's ability to run the entire offense, rather than just rely on Devin Smith to bring down jump balls. Cardale was unstoppable in his own respect, but JT unlocked the entire Urban Herman offense.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I feel the exact way, Reminiscent90sBuck.

I wanted so badly for Braxton to make the team his again. But in a way, it still is. He will be a leader in that huddle and he'll be a leader through his actions on the field when his team needs something most. Braxton is and always will be a baller, you never questioned his will to win. Just adding another guy like that to the starting 11 on offense makes an unspeakable difference.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I'm thinking that Zeke and Samuel are gonna split snaps at TB about 70/30. Then Samuel will get less than 20 snaps in the slot, because that would mean taking Jalin/Dontre/Braxton off the field. You're definitely right about the quote, but I don't think it should be interpreted as a position change. Samuel is great, but he's probably our 3rd or 4th best ball carrier in all honesty. He isn't the true receiver that Thomas is, and Brown has to be on the field in the Spencer role. He's going to have a great Sophomore outing in specialty roles, but he'll be the main guy his Junior year.