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Comment 12 hours ago

Whoever downvoted you must just be having a bad day.

The saddest thing really is that MSU doesn't have as many NFL draft picks on that entire team combined as we had from our last class.

In hindsight, from the coaches' perspective it might have actually been more difficult to lose that game than to win it. We have all these athletes going to the NFL, but obviously the way to go in the season's biggest game was to have JT Barrett run QB power 20+ plays. 

In 2014 it appeared as though we gameplanned for MSU for the entire season leading up to that game. In 2015, it looked like we didn't know they were on the schedule until the week before. I'm sorry, but as pathetic as that schedule was there is no excuse for not being overly prepared for that game. I don't care if it's snowing shit balls.

Comment 16 hours ago

I wholeheartedly agree.

But Nick Saban decided to shit on this honorable notion and forced an entire conference to follow suit. 10 years later and the only teams not oversigning around the country are Stanford and Northwestern.

I'm an Exercise and Sport Science - Administration grad from UNC (I registered for classes that actually existed) and I will always place immeasurable value in free education for student athletes. However, this is the real world. If I receive an academic scholarship and post a 1.0 GPA in my freshman year - I lose the scholarship! It's just that simple. You can't make a promise and forget about it, both parties have to be held accountable throughout the deal. The other cold truth is that this business "employs" 18 year old kids - the stupidest people on the planet. So it's not Urban's fault that he plans for attrition - it would be more reckless not to.

We know that it's a business because even Urban Meyer can lose his job, and he's possibly the best there ever was at it. Being ethical is all well and good but Urban has a really nice job and I'm sure he'd like to keep it. There's a governing body over the institution of collegiate athletics and it's their job to set parameters. All you can ask a coach to do is to play within those boundaries. It's the NCAA's job to tell Urban when he's crossed the line, not Urban's job to figure out where the line is.

Comment 16 hours ago

Well I would strongly argue that Beanie was injured so frequently due to gross mismanagement. Well, maybe not mismanagement, just difference in offensive philosophy.

When he was the primary back we either had the living ice-statue Todd Boeckman or a freshman Terrelle Pryor as QB - running an offensive system as old as granite. He was literally the only ball carrier on the team, which contributed to his injury. He ran no more than 3 different types of running plays - with zero modifications pre snap. And I'm too lazy right now, but I'm also dead certain that every Urban back has averaged more yards before first contact than Beanie ever had the luxury of experiencing. If Beanie had the holes to run through that Hyde and Zeke saw he would have absolutely matched their production. I'm sorry, but my eyes will never allow me to believe that Beanie was only the 3rd most talented back we've had in the last 10 years.

Zeke and Hyde were products of a great system. Beanie was the system.

Comment 29 Apr 2016
You sir, have ice in your veins. People were responding to our expected success in the draft really weirdly. Remember a guy promising that we'd have 6 drafted and could have as many as 9 in the first round. I tried to bring him down to earth, and I'm too lazy to look up the conversation, but he was pissed! Overall still an epic night for buckeye nation.
Comment 28 Apr 2016

If you asked me, which you obviously did, I would say the difference in blocking schemes between Coop-Tress-Meyer has had less than a marginal impact on our run production - but that the QB coaching in the run game itself has paid massive dividends in the run game as a whole. That and a shift from game-management towards quick score offensive philosophy.

Troy and Krenzel were great situational runners when the designed play broke down or expired. But now with more designed QB runs, Urban and his QB coaches (mostly Herman) are teaching the nuances of the point of attack of the read. JT initially started over Cardale, in as few words, because he could take the unblocked D-lineman out of the play every single time we ran the read option. His mesh point with the RB is an actual thing of beauty. And when the QB is forcing the box to stay at home, freezing the linebackers, a gap savvy back like Zeke can just take and go.

It's not so much one thing that has allowed Urban to succeed with his backs, but the holistic system that attacks every inch of the field with little -to no predictability. Balance, not just in run/pass but HOW you run/pass. Equal parts between tackle, off tackle and jet sweep ground looks. Same number of hitches and outs as GO routes and drags. Understanding of specialization - sending guys like Jalin and Dontre into motion across the formation to alert the edge linebackers. Urban just understands how to spread a defense thin and shatter through it like glass.

I still to this day swear that Beanie Wells would have been Meyer's best RB. Zeke and Hyde were ballers, but they wouldn't have gotten half the yards that Beanie did in the Bollman offense... running the Dave. Every. Single. Play.

The zone-read, and all the packages that followed its invention, have quite literally changed the face of football. Or at least it's the face lift of the most efficient offense ever created - the Wing T/Veer.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

 We're probably not going to have 14 guys declare early for the '17 draft, after all 

Definitely not... well shit, who knows? hahaha

Urban is probably very forthcoming in his approach when it comes to this - it adds value to the scholarship offer to tell recruits that "this isn't for everyone." These kids know full well that this is a business - cough - Which explains why recruits mostly think that colleges are "profiting" off collegiate athletics, where in actuality football is just a glorified fund raiser for higher education - cough.

But Urban has to be telling these kids he plans for obsolescence. Literally: "If you don't meet expectations and improve, there will be a 2-year younger version of you coming for your job." To even go to a university like Ohio State is a privilege, to play for the football team is an honor. "You have the talent to be an NFL player or you wouldn't be here, take care of the small things and the world will be yours." 

Then 2 years later when things don't work out with that 5* DT that's passed up by underclassmen on the depth chart: "You didn't hold up your end of the deal, pay for the rest of your school like everyone else or pursue your love of the game elsewhere." It's kinda cruel, but it's becoming the unwritten fine print at the bottom of every scholarship offer. Because at the end of the day, there are A LOTTTTTT of people who would kill for that offer.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

What in the actual f*ck?

This actually makes so much sense on so many levels.

Kid lacks talent - works for TTUN
Harbaugh is a douche - "hires" high schooler from Columbus
TTUN can't win - nothing memorialized in the poster
TTUN can't win - can't find willing media designer
TTUN can't win - they will not get Wade

TTUN can't win.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

I feel greedy. 

We could literally skip this recruiting class with the freshman eligibility we have left on the roster and still not see a downfall in production on the field. Instead Urban tries to assemble the class with the single highest star average known to man. So now if the amazing athletes from previous years' classes don't perform they will be replaced by this year's amazing athletes. Bench-riding redshirt Seniors will not be found at Ohio State for much longer. And if a player isn't prepping for a starting position (and the NFL) after two years in the program they will probably be shown the door. 

Imagine if we hadn't lost to MSU and had another CFP appearance under our belt.. We could just take the top 20 players nationally and call it a class.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

It's incredible because it's not a wish list. It's our actual big board.

Life is actually Urban Meyer playing NCAA 13 on PS3, we're all just digital props and extras that formed conscientious thought.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Like Holy Shit.

I missed this thread by 14 minutes and I can't pick up a team??

Not sure if I'm disappointed or impressed.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

The brand is just so hot right now that Urban has 4* receivers as backup plans. He's playing the long con and swinging for the fences.

But welcome to Bluechipville, where commits make a spectacle of their recruitment and Jim Tressel never visits.

I loved how Tress did it with Ohio kids. But how many years did Buckeye Nation have to watch the Under Armor or Army All American Bowls knowing full damn well we weren't in consideration for ANY of the players making announcements during the game? Sure we would have a couple of commits playing in the game, but by that time in the recruiting cycle Tressel's classes would be nearly full.

Urban has brought the program into the big time, and we're competing nationally for recruits that we have to work harder for. We now have a coach that plays the game and puts the (at times seemingly unnecessary) effort into stroking the egos of the prima donna players. Some years, one or two of those special players hop on early and the flood gates bust open as the rest scurry to join the class. In this cycle, the B1G is much more competitive in the region and we're reaching further from the region, on top of being extremely tight on numbers and being in on the top available talent.

IMO this class is already cemented as one of Urban's best. Even if he only pulls half of the kids from his remaining big board and takes backup plans for the rest - we have 45 scholarship Freshman. The foundation is already here for years to come, every piece of this class is just icing on the cake. 

Comment 27 Apr 2016

This is why program success is such a part of this conversation. At a certain point it is demeaning to our brand value to ONLY claim "Linebacker U." We are much much more than one perennially stout position group. Penn State will stake this claim until their faces are as blue as their uniforms, because it's the only argument they are involved in.

They can have the label, I'll take multiple CFP appearances per decade, annual top-5 recruiting classes, and top-3 representation in the NFL. Not trying to sound like a sore loser, just calling a spade a spade.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Mike Thomas is definitely further along than Philly Brown was coming out of college. That being said he's an average NFL X receiver at best - for now. Buckeye fans haven't seen a prototypical X since Michael Jenkins, so the hype is understandable. Stack up Thomas to Kelvin Benjamin, Amari Cooper and Julio Jones though and he doesn't look quite so phenomenal.

I expect Thomas to go 2nd round and get some good PT as a rookie. He may refine his craft and become a serious threat in the redzone - he's a great player. It's just that Buckeye fans may have inflated expectations because we personally haven't had anything like him in such a long time. In the big picture though, a couple of Mike Thomas' can be found in each draft.

Not to sound like I'm bashing Buckeyes, but the Panther's receiving corp was generally known as the worst WR unit in the league. I love the Panthers, but they definitely over-achieved with the receivers that they had. Philly Brown would not have gotten that chance elsewhere, but at the same time you have to commend him for the job he did.

And finally, Braxton will be a very valuable pickup for somebody at the next level - but this is a business and he is a risk as an investment. If he is managed correctly capital could be quadrupled. You could also completely waste a rookie contract on him. GMs generally want to use first round contracts on guys that assume no risk, using first round picks on guys who are most likely to fulfill their value - not turn into stars. Braxton is a project, he should go late in the second round so as to maximize the return on his second deal. You turn him into a star at slot, or you let him go with minimal loss.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Well I think the Greg Schiano addition is just paying early dividends. In the spring game he was using the boundary corner to bring a sneaky speed blitz with no show, then buzzing the safety on that side to undercut the curl/flat for the intro. Malik Hooker has the ball skills and speed to sell that buzz and Denzel Ward has the closing speed rushing the edge to force a quick decision from the QB. Really reminds me of how Heacock used to package blitzes and coverages together. Simplify: bring pressure, show a hole, lure the offense, jump the hole. Very excited for this defense, lots of speed to go around - especially in the back end.

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Perry made his living off of positioning and savvy rather than tangible ability, so it's no surprise that he's willing to admit to the discrepancy in talent between him and Booker. And there have been times in Worley's career where he showed glimpses as a game changer - and times where he whiffed in the open field.

The key to the LBs' success will be consistency and understanding of the system. Each new starter on the defense is physically capable of out-performing his predecessor, it's just a matter of utilizing the talent with proper positioning. Consistent positioning comes after repetition. Repetition comes after trust. Trust comes after effort. And this is why I believe we could see anybody in the defensive 3-deep take a starting job at one of those open positions. Whoever wants it more will get it, the difference in talent across the board is negligible. 

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Wow, rather hopeful to say the least. To say that it's a forgone conclusion to tie a draft record?

I get what you're saying about Philly and Mike - that if Philly can start in the NFL then Mike should at least get a very good shot. The two couldn't have more contrasting skillsets though, and Brown back-peddled his way into a starting job at Carolina. Mike is a prototypical X-out for the NFL, but I highly doubt he goes in the first round. He looks much faster on a college field than he will at the NFL level. And Philly Brown is a slot guy that specializes in drag routes and sweeps, so I'm not sure how comparable the two really are other than considering whether or not they are good enough to make an NFL roster.

As for Braxton, I'm not sure you're considering accurately the gap size between leagues. He was a special ball-carrier at the college level for sure, but the NFL is filled with guys that have his ability - who have also been playing his new position their whole careers. We have a very fond memory of Miller as a scrambling QB - a running situation that makes most athletes look special. And while I would love to be pleasantly surprised by his NFL production, he simply will not be drafted in the first round - probably not even close. You can't be a "renowned pro" when you've refined your craft for only 2 years.

We will be very very lucky to have 5 go in the first round - and that's still a stretch. The future is intensely bright at tOSU, but let's not bathe in the whiskey barrel.  

Comment 25 Apr 2016

I know I'm biased, but if I were a graphic designer working for a major program I would be embarrassed to send that poster to a recruit.

Weak concept, lighting was way off, and the whole thing just seemed busy - hastily thrown together.

Silverman's designs make this one look like the product of a bored, Michigan high school student in a computer lab killing time between lunch and advanced PE.