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Comment 26 Nov 2014

This website has been my go-to for about 6 months now. Your's and Ross' write-ups are some of the best X and O articles on the internet. I've also done a lot of independent reading on old schemes and concepts because the UNC library is God.

When you think about all of the schemes of 4 or 5 packaged plays that Tom Herman has incorporated into this offense you start to get a feel for how unstoppable it can be. When one player is "hot," the offense calls itself. I could talk for days about Herman, Meyer, and what Chip Kelly brought to football in general. And apparently, you guys can too. Appreciate what you do, I often wish I had gone to school to do the same!   

Comment 25 Nov 2014

It's not video game logic, it's real life logic now that every offense is trying to be Texas Tech. Coaches absolutely care about balance in the stat sheet for multiple reasons. Recruiting is obviously one, but so is anti-scouting. When opposing teams' D-coordinators see how many yards JT has rung up, they are less likely to gameplan to try and make us one-dimensional. They can't watch all the tape, opposing coaches have to assume JT has a pretty decent arm. 

Also, the first key to success of the Tom Herman offense is to make the defense worry equally about the pass and run at the very beginning of the game. When he sees a defense trying to defend everything, the base offensive scheme can make them defend nothing. The balance in the stat sheet correlates with our ability to start fast.

1st and 2nd down. Coaches have to respect the pass on every down when passing stats are inflated, this obviously opens up the run.

Running and Passing stats are like positive feedback loops. The best way to dominate at one, is to dominate at the other. So every free yard you can add to the passing column, very useful even if completely psychological.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Part of the reason we're starting to use this so much, along with the QB leads and treys, is Zeke's ability to ALWAYS eliminate the second threat to the ball carrier. In the sweep TE has first threat to the ballcarrier that's not on the line. It's the RB's job to react and seal the second threat depending on the TE's choice. What we've created is a ball-carrier laden offense where every position is a hybrid. JT is a QB/RB, Zeke is a RB/FB, The H is a WR/RB and the TEs are all FB/TE/WR types. That and because Zeke is an UNBELIEVABLE lead blocker, JT and Jalin's jobs are cake as the ballcarriers.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

It's the base play of the perimeter scheme.

The restraint to the Jet Sweep is the fake Jet Sweep inside zone.

The restraint to that is the fake Jet sweep inside zone read. 

The restraint to that is the fake Jet Sweep flash screen. (Imagine a pre-snap sweep motion going from strong to weak side)

The restraint to that is the fake jet sweep TE seam/jailbreak. (Again, imagine the pre snap jet motion from strong to weak)

The restraint to that is the fake jet sweep rollout flood. (Our motion incorporates the sweep fake the other way)

Watching the game you can pretty much guess the playcall after jet sweep, it's gonna be one of these.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

Interesting that they have Langford higher than Cobb, I think Cobb may be the best 10 yard back in the country. And Coleman's speed is just on another level - Adrian Peterson-esque. I think both would be putting up similar numbers as Gordon at Wisconsin behind that line.

Either way, I expect the run defense to look nasty if they get a chance in the playoff.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Perry was the first there, his job is to engage the blocker, shed and try to tackle.

Curtis Grant ran right into his back, effectively taking both of them out of the play, we all saw it 10000 times. Curtis took a terrible angle and then Tyvis whiffed. Coleman was faster than everybody in our secondary and the back 7 took shit angles on two plays. 

They'll see it in film and shut down *ichigan for sure. Hopefully that will give them enough momentum to face Gordon or Cobb again.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

From a conference standpoint, it is impressive. Not conference-chant worthy, but it shouldn't be understated.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

What you're seeing is a "weaker than weak-side" LB trying to take down B1G backs as a RS Freshman. Part of Chris Ash's scheme is the walkout hybrid S/LB. We didn't have a player recruited for that personnel, so Worley and Lee filled in. Lee turned out to have amazing football savvy and speed, but his size is still an issue. Worley is a baller, but he's even smaller. The real issue right now is that we only have 2 legit linebackers right now - Josh Perry and Raekwon Grant.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

You literally beat me by 2 seconds.

Neither MDMA nor Adderral should be seen as PEDs, that idea is an extension of the ridiculous anit-drug construction of society. How in the hell is Noah supposed to play with a rager in his pants?

Even with just regular banned substances, we like to draw such crisp lines between what is and isn't a drug. I am not a bleeding liberal by any means, but if you're eating a BigMac once a day you'll have much greater health issues than if you use any banned substance once or twice a month. Yet McDonald's endorses Lebron, while hundreds of thousands across America are labeled as "criminals" because they consumed an "illegal substance."

I understand propensity for addiction, but you can become addicted to anything. If you've ever had 3 cups of coffee while you were in a good mood - you know what coke is like. If you've ever gotten a nude pic from your ex while you're drunk - you know what molly is like. If you've ever tried to stay awake through a tylenol PM while also being hungry - you know what pot is like. Excess is the evil here.

Now if a kid is soaking his headband in acid ala Jimi, then yeah, we have a problem. But rolling on a little molly? It's just not a big deal. The percentage of college kids consuming one of: MDMA/pot/coke/acid/shrooms is well over 50%. You'll never find a study that accurately portrays that, but it's absolutely true.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

For taking some X?

You do know Steve Jobs dropped acid, right? And any musician who is worth a damn brags about their consumption. I hate these double standards, I hate the stigma associated with the word "drug." There is probably more than one of our coaches who has an adderall prescription, but that's ok because it's not a banned substance. Why the hell is there even a test for ecstasy? Unless you're taking it on a daily basis, the neurotic effects will never be noticed. It isn't a performance-enhancing drug and basically alters the mind about as much as 4 cups of coffee.

For anybody who has ever tried molly... you're probably in the same boat as me in thinking that this is an absolutely ridiculous penalty.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

There's no one magic answer. Sometimes our interior line holds up awesomely and Curtis Grant looks like a monster. It's just that over the course of a game against a quality team, size and speed issues always show up. I think it has less to do with line depth, it's just that we're trying to get our best 4 out there on the line, and three of them should be playing the same position. No true guards or Vipers on the front, just a bunch of 3techs. The absence of Jamal Marcus and Noah Spence is killing us right now, the athleticism of those two made the front look more like a 3-4 and it gave the weak-side more pursuit and contain. 

This won't be a problem by next year, all of these freshman and sophomores will have gained enough weight to maintain leverage. It's just that right now we have an awkward mix of slow, run stop LBs and undersized, pass rushing interior lineman.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

There aren't many things keeping the run defense from being stout. Tevin Coleman at one point in the third had 150 yards on 22 carries, 90 of which came on one carry. That means he had 60 yards on 21 carries through the 3rd - which is pretty good.

The reason for the big runs, IMO is that we have undersized interior D-lineman and slow MLB play when Curtis is in. Steve Miller, Adolphus and Michael Bennett are all the same body-type, a solid 3 tech. We don't have a true NG/1-tech as Bennett and Wash are undersized. Steve Miller and Curtis Grant then lack the speed to make up for the size deficiency across the front. That means that Bennett and Washington have to control the interior for a little longer to give the "tacklers" time to clean up. When they're fresh that isn't a problem, but they have to do it every single rushing play to prevent the long runs. Urban was absolutely spot on when he made the comment about needing Munger and Carter to step up. Opposing teams' guards are getting their hands on our LBs too easily.    

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Because Ryan Shazier was the only LB in existence to mask just how poor the tackling in the back 7 is.

Darron Lee and McMillan need to add some weight to get these B1G backs down. Curtis is a hammer but he has trouble picking the right hole. Tyvis is a sure tackler, just takes bad angles at times (see the big run). Cam Burrows unfortunately can't play the run well at all (see 2nd big run).

Vonn Bell and Josh Perry are really the only guys that consistently took good angles all day.