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Comment 21 hours ago

Ok, yeah while I get what you are saying - I don't believe that 'vision' is some innate ability that you either have or don't have. There are dozens of variables that contribute to whether or not a LB is meeting ball-carriers at the LOS and padding them up - it's ambiguous and nearly impossible to summate that ability as just 'vision'. It's also absurd, to me, to suggest that a light bulb can't come on for a LB that allows him to develop into something special post-high-school career. But I'm not trying to have a semantics battle either, my only original point was that we haven't seen enough out of Booker to know if he has anything at all. He was injured in the first half of the season opener! Did you expect 3 TFLs and a pick-six in that amount of play?

What you say about Baker "seeing it" also narrowly contradicts your own assertion that Booker doesn't "see it" - because the coaching staff had Booker starting over Baker following an entire spring and fall camp.

I would also attribute Grant's lack of development to a processing handicap - I think it was very obvious from day 1 that he was a physical specimen that couldn't handle the mental load of MLB. But I'm trying to avoid coming off as condescending, I totally get what you mean - Katzenmoyer had it, AJ had it, Lauranaitis had it, Shazier, Rolle, Lee, etc. That animalistic instinct and understanding of the game coupled with a creatine-phosphate dependent muscle system found in 2% of humans. It's rare, it's special - but the coaches had to see something in Booker to give him the first shot over Baker last year, when it was so obvious that Baker was/is a freak.

People tried to say the same things about Gareon Conley after the MSU game, and about Taylor Decker after Kahlil Mack stole his lunch money - that they didn't get it, they didn't see it, they didn't have the high ceiling. But as long as we have the best coaching staff in America, I trust that the guys going in have plenty of vision and will end up on an NFL roster.

Comment 27 Mar 2017

What would lead you to believe that he didn't have enough 'vision' to play on the inside (whatever that means)? The point of the article is that we haven't seen him in action - at all, whatsoever. We don't know what his strengths/weaknesses are, and citing high school tape is irrelevant when discussing an upperclassman in college.

Dante is the most intriguing unknown on the defense, right up there with the replacement corner and safety alongside Denzel and Damon - respectively. Especially considering that he was special enough to sideline Baker - a superstar in his own right - for the beginning of last season.

This LB trio could be special - like Hawk, Carpenter, Schlegel special.

Comment 26 Mar 2017

Shorter players have shorter legs, which hurts them as distance increases. Shorter legs are useful for quick changes of direction and start/stop speed, but can only stride so long. Taller athletes have better times for intermediate and longer straight-distance sprints, because of stride length.

Usain Bolt is 6'5.

The truly amazing athletes have the ability to manipulate stride length and become a "shifty" runner in tight spaces, then lengthen to a sprint stride for straight line stretches. Like the Devin Hester and Ted Ginn types, who are both 5'11 with short torsos/long legs.

I don't know about the track team at OSU being bad, but it wouldn't surprise me if Urban wanted to collaborate with sprint coaches to keep Dontre fast with his added weight. So he may not have been a contributor for the track team, but who knows?

Comment 22 Mar 2017

But while that passing defense didn't even crack the nation's top 100 - the rushing defense was actually rather good.

Well yeah, because why run when it was so easy to pass on that D? lol

But the point remains, LB might not have always been a unit of strength under Fick - although it often was - there was never a severe dip in production out of that group.

First - nobody could spot that "diamond in the rough" kind of recruit better than him. 

Why he is going to straight kill it at Cincy.

There wasn't even a ripple when Schiano came in and tweaked things a little more last year. 

So true, and this ability of Fickell's was seriously overlooked. He may not be the pure 'leader' that an Urban Meyer is, but his ability to work with others and adapt for the sake of production is unmatched. The same way that a player can be coachable, Luke was extremely manageable - he worked well within the confines of a structured system.

Davis is gonna be good, but he may need to cater his teaching style to a younger audience slightly. While most of our LBs will be in the NFL, they aren't yet. And at this level, there is still a considerable amount of teaching that a coach has to do - ala LJ Sr. Just another case of you and I agreeing more often than not though, Phi. I don't think this program is where it's at today if not for Luke Fickell, and I really hope Davis can maintain that level.

Comment 19 Mar 2017
That's the thing, it's impossible to disassociate the jersey with the game it was worn in. I believe that the Stormtrooper and Dark Knight jerseys are two of the best designs ever made - and that the NC reds are slightly tacky because of the black shoulder number. That being said, I'll vote 2015 vs Oregon over anything, just because of how special that year was. It's like Cardale's face belongs behind that mask.
Comment 18 Mar 2017

Not petty - merely an indication of reality.

With Franklin winning his first conference title, we need to stomp out the tiny flame that is their current momentum. Each victory they have on or off the field keeps their ball rolling. It's not inconsequential, a victory over PSU in recruiting a 5-star DE is a very tangible victory - and somewhat dire in ways.

Time to put them in their place. Perception is reality, let them win this 5-star and they will think they deserve more. I'm all for the B1G being perceived as strong - so long as TTUN and PSU don't win a natty all the while.

Comment 17 Mar 2017

While the bigguns aren't technically "rushmen," yeah - point made. Next year will be as good a time as ever for a defensive lineman without the last name Bosa to make an impact as a Freshman.

Although a rotation of Bosa/Berry, Barrow/Landers, Jones/Hamilton, Cooper/Young doesn't sound too shabby either. LJS has this train rolling full speed, and there's no reason to expect anything less than the B1G's best DL for the foreseeable future.

Comment 17 Mar 2017

Same on Baker, but maybe not for the same reason. Like Tyquan Lewis and Nick Bosa to a lesser extent, Jerome is one of our few "playmakers."

Last year, you look at the defense and you say "Ok, who is going to do something to change/take over this game?" It was by far and away Malik Hooker, then Marshon. We don't win The Game without Malik, and we probably don't beat Wisconsin without Marshon. Then you look at the Oklahoma game, if the offense hadn't shown up the way it did (weird to say now), then Baker's pick-six might have been the deciding factor.

We have a very, very solid defense on paper - but if Baker, Lewis, or Bosa goes down, we could lose a tight game without that one big play.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Ok, but yeah, you're forgetting that Ohrian Johnson started an entire season over Vonn Bell and that Tyvis Powell started one over Malik Hooker.

Safety is a position where knowledge, understanding and consistency is more valuable than raw skill and size/speed. Pryor may get a couple snaps, maybe as many as Fuller did last year. It's just rare for underclassmen under Meyer to earn real PT at safety.

I expect whoever starts at Safety to have a breakout year, whether Fuller or Smith - the standard is first round NFL pick. I think Smith will be a stud, the dude stood out in mop-up time. Either way, a freshman isn't coming in and earning it over 13 other DBs. It's recency favoritism to expect otherwise.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

And then to act like (as a fan) JT's success has a bigger impact on your life than it does his.

So you honestly think he's hearing all of these so-called "fans" telling him to "get better" and his response is what?

"Oh yeah, I never thought of that, I guess I should do that. I only work on my game for the 12 hours a day that I'm not sleeping, eating or participating in classes, but I guess I can step it up." - JT Barrett

There's a reason Ed Warriner is the OL coach at Minnesota right now.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Sorry, just spent the last 10 minutes watching this. What was the thread about again?

Oh, JT?

He'll be fine. He was a Heisman candidate the last time he had competent coaching.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

I agree with you that LB is an area of strength - in run support, but we haven't had a MLB make plays in the passing game since Laurinaitis. And why keep 2 run-stoppers on the field just to play underneath coverage? Dare the offense to run for that 7 yards if it isn't 4-down territory, and play man across the board with two helpers over the top.

That's what Belichick does, 3rd and 5? Put 6 DBs on the field and make the offense seriously consider trying to run for it. You may get it once in a while - but you're not gonna get it consistently.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

I think Pryor is going to play a decent amount at safety this year

Over who? Damon Webb has one spot locked down and the other spot is between Jordan Fuller and Erick Smith, who have both already seen snaps. The loser between those two will see some mop-up duty, then there's Rodjay Burns, Jahsen Wint, Wayne Davis, and any one of about 2 or 3 CBs who could eventually transition to Safety as well. All of which have seniority over Pryor.

Pryor is a beast, but he has a couple years of ST ahead of him.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

I'd go a step further and even guess that we won't see the linebackers on the field at all on passing downs.

On 3rd and 7+ let Baker roam the middle of a 4-1-6 with Hubbard, Holmes, Bosa, and Lewis down, and the best 6 of our 14 DBs playing matchup zone. Play to the strengths of our personnel, get as many DBs and DEs on the field as possible and rotate.