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Comment 08 Feb 2016

Ever think that for a second somebody is threatening him to throw the game? So that ESPN can make millions on the Peyton narrative? So that one of the larger fan bases in the country can pump money into the merchandising sect of the economy? So that one of the smaller fan bases is sacrificed in the stead? So that Cam should be legitimately mad that forces outside of his own control made him do something he had never done before? Lose?

All of the people that point at Cam as a bad person are the same people that will never have to worry about carrying the hopes of an entire metropolis on their shoulders.

You are also no better than all of the people who called Jim Tressel a scumbag without knowing a thing about him.

Cam Newton has done more for more people than anybody on here will ever do. He has a right to be mad. 

I am a brother to everyone on here as a part of Buckeye nation, but Cam Newton is more than likely a better person than you, ESPECIALLY as a charitable human being and role model to young people.

I would withhold my opinion of him until you know all the facts. Cam Newton is the Carolina professional sports world right now, and he's doing a damn good job in his own way.

I dare you to laugh at him in his face, please.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

That may have been more a product of Curtis just being a really really awesome young man - as opposed to him necessarily being the most talented back. Obviously Zeke turned out to be everything you could ask for in a collegiate athlete too though.

I think Curtis has underachieved a tad bit - at no fault of his own. He seems to have all of the physical tools necessary, just that he couldn't quite "transcend the game" and take over. I'm hoping he has a Carlos Hyde type finish to his career, where he begins to realize his talent and just goes out to ball. He may have been too humble in his first 2 seasons? I don't know, but everybody can see the talent.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Selective recall or not, you'd have to be extremely selective in pointing towards a single instance of perfect balance in last years production.

Say what you want, but the 2015 offense did not for one second look like the 2014 version. Even in the Notre Dame and Michigan games we weren't balanced. We simply imposed our will with a more experienced O-Line, the best RB in the nation, and the best operator of the option in the nation (outside of Keenan Reynolds). We were too late in establishing our identity, and because of that our identity never maximized our potential. Cardale forced Urban to turn the pass game into a double-move air raid, because Cardale sucked at throwing the ball less than 5 yards. Then JT came in and the receivers hadn't seen a pass come out on time in so long that there was zero chemistry. Beck and Warriner realized this against MSU and tried to win a smashmouth game riding JT and the Q run.

Fleck was absolutely on point when he said that Bowling Green was their most explosive opponent. Because we not only weren't explosive and couldn't execute, we didn't even know what to CHOOSE to execute.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Well maybe when it was Urban's recruits vs. Tressel's recruits - yeah, a guy like Hubbard would have been capable of those numbers in his first year. But now that Urban's recruits are competing against Urban's other recruits, redshirts will be more common. It may not be what some fans or recruits want to hear, but more freshmen redshirting points at a healthier program. Ideally, you would want your entire freshman class to take a redshirt - because that would mean that the previous classes had less holes and busts.

Let's talk now about how awesome LAST YEARs signing class was, because now would be the more appropriate time to do so.

Thanks for the endorsement though lol

Comment 08 Feb 2016

I agree about Cam as well.

People have a lasting impression of him 2 years ago in the MSU game when he was obviously unprepared for the moment he was thrown in. He made some great plays after that, but Gareon Conley and Eli Apple were just ballers that had to be on the field.

People forget that you need to have seniority on the field somewhere, and sacrificing a little bit of talent to have that leadership present is totally worth it in most cases. Except for Ohrian Johnson. He was.... bad.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

This one factor is huge, and it will absolutely be what determines how good we can be this year.

You don't hear this often, but this team will only go as far as the defensive tackle play allows it to. Tommy Schutt, in retrospect, was (sadly) a gigantic bust. However, last year with the exceptional play of our outside linebackers you couldn't tell how bad the interior line was until the MSU game. IF (and this is a colossal if) we can field just one All-B1G DT, we can make the playoffs. The combination of a young, hesitant outside-LB corp and a D-Line that doesn't take up blocks will spell doom for our run defense though, and equal Meyer's worst season at Ohio State. The safeties will be glorified corners in this year's defense so the run defense will completely rely on the front 7. We desperately need somebody to step up on the interior line.

Mark it down, that's going to be the main determinant for the success of this season.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Well I understand the hype, it's hard to escape the cheerful feelings surrounding signing day. But in my opinion it's a little disrespectful to the players who are already on the team that have paid their dues to start at Ohio State.

Not one player in this latest class has the right to walk onto that field and play - not Nick, not McCall. It still has to be earned.

Now do I hope that there is a Ted Ginn Jr. or Beanie Wells in this class that is a once in a generation type player that has to see the field immediately? Obviously. But claiming that there is one of those every year will make you forget how TRULY AWESOME it is when you do have one of those guys.

It just drives me crazy that there were 239,484,782,048 threads about Torrance Gibson this time last year and that there will be 5 this year.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Noah Brown and Corey Smith will have the best production among B1G receiver duos. I think Noah will be relied on heavily in the first few games while we're breaking in the new pass pro. A guy with that size and those hands is never truly covered, and should prove to be a playmaker and a safety valve.

I'm expecting Baugh to drop some weight and become more of a pass-catching option, because like you said, we have a multitude of tight ends that could come in as extra tackles the way that Baugh did last year. And that takes almost zero experience to be successful doing.

The fun part of this year is that, like in 2014, there are SO MANY unproven commodities. And with the way that Urban has been recruiting lately, it's safe to assume that at least a few of the new starters will be household names by the year's end.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Urban hasn't really ever had a two-headed rushing attack, unless you wanna include Braxton/Hyde. However, this could be the year that we see a more diverse run game - which would allow for more options in the backfield. I think early gameplans will include designed runs for 1a. Curtis 1b. Weber 2. JT 3. Dontre 4. Noah Brown(!) and 5. Parris Campbell. Just to see what the youngins do in the spotlight and because we don't have a proven commodity outside of JT. I'm not sure that Williams makes his mark this year, but I would love to be wrong.

I'm excited to see Noah get some carries, because I feel that he could be the part of Urban's system that has yet to manifest in Columbus. As of now our edge attack has been small and fast, intended to punish OLBs for leveraging the inside zone. With Brown back we have the added perimeter POWER run to clear the big guys out of the defensive box in that way.

I'm still on record having said that Noah going out last year was the "Christian Bryant-sized" loss that couldn't afford to happen. He was going to be that utility flex TE/H-back that did a little bit of everything ala Evan Spencer. Really looking forward to having him back on the field.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Just grin and bear it man... It happens every year.

For some reason people forget that our previous recruiting classes are just as good, if not better, than the one we just had. It's science, new cars are faster because they're more shiny.

I'm expecting Corey Smith and Noah Brown to both have a breakout '16. JT at QB all year plus not having the homerun threat of Zeke should equal us depending on perimeter (blocking) runs with the hybrid backs and intermediate/short passes. 

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Just like Torrance Gibson, Mike Weber, and EGW were going to impact last year?

Not trying to attack you man, but how many years are we gonna list incoming freshmen as "hopeful contributors" for the upcoming year? I understand that this is a rebuilding year, but if you look at the last two classes compounded, there are very few openings for this class to make an impact at. Once again, I'm with you on hoping that McCall and Nick are special players, but can't we list one of the 4-5 DEs or 2-3 H-Backs already on the roster so that we don't look unrealistic?

Now to answer the question, I think Jalyn Holmes could be special, and Michael Hill has shown flashes. This defense is gonna have to be the Raekwon and Tyquan show early on, but I'm also really excited about the new safeties - there is some serious talent back there with Lattimore, Webb and Smith. 

On the offensive side of the ball I'd like to see Curtis get his fair share of touches finally, but I think we're going to see a more talented (albeit less experienced) O-line than we've ever seen under Urban. Isiah Prince and Jamarco Jones are definitely upgrades - tangibles wise, and at the skills positions it's really a matter of volume and probability. There are too many highly regarded athletes in the WR room for somebody to not step up. I'm thinking Corey Smith is gonna be a beast for us, and the combo of Noah Brown and Marcus Baugh should be pretty solid. Is Dixon healthy yet/still on the team? Either way, I look to see a lot of Curtis and Dontre on the field at the same time, either one being spelled by Parris Campbell.

The 2016 offense should be much more balanced with an experienced QB at the helm and question marks at RB. We do know we're going to run the ball, we just don't know what that's gonna look like without Zeke.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

He's light right now, but I think his hips and shoulders are a little broader than Joey's. The staff will probably treat him like Adolphus as a freshman: let him pass rush from the inside and slide outside on short yardage plays. At least until they can get his weight up to around 280.

I'm very concerned (as is everybody) about the DT position. We have all kinds of depth, just not one guy you can point at to be that plug in the middle. Michael Hill has shown glimpses for sure, and the combination of Sprinkle and Munger are serviceable. I just expect a lot of growing pains in stopping the run with new OLBs and new DTs. The talent is there though.

Also, is Darius Slade still on the team? And could he slide inside? I remember him being one of the hand-picked gems of Larry Johnson's.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Pretty much my sentiment exactly.

Only the Herman led teams didn't have 12+ proven NFL players on the roster, this one did. Any other year I would be an adamant Beck defender, but 2015 was supposed to be THE year that we were waiting for. This was the year that everybody was pointing at as our chance to build something unbelievable. The QB situation hurt, and that's on Meyer. But you know what Herman did in his first QB controversy? He gave his boss input, and that input was correct. Beck didn't make a wrong decision ever, because I'm not sure he was trusted to even make a decision. And he did nothing to earn that trust.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Really? We're talking about the college coach that gets as much face time on ESPN as any other coach in any sport. And he doesn't care about perception? College football is still a product that is consumed by the fans, and his main job as head coach is to oversee the operations of the biggest revenue generator that the University has. Make great men, be an ambassador of the great state of Ohio, give back to the community, these are all accessory jobs - not the primary objective. His main job is to put asses in seats and glue eyeballs to TVs.

Is he going to let the public opinion be the basis for all his decisions? No, but you best believe he's going to listen to a fan base as big (and knowledgeable) as Buckeye nation. Perception isn't truth, but it can be more important than the truth. **See all of the opinions of the recruits who visited during whatever it was we were watching against MSU. How does Tim Beck explain that performance to Benj Victor or Kareem Walker?

And then there's the psychological affect that "boos" from the crowd has on your team. If you run a 3rd straight QB draw on 3rd down for two yards and the crowd goes apeshit, how do you think the players feel?

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Because we live in a "What have you done for me lately?" society. The public dissent of Beck alone is enough reason to "fire" him.

I would completely understand if the lack of execution was the effect of implementing a new system, but it wasn't. Same system, same players, no improvement.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Based off precedence.

I'm not saying that it's the right thing to do or that it will even happen. But Urban already found one busted hire a head coaching job after a season, so he's not past pulling the plug early.

My personal opinion? (Thanks for asking) Urban moving Warriner to the box was conceding defeat. At that point, to take one of the best OL coaches in the game off the sideline, it seemed to me that Urban had accepted the staff's shortcomings.

Did Beck just have a shallow learning curve? Is Urban going to give him one more year to finish learning and start implementing? Possibly.

All I'm saying is that there is PLENTY of reason to speculate Beck's departure.

Comment 06 Jan 2016


This is one of the premier football discussion sites in existence.

Just goes to show the strength of Buckeye Nation.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

I think this is a topic every Buckeye fan should follow. There's always a good chance for staff turnover when the expectations are so high, either because those expectations were met or they weren't.

Isolate the root cause guys. Beck will be taken care of, but I think he needs to show himself the door.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Michael Thomas was redshirted when Philly Brown was our #1 receiver, and we have proven talent at WR with Brown and Wilson returning with a bunch of young burners.

You might wanna hold your horses on the Austin expectations.

Now, if you wanna re-vamp the TG hype, I'm all for that.

Comment 21 Dec 2015

Nah, me and my rooommates have just been life-long Panther's fans and football players. It's way easier to have an attention to detail and hyped focus for your team when in two years' time they transformed from the "Cardiac Cats" into the "Perfect Panthers."

We literally talk for hours on end about Panthers football, because it's so different having those conversations be happy ones.

Comment 21 Dec 2015

I 1000% agree.

I guess the thread could definitely be perceived as a troll-effort, because I didn't really set up any narrative to allow a dissenting opinion. But then again, I felt so strongly about the issue that I conceived it impossible to support said dissenting opinion. That being that Tim Beck wasn't Urban Meyer's first bad hire.