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Comment 07 Jan 2017

I don't know that he's anything special in actual coaching.  However, he excels in recruiting and rah-rah enthusiasm.  A high-energy, hyperactive hire, for sure.  

Comment 25 Dec 2013

Big Hearted People getting together to have fun and do good things for people in need makes for a really nice Buckeye Christmas article.  

Three Cheers to "Eat Too," its continuing success, and the good people behind it!  

Comment 16 Dec 2013


This is going to add some starch into the "D" before long.  

So glad to have a great kid like Raekwon on board.  Comes from a Great Family too.  Wonderful combination.


Comment 14 Dec 2013

It means exactly what I said.  Not all 15 year olds are equally mature.  Some are still caught up in more childish pursuits, blow with the winds of whatever is around them, are only about themselves, have no self-discipline or ambition, are only interested in satisfying their immediate (mostly shallow) appetites, have a very limited ability to take a longer view of life, etc.   Other 15 year olds are mature enough to rise above a lot of that while still being normal, healthy teenagers and are planning, looking forward to what happens down the road, and preparing for the future.  Danny Clark strikes me as the latter which is why I used the word "mature."  Still have a problem with it?  People who are DV-ing me for my comment have the opposite problem; a lack of maturity.