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Comment 09 Jan 2017
In the interest of being consistent and avoiding hypocrisy, I will state that going out of one's way to start a fight is not a good look. When Manziel was doing stuff like this and throwing up dollar signs celebrations, everyone killed him for being too cocky, etc. All the A and M fans said he was just a confident kid having fun. If it's BS when it's another team's player, then it's BS when it's our team's player, too.
Comment 29 Nov 2016
This. Even if one is justified in one's frustration, swearing at the refs and throwing a temper tantrum is probably not the best way to win them over and start getting calls. He actually said something like "they should be watching the game and not the sidelines. " Wellll, when a coach is throwing tantrums (as well as other objects) 10 yards onto the field of play, it's bound to draw a little attention.
Comment 27 Nov 2016

I'm not a coach or even close, but JT looked like hot garbage for most of the game.  Some of it, for sure, is because he never felt comfortable in the pocket and receivers weren't always getting much, if any separation, but he seemed to hold the ball  A LONG time and he missed or didn't see several open guys.  I'm not a quarterback, never been a quarterback, and don't think I could play any better, but JT contributed to the struggles for much of the game yesterday.  That being said, he actually seems to relax when games go to OT.  When it's crunch time, he almost always makes a play, and he also deserves credit for a lot of the comeback and breaking that team's will in OT.