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Comment 05 Sep 2014

Ok, my weekly game summation.  Since they didn't listen to me last week and start off punching Navy in the mouth, i'll reiterate.  COME OUT punching in the mouth!  Attitude Attitude Attitude!  Be more aggressive than them and let them know who they're playing.  JT, relax and remember how you calmed down in the 2nd half and even ran the ball well.  (Don't hesitate for the read option, i think you got it).  O Line...block your asses off.  You'll be tested...hold your ground and let the fast guys have time to execute.  You guys do this and VT will have bloody noses at halftime.

Show the fans you guys are who we think you are.  We know what you got, you could go all the way.  You need to impress tomorrow.

That is all.............  GB

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Week 2 message to the team.  Don't be shook.  JT, calm down, play confident like you did in the 2nd half.  Read option more, O Line:  Block for his A$$.  Use the weapons ........Samuel, Dunn, Dontre, Heurmann,(sp).. Devin, Smith, .........don't be shy ...just play with more aggressiveness than they do.  Intimidate them!  I said this last week...listen to me now..hear me later.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Honestly, although the Middies looked like a pretty good team, I think we're being blessed at being #8.  I saw A&M, I saw Louisville, FSU, M State and I gotta tell you........we gotta get better on the O line

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Ok i don't post often but being its 18 hours to game time, i have to say to the Buckeyes.  Play with the idea that you're going to destroy them by 50 points.  Complete domination on defense then execute on Offense.  Show the world the Buckeyes are for real WITHOUT Brax.  Create fear in your enemies with  your play.  Make the SEC stand up and wonder.  A&M did it last night.  Bucks can do it too.  MAKE A STATEMENT.  I'm fully confident.  You be confident to, team.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Lots of unanswered guys, lots of talent.  I want to believe that they "HAVE IT"...the chemistry to annihilate opponents on Defense......move the ball with ease with all the weapons on offense,  and make all the sportswriters eat their words as well as opponents FEAR us by game 4.  By Nov 8  I want all the media to be saying we'll take down Mich State.  But to be fair, we do need M State to beat Oregon, and Wisky to beat the Bayou Bengals and the team up north to pound ND.  Excitement is an understatement.  GO BUCKS... can't wait.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

This (Brax's injury) could be a blessing in disguise.  Gotta think of it that way.  JT Barrett very well may emerge to be that next Freshman standout and take us to the "Show".  Go Bucks, 6 days.... wow.......