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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Tie: Watching James Harrison rumble for a 100 yard interception return in the Super Bowl, and watching OSU beat Miami in the 2002 title game.
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Comment 05 Feb 2014

Guys on 97.1 talking about this very subject.  Funny how three recruiting services have us in the top 5, and ESPiN has us 7, recently dropping below one of their beloved, Florida.  Maintain the narrative guys.

Comment 12 Dec 2013

But with Pall Malls, you can guard against that pesky throat scratch.  Let a carton of Pall Malls say Merry Christmas for you!

Comment 10 Dec 2013

Heard Krenzel mention this yesterday and agree with him in thinking we have more to lose by playing Clemson than they do playing us.  Should be an exciting game either way.

Comment 05 Dec 2013

I've noticed a decrease in Braxton's accuracy overall since he started to wear gloves when the weather turned colder. 

Comment 03 Dec 2013

your profile pic is sweet, can you point me to it?

Comment 20 Nov 2013

I love seeing old color game pics like this one and imagining what it would have been like to be there.

Comment 12 Nov 2013


The safeties read the number 2 receiver to their side of the field. If the receiver blocks, the safety comes downhill against the run. If they release vertically, the safeties will play the receivers in man coverage. And if the receiver breaks in or out, the safety will pass that receiver off inside or outside, expecting that another receiver will appear in their area.

In a cover 4, it would seem like the safety could be fooled on a delayed run play by having that number 2 receiver run a vertical route instead of immediately going into a block to pull both the db and the safety towards them and possibly opening up a running lane.

Comment 19 Nov 2012

Thing 5.5: Ball's freaking fumble that somehow, even after the review, was called down!  That would have been huge for us.

Comment 25 Oct 2012

Low 50's and rain Saturday night in State College.  Hopefully we'll be able to pass.  I would think that if neither team can establish a passing game due to weather, that would favor us.

Comment 23 Oct 2012

Couldn't agree more with this:


Miller has always played better in games when he (and the coaches) feel that his legs are necessary to win the football game. He gets more in the flow of the action, which makes him more comfortable as a passer as well as a runner.

Comment 23 Oct 2012

This is what happens when you have a video coordinator for a qb coach, and a coaching staff that often values years in the system over talent.

Comment 23 Oct 2012

Can't wait, I know I'll be there cheering for all of them.