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Comment 06 Oct 2011

12 OSU

10 NEB

Martinez goes bye-bye this game, you guys get FG off t.o.'s.

Comment 30 Sep 2011

I'm glad you C.P.'s got the jab, reguardless I don't think Mark Dantiono has it in him to beat his "Tragic Hero's" former team.

So what that Ed's from Ohio, Did you know that your last MNC QB was from MI?

Comment 29 Sep 2011

14-10 Ohio


MSU has no O-line.

You guys get two T.O.'s on Sparties side of the field due to pressure. MSU gets a freshman freebie T.O. by Miller.

Comment 01 Aug 2011

ND has had some "smoke" surrounding a rape/suicide being buried on Kelley's watch reported by the Chicago Tribune. 

Comment 26 Jul 2011

Guys on "Movin the Chains" (Sirus) said most of the time one guy makes the team, one guy make the practice sqad. Agree with the deck stack against them but they are also healthy without having to go through the draft process and OTA's.

Comment 20 Jul 2011

Michael Floyd may miss the opening series of the first game as punishment, Kelly has proven to be about on par with Mark Dantonio when it comes to discipline.

Comment 19 Jul 2011

Would love to see Texas and Oklahoma try to keep that conference together. Oklahoma could go with A&M leaving TX to go independent while the rest of the XII wait till the PAC expands and the rest to go WAC/MTW. The B1G should set this one out until ND calls us then I'm sure one of the NY/NJ market teams will be brought into the fold. 

Comment 08 Jul 2011

***Warning UM fan comment*****

Good move for him reguardless of the near future of OSU. I just hope he stays in the CFB ranks and one day is the Head Coach for you guys. I always thought C. Spielman would make an awsome coach,it's to bad he never took that route (favorite booth guy though).

Comment 04 Jul 2011

He'll be the coach, the University will have a whole season to do a coaching search and do damage control. I wonder if the PAC12 commissioner will step in. No USC/Orgeon in the first PAC champ game? 

Comment 20 Jun 2011

Anyone know when this will be aired on cable? I thought ESPNU or NFL Network carried it the last couple of years.

Comment 10 May 2011

Rumor was that Lloyd wanted out after 05 and Bo talked him out of it. 2007 Lloyd was on "cruise control" letting Mike Debord and Ron English do the heavy lifting, even after App St. UM's AD "Sailor" Bill Martin said "Lloyd could coach as long as he wanted". He would of never been fired.  

Lloyd was gone regardless even if it was 14-3 UM in 2007.

Comment 09 May 2011

Joe Schad (ESPN CFL) just said Football and Basketball. Not that ESPN is the end all of sports reporting.