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Comment 14 Nov 2014

Lots of under-face tix on stubhub. I'll see you there...

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Love it when an out-of-town news outlet does a story on an intelligent, altruistic, generous (and oh yeah, really athletic) Buckeye. Awesome PR. Tress knew what he was doing when he recruited Josh Perry.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

you got it... and Cheech & Chong and Public Enemy, LOL. Here's a pretty spot-on list of all the samples and references: 

Comment 20 Oct 2014

You, sir, are in rare company. I haven't heard the term "drive by egging" since the Beastie's on Paul's Boutique. "Drive by eggings plaguing L.A. / Yo they just got my little cousin ese." Treat yourself this morning to a little Egg Man breakfast...

Comment 02 Jun 2014

Congrats Lady Bucks! Huge accomplishment.

Pardon the plug, but College of Engineering just posted an Athletics Engineered video last week featuring the women's rowing team. Worth a look if you have 3 minutes...


Comment 13 Sep 2013

Yes GWALTHER... this exact suggestion has popped up occasionally before. Great riff, ideal sing-along/chant (O-o-o-o-o-Ohio---io), and Patrick and Dan are all about the O-H. Eleven Warriors is the perfect vehicle to make this happen: Ramzy writes a poetic piece for the site (aslo submitted as op-ed in Dispatch), an 11W intern starts a student/campus petition, and 11W patrons send succinct/polite emails to Athletics Dept.

Comment 13 Feb 2013

So, Harbaugh is screaming at the refs, right? I want cake! I want cake now! I was like, Is this guy serious? I mean I love cake, but I wouldn't even do that. And he was their first choice?! I'll send you the link.

Comment 11 Feb 2013

and really, how "bad" is that loss to Illinois looking now? The Buckeyes will dance with a 4 or 5 seed (3 if we upset IU at home or UM/IU in the tourney). They'll be battle-tested come March, and bracketologists will tab them the team the top seeds want to avoid. Pretty sure most of us agree that this year is wide open. We're lucky to have become spoiled, so I'll take that outcome.

Comment 05 Oct 2012

First reference to Pavement on 11W? If so, cheers. If not, double cheers. While 87% of 11Dubyans don't know Pavement as a band, don't be surprised if Malkmus and the lads are voted in the Hall within 5 years due to mucho influence on countless current bands.

Also, before I forget this random thought (of which I'm too often apt): you need to manufacture a reason to title something "This One Goes to 11W" (Brit accent helpful, but not required). Could be for tracking media mentions of 11W, could be for crowd hype/noise assessments, or maybe for a monthly feature interviewing Ohio musicians/bands (Keys, OAR, Pollard, Legend, etc.) about their love of Buckeyes sports. But in the name of Christopher Guest, something.

Comment 28 Aug 2012

Indeed. I'll meet ya halfway and suggest Block O (or hell, Coach Mick) teach the crowd how to sync OOOOOOO-O-H-I-Oooooohhh with the Seven Nation Army's riff. My kids do it, and it works well. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something anti-blue.

Comment 28 Aug 2012

While 'tis a great song, I agree. For one, Penn St. was the first CFB program to use it. For two, the immensely talented Jack White hails from TSUN. The perfect alternative is the Black Keys' b-side "Ohio," already utilized adeptly by 11W after a victory. Close your eyes and imagine the entire Shoe screaming, "O-o-whoa-o-whoa-OHIO! HIO!"

Comment 22 Jun 2012

An "Ohio Rocks" all-day, 2-stage show could get 50,000+ in there. All Ohio-connected bands: The Black Keys, Afghan Whigs (back together and touring), The National, Guided by Voices, John Legend (for the ladies), Devo, The Ohio Players (for the funky, and the old timers), Lydia Loveless, The Breeders, Heartless Bastards, New Bomb Turks, Scrawl, Times New Viking. Who am I forgetting? Warren, OH's Dave Grohl could be the MC/host and sneak in a few acoustic FF songs. The Rock Hall then brings down a travelling exhibit from Cleveland. After expenses, profits go Stephanie Spielman Fund. I'm ready to volunteer.