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Comment 28 Jun 2014

Seem to me that guys like Craft and Smith's shooting got worse. Ross didn't ever really improve. Amir still is the same. Is Shannon Scott ever going to do anything special? Love that Thad is our coach but I am not sure he does much better then "Good" at developing talent. Just keep recruiting studs and we'll be fine. No projects.

Comment 03 Feb 2014

Next year should be a big year. The Bucks need to keep the insate talent and the future will be strong

Comment 03 Jan 2014

If our receivers can catch the ball inbounds (see Spencer) or catch wide open passes that don't sail into the stands (see Miller's pass to Brown) and we feed Hyde until Clemson cries for mercy we should score at will.

If Reeves shows like they say he practices and Powell holds his own we might get a few stops. Bosa might be the X factor tonight giving Bennet and Washington a chance to colapse that pocket.

Maybe Barnett gets a pick and actually tries to get yards instead of taking a dive (see 3rd qtr MSU)