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Comment 23 May 2014

As my waistline has expanded over the years, I have grown quite fond of the term, "husky".  All I can think of when I hear the term "rugged" is that Dr. Pepper Ten commercial with the flannel-dude toting around tree trunks and canoeing with his bear buddy.

Comment 13 Sep 2013

Did you guys notice that Kenny Guiton ran a ton more of the speed/power style option (pitch) than the standard zone (handoff) read?  I really haven't seen Braxton run the speed option as much as they have Guiton running it.  I will say this though - Kenny runs it extremely well and it was fun to watch - he makes the pitch at the perfect time by sucking in the defender.  I will say that as far as NCAA14, the read has now become easier to run than the pitch Johnny, I can never figure out what the defender is doing until it's too late.  Try running the inverted veer after running the read option - now that will screw you up.

Comment 30 Jul 2013

Is it bad that my favorite part about this article was the subtle mouse-over on the "I'm Fat - Let's Party" picture?  I guess we really don't mature past the age of 16, but then again, I've never seen a downside to that...

I will say this in response to the article though:  Had there been a camera on me every weekend when I was 20-21, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be proud of everything I did.  However, I think we need to separate judgment between dumb actions and violent actions.  Johnny Hangover is just a trainwreck that we can't stop looking at because it keeps getting thrown in our faces.  The Pee 'N Flee scandal was pretty much the same to me.  More of a joke than anything else.  No need to get upset about it.  Just sit back and relax...September is almost here...

Comment 20 May 2013

Hah...Nice, Beth Mowins...

I sincerely hope we don't have to listen to her as much this year.  I figured it was just part of our sanctions last year to go along with our bowl ban.  I don't know which one was more cruel.

Comment 27 Mar 2013

Yeah, he definitely took his fair share of hits last year.  As you said - his frame is not an issue from what I can see.  He's got all the physical tools to succeed, and based on the personnel we have working with him, hopefully the improvements in the passing game and our deep HB roster can help lower his rushing attempts - hopefully we can keep him from having to run 20+ times; that's just a ton of abuse, as Urban obviously knows.  I'm always on the edge of my seat during a Miller run because one hit to a planted leg is all it takes...scary.  I think he's going to have a great 2nd year in the Meyer/Herman offense though.

Comment 27 Mar 2013

I'm with you guys (Andy/Lou).  I never understood the hatred for Tebow other than just chalking it up to pure jealousy.  Hard-working, clean-cut, and successful...I guess that's the formula that people just can't stand.  That said, I personally do not know either Craft or Tebow, but from what I've seen, they handle themselves very professionally, they are well-spoken, and very respectful. 

I think what bothers me the most is that you have guys like Daniel Tosh making Tebow the butt of his stand-up jokes, along with the talking heads on sports radio/TV that have no other substance to work off of other than cheap shots at guys like Tebow.  And a lot of people eat it up.  It's really just not that funny to me.  The media has just taken Tebow to a whole other level that we rarely see with a career-backup QB (and I say that respectfully, knowing he'll make a lot more money than I ever will while doing what he loves most). 

Makes you wonder what would happen if Tebow were ever caught doing something 'human'.  ESPN (the same guys who praised him), would be the first in line to sensationalize the 'fall'...all in the name of ratings, I suppose. 

Comment 10 Jan 2013

Wow...I didn't realize Pete Johnson had that kind of yardage the same year...

I love watching a great tandem back system - too bad I was born in '82 - I missed out on getting to see the legends from the ten year war. 

I think Miller/Hyde will do just fine for now though.

Comment 10 Jan 2013

I thought it was a typo at first...I didn't realize that Griffin tallied only 4 TD's in his Senior campaign in which he won the Heisman.  Granted, I don't have stats from the other finalists that year, and OSU was undefeated at the time which swayed some voters, but it really puts in to perspective how much the game has changed since then just looking at these stats alone.