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Comment 16 Oct 2010

pryor was 4/11 for 25 yards after the 1st half.  Tell me if that was due to TP, or WR's, or our O-line?  Seriously, I didn't see enough plays to be able to make a decision.  In my mind this game was not due to offensive deficiency, it was due to our defense allowing Wisconsin to have their way with us.  What about our stout rushing D???? What about our suffocating pass defense??  I'm a casual fan and it looked like wisconsin did whatever they wanted to do in the first half.  We came out and shoved it down their throat in the 2nd half, but than aftewards we allowed them to put together another long drive to put us behind the 8 ball.  How did our defense suck that badly???  I didn't notice any special calls by the Wisconsin offense, just that we consistently gave up 6-7 rushing yards on first down.  Felt like we got pounded into submission.  Don't ever want to feel like that again.

Comment 16 Oct 2010



2nd half started and I was super psyched.  Power run game, selective passes.  Boom ran it right down their throat.  We had talked all year that our special teams would come back to bite us in the ass and this game proved it.  Pryor looked spooked all game long, not sure if that was his fault or the o-line's fault.  Thought that our D-line would cause all kinds of problems but their o-line was humbling.  How could that be given that our D-line faced the same o-line last year???   So much of this game left me scratching my head.  Not sure what to think about our offense or our defense.  Losing Homan definitely hurt, but I felt that our safety play was absolutely atrocious, we really missed Barnett out there tonight.