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Comment 20 Jan 2015

Take a look at the offenses that 02 team went up against guys.    Texas Tech in their heyday, Wash St, Michigan when they were real good and that Miami team that had Winslow, Andre Johnson and McGahee to name a few.  That Cinci team was pretty good so was that Penn St team with Larry Johnson.  As good as our D was by end of year this year we gave up 35 to Bama and their trio of Henry/Yeldon, Cooper and Sims doesn't touch the aforementioned trio of Hurricanes.  We were also prone to TOs in many games this year and I don't think our 2002 team would have squandered the opportunities that others did against us.   I love this years team but that collection of guys in 2002 was pretty special too.  The 02 team had that ability to completely shut down good offenses (held PSU to 180 TOTAL yards... lowest of Paternos career to that point)  while this team was great at times defensively we were not dominant for 60 minutes but once (BiG title game).   

Comment 12 Jan 2015

Well, everyone did keep thinking that the Bills were due and Kelly was as accomplished a pro QB as there was.  Mariota is outstanding, the Ducks are 'due'  but .....................  they still gonna lose!!!!

Comment 11 Jan 2015

If winning national championships is the measuring stick then yes they aren't blue blood status but they have been in the discussion for quite  few years in a row.   My hat is off to them.

Comment 11 Jan 2015

 As the moneybags paying his way through college, I nixed Miami ;-)

Well done sir!

Comment 11 Jan 2015

I gotta say though, I cant really criticize Oregon fans who have only been watching football for 15 years.  They have really only been relevant for 15 years so naturally a lot of people just weren't huge CFB fans before then.  Winning brings in fans.  Just because we have 7 more championships and 70 years of playing high level football doesn't make all our fans more knowledgeable per se.  In THIS generation, Oregon is a blue blood.   FSU was a girls school prior to the 60s and didn't start winning football games regularly til the 80s and they have a place with the biggest of the big boys.  I hope they don't pass an Oregon rule.  That would be a bullshit way to counter what they do. Everything they do is within the current rules of football so screw the Sabans and Bielemas. 

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Randy Vataha.......   that is a stupid name   ;-)

Comment 11 Jan 2015

All so true Cooper

I also remember just poring over the box scores in the Sunday sports section.  All the days games were on a couple pages and I would just look at the Buckeye game for hours seeing the line:   1st qtr-   P.Johnson 2 yd run (Conway kick) 11:34    and immediately see Pete Johnson running off left guard and plowing into the end zone carrying 2 defenders.   I would do this with each entry into the box score before I had made a movie of the game.   I only got to actually watch them a couple times a year and I think I was always excited AND disappointed when I got to see them because in person they were not as superhuman as I had seen them in my post box score reading mind.  Seeing the actual game with the missed tackles, tackles for loss, ineffective plays at times was a little deflating.   They were so much better when I made the movie up from the written word!!

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Honestly it was the Plunkett led Rose bowl loss to Stanford and the loss to Vermeils UCLA squad that I remember feeling the most pain after.

Stanford was a 3 loss team and we had killed UCLA earlier that year (in LA I think).  Those were two championships I thought we had "in the bag".  Those games taught me the valuable lesson that you NEVER assume a victory.

One thing I like about Meyer.  They won't assume victory, they are just going to come take it!!!

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Excellent read

That game was the same one that hooked me to the Buckeyes.  I had never watched a game from beginning to end before and I haven't missed many  televised Buckeye games since.  I tell people that was the day I put my self in the position to learn about heartbreaks. From the Archie years near misses, Bruces first team and then Coopers grand underachievers I fell asleep way too many New Years nights crying.  2002 was such a joy for me in that I finally, as an adult, got to experience a Buckeye championship and 2002 was the year MY son got hooked on OSU.......and in true Bickley tradition he suffered many disappointments in 2005,2006,2007  then 2013 and has learned how hard it is for your favorite team to achieve the pinnacle of its sport.  Hoping Monday will assure he doesn't have to wait 33 years between championships like I did.

Comment 11 Jan 2015

One must always be prepared for loss.   Winning is plan A but plan B is certainly a possibility.  We do need to figure out how we will handle it if it happens.   But my post is not just about that.  I am not simply trying to pre rationalize a loss I genuinely have liked Oregon through the last 15 years.  I liked the way they played, I liked that they were someone that took some of the spotlight off USC in the West and I have liked the Pac NW every time Ive visited (one reason I hate FSU is I think the Fla panhandle is mostly a seedy, depressing place I will never spend my money)

Comment 11 Jan 2015

That may be true but even so. I don't hate Michigan because their fans are knowledgeable and don't come up with silly conspiracies about NCAA drug testing I hate them mostly because Woody (and my dad) told me to and every Buckeye fan of the 60s 70s did what Woody said.

Comment 11 Jan 2015

I understand.  And I may find out tomorrow that I do lose a lot of sleep over it.  I am simply projecting how I feel now.   I knew how much I wanted Bama and It doesn't feel the same way.  I don't dread losing to Oregon they way I did Bama, and it has nothing to do with how likely either event is/was.  Maybe Im suffering an emotional letdown after the Sugar Bowl, I don't think so but maybe.  You can only hate so many things, you cant hate everything!!  At least you cant and still be a rational, healthy functioning human.     

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Sure they have ass hole fans, so do we, but I didn't form my opinion of Oregon up til now based on their fans.  I have just always kind of liked them and pulled for them.   I am not pulling for them tomorrow in any way shape or form but it will feel different.

All that being said..... I didn't hate USC til after 1975.   I didn't hate most SEC teams til after 2007.  I might hate Oregon after 2016 bowl season.

Certainly if I have to listen to their fans 24/7 for the next 8 months I might lose some of my graciousness but I don't live in the  Pacific NW so thats unlikely to be a problem 

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Agree with all who are having a hard time hating on the Ducks.

I would have been up for hours, tossing and turning, if we had somehow lost AGAIN to an SEC foe on New Years night.  I have spent so much emotional energy on the Bucks redeeming not just themselves but midwest football that I really did not want to go to work after another loss. The desire to wipe the smug from the SECers was overwhelming.

I don't care that much about Monday night. Thats not to say that I don't want the Bucks to win, I do, as much as I ever have, but for me anyway, I go into games thinking about what a loss will feel like too. And a loss to the Ducks just doesn't sound like it will feel bad.  Im pretty damn sure it will be a well played game by the Bucks.  Win or lose they are going to show the nation again they are a force to be reckoned with and its possible Oregon may just have a little too much offensive firepower for us.  I don't think they will but they have been pretty damn impressive.

I have always liked the Ducks to be honest. I was glad to see them rise up to challenge the Trojans in the Pac 12.  Washington was my favorite Pac 12 team forever but they have been weak for a while now.

Frankly, I think the Ducks are due.   I hope we delay their championship for  year or two but they have been knocking on the door for quite few years now.  

Comment 10 Jan 2015

Ive played there.   Definitely worth the effort.  Even the practice area is amazing  I could spend all day just hitting balls and working on the short game area. They had a putting green bigger than a football field.

I was there before they opened Bandon Trails (actually left the day before Trails opened)  so I played Bandon and Pacific. I believe there is a fourth one now.  

Comment 03 Jan 2015

Certainly an odd comment coming from Saban but it would be stupid to think of this Bama team as a bunch of losers.  They got beat two nights ago but they aren't a bunch of losers.  Meyer brought in a talented and motivated bunch, landed some huge punches and still needed the full 60 minutes to put them away.  Bama, Saban or the SEC aint going anywhere.  They are still top dog its just clearer to the rest of us dogs that we can do this too.  They aren't some mythical unbeatable force protected by divine football gods.  Meyer has simply shown the rest of this conference, and all the others too, how you play with these guys.  Don't fucking give up, play with passion, play with precision and play with purpose.

Not every BiG team will be able to recruit the personnel to take down a Bama but Michigan will, MSU will, PSU will, Nebraska will and probably Wiscy.    That will be 5-6 BiG teams that COULD do this.    The SEC will have 7-9.  UGA, Fla, Mizz/ Tenn in the East and LSU, Aub, Bama, MSU and maybe A&M / Arky.

Comment 03 Jan 2015


Thanks for the props.  No sane Buckeye fan thinks the game vs the Ducks will be easy and I hope our back seven can hold up to the constant pressure Oregeon presents.  They are like a full court pressing BBall team, if you don't stay 100% focused you breakdown and its easy points.

I do wonder why you think Sims was your limiting factor.  He seemed to have all the skills needed and actually added the dimension of running not previously seen from Bama.  Myself, I would blame the almost total focus on using Amari in the passing game.  Now maybe that is Sims doing but I imagine its more scheme form Kiffin.  Amari is a stud but a QB is way more effective when he has a receiving corp to use.  OSU makes you worry about Marshall, Devin, Thomas and the TE... and will throw in the RB just for kicks.  Sims is as talented and throws as well as any OSU QB but I think Kifin or whoever didn't develop enough ways to attack.  

The pick 6 was huge but it really only equalled out our two 1st half turnover deep in our territory.  The second pick was a great play by Bell.  Even your TE said he thought it was great play call and Bell came out of nowhere.

Meyer described it well, a "sledgehammer game"    We delivered some huge blows but you guys were like Freddy Kruger, not dying till the last second.  

I'd take it easy on Sims if I were you guys.  I thought he was a stud most of the year.

Comment 03 Jan 2015


It was also a good call to use someone other than Devin as well.  Just didn't get quite enough separation from the corner.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I agree Barnsey, I don't think the gap is as far as it might look.   Another thing to remember is that virtually all these recruiting sites are Southern creations.  These sites push southern teams and give higher stars to guys who are looking at the big SEC schools. If Alabama is looking at you, you pretty much automatically become a four or five star.  

Now, there is certainly some truth to this.  These services don't know as much as the coaches so to an extent, if Saban or Meyer chase you thats a better indication of your  value then what some schlub who works for Rivals that used to coach high school thinks but the whole star system is quite imperfect.

I remember Malcom Jenkins was  3 star in some services and when he played as a freshman it was obvious the kid knew how to play defensive back form day one.  

Ill take our roster right now.  

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Yes they have won 3 championships but they are far from invincible.   They have one unblemished season and they got one of their championships from a "do over" against LSU.   Another they got against a grossly overmatched Notre Dame squad.    Their other game, against Texas, was one they benefitted form an injury to Texas' star QB in the first quarter.  Texas had hit them in the mouth early and was driving for another score when McCoy went down.  The backup struggled the rest of the half and Bama built a lead.  A second half rally by Texas fell short but Bama far form overwhelmed a Texas team with a backup QB.  They have also lost to Utah and to Oklahoma in bowl games they were heavily favored.

Saban deserves a lot of respect but he should not be feared.  He is very good but he has weaknesses too.  OSU just needs to find them and exploit them.  Yes they have played in a lot of overhyped SEC games against good teams but they are very beatable. 

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Ive pretty much always rooted for most Big Ten teams most of the time in bowl games. Its more on the  level of pulling for teams I am more familiar with as opposed to some way to hitch my teams fortunes to the rest of the conference.

 I think the SEC nation has taken the whole conference thing to a new level of ridiculousness where your sorry ass fan base gets to beat its chest over the accomplishments of Alabama or LSU and by the transitive properties of conference affiliation only and feel they get to claim that their sorry ass 6-5 team would whip any BiG team too!!  

Truth is unfortunately that in todays CFB world, there is a lot to be gained by being perceived as being tested week to week.  You see a huge difference in how quickly SEC teams rise or fall based on voters thinking they are playing tougher games each week.  Its a simple fact of the modern CFB landscape. 

Lets all pull for the rest of the BiG to succeed when they aren't playing OSU!!

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I agree that we sound a little disingenuous criticizing the Big 12 for not having CCG when the BiG has only had four in its history.  I don't care that they don't have a clear cut champ. The Big 12 should have some way of resolving tiebreakers and awarding champ, just as the BiG had ways of determining who was RoseBowl rep in case of tie.  In the end I think it had nothing to do with no clear cut Big 12 champ it was simply Ohio St performing on the national stage in a BIG BIG way.

Id feel bad if I were a Baylor or TCU fan but we will have this EVERY year. Someone is going to feel bad.  It'll be us one of these years.