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Comment 29 Nov 2015

"  I hooked up with Jennifer Lawrence and Krysten Ritter last night. "

Thats pretty funny cuz I actually was with Jennifer last night.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Thinking the same thing here.    I bet McElwain gets a call this week reminding him how important it is for the conference to get a team in the playoff.  Im sure a couple million to the school is all it would take for Florida not to play TOO hard.  Don't want Henry injured or anything y'know.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Cmon man, if we had played Bamas schedule we'd be beating our chests about the number of bowl teams we'd beaten.  Give credit where its due.  Is Bama clearly the best team right now?  I don't think so but they ARE in the discussion.  Would they want to play us right now?  I doubt it.    

Does the SEC get too much credit conference wise? I think so but that doesn't mean they aren't a tough conference.  Its all a matter of degree.

I have conceded for years that the SEC , top to bottom, is the toughest.... but not by nearly the margin they like to think.  They have 6-10 programs that put the type of financial support to football that only OSU/Mich and maybe PSU/Neb do in the B1G.  MSU lags behind us in the type of financial commitments to football but they get huge returns on their investments.  In the SEC you have Bama, Auburn, LSU, UGA, Fla, Tenn, S Car, A&M, Arky and Ole Miss that throw tons of money at coaching staffs, recruiting pipelines etc.  Obviously many get a poor return on their investments but they put a better than average product on the field most of the time.  

Personally I agree with the approach of the NW, Wisc, Minn and Iowa programs(Wisc is actually a tweener); get a solid coach, find players that buy in and are tough and go play sound football.  Will they beat the A&Ms/Arkansas/Ole Miss/South Car most of the time?  Maybe not but they will beat them enough of the time and rarely get embarrassed. 

I think the SEC schools are stupid to be honest. They end up having 3 or 4 that pay mega millions for a 4or 5 loss team and then they have to pay more to upgrade their coach to meet the fans ridiculous expectations.

Comment 28 Nov 2015

We really shouldn't be talking about this anymore but..........    my final $.02

I think the correct place to put blame is on Meyer.  He sets the tone and HE was playing scared Sat night. First time Ive seen it.    I am glad Meyer is our HC but I have said form the very beginning that he is "Tressel out of the shotgun", which BTW isn't a slam since I think Tressel was an outstanding coach.  Most of the things that people think make Meyer different from Tressel are window dressing type stuff.  In game thinking and philosophy are very similar.  Run it run it run it, shorten the game, play good defense, go home with W.  Meyer cares little about being criticized for stomping people (Tressel would call off the dogs earlier in my opinion) but that is the main style difference.  

His offense were NOT wide open at UF.  He dinked us to death in '06 and smothered us with a great D. Meyer will use tempo (but it is being used less and less for some reason).    Meyer is not the best tactician in the business, not the best clock manager and not the best strategist either, but his total package is top 2 or 3  mainly because he doesn't suck at aforementioned things and he is a great recruiter and great motivator.  I think he is a great motivator because he just channels his own genuine feelings to the young guys.  They know he loves and cares about the sport/team he is working with. This is his passion.  

Meyer laid a big egg Sat night I think..... he shit the bed. There were huge outside factors like absolutely miserable weather making a lot of things very difficult but Meyer shrunk his circle of trust it seems.  Once we really got into the game Meyer just wanted to get out of there with a 17-14 win and couldn't care less how his team looked. He turned it over to JT hoping the way he bailed us out in Happy Valley last year  would happen again... and JT couldn't do it.  No slam on him even the best sometimes fail.   Meyer had a small circle of trust when it came down to it.  He needs more people he CAN trust (on the field) or he just needs to trust more people and allow them to live up to that trust.  

I think today will show a lot about Meyer.  How OSU plays today, win or lose, will say a lot about how he handled his own role in the loss.  I expect that he will get more guys involved and not put everything on JT.  But this tendency of Meyers is not going away completely... its part of who he is. In fact its probably true of all coaches that they have a small group of guys they trust waaay more than others and they lean very heavily on them.  I think Urban just really put too much on JT in the end and should have trusted some other guys too.

Comment 27 Nov 2015

I don't think enough people remember how hard this crowd was on Tom Herman a couple years back.   Yes he turned in an outstanding postseason performance (with some help of fine players mind you), but he was pretty ...... meh.. up until then.  We looked good at times and looked lost at others.  I love Tom Herman but I think it is way too early to call Beck a failure.    No doubt he must take some responsibility for last week (as should Meyer and Warriner.... and JT frankly) but to lop off his head after a bad performance in AWFUL conditions is plain silly.  Doing that will not be something that will make our job of finding someone else easier.

Comment 11 Nov 2015

They looked pretty good in the Sugar Bowl too.   We didn't exactly wipe the floor with them.   Yes we were better on third down all night,  had more big plays, forced more three and outs but we were still an Evan Spencer catch of a tip of the football away from really sweating bullets!!

Our 28-0 blitz over a qtr and a half was damn impressive  but we didn't exactly curb stomp the Tide.  It was one of the better CFB games Ive watched.  Two heavy weights taking their shots nd landing quite a few................ we just landed the biggest one from 85 yards!!!!

Comment 29 Oct 2015

Neither have I.   

He's one of the few I haven't heard do that either.  Mark Richt is another who is totally classy when it comes to that stuff.

Actually Ive never heard Saban do it either.  He has plenty of other unendearing qualities but running down other programs doesn't seem to be one.  

Now Spurrier on the other hand......!

Comment 29 Oct 2015

".but now that falls under non-permissible benefits, which is a whole 'nother can of worms, and one that can get a HC and AD fired."

Absolutely!!  Which was part of my point in that comment.  I believe, just piecing together some comments this guy has made, that this WAS an impermissible benefit that got its cover blown when someone saw Jameis with crab legs he didn't pay for.  So FSU had to do some sham investigation and punishment.  This wasnt about the Tallahasse police dept not punishing theft it was about the FSU athletic dept having to create a "theft" story, not really punish the guy and then call it over.  Its ugly either way but Jameis was not a thief if my suspicion is true.

Comment 29 Oct 2015

As someone mentioned above, he likely heard his comment on the OReilly interview and came in the next day talked about Meyer, his book and the FSU comment.  Either the surgeon jumped to a conclusion about the book or my buddy heard the "Urban Meyers new book" and "FSU comment" and understood the surgeon to be saying that these FSU comments were in the book.  

Comment 29 Oct 2015

Its not stealing if the owner is an FSU booster and allows it.  This is my suspicion. Its just that someone outside the program saw it.   Jameis was likely not careful enough

Comment 29 Oct 2015

BTW, one thing about that whole crab legs thing that I think has never been stated (admitted) but based on some of this guys comments is likely true;  I suspect that that Publix  is a place where ALL FSU players know they can go to get free food and what happened was someone saw Jameis with crab legs and saw that he didn't pay for them.  He wasn't stealing  but just taking advantage of a perk that someone else (who was not in on the "deal") happened to see and question.  This of course would be a worse violation than having a thief for a QB so FSU just went with a sham investigation and punishment.

Comment 29 Oct 2015

I hear what you are saying LEALMAN and I agree, however for the most part I find all those types of discussion to be nothing but UN illuminating. Pointing out the sins of others is a quite popular activity and we never see ours as serious.  Im not being critical of Meyer cuz I have no idea about the context of his comments Im simply saying I try hard to stay away form all those discussions with other fan bases.... I've never walked away form those interactions feeling like 1) anything was settled or 2) anything was learned 

Comment 29 Oct 2015

Well Im sure there are ways that some people have heard about or seen excerpts that are known to be in the book.  Im also sure there are many Tallahasse folks who were waiting to see what might be said in a book by Urban and used connections to find this type of info.... there is no doubt that kind of stuff goes on with any "tell all" book.  Not that Meyers book falls exclusively into the tell all category (its mostly the coach book I spoke of I imagine) but there are certainly some tell all aspects to it.

I like the forementioned surgeon of rthe most part but he is a little full of it when it comes to these matters.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Actually their schedules arent made years in advance except for a couple non con games.  The SEC very much gives their teams a lot of latitude in scheduling and Bama is the cream of the crop when it comes to setting up their schedule.  

Now, there is only so much they can do (pick bye weeks and place patsies) so they do occasionally run into times like this year where they play @UGA, Arky,@Tex A&M and Tenn all in successive weeks.    No omen knew Arky was going to be as bad as they are and a road trip to Sanford stadium and College Station are no picnics for sure, not to mention that UT is one of those rivalry games that Bama has.  They are the only team form the East they play every year and it is a war for sure.  Bad Tenn teams have taken good Bama teams to the last minutes many times.

I do however agree with the overall gist of this article and no team in the playoff era should have the latitude to schedule that the SEC gives their teams. Ill go as far to say that every conference needs to play their conference schedule IN SUCCESSION with all non con games either before or at the end (ala  UGA/GTech,  Fla/FSU and Clem/SC)    Scheduling is one way a team can get a small advantage which may be enough in the end

Comment 11 Oct 2015

Very good post BLU .FAN, with some excellent analysis

Yes I agree that the talent level across all 85 is deeper at OSU but thats been true for 6-8 years and all the games between us have been very competitive.  I am one OSU guy who never takes Mich lightly.  3 shutouts in a row are impressive no matter who they are.  Harbaugh and the D coord have made an immediate impact and its an example of a point Cowherd makes often;  Football is a coach and QB game.  In the NFL the QB takes a higher percentage of that pair than in the college game but those two positions mean the most and can immediately turn around a team.

My hopes on this is that Michigan ends up being favored at home over OSU (which if they win out they likely will unless OSU goes on total destroy mode the next month). A week of prepping an underdog might be all Meyer needs.  A healthy and clicking OSU offense will stretch Michigan like they haven't been stretched yet and I really think our defense, while not as statistically dominant as Mich so far, has the horses to be absolute lockdown as well.  Rudock is not the type of QB that should scare OSU and I think OSU is much more likely to keep Michigan to less than 2 TDs than Mich is to keep OSU to less than 2 TDs.  Once Harbaugh gets his QB over the next couple years though, this rivalry will return to 2006 level. However It should be a battle of top ten teams this year, maybe top five!!

I'm scared of this game already........... but I always am.  Just my conditioning from watching virtually every contest from 1968-2014.  I'll add that Michigan is playing with house money this year.   They are supposed to lose to the OSU juggernaut so a loss won't be heartbreaking. Kind of like our post JT Barrett injury run. 

I started this year saying I was going to be able to really enjoy it cuz we got ours a year earlier than expected but as we get closer and closer to tasting the rerun it will be harder and harder to just relax, enjoy and appreciate the moment.   I might not be able to eat on the Saturday after Thanksgiving my stomach will be churning so much.