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Comment 23 Jan 2014

These games should have stayed in Canton and Massillon.  The Stark County area embraces those games and the venues are special high school football cathedrals.  I love Ohio Stadium and I don't think it can be beat for a college football game but these are high school games.  If you think that there are high school stadiums in Columbus that can provide the atmosphere that Tiger Stadium provides then you've never been there.  In Columbus these games will just be another event (especially after the novelty wears off). 

Comment 12 Dec 2012

Step it up and stop scheduling Savannah State.  You're not going to get people excited about attending a game against Savannah State on a Wednesday two weeks before Christmas.  Bucks look good so far tonight.  I am really looking forward to that Kansas game.

Comment 11 Nov 2012

I say you have to let it play out.  There are some assumptions here that may not end up being accurate.  First, we would play in the Nat Champ game if there are simply two undefeated teams (OSU obviously being one of them).  So at this point you would need 2 of 3 to lose.  Do you really trust Notre Dame to finish this?  They are living on the edge against bad teams.  At USC, I realize the Trojans have not been as advertised but they are better than PITT.  K State - I like these guys and Texas is a shell of its former self but they still have to play that game - at Texas.  Oregon still has the Civil War and that game has produced surprising results more than a couple times.  I won't accept that its ever good to not play in a bowl game you've earned, and really the second prize here is a trip to the Rose Bowl which we traded in for a trip to a no win situation horse crap Gator Bowl with the worst team we've had in 25 years. 

Comment 30 Jul 2012

I agree that Dunn made very poor decisions here.  No question about that.  He will pay the price for what he did and move on.  He bears the ultimate responsibility for his decisions.  There is equally no doubt that DWB is a crime in Alliance.  I am both white and famialr with the APD.  There is little doubt in my mind why he was pulled over.

Comment 04 Mar 2012

Buford has been released from the witness protection program!  The world is right again.  Big Ten Champs, GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 23 Jan 2012

Meanwhile I'm watching a basketball game right now on ESPN and they break in with a SportsCenter update to make sure we all know Chip Kelly is staying in Eugene and gee isn't that just wonderful.  Let's's the investigative reporting coming on the Ducks little NCAA issue?  Oh right sorry - lots and lots of Nike money spent with ESPN, Oregon Ducks = Nike University which means ESPN buries the story.  Pretty much sums it up.