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Comment 13 Nov 2016

Last year was totally different.

1.  MSU began the year as one of the top handful of teams in the country.  

2.  MSU beat OSU late in the season.  

3.  MSU had one tight loss to Nebraska last year. 

4.  MSU had victories over Michigan, OSU, Oregon, and Iowa. 

We thought OSU was better and I think they were but there was absolutely no argument that OSU should get in over MSU.  No one on this board made that argument seriously (ok somebody probably did).

Here, PSU would be a 2-loss team, that beat OSU early in the season, that got embarrassed by Michigan, that lost to Pitt, and who had only one real victory of significance--over OSU.  

If PSU or Wisconsin gets in over a one loss OSU, then we should just move to an eight team playoff with Power 5 champs and three wildcards.  

Comment 13 Nov 2016

Bottom line is that we beat TTUN, great season.   I will be very happy to finish the season like we did last year.  Sure, a national championship would be better but that is very hard to do.  

It is just so enjoyable to watch TTUN lose.  And I am sick of the Harbaugh-TTUN-Peppers narrative.

All this said, I recommend going over to Mgoblog and checking out their post-game thread.  You know they were checking out our Penn State post game threads . . . 

Comment 13 Nov 2016

Imagine this scenario:  

1.  OSU wins out.

2.  PSU is the Big 10 Champion.  Makes playoff.  OSU does not.

3. OSU wins bowl game. 

4.  Alabama wins championship.  PSU gets destroyed in playoff game.  

It will still be a great season.  

The most important thing about tonight's TTUN game was it showed that TTUN is not a world-beater.  Just a very good team with vulnerabilities.

Comment 13 Nov 2016

So much fun to see TTUN lose.

Imagine this scenario:

1.  OSU wins out.

2.  PSU is the Big 10 Champion.  Makes playoff.  OSU does not.

3. OSU wins bowl game. 

4.  Alabama wins championship.  PSU gets destroyed in playoff game.  

It will still be a great season.  

The most important thing about tonight's TTUN game was it showed that TTUN is not a world-beater.  Just a very good team with vulnerabilities. 

Comment 01 Oct 2016

All Millen does is complement everybody.  Worst type of announcer.  Herbie is smoother but he does the same thing.  Malik Hooker is the best player ever.  Jabril Peppers is the best player ever.  

That said, Demario McCall is going to be the best player ever.  

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Whole situation got out of hand because people still trusted the NCAA back then.  If same issues came up now, the NCAA would have given everyone a slap on the wrist.  Everyone would be talking about how players should get paid, not throwing the book at them.

Even back then, the problem was that Tressel refused to turn his players in.  Had he done so, they would have missed half a season and everyone would have ended up fine.

Long story short, Pryor actually did nothing wrong at OSU except sell a few trophies that he earned on the field.   And he beat Michigan every year and led us to two big bowl victories.   And we ended up with Urban.  

So, all is forgiven TP, we love you.  Too bad you are on the Browns. 

Comment 06 Aug 2016

Good to see.  In hindsight, he really got screwed.  Had Tressel just reported the incident, TP and the others get suspended for a few games.  No big deal.  And had the whole incident happened a few years later, no one would have faulted TP, they would have used the incident as an example of how the NCAA is unfair for not paying players.  There would have been sympathy for TP.  

TP led the team to two great Bowl victories, destroyed Michigan, and kept the program at a high level.  Despite his image, he was really a model citizen. 

Comment 07 Jun 2016

So pleased about this.  Cardale stepping in for JT will be remembered forever.  Remember before the Wisconsin game in 2014, all the doom and gloom about losing a chance for the national championship?  If Cardale had not played like he did, no national championship.  And then he handled the difficulty of last year with grace.  Very impressive.  Glad he gets this money.  

Comment 21 Apr 2016

If Cardale had started every game last year, there is a decent chance that OSU wins the national championship.  Sure--MSU might still have won and we could have lost in the playoff.  But we had a 25% chance at least.  And if that had happened, he would have been arguably the greatest college football quarterback ever.

Not sure if anyone on this board has ever discussed this type of hypothetical or considered whether Cardale or JT was the better option. My observations might be the first on the subject.   

Comment 08 Feb 2016

What did Vince Lombardi say, "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser."  

Did Woody Hayes react well to late game interceptions in second-tier bowl games? No, he did not.

Did Peyton Manning congratulate the Saints players after he lost the SB to them? No, he did not.  

Did Zeke throw out some accusations after the MSU loss?  Yes, he did. 

Has the author of this post thrown household items at the wall during certain recent games against Michigan State and Virginia Tech? Yes.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

The price for OSU's 13-2 record against Michigan and destruction of multiple TSUN coaches is that TSUN is always a news story. OSU knocks them down and they have to get back up.  The getting back up is an interesting story.  OSU is not an interesting story because it is consistently good on the field and in recruiting.  Harbaugh did a great job and Michigan's class looks tremendous.  The future for Michigan looks better than it did in the last two years of Hoke.  But the future at OSU has been bright every year since 2001.  

Comment 12 Jan 2016

2014 Schlabach Way Too Early Top 25:

9. Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes fell just short of going undefeated in two consecutive regular seasons under Urban Meyer, but then finished the season with consecutive losses against Michigan State and Clemson in the Discover Orange Bowl. Now Meyer will have to rebuild much of his offense, even with quarterback Braxton Miller returning for his senior season. OSU will have to replace four starting offensive linemen, tailback Carlos Hyde and H-back Philly Brown. The Buckeyes might bring back seven starters on defense; safeties Corey Brown and C.J. Barnett, junior cornerback Bradley Roby and junior linebackerRyan Shazier are the only starters leaving. OSU opens the season against Navy in Baltimore and plays Virginia Tech and Cincinnati at home in nonconference games. The Buckeyes won't play Iowa, Nebraska, Northwestern or Wisconsin during Big Ten play, and their most difficult league road games seem to be at Penn State and Michigan State.

(He did get 3 of the top 4 right, though . . .)

Comment 30 Dec 2015

Years from now, once the day-to-day ups and downs of the season are forgotten, Buckeye fans will look back on this season and wonder why Urban benched Cardale.

I was all for Cardale's benching but I think we would be in the CFP if we had stuck with Cardale.  The simple fact is that Cardale is undefeated as a starter.  JT has lost two games--both because of his inability to throw the ball downfield.  Cardale has never failed OSU when the game was on the line.  Yes, there were a lot of under thrown balls this season, but all OSU needed was one or two deep balls against MSU and OSU would be in the CFP. 

Again, I understand why JT was put back in and I would have done the same thing, but 12 gauge/20 hindsight says we should have stuck with Cardale.

Comment 16 Dec 2015

Herbie's entire brand is to be as bland and safe as possible.  He never takes a controversial position.  Everything he says is predictable--respect for the game, toughness, blah, blah.  He will always be right in the middle about the Buckeyes.

I don't blame him for this--makes good career sense--but I would prefer almost everyone else as an announcer.

Comment 09 Dec 2015

The complete shift to JT (which seemed to make sense at the time) doomed the team.  The article boils down to: we should have thrown deep more. 

Team should have kept switching Cardale and JT or stuck with Cardale.  We still would have beaten Illinois and Rutgers.  And would have had more of a deep threat and more of a chance against MSU.

The coaches panicked because we were not winning by enough.  And so we went with the QB that helps us destroy clearly inferior teams (including Michigan) but is weaker against teams with fast, disciplined defensive lines that are not vulnerable to the QB run (like MSU).  We ditched the QB that has won every big game in his career and gives us a better chance against good teams (see Fulton's article and last year for evidence).  Sadly, Meyer knew at the beginning of the year that Cardale was the ticket to the Playoffs.  But then he switched midstream.  

The coaches choked.  They are supposed to be smarter than stupid, emotional fans like us who call for a QB change all the time.  Should have stayed the course.  A few deep balls against MSU would have won the game . . . 

Comment 09 Dec 2015

Let's not forget how bad things looked right before the National Championship--darkest before the dawn.  

We suffered an equally if not more horrific loss to Michigan State and then got embarrassed by Clemson.   Mike Thomas calling out coaches.  Braxton gets hurt.  Virginia Tech embarrassment.  After the VT loss, OSU was as low as it could be.  No hope.  And we know what happened next.

Comment 08 Dec 2015

Zeke just was a victim of poor timing.  If the Heisman vote had been after the National Championship game last year, he might have won. Mariota certainly did not look like the best player on the field.  You have to be the flavor of the moment--that is why Doug Flutie won.  

Someone above pointed out that we only got 17 plays against MSU in the second half--well we only got 17 plays because we were not getting first downs.  Give the ball to Zeke and that means first downs and more plays.  

Comment 05 Dec 2015

So many things had to go right for MSU to beat us.  We were in control the whole game--even though we were playing poorly.  

Bosa's offsides . . . JT deciding to pick up his friend after a few drinks . . . 

Comment 05 Dec 2015

We are better than MSU and Iowa.  . . . Ugh.  

I bet even Michigan would beat MSU and Iowa.  

We handed MSU a gift.  No one thought they were good until the MSU-OSU game. 

But that is the way the cookie crumbles. . . Alabama still thinks it was better than us last year.