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Comment 24 Jul 2014

This stuff was generally known when I was in school.  That was a long time ago, when no one cared much about frat hazing.  Frankly I'd assumed it had been cleaned up by now.  At best its embarrassingly infantile (yeah, I know, college kids) but at worst genuine harassment that grown-ups in charge should be stopping.   Good thing that it finally is getting cleaned up. 

I do wonder why now, though, as it was never really a secret and I can't imagine this is the first parent ever to complain. Some are suggesting the new president, or new regs.  Perhaps, but strikes me its due to the stunning worldwide popularity the band achieved the past few years.  The band is way more than our own OSU thing now.  Its really become an important part of the University's public image. 

Comment 14 Jun 2014

Great points, especially about what has made college football truly special, particularly up north and at OSU.  Its not just lineage of great football, but the now almost old-world traditions and how they reinforce emotional ties to our schools and states.  These are kind of getting lost as the programs seem increasingly tempted to create an NFL experience, despite claiming they are not pro teams.

Can't speak for that team up north, but think how important TBDBITL, The Ramp, Skull Session, and post game Carmen are to the game day experience.  Where do you even see that kind of thing anymore, except Ohio Stadium?  I do agree the crap schedules and rising prices are the biggest problem, but schools that genuinely try to embrace their students and communities, making them feel loved, will still do fine I think.  Props to Urban for doing things like inviting students in to observe practice (love seeing them trying to kick field goals with all the students around).  Being a student (and alumni) should get you special access and lower prices, its our school and our team after all.  Programs keep that in mind and they'll do well.  

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Great stuff, Ross, thanks.  I've read that part of the solution this year was to simplify things, thereby clarifying assignments and enabling guys to trigger more quickly.  I know they weren't facing the A team offense, but from your watch of the game, did it look like they were getting more of the desired execution they seek?


Comment 10 Apr 2014

Very interesting story.  Easy to imagine there would be those willing to do this in Columbus.  But I kind of think the culture is different enough that there are at least a few people around who would know about it, think it wrong, and make a call.  Of course minimizing the evidence is the key.  This explains why SEC-types just thought OSU was being stupid by self-reporting things with actual evidence trails.  To the extent it happens in Ohio I don't think it is condoned at all by our University or athletic staff, which is apparently very different than in the SEC.  

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Brax may not improve tremendously, but think how much easier his life can be if the defense finally gets it together.  Even with his limitations last year they scored a ton.  If we can get back to holding most teams to under 20 points a game, its huge.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

Absolutely, there always comes the time to move on and make your mark in more important ways.  And he surely will.  Critics dislike him for how popular he has become despite not being as gifted or personally dominant as, say, a Michael Jordan.  He's unusually popular because he's an unusually tough player and extremely admirable young man.  The latter trait is very much a part of the former.  He plays the game with ultimate respect and does honor to his family and school.  I wish they'd go back to letting college players make up the Olympic team, how cool would it be to see him wearing the USA and serving up 20 assists a game to teammates who can really score.  He's no Michael Jordan.  Then again, MJ is no Aaron Craft.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

This article is on the money about Amir.  I've often wondered if he actually likes to play the game.  Don't mean that as an insult, and feel bad about the many harsh comments that are coming his way.  But he's kind of the opposite of the limited skill player who tries to make up for it with effort and love for the game (stark contrast to Craft).  Don't think Amir is a bad kid, or that he wants to let down his teammates, but basketball just seems like a job to him that he's never enjoyed. 

As for Craft, would we have even been competitive in this or many other games without him?  He's not perfect, but his mistakes come mostly from trying to play beyond his ability when sees no one else doing much around him.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

Have loved watching these guys play.  Smith has had his slumps, particularly when trying to be the perimeter scoring focus, but have loved how he plays hard, especially under the bucket where others tend to lack effort or instincts.  As for Craft, I'm not sure I have ever enjoyed watching someone play the game more than him.  Yeah, he can't shoot and probably fouls more than we'd like to admit, but I've never seen someone effect and indeed take over games the unusual ways that he does.  He's like an old school fundamentals guys on steroids and it is a pleasure to watch.  I suspect that is why coaches drool over him, he's the rare living example of how emphasizing the fundamentals coaches teach can win, even if your not supremely talented.  This year has been disappointing, but it shouldn't be a knock on these two that they couldn't make up for failings around them, though they often tried.


Comment 19 Feb 2014

Expected that Colter would take shots at his school, he had to.  He's arguing a need for a union to protect him.  He has to argue that he's treated like an employee and not really like a student, and that his employer abuses him.  Otherwise, why is a union needed?  I think he and other players have a legit claim for a bigger share of the money, which would come only from eliminating non-revenue athletic scholarships by the way, but unionizing doesn't seem to fit.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

It is very cool, although Woodruff was the northern edge in this border.  I think the original Ohio Field was in the NE corner where Woodruff and High meet.  I'm guessing they plowed down everything between Woodruff and Lane sometime in 50's or 60's to make North Campus?

Comment 18 Feb 2014

That's the old "Sawtooth" chemistry Lab, can't remember its real name but that's what we called it.  Were told it was built as a temporary "20-year" structure long ago, but it was still there in the early 80s.  We'd cut through it on way from north campus, but remember our chemistry friends refused to do so regardless of weather as they thought it too dangerous. 

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Craft did not suck or lose that game.  He's the only one making them remotely competitive, without him this team loses by 15 in regulation. Yeah, he should have gotten off a shot at the end, but you know it wasn't going in even if he had.

Comment 27 Jan 2014

Curious to see how Saban does it, and sounds like Roll Bama site is at least tracking it.  For comparison, what are our numbers looking like right now? 

Isn't there some truth to Urban not offering official scholy on signing day to that Florida kicker because in doing so we would have been oversigned?  I thought he wanted to wait and offer only after a slot opened later.  And does the math above mean Saban is about to go 7 over a line Urban wouldn't?  Just curious if that is right way to look at it or if there is lots of gray area here.

Comment 24 Jan 2014

The best sign was that toward the end Craft stopped forcing things and looked comfortable again.  His confidence when playing within himself is infectious.  He can lead them out of the funk.  But to beat good teams, especially those with strong bigs, absolutely need Ross and Williams to play hard inside.

Comment 23 Jan 2014

This is a good point.  For whatever reason its just not clicking for Amir and its a huge problem.  This team really needs to move the ball a lot and go inside both for scoring there and to open rhythm shots on the outside.  Yet ball handling by the bigs in traffic, including Ross, I think causes Craft and Scott to press and do it on their own with no help.  On defense, they desperately need the bigs to at least be disruptive.  Amir seems like nice guy, but often fells like playing 4 on 5 when he's out there.

Comment 23 Jan 2014

Matta is getting a lot of heat, but I still think he's a great coach and has his finger on their biggest problem: a lack of mental toughness at the moment.  Lots of HOF coaches have tough stretches, it comes with building a strong team out of young talent.  They are being tested right now and just need to settle down, get back to playing disciplined team defense (which they can very well) and the offense confidence will return as they build confidence in each other again.  Good luck, Bucks!

Comment 17 Jan 2014

If you exclude football and basketball from the calculation, there is no revenue.  Football makes almost all the money, with basketball yielding profit for only a few schools (if I remember correctly what I once read).  It is arguably more fair to pay the players who bring in the revenue, but tons of "non-revenue" athletes can kiss their scholarships goodbye if this happens.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

Liking this team more than those of past few years.  Expected a loss against a top defensive team on the road.  Looked like blowout was happening and then they turned on the D to fight back in.  Nice mental toughness and a beauty to watch when all are playing hard D.  Keep wondering how far this group could go if Amir would play hard for more than the 10 or so minutes he does.  He really could be great. 

And Thompson really should embrace a consistent super high jump shot, both short and long range, like what he showed tonight.  His freak jumping ability makes that shot impossible to defend.

Comment 07 Jan 2014

I disagree, Strong had a GREAT start yesterday.  Watched his presser with my wife's family (all UT folk) and they LOVED it.  UT fans grew tired of Mack because he was too corporate and the team often played soft and entitled.  Strong impressed greatly with his demeanor and attitude that he wants to coach toughness into this team.  If he isn't as warm and fuzzy as Mack, people here will find that kind of refreshing.  In the end, depends both on if he wins and how hard the team fights even when they lose. 

Many don't know him and thought they had a legit shot at Saban (I told them they were crazy), but the first impressions of Strong here in Austin are very positive.