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Comment 10 hours ago

Subway probably hasn't changed in 30 years, except for maybe when they came out with the artisan bread stuff. I don't know for sure, but, I'd bet they may started changing once they started franchising and with multi state expansion, never mind worldwide. They've been around for about 50 years, since like the late 60's. Through the 70's and early 80's they hadn't changed much. 

Comment 13 hours ago

Maybe so. But, it's a fact that it all changed with Subway. I believe the original owner's family had an Italian deli selling meats along with pasta dishes. I'd be willing to bet they sourced most of their products from here, or their supplier.

I think it's much much more likely that they changed the model and their product as they grew ginormous, But, maybe myself along with every single person I know, that knew it back when, remember it completely wrong and it hasn't changed one bit. But, I don't think any of us could ever be convinced of this. 

Comment 15 hours ago

All can say is they used to be utterly fantastic. The meatballs were great. Comparatively speaking, they are now garbage. The whole sandwich, especially the meat, was like getting an Italian deli made sandwich. Why they changed how the bread was cut is a mystery to me, it made them unique. And, they change the bread itself, as well. This must of all happened in the late 80's or 90's when they started growing little bonkers. Too bad. I'm sure it all had to with maximizing profits, ect. I haven't been to one in many years, as I know what it once was, and what they've become. 

My uncle ended up in Nantucket with four retail clothing stores that he has since sold off. Not sure how much his Phd in Education played into that. :-)

Comment 16 hours ago

This is simply not true. Subway is way different than they originally were. Way different. The quality of the meat. The portions. The bread, even how the bread was sliced (a wedge was cut out of the top). Believe me, I was going to the original 2 or 3 locations when they first opened. Sometime after all their huge growth, this all changed. 

Note: an uncle was also buddies with the two original Subway founders. He was invited to join them upon startup, decided to go to grad school instead. Says it may have been the biggest mistake he ever made. :-) All good, he done did well for himself, anyway. But, not mega store Subway good. 

Comment 16 hours ago

LOL. It ain't no problem, Tex! We're about the same age. About the only thing I remember from the summer of '69 is getting tossed off of diving boards and such by older brothers, learning how to swim the hard way. And baseball. :-)

Comment 16 hours ago

That's suite. Here's a weather report

Comment 17 hours ago

It was the 70's. It was happening sooner or later. It just took a few or so more years

Comment 17 hours ago

This is an absolutely killer Tobacco Road. The Brother's Winter

Comment 17 hours ago

Here's a less famous recording of another famous recording. Still alive and well

Comment 18 hours ago

Johnny Winter hardly ever gets mentioned anymore when the best guitar player topic comes up. He's right up there near the top of the list. 

I got exposed to JW at a very young age when a brother, eight years older, on his way back to college left a bag behind containing his 8-track. I rummaged through his bag and found it. It was too heavy for an 11 year old kid at the time. I also found a funny looking cigarette. I didn't know quite what to do with either, but, both got my little mind spinning. 

Nice job, Coop...