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More than likely, you also get to the bottom of an escalator and then stand there trying to decide which way to go, when you're about to get trampled under foot. Many times the same people these are...

Comment 1 hour ago

They are also great to draft off of, it saves gas. Just get right up behind them and they'll pretty just pull you along. Look for the ones going fast. They also know where the speed traps are. Give these dudes a huge thumbs up when you finally pass them. Or, do the ole "honk your horn" thing, they like that. 

Comment 1 hour ago

Like I'm afraid of that little short ass. Short ass Sean Penn would kick his ass, too. And, he's a much much better actor. 




Comment 2 hours ago

It's a learnt art form. Don't get stuck in the slow moving lane right after switching lanes. It'll piss you off. Watch for entrance ramps, these people always slow down the slow lane, not a good time to use this lane for passing. 

Comment 2 hours ago

Fair game because of the traffic jammers. It's like a right of passage. Look for the trucks or people texting, usually can easily cut right in front of these. Just waive your hand to say thank you, allow others the same rights. There's no reason to be a jerk on the highway. 


Comment 2 hours ago

It's not fun to me

Phone won't let me do meme

I do laugh at them

Comment 2 hours ago

Takes a stab

At some


It is

Like haiku

Comment 2 hours ago

This thread can suck balls

No to haiku yet likes PSU

Mod edit to the OP

Comment 2 hours ago

I am a jam guy

Who knows what that Linga is

Prolly toe jam guy

Comment 2 hours ago

You must utilize all lanes. Weave in and out. Pass as many as you can. Get ahead. Every second counts. Many times, it's one or two knuckleheads going slow in the fast lanes causing traffic jams. These are the worst people in the world.

Pro Tip: use exit lanes for passing, then cut back in

Comment 3 hours ago

Earle has a fetish

Has to do with arousal

Only the toes know

Comment 3 hours ago

You're welcome. Make sure you compress it up around your neck.