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Comment 36 minutes ago

I have said before on here. One of thee most underrated states we have. Jersey has just about everything. And, the proximity to NYC doesn't hurt it. Great state. 

Comment 1 hour ago

Then that's saying something. But, not the suburbanites who live an hour away and haven't been downtown in ten years. Hell, I knew it better than they did and I didn't even live there. 

Comment 3 hours ago

DJ, you are so right about Chicago. I once had an office in Chicago. I'd go for a visit and after hours I'd ask folks where should we go downtown for cocktails and dinner. They'd always say that they didn't know because they lived an hour away in the suburbs and never go downtown. These are the same people that liked to rip on Columbus being a small cowtown city, as if they had no idea the suburbs of both are virtually exactly the same. I'd get a good laugh every time, seeing I grew up an hour or so away from NYC - also close, but, a world away. Of course, they were just jealous cuz the Columbus office blew away the Chicago office. And, I always let them know that. 

Comment 14 hours ago

You're much closer to that mark in VR's. The true measurement of a leader, with an exemplary HS to VR ratio.