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Comment 8 hours ago

You've been over to Anegada, right? That's a great place, as well. Much different then the rest. Talk about a nice beach (topic of this whole thread)... I'm not sure I've seen a better beach than on the opposite end of Anegada, and I've been to lots of beach's. Absolutely paradise, hardly ever anyone there. 

Comment 8 hours ago

I sure hope I'm wrong about Foxy. I was told this by a couple of people and unrelated, so took it for granted. I haven't been in over a year myself, but, the last few times Ive gone it seemed his son has taken over and seemed more intent on hip hop than anything else.

Defiinitely check out Cane Garden Bay. Bunch of bars with live music, ect. 

If haven't already, check out that anchorage between Jost and Green Cay. For a long time there were no mooring balls, now there is. But, the last couple times there I just pulled up in front of all of them and comfortably set anchor no problem, right in front of the reef and waves - great spot, and quick access to Sandy Spit. I know a few others secluded anchorages not on the "charter" charts, but, I'd have to re-familiarize myself looking at charts to say exactly where, but, even when high season I've seen only one or two boats at these and always charter captained (not bareboaters).

Yeah, Willy T's.... what can you possibly say about this place? One of a kind (well, I believe it's the 2nd WT's). Big decision is... anchor close by for easy access or further away to avoid the real late night noise!

So many great spots. Very underrated diving, too, if you're on a boat. The dive operations don't want to take divers out to the great dive spots as they're farther and inconvenient for them - save the Rhone. 

Comment 12 hours ago

Cool. If you lived in Pisa, then you obviously know Lucca. Those two places are so close yet so different. Firenze is great, but, I prefer Siena myself. Hard to go wrong in Tuscany and the surrounds, just depends on what one is looking for. Having a car is key if you're vacationing there - allows you to just go anywhere and find a place to stay.

Comment 13 hours ago

Jost is an excellent island. Also, home of Foxy's, who has sadly passed. Very entertaining dude he was, knowledgable and hilarious. It's still a cool place, but, it ain't what it used to be. There are numerous bars restaurants in this bay, which, is just down from the bay where Soggy Dollar is. Boats overnight by the hordes where Foxy's is, but, not the bay with Soggy. There's also an excellent anchorage at the island end between Green Turtle Cay - waves crash in, but, are broke by the reef. Jost also has hiking trails that go all around and over the island. Hoteler's come in by ferry daily, then leave, at night it's all boaters. This is a HUGE place for New Year's - it's so crowded you can practically hop by boat to shore. Man oh man, I've had some fun there! I won't say exactly where on Foxy's website, but, photos of me/wife and crew are still up on their site. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Actually, what I really hope to do is hike the Via Francigena pilgrimage to Rome. Probably start just south of the whatever-mountains in the far north of Tuscany. It's about a three week hike. I believe this trail starts as far away as England. It's starting to become more developed, and popular, due to the popularity of the various Camino hikes to Santiago, Spain. Many that have done this/these are now looking for more. Numerous friends I've made on these hikes have either done this or are planning to. 

Comment 18 hours ago

If I told my wife we were moving to Italy for two years, she'd literally pass out. That's awesome, whereabout?

I have been all over, two 3/4 week trips and another around 10 days. Just not Calabria, where part of my ancecestry is actually from. The whole Amalfi coast is hard to beat. But, my favorite town for various reasons, probably Lucca - hardly any tourists - definitely could live there. Bologna and surroundings, especially for food (parmigiano reggiano, prosciutto/culatello, balsimico, ect) is another favorite. Crap, the whole country is. Venice - beautiful, but, I could do without the zillion high end shops; however, maybe the best fish market I've ever seen!

Comment 20 hours ago

You might like this one even more. Not a big fan of his music, but, he's got these vid's down pat!

Comment 21 hours ago

Can't remember name of property on Moorea, but, we did not book the overwater here originally. When we got there, we upgraded for about $50 a night, was a huge savings and ridiculously worth it. Many of these overwater joints have glass floors where you can see the reef from the room. It also had deep water, straight drop off from balcony. Saw reef sharks, mantas just snorkeling from balcony. Also, saw sunrise and sunset from patio - very cool. 

The overwater's are worth it. Been to FP twice. The only time not in one of these, upgraded. Whether it's worth the risk to try, and save a bunch of money, is a personal decision. 

Also, especially with FP, there's usually a big savings booking the property and air together as a package deal. 

Comment 23 hours ago

No doubt. For some reason, I always pair these two solo careers together. For some reason, I've always liked this video.

Comment 23 hours ago

Interesting. I didn't know Rick Wakeman had to decide between Yes and Bowie's Spiders band. He was great on the Hunky Dory album. Not surprised PG was a big Bowie fan, either.

Comment 23 hours ago

Different? Not for a TIMH. Outstanding writin', once again, Whoa. I'm a bigger fan of Genesis than the solo stuff. And, PC. But, both are due their fair props.

Comment 23 hours ago

Border Collie's herding sheep are amazing. Hiking thru the French Pyrennes we stopped for lunch and watched for an hour as this herder command his dog with hand signals only herding two large flocks of sheep. I believe he was putting on a personal show for us. Dog was running back and forth between both flocks doing all sorts of stuff. Nothing short of amazing. 

Comment 13 Feb 2016

Thailand is great! Don't know about Turkish prisons, or Turkey, but, it's on my to-do list.

How much do you wanna know about Italy? Yes, Rome and Venice are must see's. But, don't limit yourself to just the tourist areas. I'll probably never go back to Venice, unless passing through to Croatia or Slovenia. Italy has so much more. The smaller towns, away from the hoardes of tourists, are best. To me, anyway. 

Comment 12 Feb 2016

Just reread your post. Cane Garden Bay on Tortola is far from low key. I'd venture to say there's as much or more nightlife as anywhere in the VI's. 

Comment 12 Feb 2016

True! Korea, Vietnam and Thailand are also great values. But, not Singapore. 

Just deal with the jet lag, overnight flights work best. And, Tylenol PM...