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Comment 20 hours ago

It's all Ronald Reagan's fault. He started it. Then again, most politicians are pretty much actors only. 

Comment 21 hours ago

Well. Shooting a dog with a paintball won't really hurt it, unless like in the eyes, but, the dog's (any breed of dog) reaction might be unpredictable. It could turn tail and run or it might associate the sting as a threat, not indifferent than "hitting" a dog, and retaliate. I certainly wouldn't do this with the kids or anyone else nearby. 

I don't think I'd do this at all, but, if I were to, it would be with scarlet colored paint, especially if it were a gray pit. 

Comment 22 hours ago

Oregon State Prison. Pristine Jerry. Whole show. Fantastic Bird Song within,

Edit: actually, no Bird. Still pristine 

Comment 22 hours ago

STX, here's a Bird you might enjoy, if you hadn't heard before. With Brent.

Comment 23 hours ago

Bird Song is always on my favorite list. Such a beautiful song. YouTube some of the Jerry solo acoustic versions. 

The fanbase comes in many disguises, I can assure you. But, yeah, go to a show, and people seemingly and literally come out of the woodwork. Sadly, because of this image and perception, many never give them a real chance. It's music to enjoy for a lifetime. Their loss. To each, their own. Just enjoy your music, whatever it might be.