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Comment 9 hours ago

That's where I learned of Alien Bigfoots with their special powers. They can make themselves invisible. Time travel is not out of the question. Remarkable. Also, explains why there's no real and hard evidence. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Good question. Unlike with the Dead and their line of torch carriers, not sure anything like that is in place. Trucks. Warren Haynes. Otiel Burbridge (now with Dead&Co) can certainly contribute. As can drummer Duane Trucks, who's now with WSP. 

Comment 18 hours ago

The only OH wine I'm familiar with is Lonz due to PIB. This was a fun place to hangout, but, the wine itself was terrible. I'm sure these others are much better. Whites predominantly? On the sweeter side or more dry?

Comment 21 hours ago

For me, Barolo's are the king of wines and my favorite. 

Chianti's are much more reasonably priced, but, can get up there in price, too. Similar to Barolo's, they can go from medium to full. 

I love that a Barolo can be fairly light in color, but, big bold and full bodied otherwise 

Comment 21 hours ago

Europa is thought to be liquid but under a thick layer of ice. Could add complications for Zimmy. But, that's only a moon, anyway. 

Comment 27 May 2017

I think Zimmy fell through a 2' x 2' panel made of a honeycomb composition. 

You did that, too?