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Comment 8 hours ago

Sorry, been tied up all day. 

Yeah, pretty good vintage. I don't get the hostility some Deadheads have over Phish. It's not as if their taking away from the Dead or anything. To me anyway, they add to the culture and brand of music. I compliment them for doing their own thing. Personally, I never listened enough to Phish, and have never seen them live. I am absolutely sure I'd like them even more if I did  (which, I hope to do). Same argument ive always had with folks who never saw the Dead. 

Trey playing with the Dead for their 50th was great, a perfect choice. I believe it opened the eyes of a lot of Deadheads. He won over a lot of them, me included. He obviously was having a whole lot of fun. That certainly didn't hurt at all. The Standing on the Moon was great, a beautiful tune - he really did it justice. Still, I miss Jerry so much it sometimes brings a tear to my eye. 

Comment 9 hours ago

And, there ya go... that's why I love the Dead do much. They're a blend of all those genres you mention. Jerry took even further on his own covering even gospel influenced stuff. At his roots, he was blue grass, blues and jazz. Phil Lesh was classically trained violinist who didn't even know how to play bass when Jerry brought him on, trusted that he'd learn. I'd say he did, still the best bass player ever, IMO. 

Comment 12 hours ago

Dude, cut the Phishies some slack. I've never met one that didn't appreciate the Dead and like them. Many never got to see Jerry. I have met many Deadheads that despise Phish, for whatever reason. Its not a competition. I don't think the members of either band see it that way, either. There'd be no Phish without the Dead, not in the same form, anyway, and the Phish members certainly respect the hell out of the Dead. That Terrapin they did was on the anniversary of Jerry's death, a fine tribute. 

Comment 24 hours ago

What about the Monday Morninger's and future Div 1 coaches?

Comment 09 Oct 2015

There might be a few JT supporters that still think he is. 

And, a bunch more if he doesn't get off his Bee Gee wagon...

Comment 08 Oct 2015

For me, with the Dead, it's the live shows. There are soooo many recordings, and many have been digitally remastered. So much so that they can be defined by which era, and by which keyboard player they had. I have a large collection. 

Bowie changed so much with the times, always seemingly staying a step ahead. There were some later stuff I didn't care for too much, but, some in the last ten years or so is really good. 

Those are my two favorites, followed by Marley and Neil Young. I realily like String Cheese Incident and other jam bands, too. But, I like anything remarkable - and that's covers a pretty wide spread of music. 

Comment 08 Oct 2015

I'm not sure which album I love more...

Rise and Fall of Ziggy and the Martian Spiders


Hunky Dory

Comment 08 Oct 2015

This came to mind, as well...

Eight Line Poem

Tactful cactus by your window
Surveys the prairie of your room
Mobile spins to its collision
Clara puts her head between her paws

They've opened shops down on the West Side
All the cacti find a home
But the key to the city
Is in the sun that pins the branches to the sky, oh, oh