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Comment 26 Aug 2016

The legitimate one's actually must disclose what these earning rates are, what the %'s are, ect. It's right in their info, websites and presentation material. If company's aren't doing this - beware. 

Comment 26 Aug 2016

There are a bunch of scammers out there. There are those with a crappy product with the main intent of recruiting only. These basically are pyramid schemes operating under the guise of an MLM. These have a short life span and generally don't make it. There are a whole bunch of household name companies that are completely viable and legal, worldwide. These have allowed many people to have a "business within a business" and do quite well for themselves, or not if they didn't put in the effort or just weren't good at it. And, not just the people at the "top of the pyramid". 

Years ago I hated these things. Mainly cuz I didn't understand them and fell into drawing a certain conclusion. I'm not going to get into it here too much, but, I fell into having a direct exposure to one - from the "inside" fairly early on in their life. I was shocked to discover they had this model. Instead of quitting my "very fun gig" with them, I researched it and educated myself. I also watched as they grew as a company. I saw how intent they were on doing things legally and on the up and up. I got to know the founders of the company, as well as many of their distributors. I was invited to attend their rah rah meetings and trainings, even though I wasn't actively involved - I couldn't be even if I wanted to as an "employee/master of providing a fun experience". In my over three years of having "a lot of fun" I saw and witnessed a bunch of people become quite successful, to varying degrees. Everyone one them worked hard at it. I came to appreciate it for what it is, just another way to bring a product/service to market and to allow those that do to get rewarded for it. I saw people fail miserably, I saw brand new people to the business succeed. I also saw people that broke the rules and do things wrong get penalized and/or booted out. 

To make a blanket statement that all of these are scams is borderline ridiculous. In my experience, those with this opinion either had a direct involvement or knew someone close to them that did, spent some money and then either didn't put in the effort or just couldn't be successful at it (for whatever reason), while maybe hoping it was a get rich quick deal, and then felt like they got scammed. And, then there are those that really did get scammed. :-)

Comment 26 Aug 2016

Founded by two doctors of dermatology and both clinical professors at Stanford. Started out selling their products at department stores, then moved to an MLM model. Impressive executive team. Sounds like a big scam to me.