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Comment 25 Aug 2013

Last year there were 7K admitted i'm not sure about this year. I would assume more than that.

Comment 16 Apr 2013

If you're making a left hand-turn, PULL UP INTO THE INTERSECTION. That way, the cars immediately behind you won't have to wait a whole light cycle to make the same turn you just did.

This is actually Illegal (or frowned upon), I have gotten pulled over for it. Plus if the guy in the oncoming lane decides to push it to make it through the light you are in a very bad spot.

Comment 16 Apr 2013

I honestly think that it makes it better that he didn't say anything on behalf of OSU. He would have come off as homerish and he would of looked like a fool (like i felt Matt Millien did during the PSU scandal). 

Comment 16 Apr 2013

I don't get the Herbstreit hate. Is it so bad that he comes off as impartial on a network with blowhards like Mark May are on. It would be completely stupid to think that just because he went to OSU that he should go on air speaking the glory's of Ohio State. He would be a laughing stock just like Fat Urkel. As for the Torg incident, it doesn't matter if the Torg went too far on his statements. I'm not going to fault Herbstreit for defending a friend even if he is a Michigan player. If somebody attacks my friends from Michigan I would defend them just the same.