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Comment 30 Jun 2015

!.) Cam Heyward because he can play inside and out.

2. Hankins is a close second.  Bosa, Washington, Hankins and Lewis/Homes/Hubbard would be a dream cast!

3.) Malcom Jenkins- so versatile plays like a CB but hits like a safety.

4.) James  Little Animal Laurinitus- nose for the ball, leadership and just plain bad ass!  Just needs to be mentioned. Even though I think Kwon is a future star!

5.) Ginn Jr.- for special teams returner alone is a great thought.  The one thing tOSU has lacked under Meyer is that dangerous returner. Offensively I think Braxton would be as if not more dangerous at the H or Slot.  Just better at making others miss. But Miller at QB,  Ginn at slot,  Marshall at the H,  Elliot at RB, Thomas and Smith/Wilson at WR would be a video game offense. Seriously like 65 points a game!  I 1000% agree, Urban would LOVE to have Ginn Jr. NO DOUBT!

Great article.  I love putting on my S&G Homer glasses.  :-)

Comment 25 Jun 2015

Meyer the master motivator has a plan.  I'm glad he is enjoying this NC. (Trophy on Tour, lol)

Great write up....

Comment 18 Jun 2015

I looked around about this as well.  Jumper's knee can be chronic.  I could not find any success rate info. (like most forums only the bad stuff posted, lol)  So I hope he becomes 100%.  PT isn't a cure.  Like micro fracture  surgery, jumper's knee recovery favors the under 25 but not in all cases.

Comment 02 Aug 2014

Good coaches and players always agree....hard to forget losings.  It is what drives them. The competition and striving to win.  What did he expect for him to say? "Whew, I am so very glad we lost?"  Notice the comments Miller made about playing MSU this year.  You can tell by the expression on his face....he wants to kick their @ss!  As we all do!

Comment 23 Jul 2014

January 10, 2010. On purpose! I got a keeper!  Great month.  Beating Oregon then all went well for the wedding.  Ice storm was supposed to him but didn't.

The good is I have had relatives who were "in" weddings and I got good tickets as a result. Latest....Wisconsin at night in C-bus 2013! Silver linings    0*-)

Comment 15 Nov 2012

I like how tOSU OL has been playing as well.  They seem to wear down their foes as the games go along.  Hope to see the TE get involved in passing game as well.


Thanks Ross enjoyed the article.


I was expecting "How does Badger defense match up with Buckeye offense?"  But I guess that would be a one word article...POORLY!  LOL


Comment 13 Nov 2012

Ross would you match up Roby or Howard on Abbrederis?  How would you defend the jet sweep? 

I thought Howard could do the job.  I thought moving Barnett and Roby up closer to the line for jet sweeps and hopefully get a couple of picks.  I would put Williams on Pedersen. fyi  Phillips is 11-19 106 yards 1 td and 1 int for his career. (edit)So is getting to him the key?

Wisconsin's defense seems to get tired as the games go along.  Well the tougher games  Utah St, MSU and Nebraska. Badger defense is very average imo.  Good LBers and Smith CB is ok.  But DL and S are very suspect.

I see the game going like this  10-10 end of 1st Q, 24-10 at half ,31-17 at end of 3Q and finish 41-20. 

  Am I way off?  Thoughts?