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Comment 31 Jul 2015

Miller just being on the field is a concern for the defense.  Put him in split back formation,who's the greatest run threat?  Put him out wide, do you put your best CB on him? Put him in motion and what does you LB and DB key on?  Miller may not be able to throw it 45 yards on a rope but is he a threat to toss it 8 yards to receiver in the red zone?  Do you try to jam him in a bunch formation? Raise your hand if you like to see Miller get one of those 1 foot passes as he runs a jet sweep (ala Marshall v. Indiana). [me rasing my hand]

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Well my neighbor's daughter's boyfriend's cousin knows a guy who directly heard it....... Take that Chuck!!!!

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Miller in motion with or without the ball will scare defenses.  In backfield with Elliot  (splitting QB) and motion him out to slot would show the defense's hand.  Or motion Elliot/Samuel out wide and run ZR or counter trey handing the ball off to Miller. Lastly,a bunch formation with Marshall, Wilson/Smith and Miller (Thomas on the other side out wide) opens up a bunch of pleasant thoughts as well.

How about punt return?  Miller has great field vision, speed and ability to make guys miss. i would take a page out of Tressel's return package = Miller and Marshall or Samuel or Wilson.  

Comment 28 Jul 2015

I read that JTB won the starting role when Miller went down because the staff believed JT would handle the BIG stage better.  He was great and got better every week with 1st string reps.  So JTB got 1st team reps for around 45-50 practices as the starter. Scary what to think the second year jump could be. (Not for us but for our foes)

Jones was nothing short of amazing on the BIG stage. Sure he wasn't perfect but nver buckled either.  With a week of 1st string reps and w/ Kosta being found, BLASTED Wisconsin.  Convinced the CFP committee to put in tOSU.  15 practices more beats Bama.  5 practices more wins the NC.  CJ is at around 38 or so practices as the starter. How good is he now? Teams should fear his arm.  He may not throw a bunch of 45 yarders now that Devin has graduated.  Hell a out pass or a 15 yarder to Thomas, Marshall, Eze, Smith, Samuel, Wilson, T. Gibson(?) and now Miller might go to the end zone.

Tebow, Leak and Smith were never the 55 yard run guys. They ran well enough to make the defense have to defend them.  Meyer won with them.  SO do we need CJ to be a big run guy?  Jet sweep w/ QB draw or TE leading a QB dive for 5-7 yards is all Meyer needs to set up the mis-matches. imo

I think it will be a real tight competition to win this. Could a 2 QB system work? Teams with good run defense get CJ.  Teams with good pass defense gets JTB.  Me I'd start CJ 1st and 4th quarters of VT and JTB 2nd and 3rd.  Then split reps in various sets in the next 3 games.  Let them win it on the field. This team will average 60 points a game going into B10 season. It might be a 2 QB system after all.  Win-win because I think the world of both!

Comment 18 Jul 2015

I would platoon CJ and JTB at QB.  I would also move Miller to slot WR. This way all get to play.   Fun to picture Miller on a jet sweep play with all the skill options.  How about Miller throwing a "Spencer-like" pass? How about Elliot and Miller off set between the QB?  Is it September yet?

SO Meyer may end up using eenie meenie miney mo, if so 3rd string wins. lol

Comment 10 Jul 2015

I think Urban like the competition of recruiting.  Getting guys like Gibson, Spence, Wilson, Von Bell, Weber, and the like.  You can see the look in his eye when he gets the LOI  Same look he gets when ESPN ask "How does it feel to have another top 5 class?"

Somethings you just cannot change about yourself.

Comment 08 Jul 2015

No way do I take Thomas or Marshall off for JT on the wing. But IF Miller should be at a spot other than QB.  I want Jones taking snaps.

Coaches THOUGHT JTB would be better in live games than Jones.  SO he was named 2nd string just days before Miller went down last August.  Dec/Jan proved Jones could take the big stage.  jmo