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Comment 02 Jun 2011

As others also point out it would be stupid to not recruit a guy with Pryor's talent's.  To quote TP, "Everyone does" or was recruiting him.  Coaches who recruit get a pretty good idea of a player's personality and maturity level.  I think his point was that you not make it a habit to go after guys like him, but when you do as soon as the player steps out of line you put him in the dog house - no matter how good he is. 


I think as an OSU alum, Herbie is the kind of guy you want as an ambassador - intelligent, well-spoken, and sincere.  He just didn't want OSU to become a place like Miami in the 80's.  Sure they won and Ray Lewis and company were great athletes.  But it's a mixed bag and guys like that bring a negative perception to the university as well.