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Comment 04 Feb 2016

People that say coaches leave osu because of the pay, kill me. I have never heard one coach say they move on because of pay. Nor have I heard an assistant coach say, I'm not going to osu because of their pay. 

Just stupid and lazy rhetoric. 

Comment 28 Jan 2016

I don't know if Ginn runs 40's or not but he's not listed in the top 50 of all time. explains it in far more depth than I ever could on here. Galloway checks in around no. 6 all-time with a 4.18 forty. He explains how times differentiate so I won't rehash it here. But the times aren't all that realistic which is what we all knew already, right? He does explain how a sprinter that still holds the sixty record would have the equivalent of a 3.93 forty using the same criteria. 

I don't know the wr sprinter you are referencing but the BIG outdoor 100 yard record is 9.4 and is owned by Owens. So it is very unlikely an osu wr ran a 9.2 100. As far as a 9.2 100 that would be around 10.0 in meters. For elite sprinters you add around .8 secs. For Bolt you would take around .7 off of his world record 9.58 which would put him around 8.9 in the 100 yard dash. That is explained on 

Comment 23 Jan 2016

He can only do what you are describing if he did not take an official visit to osu. That is called blue shirting. Besides no official visit a player cannot have received any financial aid either, prior to accepting a scholarship. A blueshirt can practice from day one, he is just like a walk-on since he is paying his own way the first semester. 

So, recruiting gurus-did chrisman take an official to osu-anyone?

Comment 23 Jan 2016

I think you are forgetting about blue shirts. A player can pay his own way for the first semester and then receive a scholarship at the end of fall camp and it is counted toward the following year's allotment. The player can't have taken an official visit to his school of choice or received any financial aid prior to accepting the scholarship. 

Also greyshirts can practice after the first semester out of high school and they can practice immediately if they go to a community college, while not burning a year of eligibility. 

Comment 23 Jan 2016

You can bet your sweet bippy if the scholarships were being given out for an entire year, osu would have answered differently, the fact that they are two semester scholarships that opened up since 9 guys left early, isn't relative is what osu is saying. lol    There is no way myer is giving two walk ons full year schollies when he is up against the 85 limit. 

Comment 23 Jan 2016

Yes let's not talk about those that don't play and let's give them a participation medallion as myer runs them off of the team. Who cares who names them it's just a guess and the bottom line is myer will let us know if we were right or wrong. If you haven't played in three years or have been injured in two out of three years, you are gone. This is big boy football, let's not act like it should be talked about in whispers and secrets we should keep from their mommies. Please don't be a part of the pussification of 'merica. If Clark don't play, he's gone, Dixon doesn't play, he's gone, Berger gets injured again, he's gone, Webb gets another team suspension, he's gone-unless he's starting, Lattimore stays injured, he's gone, Thompson stays injured, he's gone, Slade doesn't play, he's gone, Lisle doesn't play, he's gone, two out of three, third year offensive linemen, I could see a transfer or two out of those three if they don't play. It they bring in a third receiver this year that means c. smith isn't getting a sixth year. See was that so hard? 

It's been brought up before but in seeing the chart, 2017 the class is going to be small small small. There's not that many guys for myer to run off to make it even an average size class. That's why myer has to get rid of the deadwood, that's about nine max he can run off, add those to the five or six seniors, that is only fifteen schollies max. With so few schollies, it won't even make top ten nationally. Boy, is there going to be a lot of recruiting angst on here next year. Can't wait to hear the whining from all of the whine buckets. That also means 2017 is almost half done with the recruits filling the class. Wowza. 

Comment 20 Jan 2016

That means they are paid far more than us to lose games too. Doesn't seem fair. See that's the part we're all on here trying to stop. Why won't you let us do that K-bone?

I don't get your inference with utilization of a player. Couldn't play more because he was injured or less plays so he wouldn't get injured, or saving him for the spring game or....?  Just so you know where I'm coming from, you can't play a player less to keep him from becoming injured.