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Comment 07 Jul 2015

As Will Farrell says, "I don't believe you." 

Unless they were balancing beach balls on their noses, how do you know they were seals? Seals prevent problems, take care of problems, they usually, are not the ones causing them. Then they have the instructor's class the next day. I'm calling unadulterated bullshit, on this 'story'.

Comment 05 Jul 2015

Ah, we start them pretty young, tell little 'zeke' the ncaa forbids showing tummy, keep the shirt down kid.

Comment 09 Jun 2015

 First, second and thirdly, basketball has been and always will be second fiddle to football at OSU. Matta is no different than any other head coach at OSU BB, they have all scheduled patsies in the non-con and most of the time I defer to the coach as to knowing what kind of team he has coming back, so hopefully he schedules accordingly. I like the home schedule of two years ago, while most of the OSU fan's said, who's that we're playing tonight? The schedule ranked in the upper thirties in the nation. As far as scheduling an Izzo schedule, I'll leave that up to the coach. If you are a good team in a good conference, who you play in Nov. and Dec. has no bearing on how good you'll be in March and April. I'll never be convinced that going 6-6 against the top twelve teams would produce a better conference record than going 12-0 against the sisters of the poor. OK we all know that is unprovable, right? Of course we all don't know that, after all iron sharpens iron, doesn't it? What if we have a team that isn't iron? I think this year's is an ambitious schedule, with this young of a team. I do think we'll like this team better than the last couple of years, just for effort, enthusiasm, athleticism and potential alone. I don't think we'll have to worry about the proverbial 'lack of development' tag with these guys either. I just can't see three positions going freshman-senior without ever averaging ten points a game. Is that even possible, again?

Comment 18 May 2015

It doesn't say anything about the court system. It say everything about the horribly written contract that an OSU lawyer or team of lawyer's drew up. The way the contract was written O Brien couldn't be terminated until the NCAA had found him guilty of violations. IF OSU had done their due diligence they could have suspended OBrien, presented the evidence to the NCAA, then after the NCAA had acted within their parameters, fired OBrien, which would have voided the rest of the contract, that is where Obrien got paid, plus accrued interest from the time he was fired. It would be hard to hold a coaching search during that scenario, but coaching searches are done behind closed doors in clandestine meetings when a coach is on his way out anyways. 

Comment 16 May 2015

They should also take ten seconds off of the shot clock whenever there is an offensive rebound, since the ten second violation is not in play. They should also get rid of one of the stupidest calls, the palming of the basketball. However you advance the ball should be fine, if you do not travel. The last three minutes of the game, the shot clock should be eighteen seconds, then all of the stupid fouling might be eliminated. The shot clock should be 28 seconds for the game, that way an offensive rebound would reset the clock to 18 seconds, which is the same shot clock as the last three minutes of the game. If the coaches wanted to use 30 seconds for the game and 20 seconds for offensive rebounds and 20 seconds for the last three minutes of the game, that would be a great starting point.  All of the called timeouts in the last four minutes of the game should be 30 seconds, and actually be 30 seconds. The horn sounds, the ref at the out of bounds ball position blows his whistle, counts to five in his head, then starts the out of bounds five second count, whether the player is there to receive the ball or not. This ensures the game can proceed more quickly out of timeouts.

Once the positions are established at the foul line, they are established for the entirety of the foul shot(s) be it one, two, or three shots. The only time positions can be changed is by substitution. Substitution-a coach only gets one opportunity to enter subs per break in play, the subs must have already checked in at the scorer's table-not be held up by the coach and substituted one at a time.   Forget all of this traffic back and forth after every foul shot and finger fiving the shooter or ass tapping the shooter. On a missed foul shot on a non-live ball the ref should have the ball back in the shooter's hands within three seconds. Why on earth does it take sixty seconds or longer to shoot two foul shots?

In a televised game a coach should only get (3) thirty second time outs, to use whenever necessary. They already get four 2.5 to 3.5 minute tv timeouts per half, plus a twenty minute half time for adjustments. 

In the last three minutes of the game, since the game is already being sped up; any foul in the backcourt will result in three foul shots, regardless of the bonus situation. Hopefully this would help eliminate fouling which is what drags out the games and makes them unbearably long if you have no rooting interest in the teams. 


Comment 11 May 2015

That is such a perfect four seconds of emotion. No Girl's mom expressing her very own NO. No mom's daughter squeezing the stress out of her face. The friend watching the reactions of both, with no comment. The man rubbing his hands together, getting earrings on both sides of his neck thanks to blondie peeking around the side of him. As an aside he looks kinda cute in dangling/jiggling earrings. lol   The young man adjusting his hat so that he doesn't get hat hair. Bama Bubba in his houndstooth shirt cheering, maybe the only one in his section. Did he go to the game by himself? The pretty black haired lady with hoops big enough for a Macaw to live and swing happily from for eternity. The little red headed gal who looks up from her phone just long enough to see that she is still standing where she was when she last looked up from her phone five minutes ago. The man in the white Ohio State shirt that just HAS to say something to somebody about what just happened. The black man with the still ongoing face palm. The man who just has to have a sip of beer, off of what just happened. So much going on in such a little time frame and I'm sure I didn't capture all of it. How about a frame where something great happened for OSU? I'd like to analyze one of those too.

Comment 10 Apr 2015

I like how the lady cheerleader says, the heck with life and limb, I am protecting this flag no matter how many cleat marks it leaves on my body. And the dude is running back to save the flag through all of the players coming out with smoke in their eyes. I have got to save that flag and maybe a bonus point for picking up the little lady. Great photo, never seen that one before. Thanks.

Comment 07 Mar 2015

Don't forget, Cardale took dance, when he wore a younger man's clothes. Maybe he will have a solo? One can only hope.

Comment 07 Mar 2015

Please please please don't forget the pet rescuer. lol

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Hodge actually your comment is 100% correct. The way you told the incident is exactly the way it went down on the Townsend recruiting story. And every time a comment like yours is presented, it is debunked by the same article, by someone on 11w. The most important question is never asked in the story. The question that should have been asked to Mr. Townsend was, did OSU ask you to wait to send the LOI, due to OSU being at the limit of scholarships available?

The answer was yes, OSU did ask Townsend to hold off on sending the LOI, because OSU did not want to go over the allotment of scholarship players. But OSU, Coach Myer in particular did assure Mr. Townsend that OSU would have a scholarship available for young Townsend before fall football practice would begin. The Townsends took the recently offered Florida scholarship, even though Florida already had a punter who was only a sophomore on scholarship. One in hand is better than two in the bush, you might say.

I read the story in a Florida paper which did an interview with the Townsends that went much more in depth and answered all of the questions that should have been asked, in my mind. So if you wondered why a young man would wake up in the morning expecting to sign with TOSU and didn't, now you have the rest of the story. It kind of fills in the blanks that stories like Lesmerises sp? doesn't. I haven't followed young Townsends career one iota, but when OSU went scrambling for a punter, they may have gotten the better of the deal. I can't imagine a punter that is much better than oy, oy, oy. Not withstanding that Alabubba guy's one night.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

Yeah I heard that same comment only Cardale was on his butt and threw it backwards and hit the goal post with it. Then he one by one hit each pylon with four throws, all while backwards on his butt. This is butt the beginning of the CJ story.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

I am going to give him a full sack on that one, bringing his total to 5.5 for the year. However I believe that will be his final sack for his Michigan Man career. Hopefully Hoke doesn't have other ideas.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

I saw a group of about six tall skinny guys walking around the stadium, towards where the recruits go into the games. They ranged in height from about six-five to six-nine. Two were wearing OSU t-shirts and videoing the crowds response after they shouted O-H. Of course they got a loud I-O in return and seemed pleased. On a bad note, two of the taller young men in the front of the group yelled out, "Eat my Ass" three times while I was walking behind them, they would then chuckle about it. I thought at that moment, I hope these guys aren't representing OSU basketball any time soon.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

The Coach just happens to agree with me, nothing to see here, move along little doggies. I guess it's about time we went public in support of Brax, not that he needed it. I got some support from Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and a cryptic message from Helen Keller, none of which I will share or use to embarrass all of the 'Little People' who disagree with such a distinguished group of fine Muricans.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

That first sentence is completely Mr. Maks writing, and 100% his mistake, either implying or inferring that is what Myer meant by the second sentence. Meyer didn't say a word about which school he recruited Diggs. Myer knows full well, just like any one else who follows recruiting, that he recruited Diggs to Ohio State.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Oh my gosh, is that an orange yoga mat? My goodness, that is so amazing, that is like seeing a double rainbow, oh my gosh. That is amazing, just look at that. Isn't that amazing, have you ever seen an orange yoga mat before? And look how at the end of it, the orange yoga mat brings her up onto her toes. Oh my gosh, that is so amazing. Have you ever seen anything like that? I could just sit here and look at that yoga mat for days. Wowy Zowy!