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Comment 29 Jul 2015
I imagine that Woody would have been very happy for this young man to be getting his first opportunity at being a HC. Herman accepted the job before the playoffs, yet stayed with the team and basically pulled double duty for a month or more. I think the proof is in the pudding, so to speak, that we won the 1st ever Playoff Championship and Herman had a hand in that achievement and I applaud him for that. As for Herman donning a UH hat after we won the championship, I have no problem with that. He's promoting his new school, good for him. Do you think that we will be competing with UH for a lot of recruits? I doubt it, but if so I have faith in UFM.
Comment 24 Jul 2015
Yep, born and raised.
Comment 23 Jul 2015
The great city of Nerk Ahia is now pinned. If you are from there, you'll get it.
Comment 21 Jul 2015
Sorry I miss out on all the fun this year, hopefully next year I can make it.
Comment 09 Jul 2015
Thanks. He's definitely put in the work to have earned this privilege. He's so excited to begin this journey. As for Cousineau, I'm a little young to remember him when he was playing but I've seen enough old games to have seen that he was a hell of a player.
Comment 08 Jul 2015

My wife wanted a minivan for much the same reasons back in '98. I folded and leased 1 for her. Before the lease was up she was so ready to be done with the thing that we broke the lease, traded it in early and got a Chevy Tahoe on lease. After about a year we knew we had found our vehicle and decided to turn it into a buy. We waited about 3 years and then changed the lease to buy and have had it ever since. It's the most comfortable ride we've ever had, it's not too bad on gas on trips and we are so happy with our decision.

I got bonus points for allowing her to find out the hard way that the minivan wasn't the way to go for us plus I can tease her about it every once in a while. I don't know if this story will help you in your quest or not, but I do wish you good luck.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Still live in Ohio but when I visit family that has moved to TN I am required to bring with me Donald's Donuts in Zanesville and Conn's chips.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Love me some Lee's chicken, best biscuits around. I tend to stop there on Wednesdays when they have the 3 piece deal going on.