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Comment 27 Apr 2016
I remember Jent from his playing days and from his first stint on Matta's staff. He brings tenacity and toughness, something I think has been lacking the last couple of years. I look forward to seeing what he can help this team become and who knows, maybe down the road he will become the head coach.
Comment 22 Mar 2016
My son is going the same route as you, ChemE and then med school for anistesiology (sp).
Comment 29 Feb 2016
Congratulations ITWASME. That is definitely something to be proud of and hard to turn down. If my son hadn't worked his ass off in HS for all the scholarships he got, and if my wife didn't work there to get him 50% off tuition, he probably would have gone somewhere else.
Comment 27 Feb 2016

I'm commenting so that I can find this easier after I can check all of my calendars. If I am able, I will definitely be looking to join a group.

Comment 30 Dec 2015
No, I'm not that cruel. Besides, I've got plenty of other blackmail pics already.
Comment 30 Dec 2015
There is a Hothead Burritos in Heath. It ain't bad. It's not Chipotle, but it ain't bad.
Comment 30 Dec 2015
Been there, done that plenty of times.
Comment 30 Dec 2015
If it were for the same reasons I puked as a 19 year old I wouldn't sympathize with him.
Comment 30 Dec 2015
True, but he is our 1st born and when he's puked for hours, white as a ghost and crying because he just wants it to stop you feel some sympathy.
Comment 30 Dec 2015
I'm off work until next Monday. I'm up now, thank you 6 year old, despite being up most of the night with my puking 19 year old. Hopefully I can fit a nap in sometime today. As for your questions: 1) I run Pandora like you run Spotify so no, I don't use CD-Rs for music. 2) I love Chipotle, in the little town of Nerk, Ahia Hothead Burritos is my fall back. 3) That's what I've heard. 4) I don't have a laptop for anything. 5) Hell Yes!