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Comment 06 Jan 2016

I am not sure as to how the mets record defines him...as the individual who was in charge of scouting and drafting he job is scouting players to join the organization and finding hidden talent. In baseball, who you draft today doesn't change your organization for a few years. The best players in baseball do not just come up to the majors(there are a handful of exceptions) but usually players are in the minors for a couple seasons before coming up. So the early records are that way because the team sucked, he wasn't the GM for the mets so he wasn't signing free agents. To me, the early records are an indication of how poorly the mets farm system was before he got there. Now it is one of the best and brightest.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

As a life long mets fan, this is disappointing. DePodesta was an extremely talented guy who helped make the mets farm system one of the strongest in baseball. He had nearly complete control over draft strategy which certainly has panned out well for the mets. So when you hear the mets you may think it's a bad move, but this is a very good hire. 

Comment 21 Dec 2015

I hope his suspension is held up. Facing him in the championship, want any advantage to get that payday that I can

$ rules all

Comment 13 Dec 2015

If you read the article it pretty much says beck is a potential candidate Bc of his position but probably isn't the guy since it's mostly a name thing. Beck as OC of osu versus other candidates who actually contribute to their offense. But either way #hirebeck

Comment 03 Dec 2015

Not going to happen. None of the SEC teams are good enough to be in the new years 6 games. So stanford, usc, notre dame or houston will be our opponent. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

We got a rebel over here!

but good for you, I'm glad that you were part of the tradition. It's sad that this happened but no reason to cancel it. Just put it back to a acknowledged but non sanctioned event and the university will have nothing to worry about. All parties will be happy that way

Comment 25 Nov 2015

I know the feeling. The girl I am dating is from the state and she and her whole family went tsun. This week is filled with me sending mean pictures to her and her doing likewise. I told myself I would never date someone from there, but shit happens. Every year we bet that the loser has to wear the other team's jersey and post it on all social media. I hope the bucks keep winning bc i hell as don't want to ever pay up.

Go bucks! Beat Bitchigan!

Comment 25 Nov 2015

As of a couple years ago the university started requiring wristbands to jump. so by doing that, they without a doubt took on liability. The lawyers are going to investigate this, bc if he/she wasn't a student then someone must have given the wristband to this individual which I would suspect reduces or even removes the liability as it was sanctioned for only students.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

-Baylor's points per play 2014 vs. 2015 have increased 39% which is crazy from a team that was considered a top 10 offense last year. 

-*ichigan opponents points per play 2014 vs. 2015 have decreased 79%. That is staggering. Multiple shutouts in a row will do that for ya.

-And the bucks defense you can clearly see the improvement. I know we all see it on the field week in and week out but still a decrease of 46%.

Obviously these stats are directly influenced by points and by total number of plays but still interesting. 

Thanks for the share.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

It's hard to say that OkSt offense sucks. Their lowest output of the season was their first game where they scored 24. Otherwise they have put up 69, a bunch of 30s, 58, 70 and 49(vs. TCU). Scoring TDs on 7 possessions is excellent. Plus in the Big12 no one plays defense so it should be expected. Not saying it isn't a lame excuse for the coach, but 110 plays is a lot for a defense to handle. But in the end they only gave up 29 points vs a strong TCU offense which has put up similar numbers to OkSt. And in the end the team got the win which is most important.