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Comment 2 hours ago

I just don't get it...I know we are a country of sport fanatics, but this is just dumb. These are teenagers who are making the biggest decision of their life and trust me the first person they turn to when they need advice are these twitter troll geniuses.

People are just stupid.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

The PSU play is my favorite, just that athleticism to evade all the defenders in that small space is unbelievable. But the best title was "MILLER DELIVERS THE STIFF ARM OF JUSTICE." Makes him sound like a superhero 

Comment 23 Jul 2015

There is no fatal flaw in Tim's writing. He says in the first sentence that no one has ever tried to repeat in the CFP system bc it's brand new. I get trying to compare the subdivisions to make a comparison and that it's "easier" to make it to the playoff bc there are more spots and therefore better odds of being in the final 4(playoffs) than the final 2(BCS). But with that comes having to win your conference championship game, the the playoff semifinal and then the championship game. Which is just as difficult or more than the BCS system. Plus the FBS is much more competitive than the sub-divisions where repeats seem more common.

Comment 17 Jul 2015

When you say best contract ever negotiated I'm sure you're saying in the favor of the Mets, right? Bc Bonilla clearly didn't have a financial adviser or ever hear of compounding interest. Mets have made stupid decisions for years(it's tough being a Mets fan) but this was their best move ever.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

I think this is a very good use of promotion. 11W is the best buckeye site without a doubt so anyway we can help them especially when we're all going to be buying stupid crap tomorrow just bc it's on sale, so it is just good business for our site. So please use the link like BGSU said so that my dues don't keep going up so that I can buy this stupid crap.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

Instead of the playoff committee choosing teams for the CFP based on on-field performance, they should replace them with dancing with the stars judges and have the university president's of the top 5 teams in a dance off and the top 4 dancers have their schools play in the CFP. And the loser goes to the TaxSlayer bowl.

Comment 07 Jul 2015

I've been to New Jersey, parts of it are beautiful! :-) It was only for a day though, and I wasn't in "The City"

Umm..."The City" are you referring to NYC? Bc that is definitely not part of New York and any New Yorker would be offended if you were implying that Jersey and NY are the same. Jersey is a wasteland. Everyone knows that.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

I know the girl from the video about Bosa is just reading off the teleprompter but when she said to stop watching GOT and focus on football it's just like that a$$h@le who told him to stop playing COD. Pretty sure it's Urban's job to worry about that, not them.

Comment 11 Jun 2015

The where's waldo knock off picture is actually quite disturbing...

There is a race going on where a guy in a chariot has just ran over 3 people and a renaissance man and a guy on a motorcycle are chasing him

Harbaugh is creepily watching those volleyball players and you can't see what's going on below his waist

There is a *ichigan student athlete on trial probably for taking money under the table

And these dumb *ichigan fans are just oblivious to what's going on around them.

Is this what Ann Arbor is like, a soulless hell hole?

Comment 10 Jun 2015

11W's should make a top 10 list of Ramzy's best Situational's in slideshow form with ads that you can't skip after every slide. 

Just trying to make sure my membership dues don't go up anymore because I am reaching a point where I have to decide whether it is more important to buy whiskey or frequent this site.

Comment 02 Jun 2015

McDonald's is the only reason Chipotle is as big as it is today. They were the ones that expanded it nationwide. Without them, Chipotle wouldn't be what it is today, and McD's stock would probably be faring better than it has in the past 18 months bc of Chipotle dominating the sector.

Comment 29 May 2015

Whenever I think about Rush now, I think of the movie I Love You, Man. Prepared to get Rushified!!


City Slicka

Comment 12 May 2015

I believe the people who picked Zeke only looking at the fact that the 2014 team won a national championship. Zeke averaged 9.1 yards per carry in the last 3 games, which is freakish. But Hyde averaged 7.3 yards per carry in 2013 and the team was not the same and everyone knew it was going to Hyde (except for when it should have...)

O-line 2014 vs. 2013 O-line there is no comparison.

Many more playmakers in 2014 which kept defenses honest.

As of now gotta take Hyde, but no slight to Zeke.