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Comment 17 Sep 2014

The way the NFL has handled this is a catastrophe.  I just think the whole thing has been bungled from the very beginning.

Even if the NFL only saw the first video of Rice, what did they think happened? (rhetorical)  They gave him a two game suspension, then the second video came out and they changed the policy to a 6-game suspension, then they public outcry happened, then the Ravens cut him and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.  The NFLPA is going to have a field day with this.  The thing that sickens me is how reactionary it all is.   Set your policies and live by them.  If they need adjusted, adjust them, but changing them 3 times in a week just because of the public outrage is ridiculous when that isn't what you were going to do in the first place when you knew what happened.  

It also seems as if they're going to start suspending players before their due process has taken place which is a bad idea.  A player is entitled to his defense before punishment is handed out.  I'm all for defending people who are being abused, but Innocent until proven guilty is what our whole justice system is based on.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I've been a lifelong Ohio State fan.  Archie was my first sports hero.  I've always thought that the Big Ten was competitive on a national level, but recently, it is not and I don't feel like it is being addressed.  Some serious thought needs to go into OSU leaving the B1G if this trend isn't reversed quickly.  The money from the BTN isn't going to last long if the product being aired keeps getting worse.  We need to throw our weight around and get some of the teams in the league to invest in winning.  OSU cannot afford for the trend to continue or it will be pushed into the category of good teams in bad leagues and will not be much better then a larger Boise State.  It is time to wake up before it is too late.

Comment 07 Apr 2014

Saw Burrow play twice against my son's team and twice in the playoffs the last couple years and while I think he's a great player, I don't think he's OSU caliber athletically.  He racks up stats against poor teams in SE Ohio and it is hard to tell how good he really is because of the competition level.  He is a very polished passer.  I'm just not sure he's athletic enough for that level.  He HAS played well in the playoffs against better competition, which makes me hedge my opinion a bit, but I see him as more of a lower echelon B1G player or an upper level MAC player.

I just don't think he compares athletically to someone Like Travon Pendeleton from Portsmouth West who is playing for Mich St.  I also thought that the QB from Logan about 5 years ago, Pat Angle, that ended up going to Youngstown St. was a better player.

Hope I'm wrong as I always like to see SE Ohio kids succeed, but I don't think he fits what Meyer is looking for in a QB.

Comment 23 Dec 2013

I know it isn't exactly Matta's style, but I think the last minute showed how formidable we could be with more pressure.  Our bench is deeper and I feel like a small lineup with Craft, Scott, Smith, Thompson and Ross could be extremely effect in stretches pressuring full court.  This is especially true if teams are going to play zone and pack the paint against us.  Let's turn up the pressure and try to get more points in transition.

Comment 18 Dec 2013

I'd honestly have answered someone else if it was an option.  Not because I discount these three guys' talents, but that just always seems to be the way it works out.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?

Comment 19 Nov 2013

This is an interesting subject and there are more than a few sides to it.

First, I feel like the thing we need to remember the most is the primary goal of these pundits.  They want more viewers/readers period.  They are in the business of ratings and I think that, as a group, they have learned that the thing they can do to us as a fanbase to get "us" to view their product is to degrade us.

Second, we are an obnoxious group of fans.  Not everyone by any means, but there seems to be a large section that is just obnoxious.  With many of them, it is impossible to have a rational discussion on the subject of how good the Bucks are, even for the rest of us fans.  They are just so blinded by their passion that they come across as raving lunatics.  I'm sure that there are other fan bases that have the same issue, but we seem to take it a step further.

Third and related to the last one is that many of us don't want to even have a rational debate.  I feel like it is logical to say that FSU and Alabama should be ranked ahead of us.  I also feel it is logical to at least have a discussion about the comparative ranks of OSU and Baylor.  I'm not saying that we couldn't compete on the field, but we just have not looked as impressive as FSU or Alabama.

We just need to relax and let the cards fall where they may.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

I thought the Iowa coaching staff had a great game plan today.  It wasn't our DBs that got abused today, it was our LBs trying to cover their TEs.  I don't remember a single significant reception by one of their wideouts.  Even on that long touchdown where Reeves looks really bad, I don't think that was his coverage.  We got caught in a zone blitz where they had asked Spence to drop into coverage, the TE ran a wheel and Spence tried to run with him as he should and just couldn't do it.  Reeves took a bad angle and that was all she wrote.  Their TEs were so wide open that a decent HS QB could've made those throws.  Bill O'Brien and Christian Hackenburg have to be licking their chops.

The other thing that really bothered me was how easily Iowa got the edge on the run plays.  Perry and Spence got abused on the edge against the run.  I know Spence is fast and is good rushing the passer, but if he doesn't figure out how to stop the run, he's going to get abused like he did vs. Iowa regularly.

Isn't this about the time of the year last year where Meyer got sick of all the defensive troubles and kind of took over the defense from a planning and practice perspective?  From that point on last year, there was a drastic turnaround in our defensive performance.  I expect Meyer to make that kind of move soon.  It is obvious that our overall defensive performance is not up to par and is going to be the thing that costs us dearly if not fixed.


Comment 18 Jun 2013

I think defensive end is getting really undervalued.  With all of the increased emphasis on passing offenses, we really need a Mike Vrabel or Will Smith coming off the edge to take some pressure off Spence.

Hard to argue with Spielman.  We had other LBs that were good, but none that combined the production and leadership like him.

I really like the Korey Stringer vote.  I think he gets overlooked and underrated so much because of how good Pace was.  You couldn't go wrong with either of them.

I also liked the Damon Moore suggestion.  It always seemed like that defense was in the right position to make a play and from all accounts he was the guy making that happen.

I really like our offensive skill position players this year, but anyone with some moxie, experience and leadership would really help that group gel.  How about Dane Sanzenbacher.

Comment 14 Jun 2013

I hope everyone isn't disappointed with Miller's performance this year.  I feel there's a good chance that he isn't nearly as dynamic running the ball, but makes a modest step in the passing game and performs better as a QB who is an athlete rather than a great athlete playing QB like he was last year.


Comment 30 May 2013

Let me say that Winfield is one of my personal all-time favorite buckeyes, but for on field COLLEGIATE performance, Springs was a better corner.  

I also second the Art Schlichter mention.

Comment 20 May 2013

I hate to be the voice of reason, but we are not an SEC caliber defense and will not be this year.  We're definitely headed in the right direction, but we aren't comparable at this point.  Maybe next year, but I'm thinking more like 2015 before we get to that level.

As far as the offense goes, we should be comparable to any unit in the country this year.  The only area of concern for me is the lack of depth in the O-line.  We were fortunate not to have much in the way of injuries on that unit last year.  If we have a couple injuries, it might slow the O down significantly.

Comment 20 May 2013

I really think that Philly Brown is the only one that is a lock to start.  I loved D. Smith's flashes of brilliance last year, but also was dismayed at his lack of consistency.  It seemed like many of his drops came in critical situations.  I don't think that will be tolerated this year, regardless of his upside.

The big positive to me with our receiving corps is the competition that there's going to be in camp.  These guys aren't going to be able to relax one minute with the depth of riches we have and that will bring out the best in all of them.

Comment 18 Apr 2013

I thought the same thing watching the spring game.  Dunn has a better burst, Byars had better feet.


Comment 31 Jan 2013

I like this article.  It just solidifies the good feeling that I've had all year about this team.  It seems as if this team might not be the equal from a talent standpoint of the last few years, but they're very "likable" from a fan standpoint because of the effort they show.  Eventhough Thomas will probably leave, this bodes good things for the next couple of years.

Comment 31 Jan 2013

I just can't see a player of that caliber choosing Tennessee when they're in an obvious rebuilding situation following the Kiffin/Dooley debacles.  They're a minimum of two years from even being competitive in the SEC.

Comment 30 Jan 2013

I hear what you're saying, but up to the point of him leaving Cleveland, he had done an awful lot of things the right way and was a pretty good citizen.  Granted, the way he left was a BIG mistake, but I feel like he's been vilified way more than deserved.

Comment 30 Jan 2013

Doesn't matter to me where he goes.  I'm not a big NBA fan.  However, regardless of where he ends up, I'll be rooting for him.

Comment 29 Jan 2013

I remember going to BW3 at Woodruff and High back in the 80's for 10 cent wings and 1$ pitchers of draft on Monday nights for Monday night football.

I also used to walk uphill in the snow both ways across the oval to class.  Man I sound like and old geezer!

Comment 20 Jan 2013

I just don't buy it.  From all accounts, Te'o is a quality person and has been for a long period of time.  I just don't buy that you can fake that for that long a period and then do something like this.  I'm willing to buy that he found out about it was distraught enough and worried enough about it affecting the team for the game vs. Alabama that he perpetuated it after the fact, but not that this was part of a calculated scheme from the beginning.