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Comment 23 Jul 2014
My wife and I were married 9/13/08. My wife insisted since it was her [dead] grandpa's anniversary. I was a bit sad until it was announced Beanie wouldn't play. Then I was like I'd rather have sausage made by Greek Grandmas and drink bourbon with everyone there. It took the sting out of 35-3
Comment 10 Feb 2014
Dude please treat the bible like politics, additionally unless you don't eat shellfish, don't cut your hair or go around murdering adulterous women, really don't use the bible as back up. Being gay should not be something that requires courage but it still does.
Comment 26 May 2013

When it comes to 100 speed remember Brandon saine holds the Ohio state record at 10.38 and he's not even near the convo of best OSU RB ever. I'll take 11.03 with agility any day of the week. 

Comment 27 Dec 2012

I have straight up had a family friend from Stubenville say that this girl didn't need any drugs to do what happened to her. I then read the tweets from the players. Needless to say he looked like an ass and I no longer have any respect for him. 

While I'm not an anonymous lover, screw anyone that could cover this up. 

Comment 23 Jul 2012

From the NCAA:

Institutional control refers to the efforts institutions make to comply with NCAA legislation and to detect and investigate violations that do occur. NCAA member institutions are obligated to maintain appropriate levels of institutional control.


If you can tell me that there was institutional control here and having a rapist running around campus wasn't done to keep the football program safe and prosperous, then yes the NCAA got over involved. I don't think anyone can tell me that though. 

Comment 19 Jul 2012

1. Speed is crazy, but also when you can outrun everyone, no need for routes. 

2. I love that his school has the And1 DJ as the announcer

Comment 03 Nov 2011

It's a good thing this video makes Bollman look human, because his wikipedia looks like a certain sports satire writer *cough* Ramzy *cough* :)

"Jim Bollman is the current offensive coordinator and offensive line coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.[1] Bollman has been the offensive coordinator for the Buckeyes since 2001,[1] covering the entire tenure of head coach Jim Tressel. His 2010 offense set an Ohio State record by scoring 504 points en route to a 12-1 record.[citation needed]The 2011 season has propelled him into national prominence, as he is now the only known walrus coach."

- Wikipedia

Comment 08 Oct 2011
Joe... Bauserman... is... not... good.
Comment 19 Sep 2011
For those who are looking for sign ideas when attending this weekend may I suggest ESPN's Craig James (in smaller print) may or may not have killed five hookers at SMU. represent ramzy
Comment 28 Jan 2011
While it wasn't Barry Sanders cuts in a video I was fascinated. I don't know that I've ever seen a HS kid with that much velocity on his long snap. Anything under .7 seconds on a 15 yd snap is really good. This kid, though not flashy is phenomenal. His coach allowing the punter five steps, not as much.
Comment 25 Jan 2011
I love how every team that plays us hates Craft
Comment 21 Jan 2011
Craft... Dawg... Painful. Thank goodness his basketball prowess is inversely proportional to his singing ability.
Comment 11 Jan 2011
Totally agree. It's not schaudenfruede without hope of success
Comment 11 Jan 2011
MGoBlog is losing their shit. Their delicious salty tears make Brutus and the Buckeye Nation stronger.
Comment 10 Jan 2011
As much as I love to hate the Yankees. I have to admit we are the Yankees of CFB. Fans either love tOSU hate them, or respect and fear them
Comment 04 Jan 2011
Agreed. I really want to mute this and watch the game with Keels and Lachey this morning. All I want to do is get pumped for the game and it's all about suspensions. Even spiels was bitching this morning on WHBC 1480. I'm gonna snap. They are being punished severely. You don't get a fine for speeding and tell the judge you are surrendering your license to look better in the public fuck that. Ihope each suspended player plays phenomenally and Mark May chokes on his fucking lapel mic. Time for bourbon and some pork product.
Comment 05 Nov 2010
That's the key. No one will chant 1-9 they will chant 0-10. I know you enjoy being Debbie f****** Downer. But seriously everything is not doom and gloom. I have to say I belong to pretty much every free Buckeye board/blog and Michigan fans having a sunnier outlook on this program than you. Stop playing devils advocate and try and make a positive online contribution.