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Comment 18 Apr 2015
Maybe depriest told him about that elite training program that turned a five star into an overweight undrafted free agent?
Comment 17 Apr 2015
We had the two-hundred forty dollars, we had to have the puddin', awww yeah
Comment 10 Apr 2015
Maimi used to be more academically credible, it is not now. It was ranked higher when I attended (though I chose Miami due to its smaller size). The only guys I knew who thought we deserved more billing in football were preppalos, cinci jugallos with a popped collar. With Roethlisberger at the helm we were solidly number 2 in ohio, but would have been pounded by the 2003 Bucks in his last year. Hockey is another story, but football, academics no.
Comment 26 Mar 2015
spaces or laces don't matter when I throw, but for back yard football,you always take spaces, lest you don't pick your end of the field and have to have the garage end and get tackled into splintered wood siding.
Comment 16 Mar 2015
I hear you man, watched it after it came out on vhs in 10th grade World History. So bored and all my friends were going nuts over it. Prefer Rob Roy as my Scottish folk hero.
Comment 15 Mar 2015
My friend's uncle played hap schaunessy. Didn't know that till just now when I saw his name in the credits. She likes to bring up that he is a classically trained Shakespearean actor... not so much the red green show.
Comment 14 Mar 2015
Was in Rocky during college, played Brad, so glad no videos exist of that
Comment 14 Mar 2015
Bloody bloody andrew Jackson, Sweeney Todd, Company... and no the Tim Burton abortion does not count, Helena Bonham carter had as much charisma as a dung beetle. Oh Marla Singer and Bellatrix Lestrange where have you gone
Comment 05 Mar 2015
I was teaching ions to my class. Said which one do you think is negative, anions or cations... kid raises hand and says, "Cation, because cats suck." Suppressing a smile, all I can say is , interesting theory, but no
Comment 04 Mar 2015
According to RAINN, only 32% of rapes are reported and 2% of all rapists see jail time. Most rapes go unreported due to fear, shame, and retaliation. There are videos of female victims being chastised for judges for how they dressed or flirted. I have a male friend who was ruffied and Viagraed in college. He didn't report due to fear of being mocked and chided. Rape is the ultimate cowardly act of exerting power and dominance over another human being. Murders have been committed by accident, no one has ever tripped, fell, and landed in/on a person and been like, well while I'm here. My guess is coach K didn't have direct evidence but he's heard enough to have' his reasons.
Comment 03 Mar 2015
I know it's not a fun name, but I used to Call it Perry's greatest mistake when I taught American History, as he was the commander in the battle of Lake Erie, that took michigan back from Britain/Canada... but I'm a dork too.
Comment 23 Feb 2015
My wife still makes fun of me for playing d&d as a kid (always paladin class) and playing Magic with my roommates in college. I can usually shut her up with, and how many all county/region teams did you get for show choir? I was a jock and a nerd and now do a bit of music and sports as well as being a science teacher, she was a theater kid all the way and still is to this day.
Comment 22 Feb 2015
Oh you mean the feed that had some low life FSU fan tell Elika she deserved to get raped for making fun of an idiot who desrved to be made fun of.
Comment 22 Feb 2015
When I look at the stat sheet and see 2 fouls for our bigs I get disgusted. It is almost impossible to play hard, rebound, block shots, and take the ball to the hole withou incurring 2-3 per person. No intensity down low. Offensively, double up Russell, and you've stopped us. Yes coaching has not been great this year, but this years upperclassmen should not start.