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Comment 26 Jul 2015
Don't know about gonzo but I'd take thomas over Holmes. Thomas is a legit 1 skill set, Ginn is a legit 2 burner, and Gonzo in the slot... That's a pretty unstoppable group if you ask me.
Comment 17 Jun 2015
I've spent the last 8 years of my life here and always have found things to do. Within 30 minutes, It's more hub than elite destination. For a weekend trip there is quite a bit to do if you stay between belden and green.
Comment 17 Jun 2015
In a few years the hall of fame village here in canton should be something, but for now I say Hocking hills for relaxing/outdoors, cedar point for amusement park, or Cleveland for museum/theater experience. I've always liked Columbus personally, so much to do.
Comment 15 Jun 2015
This is going to look phenomenal on the 7th gen consoles. I tend to replay IX more than VII due to both the nostalgia factor and the fact that it just looks nicer. I'm the kind of guy who spent 70+ hours on XIII, when I could have been it in about 37, what can I say I'm a completionist. I own my nerd title, It's like tell my students yes I grew up playing D&D, the original final fantasy games, and still hold the career academic challenge points title... But I also won multiple athletic awards and had scholarship offers for football. Being well rounded is a good thing. Probably why I'll miss 63 next year among other reasons
Comment 15 Jun 2015
Though in all fairness, if I were playing pick up ball and was under the hoop, my football instincts would kick in to drop a shoulder and protect myself. I'm a sizable guy. Curry gets the blocking call, LeBron gets called for the charge. Lebron is a tough guy, Curry hasn't showed me he is. That being said I hate douchey mugging for the camera either way
Comment 12 Jun 2015

I know it started as manga, but there are like 85 dragon ball games so I gotta go Goku, kid ran an 8.85 100 as a 12 year old. Pure video game standpoint, no unatural powers, I gotta go zangief from street fighter imagine that at left tackle. Oh and at RB
Comment 31 May 2015
I chose man city to follow because I only have room for one behemoth in my life, then they go and get better than man u. My dad's side is from Oldham just outside Manchester.
Comment 17 May 2015
True and I understand the skepticism, but remember what everyone thought of that kid from ten things I hate about you and a knight's tale playing Nicholson's role. I predict a bit more madness and a bit less calculated.
Comment 16 May 2015
If cardales career, on the field, mirrors Roethlisberger, I'll take it. I graduated from Miami. His Jr. Year was amazing, 50 yard darts into 45 mph winds to rip out Marshall's heart. Two SB victories, and 3 trips. Most likely a hall of famer. Yeah I'd take that career.
Comment 16 May 2015
Crime- darren sharper On ice- eric lindros Michigan- jim harbaugh All three- frank clark
Comment 14 May 2015
Always preferred Donatello, beaten peeps down with a giant stick.
Comment 11 May 2015
Ummm... If I beat my wife and am arrested, I lose my job for conduct detrimental to the organization. Yes an employer can punish an employee for breaking the law
Comment 09 May 2015
More the fact that noah is a trash talking, goofy, piece of garbage. There is nothing about him I have ever liked, in college or otherwise. Might be a great guy off the court, but took on it.
Comment 09 May 2015
I gotta say, I would pay money to watch mike tyson repeatedly punch Noah in the face.... A lot.
Comment 30 Apr 2015
Bad move... Should have went with Fudge. Everybody's talking about Fudge.
Comment 30 Apr 2015
Overrated, perriman does not have good hands. Might as well draft Featherstone from the Texas State fighting Armadillos.