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Comment 04 Oct 2015
Thank you Ramzy! That was awful. I have never been ashamed of our fan base till I popped up the live chat. That was awful.
Comment 04 Oct 2015
Critical involves actual critique not just saying you suck. It's like when a student tells me they have a question and say. I don't get it. My usual respones is, that's fantastic, now where is the question so we can fix it.
Comment 03 Oct 2015

Oh crap the sky is falling. Fire Meyer. Remove everyone from scholarship. Lynch the entire athletic department. My God, this is the first time I've been on this site during a game this year and its as though we are going to go 0 and 8 the rest of the year. We may lose this game or at some point this year, but let's act like Ohio State fans and not as though we are cheering on our state's craptastic pro team. I love this site and the class it has always shown. But all these posts as well as the less moderated live feed is pathetic and does not show this as the Eleven Warriors I have been a member of and loved reading.

Comment 16 Sep 2015
If all flagship universities were doing a tribute to america helmet using state flags, these would be the best... That being said I'm cool leaving this on a Blue Jackets goalie where it belongs.
Comment 14 Sep 2015
A Roethlisberger and a Coach Hep ago this was a rivalry. Now it's just an excuse for my alma mater to get their head shoved in the toilet... Then drown its tears in bagel n' deli and beautiful women
Comment 07 Sep 2015
I don't know if wings was supposed to be wins but either way... Damn right you'll have wins tonight!
Comment 07 Sep 2015
Way to take one for the team... My wife is not feeling well so I too will be conserving Braxton's legs. That 70 inch at the in laws makes for a harder run
Comment 30 Aug 2015
Seriously on the too much time thing... I have a Twitter account for my high school classroom. In almost a year I have tweeted a quote about excellence and a congratulations tweet to our State Science Day participants. I have a toddler, home, grading, lesson planning, and soon to be football Saturdays. I don't have time to spam parents
Comment 05 Aug 2015
Made the mistake of looking at the image labeled click to see, graphic on a story about it a long time ago.
Comment 26 Jul 2015
Don't know about gonzo but I'd take thomas over Holmes. Thomas is a legit 1 skill set, Ginn is a legit 2 burner, and Gonzo in the slot... That's a pretty unstoppable group if you ask me.
Comment 17 Jun 2015
I've spent the last 8 years of my life here and always have found things to do. Within 30 minutes, It's more hub than elite destination. For a weekend trip there is quite a bit to do if you stay between belden and green.
Comment 17 Jun 2015
In a few years the hall of fame village here in canton should be something, but for now I say Hocking hills for relaxing/outdoors, cedar point for amusement park, or Cleveland for museum/theater experience. I've always liked Columbus personally, so much to do.
Comment 15 Jun 2015
This is going to look phenomenal on the 7th gen consoles. I tend to replay IX more than VII due to both the nostalgia factor and the fact that it just looks nicer. I'm the kind of guy who spent 70+ hours on XIII, when I could have been it in about 37, what can I say I'm a completionist. I own my nerd title, It's like tell my students yes I grew up playing D&D, the original final fantasy games, and still hold the career academic challenge points title... But I also won multiple athletic awards and had scholarship offers for football. Being well rounded is a good thing. Probably why I'll miss 63 next year among other reasons
Comment 15 Jun 2015
Though in all fairness, if I were playing pick up ball and was under the hoop, my football instincts would kick in to drop a shoulder and protect myself. I'm a sizable guy. Curry gets the blocking call, LeBron gets called for the charge. Lebron is a tough guy, Curry hasn't showed me he is. That being said I hate douchey mugging for the camera either way
Comment 12 Jun 2015

I know it started as manga, but there are like 85 dragon ball games so I gotta go Goku, kid ran an 8.85 100 as a 12 year old. Pure video game standpoint, no unatural powers, I gotta go zangief from street fighter imagine that at left tackle. Oh and at RB