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Comment 19 Jul 2016
I hear you, I had one of three due to being on the front line in kick offs. I remember our center looking at me and saying are you ok. I said where am I. Stupid me, pre concussion protocol, went back out after getting the old, ah you just got your bell rung. I since have developed major memory, attention, as well as other emotional issues.
Comment 06 Jul 2016
Agreed with you on that. I mean you're only young once and it wasn't being a jerk, let the young man hqve a little silly fun.
Comment 27 Dec 2015
Wow Johnny, so much Miami hatred in this article man... Let's not forget some of the biggest pro-buckeye fans graduated from there. I thought it was just going to be some good natured ribbing like the rest of the MAC got, way to really torch us alumni real good, lest we not forget the connections to Ohio State (cough) Woody Hayes(cough). Overall a good piece, but the butthurt in the Miami section was over the top man.
Comment 21 Dec 2015
Ahh, that legendary Notre Dame history. Why don't you share with us the storries of Rockne, the Gipper, Leahy, Montana, and Rudy... Oh why you're at it why don't you also share the history of Davie, Willingham, Weiss and how Manti T'eo was robbed from the Heisman. I have a lot of respect for Notre Dame as an academic institution and its program, but don't come into an opponent site and stir up trouble over a silly post. Every poster that starts an account, seemingly looking to poke the Bear, gets exactly what it deserves
Comment 20 Dec 2015
Kid I graduated with was a 6 foot 215 lb 4.7 40 linebacker who was three time all state in the small school tier. In a normal diii school he could have been a star, ended up transferring to ohio state and just concentrating on school.
Comment 17 Dec 2015
When shorter, preferred a swim, when the oppenent was taller would go with a dip and rip, and when stronger a bull rush. The one d1 lineman I played against, it was hit him at the thighs and just let him fall on me to blow up the hole... That game was hopeless
Comment 13 Dec 2015
If they beat Stanford, I'm happy for them. If we couldn't get in, I wanted Notre Dame and that's who we got, so I'm fine with them being in the rose
Comment 06 Dec 2015
I don't know crumb, the Duke/Miami lateral was ewually as awful. That league has to have the worst officials out there.
Comment 06 Dec 2015
Let it go man. It is what it is, an entertaining game. Don't resent men you don't know over something that silly. People die, people deal with disabilities all their life. Take joy in the good, after all forever is... Well forever.
Comment 05 Dec 2015
Florida's offense is garbage... Hot, stinking, open landfill garbage.
Comment 30 Nov 2015
Someone slammed into my back before football in seveth grade. Helmet came up smashed my front two teeth in half. Left incisor took the brunt of the force and was popped out of my mouth. Turned around spit out my tooth, said a few choice words and a couple friends took me to the intermediate school principal. He put it in milk and an hour and a half laterit was reinserted. Worst thing is the week before, I had my toe broken by my older brother, so the last two games of the school year I played with a broken toe and knocked out teeth. All the other football mom's were shocked and appalled, my mom just said, hey he wanted to play, we have insurance, That's what it's for
Comment 24 Nov 2015
In every preseason post, people always go on about as long as we beat TTUN they are happy. Time to show it folks. Amp up hate, the hope, and encouragement. Nothing like a rival deserving a beating to cure the post lost blues. There is still a slim chance of BIG championship, but there's a 100% chance of pain.
Comment 17 Nov 2015
I actually played our dorm Madden "champion" after he was running his mouth about how easy football strategy was in Madden. I used actual concepts of coverages and offensive playcalling. My terrible 2004 Houston Texans destroyed his Packers by 40 points. Madden strategy doesn't even work in Madden.
Comment 15 Nov 2015
While I have no problem with your statement and agree, I have issues with the timing. It makes it feel as though this decision was based on the last game.