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Comment 17 May 2015
True and I understand the skepticism, but remember what everyone thought of that kid from ten things I hate about you and a knight's tale playing Nicholson's role. I predict a bit more madness and a bit less calculated.
Comment 16 May 2015
If cardales career, on the field, mirrors Roethlisberger, I'll take it. I graduated from Miami. His Jr. Year was amazing, 50 yard darts into 45 mph winds to rip out Marshall's heart. Two SB victories, and 3 trips. Most likely a hall of famer. Yeah I'd take that career.
Comment 16 May 2015
Crime- darren sharper On ice- eric lindros Michigan- jim harbaugh All three- frank clark
Comment 14 May 2015
Always preferred Donatello, beaten peeps down with a giant stick.
Comment 11 May 2015
Ummm... If I beat my wife and am arrested, I lose my job for conduct detrimental to the organization. Yes an employer can punish an employee for breaking the law
Comment 09 May 2015
More the fact that noah is a trash talking, goofy, piece of garbage. There is nothing about him I have ever liked, in college or otherwise. Might be a great guy off the court, but took on it.
Comment 09 May 2015
I gotta say, I would pay money to watch mike tyson repeatedly punch Noah in the face.... A lot.
Comment 30 Apr 2015
Bad move... Should have went with Fudge. Everybody's talking about Fudge.
Comment 30 Apr 2015
Overrated, perriman does not have good hands. Might as well draft Featherstone from the Texas State fighting Armadillos.
Comment 18 Apr 2015
Maybe depriest told him about that elite training program that turned a five star into an overweight undrafted free agent?
Comment 17 Apr 2015
We had the two-hundred forty dollars, we had to have the puddin', awww yeah
Comment 10 Apr 2015
Maimi used to be more academically credible, it is not now. It was ranked higher when I attended (though I chose Miami due to its smaller size). The only guys I knew who thought we deserved more billing in football were preppalos, cinci jugallos with a popped collar. With Roethlisberger at the helm we were solidly number 2 in ohio, but would have been pounded by the 2003 Bucks in his last year. Hockey is another story, but football, academics no.