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Comment 04 Dec 2016
And that one loss was a 39 point beating, not a come from ahead loss, in a very hostile environment, after being down all the game, and the other team having two blocked kicks for you to win it. I know, you love to play the counter-point on 11w, and often are a needed voice, but on this account you are wrong. If the Bucks are out you set a precedent that will ultimately be the undoing of the CFPC. The number one goal is to put the four best teams in. Not the four best conference champions. Thats how you will ultimately und up with an undeserving team getting shelacked.
Comment 04 Dec 2016
Disagree, after their statement last week that there is a large gap between OSU and penn state. A 7 point come from behind win does not change that statement. Leaving Ohio State ound sends this message: only conference games, and a good record matter, so schedule incarnate word, win a conference championship, it doesnt matter if you beat Oklahoma and Tulsa, hell you can lose to a 6-6 opponent, just win your conference and look impressive in the last 5 games. That model will lead to a 4 loss team getting in the playoffs
Comment 03 Dec 2016
No Ill will toward a kid, but poking a bear is never a good call. I've never been a trash talker personally but to each their own. Always found it more satisfying to knock em on their ass, help em back up, and with a look let them know they were mine for the rest of the game.
Comment 02 Dec 2016
The one playing is the backup that was in against Michigan, liufau went down again.
Comment 02 Dec 2016
Screw that, they're too stupid to realize they aren't a rival, so let's make them a rival and show em why you don't want to be Urban's rival
Comment 02 Dec 2016
Not arguing injuries, cut blocks are easy enough to avoid, fire low and push their helmet into the ground. But there are only a few Triple option teams and that does mess with teams that don't see it much. Historically teams do worse after playing navy because you have to give legit practice time to prep for it or it can be the great equalizer. I'm not against playing navy, but that week of triple option prep has a small reward in the eyes of many and a very large risk. Whereas the spread option was once a gimmick now the triple-o:/wing-t/veer offense is the gimmick and gimmicks do distract from what 90% of offenses do (pro style or Spread option
Comment 02 Dec 2016
Also, as someone with a very detailed knowledge of the Diocese in stark county, those kids have been playing with each other since 5/6th grade. I assume some of the smaller schools it's the same way.
Comment 30 Nov 2016
Poor form/coaching. They were standing straight up and the pocket was regularly 5 yards in the backfield. That poor center was getting manhandled. As a center you have to set the front point of the pocket and never move backwards, ride a guy to the sidelines if need be. Hands were not coached to be violent.