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Comment 20 hours ago
Thank you for trying to put words in my mouth. However, I was trying to say even if the drug is not addictive, it does interfere with chemical transmissions and receptors in the brain. It triggers what is commonly referred to as the pleasure trap where the brain feels good and keeps it going. Though in all the research I have done, I do typically find that where one occurs so does the other. So no I meant to say yes its addictive, which I affirmed twice at the beginning of my previous statement.
Comment 23 hours ago
You'll get your wish soon enough. Louisville and UNC. also though not elite, Marquette isn't terrible. Considering the B1G gauntlet, I'd call it tough enough. 34 games is a long season to be balling hard all the time.
Comment 22 Nov 2014

I got no problem with venting. Hence my comment on critique. We suck. So and so should die/get ebola/get kicked off the team are arrogant and ignorant. That's what I'm talking about ignoring.

Comment 21 Nov 2014
Problem is life is rarely black and white. It's the reason some criminals get early parole and other's don't or in the case of some teachers/coaches some get the benefit of the doubt and other kids don't.
Comment 21 Nov 2014
It'll be a cool experience for these kids, but 22K in the shoe won't be as great an atmosphere asthat in Fawcett. Though I may be a little biased living 5 minutes from Paul Brown Tiger Stadium and 10 from Fawcett.
Comment 21 Nov 2014
Only reason I want Michigan decent is that Wolverine tears are sweeter when their hope is destroyed. 9-3 with losses to Us, MSU, and another rival is beautiful.
Comment 20 Nov 2014
MAC, American, Mountain west, sunbelt, conference usa. Now you can go back and impress.