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Comment 12 Sep 2014

Do you have wonderful news or have you not seen what the bulk of other threads are saying?

Comment 22 Jun 2014

Sounds like a great kid and a hard worker. It was great to see his insight on not getting that offer for so long.  Frankly, I love that it pissed him off and motivated him to work even harder.  

Comment 19 Jun 2014

I liked the old site much better. The interface, the gray boxes, and I believe that forums have really taken a step back since the update.  I get on this site significantly less (still multiple times daily), however, before the update I felt as if every 15-20 mins there would be a new noteworthy forum topic.  Now they seem few and far between with a lot of repeats.

Comment 04 Jun 2014

Welcome to the Bucks.  On a side note, did anyone watching his highlight tape think there were an abundance of ~6 yard gains?  I don't often see short yard gains in highlight tapes.

Comment 22 May 2014

It is Craig Fada, walk on special teams player.  Threw a party at his parents house while they were gone.  Cops came and busted 2 dozen kids and he was one. Nothing to see here.

Comment 21 May 2014

Embiid's injuries issues scare me, but he has the upside of a Hakeem Olajuwon.  Wiggins has insane athleticism and has an unbelievably high ceiling.  Parker has the highest basketball IQ and is the most NBA ready, but does not have as high as a ceiling as the other two.  

I would say just snag Wiggins as he has such a high ceiling and no injury issues.

Comment 21 May 2014

There is no way that they would trade up for him during the draft and trade him away before the season starts.

But I don't think any team would trade anything more than a 2nd round pick for him next year at this point.

Comment 12 May 2014

For some reason I doubt 3 RBs will be taken in the first round next year...