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Comment 02 Jul 2015

Well....Tampa Bay isn't really very good.  While I'm tremendously happy about it, IMHO you have to take that performance with a grain of salt.  They wouldn't do that against KC or Detroit.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

I think we can rely on the defense that has gotten us this far, and maybe that one (or more) goal that the constant pressure produces, to get the win. 

Comment 29 Jun 2015

While I really didn't care for his smarmy attitude nor the "Deal with it" comment, I do have to respect all that he accomplished, particularly staying true to his slow paced, grind it out style while the whole of college basketball moved on.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Paris Hilton locked in her room restoring vintage WWII aircraft radios, hmmmm, no, not buying it.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

So when does the ranking of top three LBs come out so they can add Raekwan to the list?  Those are three players right there that will crush people's dreams.