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Comment 24 Mar 2016

It's human nature to get defensive when you are insecure, so Harbaugh's lashing out is completely expected.  Gene Smith, in an entirely different position, reacted in a confident and self-assured way.  So this whole thing is pretty much of a reflection of the reality of the situation - TTUM sucks and knows it, we don't and know that as well.  IMHO, no reason for Gene Smith to have apologized at all. 

Comment 22 Jan 2016

Of him or the fan base?  Never mind, would have been the same result...

Comment 19 Jan 2016

For one reason or another, I've had relatively good staying power with jobs but my wife did have a short term employment experience.  We moved to Greenwich CT for a job shortly after we got married and my new wife wanted to find a job to keep herself busy.  A friend of mine knew a couple that were running a metals trading business on the Avenue and introduced them to her.  They loved her and offered her the job, starting the next day.  She went to work but when she got home that night said, "Can we talk?"  I said, "Sure" and she said that her first day was miserable and would it be okay if she didn't go back.  Of course I said it was fine, and she eventually found a job that she really liked a couple of weeks later and stayed with it until we moved again for a job I took a few years later.  Not the shortest employment on record, but certainly not the longest either!