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Comment 20 Sep 2014

I was a soccer player, and a crappy one to boot. Dislocated my kneecap around to the back of my leg at 33 years old. Took 9 months of heavy duty rehab to play again,and my quad muscle was never the same. Of course, I am NOT a natural athlete and Josh Sweat is.

Comment 10 Aug 2014
#36 for Chris, #27 Eddie, #10 Troy, #7 Gamble....GF has #5 for Brax, will work in the future for Raekwon
Comment 03 Aug 2014

Cannot rank 'em, too many that were too good:

Archie's zigzag TD run v. Minnesota 1975

Art's comeback @ UCLA 1979

Woody dots the I 1983

Keith's shoeless cut and run v Biting Illini 1984

Chris Spielman pukes on the field v, Indiana 1985

Bobby Olive's dive and catch v. LSU 1987

Eddie v Biting Illini 1995

My father and I during the last snap of the TSUN game 2002 

Cie Grant singing - 1/8/2003

Teddy up the sideline v TSUN 2004

Destruction of ND @ Fiesta Bowl

Troy all day - Game of the Century 2006

Domination over TSUN 2008

Comment 22 Sep 2013
Before the Fiesta Bowl, I heard one of the ESecPN talking heads say 'with a month to gameplan, Weis will eat Tressel's lunch'....I thought that with a month to plan, Ol' Charlie could eat Jim Tressel....but no way could ND beat OSU, or eat our lunch.