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Comment 14 Feb 2015

Happy birthday Coach Hayes!  We miss you!

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Habu - I fully concur. He is not trustworthy. I ran into him after he pissed me off...'hello John' ...'call me BuckeyeGuy'....'go to hell John'

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Nice read. I graduated in 86, left for LA in 89, thinking it was home. Realized that home had become Central Ohio and came back in 93. 21 years back, marriage, two kids, divorce and nearly every home game in the 'Shoe. Would not change a thing. Glad to live here, and someday - hopefully a long time from now - I will be glad to die here. My son and I will be in the 'Shoe tomorrow. Homecoming.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

I was a soccer player, and a crappy one to boot. Dislocated my kneecap around to the back of my leg at 33 years old. Took 9 months of heavy duty rehab to play again,and my quad muscle was never the same. Of course, I am NOT a natural athlete and Josh Sweat is.

Comment 10 Aug 2014
#36 for Chris, #27 Eddie, #10 Troy, #7 Gamble....GF has #5 for Brax, will work in the future for Raekwon
Comment 03 Aug 2014

Cannot rank 'em, too many that were too good:

Archie's zigzag TD run v. Minnesota 1975

Art's comeback @ UCLA 1979

Woody dots the I 1983

Keith's shoeless cut and run v Biting Illini 1984

Chris Spielman pukes on the field v, Indiana 1985

Bobby Olive's dive and catch v. LSU 1987

Eddie v Biting Illini 1995

My father and I during the last snap of the TSUN game 2002 

Cie Grant singing - 1/8/2003

Teddy up the sideline v TSUN 2004

Destruction of ND @ Fiesta Bowl

Troy all day - Game of the Century 2006

Domination over TSUN 2008

Comment 22 Sep 2013
Before the Fiesta Bowl, I heard one of the ESecPN talking heads say 'with a month to gameplan, Weis will eat Tressel's lunch'....I thought that with a month to plan, Ol' Charlie could eat Jim Tressel....but no way could ND beat OSU, or eat our lunch.