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Comment 16 May 2016
Damn - I had this confused with the 54-14 OSU win @ Pitt in 1995. Somehow I got my curb-stomping of the Pitt Panthers misaligned.
Comment 19 Apr 2016
Cheer for: none other than the Buckeyes Not Hate: Rockets, Falcons, Navy, Arizona, Rainbow Warriors, UGA, Longhorns Hate only when we play them: B1G, except for one school Hate: everybody else Special Unrelenting Hate: USC, Miami, Irish Old Testament Hate: TSUN
Comment 30 Mar 2016

I have been taking my kids since the oldest was 1.5 years old (now 18). The game is only 2.5 hours from start to finish, so that makes it easier. And if you miss a couple plays to watch the kiddos, no big deal, it is just practice.

Always a big family event, this year I bought 30 tickets, gave away 13 and will have 17 family members there. I Love Spring Game!

Comment 26 Mar 2016
Saw Aerosmith play Ventura County Fairgrounds in 83 (I think ) ...Dio was the warm up...RJD came out with the neon chains and blasting the first side of Sabbath's Heaven & Hell...crowd went nuts...Aerosmith comes out w/O Joe Perry, Tyler about a wasted as you can be and still stand....they get through 4-5 songs with Tyler bitching about whatever, more bitching than singing...next song Brad Hamilton starts a bass riff, Tyler grabs his guitar, Hamilton bumps his and down goes Tyler...end of show. Crowd shouts for Dio, lights come up, everyone goes home. Tl, Dr - drugs are bad
Comment 26 Mar 2016
I speak both languages, as I am a life-long ultra passionate Buckeyes fan that also cheers for the Crew and the USA team. I have been to every USA v. Mexico game....they are as great an experience as tOSU v. Michigan. That said, we have not been in this precarious of a state since the 94 qualifing round. If we draw or lose Tuesday night in Columbus, the 'Soccer powers' would lose millions or billions of dollars without the USA as a participant. I am not a Klinsman hater, but we need to win now, win the Hex again and show well (top 8)in 2018...if he does that, fine...if not, get someone who will
Comment 10 Mar 2016

Our firm has adopted a new strategy of testing for sales aptitude and Wonderlic as soon as we decide we like a candidate for a sales role. Often during or immediately after the first interview. It has helped us onboard better people that ramp faster. 

Some people outside of the process have had a negative reaction to it, but the sales part of the organization and those we interview are good with it. Sales is inherently very competitive, so we want to bring in smart, competitive people. We have 24 sales professionals supporting an organization of 300 employees, so we need people that we can train once and be successful. 

Comment 02 Mar 2016
I had no idea that Deadpool would have sex, nudity and a ridiculous amount of outstanding violence, presented in a hysterically funny way. My fiance and I went and laughed during the entire movie. The next weekend, my 13 year old asked to go, I had to decline....it was just had too much going on. 'Son, that movie is filled with sex, nudity, violence'...he said 'what is the problem with that? '
Comment 22 Feb 2016
Best: 2006 v. Michigan, with my father. No explanation necessary Worst: 1976 v. Michigan, again with my father. Sat in the old South Stands, massive winter wind coming up from underneath, freezing my sack off. Those scumbags scored all thtee TDs in front of us and beat us 22-0
Comment 22 Feb 2016


I believe that we will winl

Comment 20 Feb 2016
I have been thinking about how to do this without being profane. ....seriously profane....just cannot do it...