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Comment 06 Oct 2016
MiamiBuckeye - I have attended the matches vs. Mexico in '01, 05, 09 and '13. Dos a Cero! Also vs. Jamaica in 2012 and GreNadine in '07 (?)
Comment 22 Sep 2016
Squirrel - I wholeheartedly agree. As a Buckeye that lived in SoCal, I can tell they are generally front-runners and do not really care about college football. I remember when John Robinson announced his retirement the week of the UCLA game....they did not even sell out. If Woody or Bo would have done that, we could have easily sold 1/4 million tickets.
Comment 20 Sep 2016
Considering circumstances, both MT and Gonzo's were more important. But just as a catch, Noah's may be the best ever....regardless of team or sport.
Comment 17 Sep 2016
I fully agree with all of CC's list. #1 reason - I AM a Buckeye. I spent 4 years on the campus and come back as often as possible. The University makes up a part of who I am. I am part of that Tribe. If I were a NFL fan, I would - at most - go to a stadium 8x a year...it does not compare.
Comment 29 Aug 2016

So I was checking out the ESPN projection for the 53 man rosters....it looks like 11 of the 12 drafted players as well as Jalin and Tyvis will make it....this is awesome, but I feel bad for Josh Perry. The Chargers do not deserve him.....

Comment 12 Jul 2016
Watched the Rugby Midwest qualifier in Mentor this weekend. Teams from nearly every major town in the region were there. Could not believe the punishment that the players were dishing out. '1823' is the club team that was primarily OSU alumni, and both the Men's and Women's teams had an A and B team in the tournament. ...the 1823 women finished 3rd and the men's finished first AND second.
Comment 30 Jun 2016
Although I never thought about it in this way, I just looked at my Hall of Jerseys in my rec room/man cave/OSU shrine.....#36 scarlet , #36 gray, #7 National Champs, #10 scarlet , #15 National Champs, #16 black, #27 scarlet, #9 Utah (!)....also featured is the #54 Lions, #54 Browns, #14 Crew, #61 CBJ, #8 USA, #20 USA, and #15 USA basketball original Dream Team......my son has #1 scarlet, #5 scarlet, #7 scarlet, #15 black
Comment 28 Jun 2016

Yes, one of the old guys commenting here....no one in OSU history (including #13) wasted more talent and was a bigger prick than Art.

Comment 19 Jun 2016
Born in Toledo, moved to Columbus, then NJ, then California. ..left CA to graduate from The Ohio State University, back to California and back home in Central Ohio for good in 1993. I will live here and die here. Proud of the Cavaliers! So happy for all the great Cleveland fans that have been heartbroken throughout the years. 'What is good for Ohio is good for America' - W.W.Hayes