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Comment 27 Jan 2016

My family and friends know that I love them all the way through. I have tried to be the best father, son, husband, boss, partner, Buckeye I could be. I always tried to get a little better every day

Comment 18 Dec 2015

Orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip?

Orange whips all around!

   - Burton Mercer / John Candy / Blues Brothers

Comment 05 Dec 2015
After graduating from The Ohio State University 29 years ago, I was asked to present to a MIS class this last week....certainly a thrill! It was great being on campus at Fisher and the kids were wicked smart.
Comment 25 Nov 2015

Mr. G - I was a graduating senior in fall 86 and was going to be in LA on New Years...just had to have the team join me. So I carry a grudge.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

RB4 - certainly no fee for a fellow Buckeye. Please note that I will be meeting my maker long before you.....would be glad to cut a recording. 

'Here we have come to pay respects to RB4. He is  Buckeye, which makes him a Champion among men and should be reviered as such. May each of us be so blessed.'

Comment 24 Nov 2015
I was so happy when my 'most hated athlete' became head coach of my most hated 'anything on this planet'. I am looking forward to beating that team and beating that coach. Fuck Michigan and Fuck Harbaugh. That is all.
Comment 29 Oct 2015
I am one of these people. Read every day if possible, comment once a month. Enjoy the banter of the 11W/12W community, but seldom have time to engage.
Comment 09 Oct 2015

Morrill Tower 1983, Drackett 1984....great times, but cramped, tiny living and sleeping areas

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Steve-OH....I am a VP of a very solid tech firm here in Columbus and am looking to hire 1 or 2 positions on my local sales team. If you are in IT, please reach out to me directly.

Comment 12 Sep 2015
I was making an early sales call at a potential client site. After the meeting and a tour of the facility, we came to a room where several techs were watching a monitor...after a few moments, trying process the situation, the second plane struck the South Tower. On the drive back to work, the North Tower fell and I had to pull over to pray. I am still mad and hurt about it. I think that Ramzy's best work is 'One day in September' and it still makes me tear up when I read it.
Comment 12 Sep 2015
Heading down to campus early today to watch my GF's daughter represent The Ohio State University Womens Rugby Club as they destroy Pitt and Grand Valley in a mini-tournament. ...then head over to VC to meet my favorite cousin for pregame beers, then the Home Opener. It is always a great day to be a Buckeye, but today is extra special. Go Buckeyes!