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Comment 17 hours ago

Morrill Tower 1983, Drackett 1984....great times, but cramped, tiny living and sleeping areas

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Steve-OH....I am a VP of a very solid tech firm here in Columbus and am looking to hire 1 or 2 positions on my local sales team. If you are in IT, please reach out to me directly.

Comment 12 Sep 2015
I was making an early sales call at a potential client site. After the meeting and a tour of the facility, we came to a room where several techs were watching a monitor...after a few moments, trying process the situation, the second plane struck the South Tower. On the drive back to work, the North Tower fell and I had to pull over to pray. I am still mad and hurt about it. I think that Ramzy's best work is 'One day in September' and it still makes me tear up when I read it.
Comment 12 Sep 2015
Heading down to campus early today to watch my GF's daughter represent The Ohio State University Womens Rugby Club as they destroy Pitt and Grand Valley in a mini-tournament. ...then head over to VC to meet my favorite cousin for pregame beers, then the Home Opener. It is always a great day to be a Buckeye, but today is extra special. Go Buckeyes!
Comment 06 Sep 2015
Perfect illustration of how important an Offensive Line is and how important it is to have the right man leading them.
Comment 05 Sep 2015

Wow! Been a Buckeye for 51 years and I have never seen this photo. What a great shot two guys that likely did not know they were pioneers of what has become Buckeye football.

Comment 21 Jul 2015
Chiming in on this thread....my GF's daughter is a senior on the OSU Womens Rugby team. Over the past three years, I have learned a great deal about the sport. I will tell you that those young ladies can kick some ass. 50-14 over That Team last year...Woody would have been so proud.
Comment 15 May 2015
Hate is such a strong word. It needs to be used sparingly, to make sure the definition is correct. That said, I absolutely f-ing hate 1) Jim Harbaugh 2) Dez Howard 3) Charles Woodson 4) Rick Leach 5) Charles White
Comment 25 Apr 2015
Whoever Coach Meyer picks to start, I will not second -guess. However Coach Meyer chooses to sub/rotate, I will not second -guess. He knows better than we do and we should trust that he will make the best choices
Comment 20 Apr 2015

Our head football coach loves Tebow, so I have no hate for the man. Did not care for him one January night, but that was a long time ago.

Comment 17 Apr 2015

About 20 minutes from Hilliard, will park in my normal game day spot, bringing my GF, my son and one of his buddies. Daughter has to work...

Comment 07 Apr 2015
in short, no way in the world. Coming from California, I did not have an Ohio high school diploma. ..I had a 3.2 and a 1290 SAT at the end of my Junior year. ..but my mother was an Ohio taxpayer, so they considered me 'in-state'...so those numbers qualified. Graduated in 4 years with a 3.1 BSBA. ...back then freshman failout rate was 63%, now it is 7%
Comment 03 Apr 2015
I was 25, loved Ohio, but grew up in SoCal, so I thought I would/could go back. Stayed 4 years. What I learned - and it was a great age to learn this - is that Ohio had become my home. The great aspect of moving away is that it does not need to be permanent. I moved back when I was 29, bought a home and grew long, deep roots. I changed jobs when I was 46 and during the interview my soon-to-be new boss asked me 'where after Columbus? '....I stated 'Nowhere, I am going to live and die here.'
Comment 31 Mar 2015
85 yards through the heart of the South!