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Comment 27 Jul 2016

We didn't catch his for 6+ years, so unfortunately he will have it for the rest of his life. The good thing is with the treatment schedule he's on, he shouldn't ever have to deal with any of the symptoms or ill affects for the rest of his life. And there's research being done to find a cure for all stages of Lyme. With him being 12 years old he will see that cure most likely while he's in college.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I'm thinking of the future. If Herman is still out there for 5 years, he's going to get picked up by Texas, or another dream school of his and end up staying there for good.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Raymont Harris was my favorite. Don't get me wrong, Eddie was great, but it really helped that he ran behind Orlando Pace.

Comment 26 Jul 2016
  • In my formative years John Harold Cooper's middle name was not Harold, but F@cking
  • I don't think Eddie George was the best OSU running back from the 90s
  • I wish James Franklin would actually do something at Penn State, I'd just rather see them be strong than UM
  • I gave up a scholarship to UM so I could be closer to my gf, and now regret it because she ended up sucking as a human being
  • If Tom Herman isn't the HC at OSU in 5 years I'm going to be disappointed
Comment 26 Jul 2016

I'm pretty sure I know what my son has. In the early stages of Lyme disease symptoms can be controlled through diet, and gluten is one of the biggest contributors to symptoms, if not caught immediately and treated with anti-biotics. He was originally diagnosed with Celiac's and we later found that diagnosis was incorrect when he was still having many symptoms. Also, being bitten by a deer tick is the most common way to get Lyme, but it's not the only way.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

The fact that I can buy a ticket to see tOSU at Purdon't for $4 in their version of the south stands right behind TBDBITL with more advertisement for women's basketball than football in the stadium means that they really don't know what they're doing in West Laughayette, at least they have gluten free products available in the stadium.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

My pal Dan owns that company. I personally don't get hangovers, but the stuff works great for post -workouts. The Ladyfriend swears by the stuff though. She used to get hangovers like crazy, i'm talking down and out hangover, and now she drinks one of those before bed and another one in the morning while she's still in bed and she's good to go after downing a cup of coffee shortly after.