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Comment 20 Dec 2011

NCAA just released a statement to all Buckeye fans...According to NCAA bylaw SEC#1-881.09 which states receiving money is permissible as long as its through a parent or immediate family member. However selling your OWN property is not. And according to bylaw SEC#1-852.02 receiving free hotel rooms as S. Carolina players did is also permissible but receiving discounted tatoos are not.  And finally bylaw SEC#1-760.01 states any school in the SEC is not subject to any NCAA sanctions

Comment 20 Nov 2011

I think after this season I'm entitled to a few outbursts of uncontrollable rage. I apologize if you were offended, obviously you are a Fickell supporter. Sorry to disappoint but no Calvin and no Silverado. Nice stereotyping though.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

Bowl projections were just released, looks like we're going to the Vagisil Bowl because Fickell has turned our team into a bunch of pussies! The announcement of Urban can't come soon enough!

Comment 13 Nov 2011

We need to secure a new head coach immediately! It's bad when you get out coached by Danny Hope. These players deserve better, the University deserves better and Buckeye Nation deserves better. We have 4 and 5 star recruits on both sides of the ball and this is the best they could do?! If Tress was still here we would be 9-1 at worst.