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Comment 29 Apr 2016

This is the winner. No rush. With all those picks sitting there still, a very small gamble on a dude with a huge upside.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Yup. Lock in that spot and still enjoy the process, all while helping your boys out

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Feel kind of bad for the kid. Obviously a lot is self inflicted, but what does he have to gain by posting a tweet of him smoking weed and an IG post of him asking a staffer for money? This wasn't him asking someone to buy his mom a car, he was asking for HELP!! Sometimes we forget, but a lot of these kids come from families with nothing. There has to be some give and take here with the benefit rules, because someone getting 300 dollars to help mom pay a bill isn't worthy of a violation imo, while someone getting a car for free is.

Comment 25 Apr 2016

it always blew my mind that kids couldn't stay off the green for the biggest job interview of their lives. That's what kills me about Josh Gordon....we can debate the stupidity of the rule and the punishment, but you have a short window to be a pro football player, then you can get high everyday....just don't get it

Comment 21 Apr 2016
Have to stay heavy in Ohio. Can't alienate HS coaches and kids in your own state. You have to have those kids who are Buckeyes through and through. As well as the big national kids
Comment 14 Apr 2016

I don't think its necessarily "lazy". But I think its a little something extra when you have a few guys that it really means something to. That's why I think as well as Urban recruits, its essential to get those Ohio guys who have always dreamt of being Buckeyes. You need that in the locker room. I think Tate is the only guy right now with that, and hopefully Wesson, and these other local guys can bring something to the table

Comment 29 Mar 2016
Oh god lol. We have 2 top 100 bigs coming in this year. There were probably some conversations had about playing time diminishing because of his limited game on offense and he decided to move on where he could play. We knew transfers had to happen to open up spots. Some roster turnover is good. Relax people
Comment 21 Mar 2016

Absolutely brutal 2016 so far in the 513. The Bengals implosion in the playoffs, and then the bearcats and musketeers losing in heart breaking fashion in the tourney. And the Reds are going to be bad.