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Comment 8 hours ago

Let's be honest, if Rudock has an Iowa game, Michigan probably wins. He was awful tonight.

This is the funniest thing I've ever heard. TTUN fans are hoping their QB has an "Iowa game" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MICHIGAN WANTS TO HAVE IOWA GAMES this is so beautiful

Comment 21 Aug 2015
My opinion has and will continue to be this: with this team and all the weapons around it, JT is probably the better fit, he's just gonna be solid...no mistakes, get the ball to playmakers,etc. Cardale for sure has a higher ceiling. But I think there is probably a lower floor as well. It's pretty unfair to compare games like the op did. That team was a machine against wiscy, bama,Oregon.
Comment 12 Aug 2015
I kinda think Dunn might be the guy. I didn't realize he was only a junior. He will get a lot of garbage time carries, and with zeke probably gone after this year, could put himself in a great spot to compete with weber for the starting gig next year
Comment 27 Jul 2015
"We" for me. I went to Ohio State, have spent a lot of money on tuition, and tickets. I cried multiple times as a child in the 90s when we lost to TTUN. I have however mellowed a lot. I can handle a loss without getting over emotional and calling for everyone to lose a job/position after a loss or bad performance. I think if you are/have been a lifetime buckeye, I'm cool with we. However Walmart buckeyes, I'd rather not have that association
Comment 23 Jul 2015
Hamilton will be okay. He said he's going to drop switch hitting and focus on one side of the plate which should help. It's so much fun watching him when he actually gets on
Comment 23 Jul 2015
Literally nothing is wrong with Votto. People just expect him to live up to his enormous contract. Dudes still one of the best hitters around. He was on base 9 times yesterday in the DH. He's incredible
Comment 16 Jul 2015
While I always enjoy a good Saban bashing, didn't Plaxico at one point basically shoot himself in the dong?
Comment 15 Jul 2015
Those zeke highlights give me enthusiasm unknown to mankind
Comment 13 Jul 2015
I like the landers pick. Ohio kid who didn't get an offer til late, probably has a big chip on his shoulder and is going to go hard. When do the PC police catch wind of this and shout hazing?
Comment 13 Jul 2015
Keep in mind, this is an all star weekend down here. There aren't just cinci folks at this event. You think a tigers fan or a brewers fan are big urban fans? You can't just lump them all in as UC people this weekend. Some salty tigers/ttun fans probably had their chance to let it rip. I think the overwhelming cheers over boos kinda prove that the cinci crowd was behind papa urbz
Comment 10 Jul 2015
This happens at every major program, even NW and Stanford. You have your academic expectations, and youre required to meet them, while also meeting your football standards. When I was in college, I couldnt call off work because I needed to study... had to manage my time so I could do both. (I realize that opens a can of worms and it isn't exactly the same thing, but you get it)
Comment 10 Jul 2015
I don't think you're wrong necessarily...but I prescribe to the urban meyer walk away theory. A) willing to bet he wasn't innocent in the females initial punch b) after she punches, you have to have the wherewithal to say "hey I'm a high profile athlete, I need to get the hell outta here" no matter how right or wrong your anger is
Comment 10 Jul 2015
I can believe it. Remember, Vrabel almost murdered Bollman during the hell year because his offense sucked so bad. Vrabel is a bad ass dude, urban probably jumped his shit because the d wasn't up to par, and Vrabel with emotions high after the worst of losses probably fired back. It happens. I'd agree w the earlier post as well saying he's probably better off as an NFL coach, but all indications are he still loves his Alma mater which is all that matters
Comment 08 Jul 2015
I'm willing to bet he saw the other FIVE scholarship QBs throwing and realized for the time being he might be #6, then said check please, ran over to Zach Smith and the rest is history
Comment 02 Jul 2015
What're we worried about? A) he and everyone else have said he's staying B) if he does go somewhere else, I think we're okay. You know the whole JT and Cardale thing. Plus having 3 other 4*+ QBS behind them....I'd love Braxton, and think this is nothing more than a formality, but either way, we're good lol
Comment 24 Jun 2015
I love Jim tressell. But it's a shame that you're going to take his back and continue to throw TP under the bus. Johnny football and Winston committed much worse violations. Dude got what he deserved. He couldn't finish his college career and he's paying for it now in the NFL. Give him a break and quit with the double standard
Comment 13 Jun 2015
Well supposedly everyone knew but the public that he wasn't coming