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Comment 25 May 2015
Look, if it comes out in 5 years that OSU is/was dirty and doing kids wrong, fine. if dean ends up being a monster, good for him, glad he could realize his dream. Otherwise, I'm all about the "I'm gonna worry about who's here" train of thought. Unfortunately, Dean didn't work out, he's in a great program, so even if we did him dirty, which seems weird that we wouldn't want a kid that auburn would die for, he landed on his feet. Stop
Comment 22 May 2015

When I was in school the year we won the NIT, we played Cal at St. Johns. That place was insane for an NIT game!!! What would it take to move some of the small games (i.e. James Madison, Campbell) to St. Johns? and keep the big attendance boosters (i.e. Virginia, wiscy, sparty) at Schott to accomodate the bigger crowds. I'm sure there is something in the contract, but that would help. At the Schott you are just so darn far away from the action, it just doesn't feel like a college game. 

Comment 20 May 2015

Yeah that probably works both ways...why they are always playing neutral site games. I wonder if he just wants people to play in Baton Rouge and not return trips? I'd love to see a home and home LSU Ohio State series....would be fantastic

Comment 18 May 2015
15 footers aren't advantageous anymore. 3s help w spacing, and the difference in percentage isn't enough to negate the eXtra point, and well, dunking is worth the same as a 15 footer, and a higher percentage. Just the way the game is
Comment 10 May 2015
I always think this game is one of the biggest, if not the biggest. It's the only game that truly makes me sick to my stomach and gives me fits of rage. I was nervous for sparty, wiscy, and bama (really wasn't for oregon) but none of those games got the pit of the stomach churning like that one. That being said, ttun is still going to be something like 6-5 and severely outmatched, and Harbaugh does nothing but add to the focus of the team. It makes me nervous when no one on the team knows what a loss feels like (anyone besides brax left from 11?) but Harbaugh will have urban and the boys lasered in
Comment 08 May 2015

there are 1000s of HS offensive linemen in the country. 100's of them WANT to be Buckeyes, only a few of them get that opportunity. We're doing just fine. I wish those dudes that went elsewhere the 2nd best, but I love the kids we are getting that WANT to be Buckeyes. Would be great to get every 5*, but it isnt realistic

Comment 06 May 2015

I think the issue is, people should stop ripping 18 year olds on their recruiting, and judge them on actions behavior afterwards. The fact that we are even talking about Pryors commitment is bizarre. Blame him for the tat thing, fine...but his recruitment???

Also, funny story, saw him at Sloopy's one night when I was in school (RIP Sloopys) he had a ton of girls following him around (I wish i had that problem in college) and he was telling all of them his name was Antwaan. Like adamantly arguing that his name was not Terrelle Pryor

Comment 06 May 2015

Guess he should have just made the biggest decision of his life when we were all ready. Forget the 18 year old right?

Obviously, Pryor wasn't the best cat around and there's room for criticism, but I'd hoped we were passed killing a kid for his college commitment like 8 years ago. 

Comment 06 May 2015
If memory serves me correctly, he said he was delaying his announcement so he could focus on his senior basketball season. But you're right, what a dick
Comment 05 May 2015

People were surprised when he said he was coming back to any school, he was projected a late 1st rounder if he came out. I don't want any more Anthony Lee/role player type transfers, but I'll take this dude. Not a dig at Lee at all btw, I just think that instead of collecting upper classman role players, its important to let these young Freshman and sophomores play and make mistakes together. Now if we can get a legit dude to glue it all together and make us special a year ahead of schedule....awesome

Comment 04 May 2015
You'd have to ask him that question. He was a projected mid to late first rounder and surprised everyone.
Comment 04 May 2015

I agree partially...I don't want another Anthony Lee-type role player who is going to eat young guys minutes, but this is a legit, proven NBA caliber dude. He's not just a minutes eater...he's a 17ppg stud