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Comment 11 Feb 2016
I agree. Win next 3. Steal one of last 3. That's gets us 19-12, 11-7. Probably means we have to win a BIG tourney game and we'd be in. It's still there for the taking IMO. And while an NIT run might be better long term, give me the big dance. Everytime. I'm sure Thad and the team feel the same way
Comment 08 Feb 2016
I was a big cam fan til last night. I don't care about the celebrations. But I care that you don't jump on a fumble with your super bowl life on the line. I care that you can celebrate when things go well, but you can't handle the heat when they don't. Hopefully he learns a lot from last night
Comment 05 Feb 2016
You must've only been around during our recent run of domination the last 15 years. This isn't pandering, it's real. Luckily they've sucked and more times than not we've been on the right side recently. I lived through the Cooper years. I am very concerned about the happenings north of the border
Comment 04 Feb 2016

This is a big big big game for any remaining tourney hopes and Thad's hopes of getting to 20 wins. Need a nice road victory over a decent, but extremely beatable Wiscy team

Comment 20 Jan 2016
I wish we could get him. You think this kid isn't gonna be motivated to beat those bastards?
Comment 19 Jan 2016

completely agree. I think Urban was so wrapped up in winning, that he forgot you need good kids to do it. He was so obsessive about getting the best athletes, that he stopped worrying about fit and culture. Its evident he learned his lesson. Just about every guy we get seems like an excellent young man. Doesn't mean that a few wont turn out to be not so excellent (the odds are a few aren't going to be) but I like where we are for sure...with talent and character. Its always a red flag to me when you see a top recruit with no offer from OSU...makes you think. Either Ohio State feels they have zero chance (hard to believe) or there are red flags that Urban is avoiding

Comment 10 Jan 2016
Heard a lot of people hating on Marvin Lewis...who, I don't really care for. But. Can't blame him for grown men making bad decisions. This isn't urban w 20 year Olds. This is a 50 year old, with 30 year Olds. This is on Jones and Burfict (and hill)
Comment 06 Jan 2016

Yeesh that's a lot of talent out the door. However, that's a lot of talent backing those guys up. Really excited about the offense. I think were going to rely a lot on Mack at WR, but I'm excited about the running backs, and I'm excited to see the OL. I think we will score enough to allow the defense to come along. I think there might be an early loss on the schedule, maybe @OU or an early BIG game, but I think talent will take care of business.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

I dont think its fair to single Beck out. Warinner on the field obviously didnt work. Based on our final two games against good teams, and how our offense looked similar to our expectations-after EW was moved up. I'd expect Urban to stay with that formula before doing anything crazy with Beck