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Comment 9 hours ago
Also, for god sakes, this isn't even comparable to an athlete doing something dumb. So stop bringing up Hyde, or Jameis or whatever else you want to compare. This is a private scholarship. Individuals paid for this young man to go to school for free, they can take that away if they don't feel that is being done the right way.
Comment 9 hours ago
I am an Evans alumni. The Evans house overall is a bunch of drunks like most other college frat houses. However, private donors fork out millions of dollars to pay for almost 900 kids yearly to go to college. An amazing opportunity that tons of people wish they had. I'm extremely proud of the relationships I've made and the opportunities I've been given on behalf of the Evans Scholarship, people who take that likely deserve this consequence. This isn't getting drunk and passing out in a bush, this is embarrassing yourself, your university, and your scholarship organization on TV and in the media. Certainly hope the young man learns from this terrible lapse of judgement, and ends up with a degree and a successful life, but I hope it doesn't happen in the Evans house.
Comment 02 Dec 2013

I'm okay with whatever the outcome of this is....I'm kind of surprised that Hall isn't getting more heat. As hilarious and fitting as it was, dude threw a double bird on his way out the door....Wilson in no way should be suspended, but I figured Hall would...just my opinion.

However, Urban knows what he is doing, he knew he was going to get severe backlash, but believed in what he is doing anyway. I gotta trust the guy

Comment 02 Dec 2013

Listen...ESPN no doubt loves the SEC. But they love the controversy with OSU because they know there are so many Buckeyes out there watching and losing their minds. You think they don't know how many more national TV sets will be on if its OSU vs FSU, rather than FSU vs Aub? If its the latter, no one north will watch it. OSU is a national brand, as is FSU to a degree. You can scream bias all you want, but the fact is they love the drama because Buckeye fans turn in and get themselves sucked into it all.

Comment 02 Dec 2013

Listen, bias or not....we can fix it by beating Sparty, and then beating FSU in the NCG. There will always be a few people who say Auburn should've been there, or it doesnt count because there wasn't an SEC team there, but if we go 14-0, we won't deal with this next year.

Comment 02 Dec 2013

AHHH 3 months of hand wringing and it comes to this...one win and we're in. (I don't care what talking heads say, we're in if we win)

While it hasn't always been pretty, this team has always made the play it needs to make to keep winning. I was screaming at the defense like everyone else, but after a day of let downs, when we needed them the most, they came through. Thats what championship teams do.

After all the whining, complaining, and disrespect, one win and we get to prove ourselves on the national stage. Here's to hoping we come out and rock sparty next week, hear a month of naysayers saying we're going to get rocked by FSU (currently would be a 9.5 pt dog) and come out to prove everyone wrong.

Go Bucks! Keep on enjoying the ride

Comment 01 Dec 2013

I know today wasn't pretty but good lord folks. It was a damn good day. When you're complaining about the d, remember the 90s. I'll take today's result. One more win. C'mon urban. Beat Sparty and we get our chance

Comment 24 Nov 2013

Need Florida to keep it close and make it an ugly game Saturday. If we blow out TSUN and FSU wins an ugly game against a team that just lost to an FCS team, maybe some votes get switched. Their are still turds out there but no doubt the narrative is changing

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Also, is there any precedence for something like this Winston thing? Now I completely understand that football and the BCS are secondary to either this girl getting her justice, or Jameis getting his name cleared, but it is still happening...

What if Jameis gets charged w/ a felony in the next few days (it seems its trending that way) which is an automatic removal from the team per FSU policies. Lets say, FSU beats Florida and Duke or whoever anyway...do you think voters would be likely to put OSU or Baylor ahead of FSU bc of the uncertainty of a backup QB?

Like I said, there are much more important questions other than that, but nonetheless, everything else in the BCS is still happening regardless.

Here's to hoping that situation works out the way it should

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Depends how you define "rebuilding". No doubt in my mind that we're challenging in the east? division...you can mark down at least 10 wins now.

If Brax comes back, we will be right there again.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

The unfair is the conversation that we don't belong. They can talk about resuimes all they want, but the fact is there is so much narrative that WE DONT BELONG! This is the crazy part....Past, present, and future, we've belonged. We've shown it before, we will continue to show it. ONE game against Florida, we didn't look like we belonged, ONE! That was 7 years ago. Why don't other teams get held to that standard for games 7 years ago? Why doesn't Oregon get looked down on bc of their constant bowl failures? Why aren't those things talked about?

If they can objectively look at Baylor and say without a doubt that they are better than Ohio State, and undoubtedly have a better resume than Ohio State, then fine. But to constantly doubt everything bc of one time getting housed in a NCG, is just ridiculous. USC never has to face that, Oklahoma doesn't get nearly the amount of talk as we do as blowing big games...(I purposely left the LSU game off here, because while they were certainly the better team, to say we got "embarrassed" is a stretch...we lost to a superior team on basically their own field, with Todd Boeckman at QB)

We have more BCS appearances and wins than everyone else, we have 22 wins in a row, we have multiple 4 and 5 star recruits at important positions. Why is this not part of the narrative?

Comment 20 Nov 2013

Because he likes to write about Ohio States. Everyone knows Ohio State columnists/bloggers/etc type slow

Comment 20 Nov 2013

The whole lack of speed thing is so tired and stupid.

When we played Florida/LSU in those Nat'l championships, we didn't lose bc of a lack of speed (see: Ginn, Ted, and Wells, Beanie) we lost because we didn't match up across the O-Line and D-Line. This clown thinks we don't recruit the same play makers as BAYLOR!?

Ohio State has had the same skill position players as everyone else for a long time, Urban just decided to quit recruiting big fat Big 10 offensive and defensive linemen, and opted for faster, more athletic types-which pays off in January.

Out of all the negative things out there, this is the worst. Say what you want about our schedule, but call us plodding and slow??? That's untrue in EVERY form at EVERY position. UGh