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Comment 18 Aug 2016

The cooper era was obviously rough, but for about the only time in my life that I can remember, I was not proud to be a Buckeye watching that Outback bowl game...didn't play hard, I think there was a fight in the endzone or something, just basically felt like the team quit after yet another loss to TTUN. I dont despise Cooper as much as most, but this was certainly the last straw. I'm excited for tomorrows feature!! Good things are coming

Comment 22 Jul 2016
The timing of the article is a coincidence with the article about Gene talking about Thad getting back to Ohio...but just because you're focusing more on in state doesn't mean you should ignore national recruiting. There has to be a balance, but it's certainly a reach to say no change based on 4 new offers
Comment 14 Jul 2016
Yeah. This isn't great. And I don't like that all off the ball fouls are the same. Kyrie trying to stop curry from using a screen is different than bogut tackling thompson in the backcourt. I think teams should have the option...take the free throws, or take the ball out from anywhere they choose
Comment 08 Jul 2016
Too much lane clogging. K Love is fine. People just expected his Minnesota output which wasn't going to happen. He spaces the floor. Cousins not so much
Comment 27 Jun 2016
If it's an off the ball foul, team that was fouled should have option to shoot FTs or take it out wherever they want
Comment 29 Apr 2016

This is the winner. No rush. With all those picks sitting there still, a very small gamble on a dude with a huge upside.