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Comment 16 hours ago

I think the issue is, people should stop ripping 18 year olds on their recruiting, and judge them on actions behavior afterwards. The fact that we are even talking about Pryors commitment is bizarre. Blame him for the tat thing, fine...but his recruitment???

Also, funny story, saw him at Sloopy's one night when I was in school (RIP Sloopys) he had a ton of girls following him around (I wish i had that problem in college) and he was telling all of them his name was Antwaan. Like adamantly arguing that his name was not Terrelle Pryor

Comment 16 hours ago

Guess he should have just made the biggest decision of his life when we were all ready. Forget the 18 year old right?

Obviously, Pryor wasn't the best cat around and there's room for criticism, but I'd hoped we were passed killing a kid for his college commitment like 8 years ago. 

Comment 18 hours ago
If memory serves me correctly, he said he was delaying his announcement so he could focus on his senior basketball season. But you're right, what a dick
Comment 05 May 2015

People were surprised when he said he was coming back to any school, he was projected a late 1st rounder if he came out. I don't want any more Anthony Lee/role player type transfers, but I'll take this dude. Not a dig at Lee at all btw, I just think that instead of collecting upper classman role players, its important to let these young Freshman and sophomores play and make mistakes together. Now if we can get a legit dude to glue it all together and make us special a year ahead of schedule....awesome

Comment 04 May 2015
You'd have to ask him that question. He was a projected mid to late first rounder and surprised everyone.
Comment 04 May 2015

I agree partially...I don't want another Anthony Lee-type role player who is going to eat young guys minutes, but this is a legit, proven NBA caliber dude. He's not just a minutes eater...he's a 17ppg stud

Comment 04 May 2015

I have an issue with the reporting of this....if facts aren't known, don't put this out here media outlets. I hate Bama as much as the next person, and find the lack of control by nicky hilarious, but to run a 21 year olds name through the mud for a week, just for it to come out that we didn't actually know the facts, is a little much. In 2015, anytime you hear someones name associated with something domestic, they take a few steps down in the eyes of everyone (as they should-if proven correct), but it kills me that things like this get out, and a kid and program get trashed, when maybe it was really just a heated argument. 

The media is really the worst. 

Comment 04 May 2015

I think thats what he's saying...Neurnberger wasn't even good last year, and is still on pace to destroy the points record. Crazy 

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Maybe you won't follow him, actively root for him, etc...but you don't wish him the best?

Also, good to know that you HAVE to win big to be considered a lifelong Buckeye. I guess giving it your all and dragging a lifeless corpse of a team to the tourney and winning a game isn't good enough. Dude never got in trouble, handled his decision quietly, privately and with class...unlike the OP

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Well to be fair...he was trying to save FSU's season I'd imagine we he figured out he busted receiving the almighty impermissible crab legs benefit that every D1 athlete dreams of.

Also, I'm not convinced that FSU knew this and told him to not say a word and just take the heat. Its a sad world when the athlete getting in potential legal trouble is better for the university than handling a benefit situation. It's just a joke all the way around. I don't like Jameis as much as the next guy, but this is an indictment on the NCAA and FSU's joke of a compliance program and police dept.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

On one hand, no one loves OSU like Archie does...which makes him the best man for the job. But also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that as the president of the alumni association, Archie speaks at graduation anyway, almost any year. I graduated in '11 when Boehner spoke, and Archie got on the mic as well. Regardless, enjoy your graduation. Whoever they get to speak (esp Archie) will speak passionately and do a great job. And for the dude who said he wouldn't hire 20 somethings because of someones opinion on THEIR OWN GRADUATION, get it together

Comment 19 Apr 2015
Dudes 17/18 years old. His history of college football is maybe 10 years. Those 10 years were run by the SEC. Certainly don't know why you're offended by a south Carolina kid comparing us to the sec. I really don't care what he thinks we're like as long as he contributes and adds to the program
Comment 17 Apr 2015

I agree and disagree. Its good for others to be successful, for credibility and for the team to know they've already beaten good teams. But if theres anything we've learned, its that we don't NEED anyone for us to be successful. Just be good and who really cares about everyone else.

Comment 14 Apr 2015

He enjoys being a college kid. Something a lot of us enjoyed. The millions of dollars is going to be there, but he never will have the experiences and the relationships you have in college again. While amateurism is becoming more and more of a sham daily, theres something to putting on the colors and playing for your university. For some cats, its just not as easy to leave.

Comment 14 Apr 2015
Personally I think it's refreshing to see a guy with his high profile and multi million dollars at stake, take his time and just try to enjoy things. I guarantee a lot of dudes declare and have 2nd thoughts. Without a doubt, whatever he chooses will be the right call bc of his mindset
Comment 07 Apr 2015

I honestly think Loving is outta here. I think he is going to transfer somewhere and get a fresh start, which is probably needed on both sides. I'd love for him to work out and surprise me, but I just think it wasn't meant to be.

If Russell stays, and Loving does work out, this team could be scary good next year...if not I still think it will be the most fun team to watch in quite a while.

W/O Russell:

Lyle, Grandstaff, Diop, Tate, and Giddens with Kam, Bell, Thompson and Harris coming off the bench. I don't hate that at all. If Russell and Loving come back, I think we go legit 11 deep...even though we all know how Thad feels about that.