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Comment 16 May 2012
Yeah u read it right Simon is at the Leo. It shouldnt be a shock he played leo most of last season and has been playing it all spring. Things could change if Williams gets healthy and when Spence gets to camp but if not im good with him at the Leo. He projects to the NFL as an 3-4 rush LB which is pretty much what Leo is so i dont see the big deal
Comment 17 Apr 2012
I talked to someone i know who knows Ohio HS football well and got some good info on this kid. He said Sprinkle is a legit 6'4" and 270, but is around 260 right now because he plays basketball. He says he is more athletic than Chase Farris was and has a good frame to put on more size to get to 280-290 and will be able to keep his athleticsism . He said he will more than likely play the same role as bellamy as SDE/DT but thinks he will be better than Bellamy. He thinks his offers will keep rolling in and although he dosent have offers from your floridas or your alabamas he has some really good offers. He points out Dantonio/Narduzzi of MSU and Larry Johnson of PSU are three of the best Dline talent evaluaters in the country and it says alot they offered early and want this kid to play for them. He also noted thay Paul Haynes and Taver Johnson are good talent evaluaters and that they offered Sprinkle almost as soon as they got to Arkansas.
Comment 12 Apr 2012
Yeah idk about all that. Yes the BIG 10 has fast players but the SEC is a faster better league and i think 6 NC in a row proves that. When someone says SEC speed most of the time they are talking about the defense. Top to bottom the SEC has faster defenses point blank 100% the only teams that can compare are OSU, Michigan and maybe PSU and thats if they keep recruiting well. It all comes down to recruiting and the BIG as a whole dont recruit well compared to the SEC.
Comment 01 Feb 2012
So what's the deal with Neal and Diggs are they really going to announce todayv
Comment 01 Feb 2012
So what's the deal with Neal and Diggs are they really going to announce todayv
Comment 20 Jan 2012
Your description of Marion is spot on i sadly enough am currently living here in Marion and not a day goes by i dont think about moving. I share your hate for pleasant my friend i grew up and went to school in Cardington which is in the same conference. I always disliked them for the im better than you attitude and the shady recruiting. We somehow got lucky and beat them one time in my HS days but every other year they pounded us like 50-6.
Comment 05 Dec 2011
Joel caleb had a good visit over the weekend. He said he had the time of his life and loved everything about ohio state. Sounds like its 2 outs bottom of the ninth just need meyer to close it out and with his track record he will make it happen. Also some reports out there that sevon pittman is all set to make a visit in the next few weeks
Comment 03 Dec 2011
Speaking of next year it seems like mike stoops is waitng to see what happens with oklahoma and or nebraska. If we cant land him i think maybe we should give pepper johnson a call. He is a former buckeye an all pro who spent his entire 13 year playing career under belicheck. Hes been a coach on thr patriot staff since 2001 been d-line coach since 2004 and has 5 superbowl rings. So you would think he knows a thing or 2 about D. With vrabel possibly being retained it would help with someone else on the staff who knos the system. Something simillar to what alabma runs. Hankins would make a good nose guard and with washington/spence/williams/steve miller we would have the personel to run it. What do you think?
Comment 30 Nov 2011
I would trade brewster for peterson any day. His recruiting is better by far its not even close he landed vince young at texas and was such a good recruiter he got the job in minny. Not so good as a head coach but an excellent TE coach he was credited for devolping antonio gates with the chargers
Comment 30 Nov 2011
Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep standout Yuri Wright, the nation’s top-ranked cornerback according to 247Sports, went into the Meyer morning with Michigan and Rutgers as his top two. A call from the new coach of the Buckeyes could change everything. “Heck yeah,” Wright stated when asked if he is now interested in the Buckeyes
Comment 30 Nov 2011
I heard that gunner kiel the #1 quaterback might be in the mix now esp. If we bring in tim hinton from notre dame and strudwa from lsu because he is seriously considering both those schools and hinton and strudwa are the main coaches recruiting him at those schools
Comment 26 Nov 2011
Tough saeason but the team fought hard was in every game and never quit. Just heard that if we lost we would more than likely would decline a bowl invite to help any extra scholarship restrictions we may recieve and to insure we dont get one next season. Im also hearing that the coaching staff will know tonight who will be retained and let go and that the urban meyer hire will be made official tomorrow sometime
Comment 25 Nov 2011
For the record i think tosu goes to the big house and gets it done. But i really want that shirt and if michigan does happen to win i have 1/18 odds vs 1/90 if the bucks win so im gonna say- michigan 27 and tosu 24. But go bucks god i hope we win and bring urban home for the double whammy