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Comment 04 Nov 2013

I think we can all agree that the top 4 teams are very close and all have faced marginal opponents. So who are their best wins against (current BCS standings)?

Florida St- at #7 Clemson

Alabama- at #15 Texas A&M

Oregon- #19 UCLA

OSU- #24 Wisconsin

Every team but Florida St still has a chance to gain their best win this year (assuming Michigan St wins out), so no need for the outrage today with 5 weeks still left in the season. A lot will change between now and December 8th.

Comment 27 Jul 2013

I think the staff is targeting Samuel for the hybrid role. He's been compared to a bigger version of Dontre Wilson. Hard to imagine putting him at safety when he's so lethal with the ball in his hands, IMO.

Comment 21 Jan 2013

We desperately need Lenzelle Smith to be that guy. He has been by far the most disappointing player on the offensive side of the ball this year. Unless he starts playing at a higher level, we are going to continue to struggle to score points.

Comment 16 Oct 2012

This all comes back to recruiting. We have had so many linebackers leave the program that we did not expect to (Ejuan Price, Dorian Bell, Jonathan Newsome, Chad Hagan) and with a guy like CJ Barnett missing so much time, our other safety recruits have not developed into elite players. Also, when Nate Williams is out, we do not have a pass rusher in the game who can also drop into coverage (Noah Spence is a great pass rusher, but that's the reason the staff has not played him as much) so we are not getting any pressure when rushing four.

This is not an excuse for the poor tackling or bad angles taken, but there are fundamental reasons why this defense has struggled.

Comment 03 Oct 2012

Interesting- feels like we would have a log jam at guard in this scenario if one/both transitioned (Underwood, Brown, Eiflen, O'Connor, Farris, plus Gardner in '13). Perhaps that would speak to the staff's confidence in guys like Underwood & Brown and also assume one or more may transfer.

Comment 03 Oct 2012

Alex, thanks for putting a great write-up together. How do you see Munger fitting in with this class given the fact that we have young DTs on the team currently (Washington, Schutt, Carter) and already have Hill and Price committed for 2013? 

Comment 26 Sep 2012

I think Tyquan Lewis' commitment is huge. Besides Noah Spence, we don't seem to have any game changing pass rushers from the end-spot beginnning next season (guys like Steve Miller and JT Moore don't seem to have the pass rushing skills, while Adolphous Washington has moved inside and Se'Von Pittman seems pegged for the SSDE role or 3-technique depending on how much he grows).

Who would consider Kameron Williams a wing at 6-2? He's a pure guard and sounds like a very good shooter, which was something we missed last year.

Gotta feel good about Mike Mitchell since we're considered a co-leader and he hasn't even visited yet. 

Finally- in terms of the other remaining targets, Bell has to be at the top of the (realistic) list, with Gibson/Quick/LaRue right there. I see no way we take a commitment from Donovan Munger. With the depth we are gaining on the D-Line, we bank that scholarship for '14 or hope one of the reaches (Dorian Johnson) ends up in the S&G.


Comment 14 Aug 2012

Class definitely left with a wimper based on how everything unfolded, but Pryor was 31-4 as a starter and was in the top 15 in passing efficiency in the country as a junior. The class had almost impossible expectations to live up to, but as Ramzy notes in his article, had the off-field issues never occurred, 2011 would have fielded a national championship caliber team.

Comment 02 Aug 2012

It was a previous bucknuts.com Boarding House rumor. Still surprised because we were thinking about offering two guys this year (Mitch Trubisky comes to mind), so not sure what to make of it.

Comment 02 Aug 2012

A lot of praise for Travis Howard in the article. He underachieved last season and we need him to hold down his side of the field. I fully expect our secondary to be better this season and am excited to see how our DBs react to the new coaches.

Comment 02 Aug 2012

I'm still surprised to hear that they are thinking about only taking one QB, especially with the talented guys that are seriously interested in us. Going into 2014, Braxton will be a senior, and Barrett will be a sophomore. It sounds like Cardale Jones has been struggling with attitude (hence not even playing in the spring game). My hope is that they are really high on JT Barrett, but would like to see them take two guys.  

Comment 31 Jul 2012

I think the disorderly conduct charge was related to the fact that he almost hit the police car as he made a turn before he was stopped.

Comment 30 Jul 2012

If Meyer felt horrified after watching the Michigan game, I would hate to hear what he said about the Michigan St game.

Comment 19 Jul 2012

Ross- Loved your articles in the Lindy's "In the Huddle". Gives great insight into OSU's D and what to expect going forward. 

For those of you who have not gotten it yet, do it. Gives a blurb on the zone blitz, but more of what to expect under a Fickell/Withers led defense. Not many changes expected, but some important ones.

Comment 02 Jul 2012

Good article on Sully. I see where the Glen Davis comparisons are coming from, but Sully is much more talented. I heard Jay Bilas make some comparisons to Carlos Boozer and have heard others make comparisons to Elton Brand, which I think are more accurate.

Assuming he stays healthy, he will continue to work on his game. The biggest area for improvement is his agility and/or lateral movement on the court. Physically, that can only be improved so much, but he's such an intelligent basketball player, there's no reason to think he can't find his niche in this league.

Comment 22 Jun 2012

Hysterical. Also loved that Mad Men reference for the 1919 World Series. #SterlingOnLSD

Comment 21 Jun 2012

I thought Meyer's comments about Tebow were interesting, regarding not offering him until he saw him play baseball. Tebow was the highest rated dual-threat quarterback according to Rivals that year, Florida had only taken one QB the year before, and had no other QB's in this class (Cam Newton was in Urban's following class). Tebow also had offers from Alabama, USC, LSU, and Michigan....so not sure what questions he might have had about him.

Comment 11 May 2012

Don't know if anyone on here reads this blog, but it provides a lot of insight into realistic directions that the college football landscape could go in and makes some great points. This is a great article talking about how to keep the big boys happy given the variables in play for a playoff.


In my personal opinion, typically the biggest debate for who should be in the championship game resides between teams ranked #2 and #3. If the team ranked #2 or #3 did not win their conference (Alabama in '11, Texas in '08, Michigan in '06) they should still be apart of the playoff. This is about determining the champion of college football, therefore, the best teams should play. 

I like Frank's ideas because it will allow the most deserving teams to play for a championship and give treatment to the Rose Bowl, which is a major political issue in this playoff.

Comment 17 Apr 2012

What? Braxton was coached by the same staff and was a much better player after he finally got some games under his belt. The coaching staff was more than willing to give Bauserman a shot, but his he was simply not skilled enough.